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Who We Are

BBHoopsPro is a website aiming to provide professional reviews and recommendations on getting best portable basketball hoops. We are not a manufacturer and do not stand on the view of any brands, but picked best products based on carefully investigations and comparison.

Why Trust Us

If you think we are posting advertisement for any portable basketball hoops brands, then you are wrong. We do not represent any brands or manufacturer, but stand on the view of customers. We selected and recommended the best portable basketball hoops on careful investigations.

Our goal is to save time and energy for you on reading all sorts of reviews, only through careful investigations and comparisons can we promise that all our recommended products are in good performance.

But different types have different usages and price, when you selecting the most suitable best portable basketball hoops, you should always put your needs and budget on primary positions. Only the most suitable one is the best one.

How We Made Best Portable Basketball Hoops Reviews

Do you think we just looking for some hot selling types on different shopping websites such as Amazon and eBay? Well, this is only one simple steps in our reviews, so how do we exactly picked best portable basketball hoops and make a professional review?

First thing we needed to do is to learn overall knowledge on portable basketball hoops, and also detailed knowledge on basketball and basketball games, only after we knew the basic rules of competitive races could we know what exactly hoops different levels of players need.

After getting knowledge on portable basketball hoops structure, functions of each parts and producing steps, we classified different types of hoops according to usage and performance. For each hoop, we read reviews and comments of users, getting using experience in daily life, and then made clear of pros and cons of each products.

In order to get more deep knowledge on each type, we got in touch with manufacturers of each brands and ask in detailed on specifications. At the meantime, their service attitude can be got.
When we mastered different specifications and usages of each products, we made a comparison chart, and then picked out the best 10 portable basketball hoops.

What Factors Do We Care Most On Picking Best Portable Basketball Hoops?

As we all know, there are many sorts and price levels portable basketball hoops available on the market, on picking them, there are several factors need to consider in comparing. So here the factors we care most on doing it:

1. Safety

Safety is the primary element that needs to be considered. Portable basketball hoops is used for basketball games and basketball practice, it is an excited sports while using, therefore, a best portable basketball hoop need to take care of the using safety. Especially for youth portable basketball hoops, users are kids age around 10 years old, some even small as 4 years old, when facing dangerous situations, they are not capable enough to protect themselves. Therefore, in comparing different hoops, we would take care whether there are safety design on the hoop.

2. Quality level

Quality level of portable basketball hoops determines service life of them, if designed in wrong quality, then the next day you assembly your hoop, it may get broken and then you need to get a new one. Though there are five year limited manufacturer warranty, but we all do not want to replace it too often.

Materials of each parts contribute much to products quality, we will ensure the selected types are in good materials and lasts long as much as possible.

3. Brands

Brands qualifications are to large extent represent products quality level, some professional basketball hoops brands, such as spalding and Lifetime, are pretty reliable because of their rich experience on producing and selling all sorts of basketball hoops.

Another thing that is related to products selection is service life. You would not want a customer service staff to talk with you impatiently or do not answer your call or send back email directly.

4. Price

Price levels are different based on products performance and materials they adopt, in order to help you choose best suitable one, we made classifications on different price levels, so you can choose one within your budget.

5. Overall performance

Actually, for different brands or different portable basketball hoops, it is hard to judge which is the best through only one aspect, because each of them has its own advantages and drawbacks, some are cost effective, some are quite sturdy, some are super durable and some have best rebounding effects. What we should do is to compare in different aspects and see which one is better overall.

In a words, picking the best portable basketball hoops and made detailed reviews for you is not an easy task, for getting you the most suitable one and is not be lied by colorful advertisements, we did many pre-tasks.

What If I Still Have Problems On Portable Basketball Hoops?

After reading our reviews, if you still have problem on how to get portable basketball hoops or other relative problems on hoops, please contact us or directly find out information on Amazon. We will be glad if we helped.