What Height Is A Basketball Hoop?

Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson!

Did you start to remember the ideals you want to become like? Well yes, the above names helped in making basketball really popular across America. So much so, that it is the second most popular sport in the US and most popular sport among Gen Z.

So as you have decided to become serious about basketball and want to practice at home. You would want to know, how high should you place the basketball hoop?

basketball hoop height

What Height Is a Basketball Hoop?

Till the age of 12, it’s recommended you keep the height of the basketball hoop according to their age group to help your children practice efficiently.

Here’s a basketball hoop height guide for children below 12.


Child basketball hoop

Recommended Height of Hoop

Age Recommended Height of Hoop
5-7 6ft
8-10 8ft
11 9ft
12+ 10ft


High school/middle school basketball hoop:

For both high school and middle school, the standard height of a basketball hoop is 10 ft or 3 meters tall.


NBA basketball hoop:

At the NBA, the basketball hoops are suspended at 10ft or 3.05 m above the playing surface. The standard diameter of the hoop is around 18 inches (46cm). It was first decided by James Naismith( the man who invented basketball) in 1891 and has remained unchanged since then.


Official basketball hoop:

Ever since it’s first played in 1891, the official height of the basketball rim is set at 10ft /3.05m/305 cm above ground for all professional leagues.


How to Measure Basketball Hoop Height?

You can measure the height of basketball very easily. You would just need a ladder and a measuring tape.

  • Have one person climb the ladder to the height of the rim.
  • Place one end of the tape measure at the front tip of the rim.
  • Drop the tape measure, straight down, and then check the distance.
  • Make sure it reads 10ft if you are going along with official regulations(or lower than 10 if it’s a children’s hoop).
  • Next, repeat the above two steps for the backside of the ring too.

If one side is off the mark. Then you would need to adjust the rim or backboard to compensate for the difference.

Note: Remember to measure the distance from the tip of the rim. Don’t make the mistake of measuring it from the bottom of the net.


How Much Does a Basketball Hoop Weigh?

There are different kinds of basketball hoops available in the market depending on your requirements:

Portable basketball hoop

A residential portable basketball hoop has a sturdy base stabilized with snd and has small wheels attached to them. These hoops can easily be transported and are height adjustable too. This style of hoops is used in NBA leagues, so in case one gets damaged by Shaquille O’neal, it can be replaced easily.

The net weight of portable hoops is around 130 lbs. In addition to that, you can add 220-230lbs of sand to make the basketball hoop stable.


Wall-mounted basketball hoop

Wall-mounted basketball hoops do not have a post or pole. This type of hoop is perfect for backyards where space is limited and doesn’t allow a pole to be installed there. When installed by a professional, the wall-mounted hoops are extremely safe and can be a really great choice for both indoors and outdoors use.

The net weight of the whole mounted hoop will depend on whether you choose a standard glass backboard or polycarbonate material. It can vary from 75lbs to 135lbs while for standard glass backboards the weight can go up to 180lbs.


In ground basketball hoop

In-ground basketball hoop comprises a backboard and hoop connected to a metal pole that is rooted in the ground. This is the strongest type of hoop, but it requires to be installed with concrete and once set can’t be moved anywhere. The height of the hoop also needs to be determined before installation.

The net weight of the in-ground hoop is around 393 lbs.


What Size Basketball Hoop Should I Buy?

what is the official height

The size of the basketball hoop will depend upon the size of your playing space. Apart from selecting the type, the size of the backboard also matters.

This regulation size at the professional level ranges from 44″ up to 72″.

If you have a home court or a large driveway, select  72″ – 60″ backboards.

But for a standard two-car driveway, you are better off choosing between 44″ and 54″.


Finding Suitable Height

On average, adjustable hoops range from 7-10 feet. Make sure you follow the above chart if your age is less than 12 and for the rest, it’s better if you practice at the same height the professionals play to hone your shooting skills.

How to lower basketball hoop:

If you have a quick-adjust basketball system, you can easily lower it by using a long stick. Just use the stick to push on the curved bracket on the dunk latch. Push up until you hear a click sound and then slowly lower the hoop.


How to raise basketball hoop

To raise the hoop, use a long stick and push below the rim in between the springs and push up. A clicking noise will indicate when you have reached the next height level. Slowly release when you reach your desired height.



  1. How tall is a 44-inch basketball hoop?

Typically, the height is adjustable from 7.5ft to 10 ft and the base dimensions are 43.2 in. x 30 in. x 6.5 in. 44-inch is an excellent choice for young players who are learning to shoot.

  1. How to lower and raise lifetime basketball hoops?

Lifetime basketball hoops are easily adjustable with a long stick, you can raise the hoop by pushing underneath the rim and lower it by pushing below the curved bracket on the dunk latch. Every time you reach a height level, you’ll hear a clicking noise.



Whenever choosing a basketball hoop, make sure you know the size of your playing area. Apart from focusing on type and size, also check their durability and costs and compare with their competitors to get the best product.