How to Build the Best Backyard Basketball Court?

Basketball is the most participating sport popular around the world. With people increasingly get a strong passion for basketball games, the backyard basketball court and the hoop is leading the trend. If you have a large backyard empty for nothing, why not change it into the best backyard basketball court for practicing your skills or only for killing your time?

  • How much is it to build a basketball court?
  • How big is a basketball court?
  • What is the best outdoor basketball court surface material?

In this article, we will focus on the above questions and other frequently asked questions, to give your experts advice.

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What is the Official Basketball Court Size?

Basketball courts of all levels vary in different dimensions, those of high school court can be much smaller than that of NBA or other competitive games. Even for different schools, the dimensions are also different. Apart from the court sizes, the key, foul line, and 3 point line, etc are all in various sizes.

Standard Basketball Court Size

  • For the NBA court, the regulation court is 94 feet long and 50 feet wide;
  • For high school court, the court sizes are of 84 feet long and 50 feet wide;
  • The junior high school use basketball court is the smallest, being 74 feet long and 42 feet wide.

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The 3 Point Line

Three-point lines of a basketball court on the three usages are also in different dimensions.

NBA court: 22 feet 9 inches

High school: 20 feet 9 inches

Junior high school: 19 feet 9 inches

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The Foul Line

The foul line of basketball court anywhere keeps the same, it is the 15 feet from the foul line to the front of the backboard. However, do not mix it up with the distance between the center of the basket and front of the rim.

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The Key Line

The key line of NBA games and high school use tends to differ within the small scope. The NBA uses the 16 feet wide key, while the college and high school adopt 12 feet wide key.

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The Backboard and the Rim

The regulation backboard sizes are 72 inches, which refers to 6 feet wide and 42 inches tall. While for a portable basketball hoop, the backboard sizes can be smaller to spare more space in the garage or the driveway. You can find the 32 inches backboard for kids use; 44 inches polycarbonate backboard for beginners; 50 and 52 inches backboard for have residential entertainment; 54 inches backboard for middle-level players use, and the 60 inches glass portable basketball hoop for pro players to have home training. We have made reviews on each of the sizes that you can find through the link below:

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What are the Dimensions of a Half Court Basketball Court

As we have introduced before, the full-size basketball size is 60 feet by 90 feet. However, for the backyard use, it is hard to place such a large court in. Then here comes with half-court you can build to make your backyard a home arena, without narrowing down the enjoyment in playing.

The half-court, as the name suggests, is the half dimension of that on full-size types. It cuts not by the width, but for the length, making the sizes of backyard basketball half-court 30 feet long and 50 feet wide.

best paint for outdoor basketball court

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What is the Best Basketball Court Flooring Material?

If you pay much attention to the flooring in the regulation court, you will find that hardwood is a common material that nearly all the standard courts use, especially for NBA games. Why? Well, compared with other materials, it is smooth and unobstructed, giving a perfect bounce in dunking movements. As it is the ideal flooring material for indoor use, but what about the outdoor court?

The selection of flooring material of the backyard basketball court should be different from that of indoor court, it depends on the actual needs and locations. Here are several materials applied frequently on the outdoor court.


Hardwood is the perfect material for indoor use and is the standard material for professional and college basketball games. Maple serves as the most common wood type because of its high flexibility and durability. The wonderful performance in bouncing protects the players from getting hurt, and meanwhile, helps them in dunking practice.

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Concrete is the frequently selected material for the outdoor basketball court. It needs less manpower and only a few pieces of equipment for setup. Compared with other materials, it is more reasonable and affordable and is able to offer a smooth surface. Inferior in the bouncing effect to the hardwood, it is more superior in weather-resistant. No matter for hot or cold weather, it keeps as new even when used for a long time. Plus, add the marker and throw lines by using the painters are quite easy.

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Asphalt serves as a replacement for concrete if you consider getting an outdoor basketball court. However, installing it is not as easy, for it requires professional installation. The best thing is that it allows more options for surface types. Like the concrete types, it resists the hot and cold weathers, and meanwhile makes it convenient to paint the markers on it.

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Sports Tiles

Here comes a modern outdoor flooring known as sports tiles. It is suitable for flat areas that are not designed for basketball games. If you intend to get a temporary court, then sports tiles are the best choice. By placing it on the floor, you can remove it away anytime. For either indoor or outdoor installation, the resilient material offers protection to the players without squeezing the playability.

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Buy Basketball Court Flooring

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Things to Consider in Choosing Outdoor Basketball Court Surface Material

The outdoor basketball court can enrich your spare time and make your backyard a place for doing exercise, as well as having intimate time with your kids. The key to the success of building an outdoor court is the surface material. Compared with other indoor courts, the suitable material of outdoor type reduces the echo effect created in the play.

After reading the introduced materials before, some of you may still have trouble finding the ideal flooring for your needs. Do not worry, here we give you several tips on how to choose.

1. Durability

Durability is a must for all parts of the basketball court, no matter for the flooring material, lighting, basketballs or the basketball hoops, cause you do not want to get a brand new type for a short period of time because of the weak durability. The outdoor weather conditions are far more severe than that of indoors, which means you need to choose one with weather-resistant performance. No matter for hot summer or cold winter, it keeps as new after years to come.

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2. Traction

The hardwood used in the indoor court helps prevent the athlete from getting serious injury after slipping over. As for the outdoor court, the materials should also get traction, which offers shock absorption in the aim of minimizing the hurt brought by falling down.

Some materials such as floor tiles work perfectly in giving the traction. Apart from reducing the physical damage, it also protects players’ joints while enjoying the fun of games.

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3. Perforations

Apart from strong UV damage, the outdoor court also needs to endure the rain. That is why the perforated surface becomes necessary in use. It keeps water after raining get drained in a minute so that you can put it into use immediately. Plus, the wet surface also makes it slippery when playing basketball games.

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4. Installation

Being the same as a portable basketball hoop, the installation of the outdoor court is also a headache thing for most families. Some materials as the snap-together type can be easy to do it by oneself, which saves not only money for professional installation, but also energy. Even for long-time use, it is not as easy to take apart.

basketball court flooring prices

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How Much Is It to Build a Basketball Court?

The typical costs of building an outdoor basketball court range from $11,000 to $76,000. Of course, the sizes of your court, the materials adopted, the installation method you choose all result in various court costs.

Half-court Cost vs. Full Basketball Court

The regulation basketball court, also known as the full basketball court, measures 90 inches by 50 inches. Because of the large space it occupies, the cost of which is also far higher, ranging from $17,200 to $76,000. However, it is not so possible for each family to build a full outdoor basketball court.

Then it comes to the half-court type. It measures half sizes of full court, being 30 inches by 50 inches. The costs of which ranges around $8,00 to $38,000. If you get a smaller court that measures 30 inches by 30 inches, then you need only around $3,300 to $15,000 to build it.

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Concrete Basketball Court Costs

The concrete basketball court costs are basically the same as building a concrete patio. The tools you need include a 4 inches thick slab and 1/2 inches thick rebar for supporting the concrete. The poured concrete takes $1.25-$1.75 per square feet, plus, you need also take $2.50 – $8 per square foot in installation. That is not included the labor costs you hire for professional installation. All together costs on getting concrete basketball court can be as much as $15,000 to $45,000.

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Asphalt Basketball Court Costs

The asphalt basketball court needs less maintenance compared with concrete, especially in hot or cold weather conditions. The installation of the asphalt basketball court takes around $3-$4 per square foot, altogether takes $14,000 to $18,000 if for a full court use.

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Tile Basketball Court Costs

Under some conditions, you may need a temporary basketball court instead of a permanent type. The tile basketball court offers an interlocking base for protecting the athletes in games. For these types, the price tends to be higher yet the installation costs are lower. The average costs for each square foot range around $4 while the total costs range around $20,000 on a full court.

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Other Price Considerations

1. Basketball court lighting: takes around $1,500

2. The surrounded fence: takes $7-$19 per linear foot

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Should I Choose DIY Installing Or Hiring a Professional?

Well, it depends. Because of the large sizes and quality requirement, the outdoor basketball court building takes more than 1 person in every process, no matter for paving the material on the surface, or for installing the portable basketball hoop, it is impossible to finish by yourself.

If you have an interest in building all the things by yourself, then you may choose DIY. The process may be a bit harder, yet it gives countless fun that professional installation can not compare. The instructions can be found anywhere and remember calling a friend for help in doing so.

However, if assembling any tool can be big trouble for you. Then why not hire a professional. It guarantees to finish in limited time and ensures strong construction. Plus, the hiring costs takes around $3500.

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Guides on Outdoor Basketball Court Layout

Getting the basic information on the dimensions and materials is not enough. When it comes to the actual operation, all problems occur. Therefore, for the following part, we will give you a detailed guide on layout and building.

The vital thing you need in the layout is the basketball court stencil, it helps paint the concrete line, making practicing and improving basketball skills possible. It can be used on any surfaces for different sizes.

While the dimensions of stencil can vary a bit, but still meets the need for painting the lines of colleges and high school use.

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Best Stencil Kit on the Market

#1. Easy Court Premium Basketball Court Stencil Kit

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#2. Jaypro Sports Basketball Court Stencil


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#3. Pro-kit Marking Stencil Kit

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The Basic Knowledge on Basketball Court Layout

For building an accurate outdoor basketball court, you need to be fully aware of the layout. Getting the knowledge of which can not help players on the basketball games, but also offer you the best practicing places.

The first start from the rectangular boundaries, it refers to the out-of-bounds, within is the playing area for taking a shot. And for each area of the court, there are specific rules that your basketball coachers will teach in detail. They may print in different colors for highlighting and dividing the court area from playable areas.

how much to install a basketball court


In the middle of the area, there comes with a painted circle measuring 3.6 meters, it is where games start or halves begin. There is also a three-point-arch, with the hoops standing in the middle in the front of the bounds line. The players taking control of the ball need to activity only within the painted rectangle under the hoop for three seconds before the foul called out.

how wide is a basketball court

how to make a homemade basketball court

The foul line lies at the end of three-point-arch, measures around 5.5 meters away from the hoop.


how to build a basketball court in your backyard

How to Build a Backyard Basketball Court?

Now, let’s get into the final point on how to build. Follow the five steps and you can build it easily!

Step 1: Seize the space

Like we have told before, the dimension is the most important thing you need to know. Before building, you need to measure the dimensions of your wanted court. If for a full-size court, then it should measure 94 by 50 feet; for a half-court, cut the length into a half directly, which can either be 47 by 50 feet or 42 by 50 feet. Of course, if all these sizes do not fit your backyard size, then a smaller 30 by 50 feet is OK.

Step 2: Choose a suitable flooring

You can either choose a temporary tile or concrete for your different needs and usages. Of course, if you want a durable and long-lasting court, the concrete or asphalt can always be the top-rated choice.

By the way, the basketball court needs to be built somewhere flat. If you do not have enough level ground on your backyard, find a small excavator to help solve the problem.

Step 3: Gather materials that you need

In order to build up a basketball court by yourself, here are the tools that you will need:

  • Flooring material (concrete/asphalt/tile)
  • Portable/in-ground basketball hoop
  • Stencil
  • Tape measure
  • Tamper
  • Paintings

Step 4: Set your hoops and flooring

Measure your court with a tape measure, adopting the stencil and marking out the stakes and twine by the paintings. Then you need to get a string level in assuring your level surface is flat enough.

(Here we use concrete as an example) Now work with your concrete to frame and pour your slab. The frame should be out of supported 1 by 4 inches or 2 by 4 inches plywood, and then lay your rebar across the plane. While for the slab, it should be at least 4 inches thick.

Assemble and lay your hoop when the concrete is still wet, plus, it takes around 28 days to fully complete on the concrete.

Step 5: Resurface and mark

When the concrete is fully drained, then you can start your work on the flooring. In this process, you need to reconsider how much areas you need; if all the lines are marked, and consider all the weather conditions frequently happened in your living areas. This process is designed for optimal performance.

Plus, all the workings should be done by at least 2 persons.

Once all is done, it is your time to have an enjoyable basketball time with your friends and family.

How to Paint a Basketball Court on Concrete?

The Accessories You May Need in Building A Best Backyard Basketball Court

-Basketball Lighting

#1. 300W LED Light for Outdoor Area Lighting


home outdoor basketball court


#2. Goalrilla LED Basketball Hoop Light


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#3. ZHMA 2 Park 150W LED Light


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#4. AntLux LED Flood Light 200W

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#5. Hyperikon Pro LED Stadium Light


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#6. Leonlite Ultra Bright LED Light


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-Basketball Kit

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-Painting Kit

#1. Ifloortape Yellow or White Relective Court Marking Tape


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#2. Litime 90752 Basketball Court Marking Kit


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#3. Ifloortape Yellow Marking Tape

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#4. True Value 1013-GL Painter’s Select Marking Paint


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#5. Krylon K07096 Hand Held Marking Applicator Wand


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