Getting the 6 Best Portable Basketball Hoops For Driveway Or Backyard Use

Doing exercise has been an essential thing to do every day for most of the people, and among all sorts of sports, basketball is one the most popular ones. We play basketball with friends or family on the weekends, participate in basketball races, and do the practice.

Playing basketball games at home is a new trend now, with the best portable basketball hoops, you can play them anywhere you want, no matter in your backyard or your driveway. For some small type as door mounted, you can even play it indoors.

There are many factors you need to consider on choosing the best portable basketball hoops for the driveway, so here we made a detailed review for you as follow:

The most suitable one for beginners to use as a daily training toolLifetime 1269 Pro Court Basketball Hoop

Highly durable design to withstand bad weather conditions on the drivewayLifetime 90023 Portable Basketball Hoop

The ideal choice for youth with adjustable heightLifetime Adjustable Portable Basketball Hoop


Types 0f Driveway Basketball Hoops

There are two main types of driveway basketball hoops, one is in-ground basketball hoops, while the other is portable basketball hoops.

The in-ground type uses cement to fix the whole hoop on the ground, it is more stable and wiggles less in playing. From all aspects of its performance, in-ground basketball hoops are more likely those in courts or in the gyms. Cons of it are, of course, unmovable, once it is installed, you can hardly move it away. And the price of which is a bit more expensive than portable types.

Portable basketball hoops for the driveway, however, meet your demand for moving it into the garage for storage. Because of its free mobility, you are free to roll it either in your garden or other places for playing. The stability of it is lower than in-ground types, but the price of it is more affordable to most of the families.

If you want to get more detailed information on the difference between them, you can check out through our review.

On choosing which exactly you need for your driveway basketball hoop, you may choose according to your needs and budget.


Best Portable Basketball Hoops For Driveway Reviews

1. Lifetime 1269 Pro Court Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System

outdoor portable basketball hoop
best portable basketball hoop for driveway



Backboard Size44 inch
Backboard MaterialPolycarbonate
Height7.5-10 feet
RimClassic rim

This one can be regarded as a perfect portable basketball hoop for the driveway, stable structure and all-weather resistant parts keep it lasts long for outdoor use.

It has a polycarbonate backboard, which is highly durable, it is virtually unbreakable even when it tips down. Little graphic on it shows clear sights on your driveway. There are also many other colors of graphics that you can choose, each of them is printed by fade-resistant ink.

For different ages and levels of players, you can adjust its height through a telescoping height adjustment mechanism. But the operation of it is a bit difficult, before doing it, remember to tilt the whole thing down.

3 piece steel pole is also made all-weather resistant. For sturdiness, you need to fill enough water or sand in the base. If you live somewhere windy, you can put extra sand or stone on it for safety.

Anyway, it is a highly cost-effective type that is pretty affordable.


  1. Superior strength and durability
  2. Easy to assemble
  3. Backboard is sturdy
  4. All weather-resistant material


  1. The filler hols is quite small
  2. The water or sand in the base makes it hard to lift
  3. Hoops does not have spring, not suitable for dunking


2. Spalding 66291 Pro Slam Portable Basketball System 

best outdoor portable basketball hoop
best portable basketball hoops for driveway



Backboard Size54 inch
Backboard MaterialAcrylic
Height7.5-10 feet
RimPro Slam breakaway rim
Base34 gallons

This portable basketball hoop is the cheapest one among Spalding products, but overall performance is still far worth its price. If you want an acrylic backboard for driveway use, you may consider this one.

This hoop has a 54-inch acrylic backboard, though not sturdy as polycarbonate, but shows far better rebounding effect. The 54-inch large size also gives you more chances of bank shots. An authentic steel board pad is set to protect the backboard.

If you worried about it tips down by the strong wind, its 34 gallons base keeps it sturdy all the time, you can fill either water or sand in it. If you live somewhere cold, remember to add anti frozen with water or just fill in the sand for substitution.

Height of this hoop is also adjustable, from 7.5 to 10 feet, you can adjust the one you want in 6-inch increments through the handle, it operates so easy that even small kids are able to do this.


  1. Excellent quality
  2. Heavy-duty, stable
  3. Portable and height adjustable
  4. Easy to raise


  1. None of the hardware is labeled
  2. Takes about 6 hours on assembling


3. Spalding NBA Portable Basketball System

best portable basketball hoop for driveway
best portable basketball hoops for driveway



Backboard Size54 inch
Backboard MaterialAcrylic
Height7.5-10 feet
RimArena Slam breakaway rim
Base40 gallons

If you are pro players who intend to improve your basketball skills at your driveway, but lack of enough money on tempered glass type, you can choose this type.

It has a 54-inch acrylic backboard, the same as Spalding 66291 type we have recommended before. From the appearance, it has no different from professional tempered glass type. Only the NBA logo printed on it, clear backboard gives you the best sight of your driveway.

Unlike other portable basketball hoops brands, Spalding has always adopted the angled pole to increase steadiness. Its arena slam breakaway rim enables dunking movement, steel cover outside springs protects them from being corroded.

What features most is the front cover, it serves as a rebounder in-game, prolonging game time and also guarantee safety. 44 gallons large capacity base ensures stability even in complicated weather conditions.


  1. Quite stable, no hanging on the rim
  2. The hoop is solid in all sorts of bad weathers
  3. Easy to lower or raise through the crank
  4. Great quality, no wobble
  5. Nice instructions


  1. Requires two person on installing and takes about 4-5 hours
  2. Difficult to move once filling in with water or sand
  3. Difficult to pull the main pole together

4. Lifetime 90023 Portable Basketball System

cheap portable basketball hoops outdoor
portable basketball hoop slanted driveway



Backboard Size44 inch
Backboard MaterialAcrylic
Height8-10 feet
RimClassic rim

If you want a cost-effective portable basketball hoop for the driveway, and also uses it for family recreation. Then the Lifetime 90023 series will be on your bet.

The backboard size is pretty small, only 44 inches, but meets the demand for recreation use. Acrylic material gives you chances of better rebounding effects. It is printed by fade-resistant ink, even for long-time use, it still keeps new.

The height adjustment range of this driveway portable basketball hoop is from 8 to 10 feet, it adopts a broomstick adjustment mechanism. With the help of a broomstick or a post, even a small kid can do it well.

It is equipped with classic rim, so we do not suggest dunking movement on it for safety. 3 piece round steel pole is offset a good distance from the backboard. The biggest cons of it are poor instructions, which means you need to read it carefully before assembly if you still have a problem with doing it, videos on Amazon will help you out.


  1. Pole is offset a good distance from the backboard
  2. Pretty sturdy for regular play
  3. Easy to assemble
  4. Easy to adjust the height
  5. Excellent quality


  1. A bit difficult in filling the sand
  2. Poor instructions

5. Spalding 68454 NBA Portable Basketball System

portable basketball hoops outdoor
portable outdoor basketball court



Backboard Size54 inch
Backboard MaterialGlass
Height7.5-10 feet
RimArena Slam breakaway rim
Base40 gallons

This Spalding portable basketball hoop is regarded as a recommended portable basketball hoop for a driveway because of its large base and sturdy structure.

What attracts most is its tempered glass backboard, which makes it the best choice for professional players. You can freely practice your basketball skills with this hoop. A large 54-inch backboard gives more bank shots.

Fond of dunking movement? Well, its area slam breakaway rim protects springs in the rim from being corroded, and double compression springs enable hard dunk, but not too frequently for its service life.

Its three-piece four-inch square pole also adds its sturdiness. In terms of height adjustment, for youth or beginner use, you can adjust it to a minimum height of 7.5 feet. Behind pole set a screw jack, by turning it to a certain direction, you are able to raise it up to a maximum height of 10 feet high.


  1. The glass backboard gives more realistic for shooting and rebounding especially for professional players
  2. Pretty solid
  3. Brilliant system
  4. All the nuts and bolts are heavy-duty


  1. A bit hard on raising and lowering the hoop
  2. Takes about 4 hours on assembling


6. Lifetime 1221 Portable Basketball Hoop 

outdoor portable basketball hoop reviews
outside portable basketball goals



Backboard Size44 inch
Backboard MaterialPolycarbonate
Height7.5-10 feet
RimBlack standard classic rim

This one is listed as the sixth-best portable basketball hoop for the driveway for its backboard. Actually overall performance of its is quite the same as Lifetime 1269 type, but unlike a clear backboard, this one is covered with graphics.

It has a small inch polycarbonate backboard, reaching only 44 inches. For its cheap price, you may not expect its rebounding effects. But still, it is pretty sturdy, virtually unbreakable in different conditions.

The graphic printed on the backboard is made by fade-resistant ink, even for long-time use, it still keeps new. If you find the clear backboard showing driveway sights so disturbing in playing, then you can choose this one.

With the telescoping mechanism, you can also adjust its height from 7.5 to 10 feet in 6-inch increments, fits the demand of all levels, and nearly all ages use. However, its base is quite light, so you can put extra sandbag or stone on it in bad weather.


  1. Simple to set up
  2. Height is fairly adjustable
  3. Unbeatable price


  1. The plastic base is thin and backboard is too light
  2. The ball bounces off the base easily


Why Is a Portable Basketball Hoop More Suitable for Driveway Use?

A portable basketball hoop is more suitable for driveway use because it can be used without having to make any changes to the driveway, which is not possible with a permanent basketball hoop. Also, you can move it around your yard for use on different parts of your property.

People who want quick access to a basketball net but do not have space for a permanent one should consider portable hoops instead. Also, those who don’t want to make any changes to the existing infrastructure such as changing or removing their driveway will find this an excellent solution. This will save time trying to place the other ones in just the right spot on the driveway, and also save money on installation costs.

All you have to do is set it up and start playing. You don’t need any special installation equipment, tools, or materials to use it.


For Sloped Driveway or For Flat Driveway?

The condition of your driveway will affect your choice of portable hoop because it will determine how easy it is to install the hoop. A basketball hoop placed on a sloped driveway will be more difficult to balance and secure than one placed on a flat driveway.

A portable hoop can be placed on a sloping driveway if the slope is not too steep. A good rule of thumb is that if your driveway is less than 10 degrees, it should be fine with a portable hoop.

If your driveway is sloped, you may want to consider using a heavier weight and sturdy pole for the hoop. That way, it will be more difficult to tip and prevent slipping.

There are also hoops that have a base filled with water, which is best for flat driveways because it will reduce the risk of the hoop tipping over.

You can also secure a portable basketball hoop on a sloping driveway with sandbags. Just fill up some small bags with sand and place them at the base of the pole on the low side. This will counterweight it and keep your hoop upright.

Flat driveways are usually fine with a portable basketball hoop. As long as the driveway is stable enough to support the weight of the hoop, there should not be any problems.

You can choose to go with a basic model hoop, or you can invest in one that is adjustable. Adjustable hoops allow you to customize the height to your liking.


Apart from this, there are also many other factors that needs consider before buying, here we offer some tips for you as follow:

How to Choose the Best Portable Basketball Hoop for Driveway?

1. Size

The size of the driveway is important because you need a hoop that is big enough to enable play. The size of the basketball goal should be proportional to the driveway so it can provide a fun and challenging game for players of different heights while being safe at the same time.

Most driveways have a width between 9 feet and 24 feet. For a regular driveway, it is generally recommended that the backboard on a driveway hoop should be between 44 and 54 inches. That size backboard is suitable for most people of average height.

That size is also suitable for adults because it will allow them to dunk on the hoop. If you are taller than 6 feet, you will also want to get one that is 54 inches.

If you have younger players on your driveway, the 44-inch hoop will be a good option for them.

If your driveway is wider than 30 feet, you can choose to get a larger backboard. a 60 to 72 inches (regulation size) will allow you to shoot and make layups with ease.


2. Portability

For portability, look for a model that has wheels. The wheels should be rubber and wide to prevent the hoop from slipping as it is being moved. Some hoops have two sets of wheels, one on each side for better movement control.

If you have a sloping driveway, avoid models with only one wheel on the back. The wheel will have a tendency to slip because of the sloping surface, which can destabilize your hoop and cause it to tip over.


3. Stability

The base of the hoop should be wide and heavy to prevent it from tipping over. The best base is a water-filled one because it will be heavier and more difficult to tip over.

In general, a 35 gallon or more base is best for a driveway. For a very sloped driveway, it is recommended to go with one that has a base of 45 gallons or more.

A low center of gravity will be good for your hoop, too. That is the case with a base filled with water because it tends to sit lower due to the added weight. A water-filled base will also help to keep it steady, preventing it from tipping over due to wind or other external forces.


Size Matters a Lot in Driveway Use

If you have a really big driveway, you might think about going with a regulation-sized basketball hoop instead of a portable one. However, using a portable hoop will be better for your driveway because you can take it down when not in use.

If you have a smaller driveway, consider getting a 54-inch diameter backboard instead of the usual 60-inch one. A 54-inch backboard is more compact and takes up less space on your driveway. That will help to prevent accidents.

A 10 feet height can be good if only adults use the hoop. Also, you should look for a model with a 60-inch backboard. That will give players more room to work with.

For younger players, a 6-8 feet height will be better since it will allow them to make easy shots and a 44-inch backboard might be a better choice. It will allow younger players to easily make shots.


Other Factors to Consider on Choosing Best Portable Basketball Hoops for Driveway

1. Price

For different backboard materials and performance in playing, the price of each portable basketball hoops can be different. If you are a beginner or just want to get a portable basketball hoop for daily recreation, then you can get a cheap one. On the other hand, for pro players who intend to improve basketball skills, getting a cheap one is kind of a waste of money, so you can get one expensive type.


2. Mobility

As the name suggests, portable basketball hoops can be moved away, but not all the hoops are easy to move especially when they are filled with large capacity sand or water. Angled pole tends to be more difficult in moving than straight type.


3. Backboard materials

As we know, there are altogether three types of backboard materials, tempered glass, acrylic, or polycarbonate. Among them, tempered glass is the most pro and most expensive one, thus if you are a beginner, there is no need for getting such an expensive type. Polycarbonate or acrylic types are both suitable for daily recreation, and acrylic shows better performance on bank shots and rebounding effects.


4. Weathers

If you intend to get the best portable basketball hoop for the driveway, the weather is an essential factor you need to consider. If you live somewhere that is frequently windy or cold, then you should consider getting a large capacity base type, or a polycarbonate type, for it is more durable. And remember to add sand instead of water in case it gets frozen.


5. Your needs

Portable basketball hoops for the driveway are not a necessity for each family, thus when you decide to buy it, you should make clear of your needs. Whether you want one for kids or for adults, for beginner recreation, or for pro players’ daily training? After making clear your needs, then you can decide one through performance.


How to Ensure Safety in Using Portable Hoop on Driveway?

When installing a portable basketball hoop on the driveway, follow these guidelines:

1. Safely secure the portable basketball hoop on the ground

To prevent your hoop from tipping over due to a possible accident, Use sandbags or heavy items on top of the base if your hoop is in an area where strong winds are common. That will help stabilize it even more.

When positioning the base of your hoop, use a rubber or wooden mallet to gently tap the base into the ground for better stability.


2. Position the portable basketball hoop at a safe distance

Make sure that it is situated at a safe distance from driveways, sidewalks, and street signs. Avoid placing the backboard near the street so that basketball plays won’t be interrupted by cars driving by.


3. Inspect the ground to see if there are any obstacles around the area

Proper ground preparation is key to ensuring the stability of your hoop. Before installing it, you should clear away any loose dirt or grass from the area.

You should also remove any rocks and concrete from the ground. Those things can be knocked loose when playing, which could damage your hoop or even hurt someone.

If you have a portable hoop already set up, keep the following in mind to avoid mishaps while playing:

A. Make sure you have plenty of space to run and jump

Be sure to leave enough room for the players so that they don’t trip over floor obstacles or each other. Players will need at least 20 feet of space for proper playing.

B. Be aware of your surroundings

Driveway hoops should be situated at a safe distance from the street, which helps to avoid any accidents with cars coming and going.
Also, avoid placing it near any place where there are trees. Falling branches or leaves can be very dangerous to players, so they should be kept at a safe distance. People, especially small children, can be another safety concern. Be mindful of your surroundings to keep everyone safe.



  1. When it has strong wind outside, remember to roll it into your garage for storing. Or you can adjust its height to a minimum level, gravity will help keep its sturdy in bad weather.
  2. As portable basketball hoops for driveway need to face complicated outdoor weathers, check them out frequently. See if there are any rugs, corrosion, or break elements that need to be repaired. A detailed maintenance method can be found in our review.



Best Type
Overall best performance for its price Lifetime 1269 Pro Court Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System
Most affordable Spalding type Spalding 66291 Portable Basketball System
Best worth buying type Spalding NBA Portable Basketball System
Best cost-effective type Lifetime 90023 Portable Basketball System
Best tempered glass type Spalding 68454 NBA Portable Basketball System
Cheapest type for daily recreation Lifetime 1221 Portable Basketball Hoop 

If you want to know more information about product specifications or want to know the updated price, please feel free to check out on Amazon.