Top 5 Best Portable Basketball Hoop Under $200 for Your Money

Basketball has played an important role in people, especially around North America, we watch basketball games on TV with family at home, play basketball with friends in the gym, and practice basketball skills at school.

Instead of playing basketball at the gym or school, most basketball brands innovated portable basketball hoops, they are movable and successfully bring the arena home. With the best portable basketball hoop, you are able to enjoy entertainment time with family and friends anytime at home.

Compared with the in-ground type, a portable basketball hoop is normally cheaper. If you want one to kill your time at home, or to get one only for playing with kids. You may consider the best portable basketball hoop under $200, it costs less and still gets good performance for residential use.

Here we picked out several best portable basketball hoops under $200 to have you referred.


What Is the Best Portable Basketball Hoop Under $200?


Top 4 Best Portable Basketball Hoop Under $200 Reviews


How to Choose the Best Portable Basketball Hoop Under $200?

1. Size

There are different sizes of portable basketball hoops, some are as large as 60 inches (they can be much more expensive), while the small one is only 32 inches. If you intend to get one for kids’ entertainment, then a small size backboard is enough. But for professional training or competitive races, we would like to suggest 44 inches among cheap portable basketball hoops.

2. Application

Here the application, we normally mean levels and ages of players. Professional players for improving basketball skills? Well, step to the reviews on tempered glass portable basketball hoops and you will find the one you want. And for entertainment play, you are finding the right place. The best portable basketball hoops under $200 we recommended are all suitable for entertainment play, only small sturdy types such as Lifetime 1269 can be used for outdoor races.

3. Safety

No matter the price, safety should always be the primary thing on portable basketball hoops, even for a cheap one. It needs to be sturdy enough to stand itself, and that accounts for the base and pole design. The larger the base, the more sturdy hoop would be.

Of course, you should also make sure the assembling of it is right.

4. Durability

Cheap portable basketball hoops save much money, which means we do not want to pay that much on the item. But if you get a poor quality one or one with short service life, the next thing that happens is paying more money on getting a brand new one. Or you need to contact the manufacturer for help and believe me, it will be a long time. So on your picking, make sure you get the durable one. Polycarbonate material does show the least performance in professional races, but its durability suits home entertainment perfectly.

5. Mobility

What features portable basketball hoops is their mobility. You need to make sure it is pretty easy to move. But sadly, most of the portable types are quite awkward in moving for their heavy base full of sand or water. Most of the time, two people are needed in moving hoops.


Best Portable Basketball Hoop Under $200

1. Best Value – Lifetime 1269 Pro Court Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System

best price for portable basketball hoop
best portable basketball hoop for the money



Backboard Size44 inch
Backboard MaterialPolycarbonate
Height7.5-10 feet
RimClassic rim

This portable basketball hoop under $200 rates first in our review for its cost-effectiveness. In terms of the best portable basketball hoop, the first thought that comes to most people’s minds must be low level, plastic made, and short service life. However, if you get this one, congratulations, you really bought  “something”.

The polycarbonate backboard leads to the perfect feeling and looks of tempered glass, with fewer graphics painted with fade-resistant ink. 19 inches hoop diameter offers the chances of having a higher score game. But not dunking, for classic rim it has is not able to deal with dunking actions. For a driveway, for the backyard, anywhere you want to put outdoor is OK, and do not worry about bad weather. Net hooks, as well as nylon nets, are all-welded steel. Of course, you can move it into the garage on two wheels if you still get worried.

First time to do assembly job? Do not worry, it takes only 1-2 hours with detailed instructions and the help of one partner. Anyway, it is a perfect one for beginners or middle-level players in daily practice. And consider the price, why are you still waiting?


  1. Super easy to assemble
  2. Backboard is sturdy
  3. Height adjustment is secure
  4. The diameter of the hoop is 19 inches, meet the needs of higher-scoring games
  5. 3-Piece steel pole is all-weather resistant
  6. designed for indoor and outdoor use


  1. The height adjustment is not as easy to operate
  2. The water or sand in the base makes it hard to lift
  3. Hoop does not have spring, not suitable for dunking

2. Best For Youth – Lifetime 1221 Portable Basketball Hoop

portable basketball hoop deals
best inexpensive portable basketball hoop



Backboard Size44 inch
Backboard MaterialPolycarbonate
Height7.5-10 feet
RimBlack standard classic rim

This one is normally compared with Lifetime 1269 Pro Court type because the overall specifications are quite the same. Only it is not much sturdy than 1269, thus the price of it is a bit lower. Thus if lacking much money, you may consider this one.

The same polycarbonate backboard material reduces fewer rebounding actions but is more durable and strong, it frees the trouble of replacing the backboard for it is virtually unbreakable. All-weather resistant 3-piece steel pole, as well as welded steel net, enables it to be used both indoors and outdoor. Want to have fun with kids? No problem, height adjustment from 7.5 to 10 feet satisfies all ages of players.

As we said before, this one is not so sturdy, put extra heavy things on the base in playing can be a lot of help. It is a wise choice for family entertainment only, so want a more pro one, perhaps our reviews on pro hoops will help.


  1. Simple to set up
  2. Height is fairly adjustable
  3. Unbeatable price


  1. The plastic base is thin and the backboard is too light
  2. The ball bounces off the base easily

3. Best Cheap Price – Giantex Portable Basketball Hoop System

cheap portable basketball system
cheap portable basketball hoops



Backboard Size44 inch
Backboard MaterialPolycarbonate
Height8.5-10 feet
RimBlack standard classic rim

The third best portable basketball hoop under $200 we would like to recommend is Giantex portable basketball hoop system. The reason for its third position is its solid structure design. It shakes less than other cheap portable basketball hoops, but of course much more than acrylic or glass type.

One good thing we like most about the portable basketball hoop is the adjustable height, meeting the needs of all ages and all levels of use, perfectly widening the using applications. 8.5 to 10 feet, you can adjust the suitable height to your needs easily. PVC+PE backboard material along with weather prevention nylon keep it perfect for either indoor or outdoor.

There is not much technical design but is super sturdy.


  1. Easy to adjust the height
  2. All weather resistant
  3. Solid structure
  4. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use


  1. Take some time to fill in with sands or water
  2. Not suitable for dunking

4. Best For Kids – Lifetime 90040 Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System

best cheap portable basketball hoop
best budget portable basketball hoop



Backboard Size44 inch
Backboard MaterialPolycarbonate
Height8.5-10 feet
RimBlack standard classic rim
Base27 gallons

This is another hot selling Lifetime best portable basketball hoop under $200, we all know that Lifetime is an expert in the area, all the products of it are highly cost-effective, including this one.

With a 44-inch high-density polycarbonate backboard, you are able to use it for a long time outdoor. And the appearance of it gives you a feeling of playing like a pro. What if painted graphic drops for a long time? Well, it won’t happen, thanks to fade-resistant ink. If any, a 5-year limited manufacturer warranty protects your rights effectively. 27 gallons base saves much of your time on filling in with water or sand but also reduces sturdiness in playing. Height adjustment is also equipped, and it ranges from 7.5 to 10 feet.

What attracts you most perhaps is the USA-made 18-inch steel rim and 1/2 inch steel braces. Anyway, it is one that is definitely worth buying.


  1. Easy adjustment
  2. Easy to put apart
  3. Full-sized ball hoop
  4. Sturdy enough
  5. Perfect for driveway


  1. Do not bounce much
  2. Need 2 person on assembling

5. Best For Small Kids – Lifetime 90022 Youth Basketball Hoop

best price on portable basketball hoop
best portable basketball hoop for the money



Backboard Size32 inch
Backboard MaterialPolycarbonate
Height5.5-7.5 feet
Base10 gallon
Rim15-inch folding rim

This one, well, is the best portable basketball hoop for kids or small teenagers use. The whole design of it is small, small backboard, light base, and short height. Anyway, don’t choose it if only adults use it. But for kids use, yes, you are getting the very one.

32-inch round backboard with colorful graphics on it attracts kids to play for a long time. Likewise, this hoop also adopts durable polycarbonate material. You need to add 10 gallons of water or sand for sturdiness into the base. The original height is too high for small young kids? Just adjust a suitable one with a telescoping height adjustment mechanism, range of it is 5.5 to 7.5 inch. It weights light even with water or sand, thus you are able to carry it inside after use.

Again, this is a youth portable basketball hoop that fits kids around 10 years old, and it suits recreational play only. So get one if your kids are fond of basketball.


  1. High-density polyethylene backboard makes it possible of being unbreakable
  2. graphics are screen-printed with UV-protected inks that last pretty long for outdoor use
  3. Three-piece round steel pole
  4. Easy to assemble
  5. Can be used both indoor and outdoor


  1. The maximum height is only 7.5 inch, which is only suitable for youngsters around ten years old children
  2. Filler hole is quite small
  3. Bad instructions
  4. Mainly for recreational play


Features of Best Portable Basketball Hoops Under $200

1. Polycarbonate backboard

Polycarbonate is the cheapest but the most durable material among acrylic and glass, and that is why a polycarbonate backboard is equipped on nearly each best portable basketball hoop for under $200.

The rebounding effect is not worth expecting, and also it shakes a bit in playing. But what features most on the backboard is that it’s durable and is virtually unbreakable. If you intend to get one that looks-wise, you may find one with less graphic, it gives the sense and looks of glass, also provides clear sights of your backyard or driveway.

2. Small inch

The NBA regulation size of the backboard is 72 inches wide and 42 inches high, only hoops in the court reach the level. For portable basketball hoops, they are normally 52 inches or 54 inches. And 44 inches also occupy a large proportion. And for kids use, 32 inches is suitable enough.

3. Welded steel classic rim

Welded steel classic rim is the cheapest type, but is also durable. It lacks spring in it, thus it is not suitable for dunking actions. Normally weather-resistant nylon net is equipped, so you will have no worry of getting it corroded for a long time of use.

4. 3 piece pole

3 piece pole is the frequently used type among nearly all the portable basketball hoops except “The Beast”. It is of course not as steady as 2 piece pole but is still able to prevent shaking to some extent.

5. Perfect for recreational only

As we said before, polycarbonate portable backboard gets less rebounding effects than acrylic or tempered glass. They are also not equipped with a spring rim. Thus if used for dunking frequently, their service life of them will be shortened largely. On account of this, we suggest they be used for recreational use only.


Top 3 Best Portable Basketball Hoop Under $200


Should I Get a Portable Basketball Hoop Under $200?

YES, you should! The following are some of the major reasons why you would rather get yourself a portable basketball hoop under $200:


These hoops are cheaper to come by ordinarily. That makes them great for someone who lacks the financial means to purchase a more expensive version. Notwithstanding their cheapness, these items are still able to give off the same awesome benefits. Thus, they are somewhat cost-effective.

Prompt and Profitable Use

The hoops of these kinds do manage more prompt and profitable usage altogether. These two are largely made possible by the smaller and compact nature of the items overall. You won’t have to wait for too long or go through more elaborate processes to set them up for use.

Simplicity of Use

Considering that they have fewer sophisticated parts and components, these items are similarly simpler to make do with. You do not have to possess a too high level of expertise to handle and engage them hence. They are hence good enough for a starter with limited expertise.


For all practical purposes, this kind of hoop is safer to make do with. The safety is largely brought about by the existence of only limited parts and components. Also, the item is on the whole quite simple to handle and hence less prone to the dangers that come about overall.


Usages of Portable Basketball Hoop Under $200

Like any other piece of sporting equipment, this one has numerous benefits. The portable basketball hoop under $200 is mainly useful for these purposes:

Getting Started

If you have never attempted to play basketball before, the hoop is a great way to start out. Being simple, it gives you the leeway to learn the basics of the game in a way that is similarly simpler and easier to follow. Being compact, it gives you the convenience you need to soldier on well.

Familiarization with the rules of the game

Perhaps no other item lets you master the rules of the game better than these hoops. They are simple, as we have already stated. They subsequently let you follow up on the rules in ways that are truly great and awesome. You hardly miss your steps or get confused along the way.

Honing the basketball skills

After mastering the basics of the game of basketball, you definitely have to go beyond that to hone your skills altogether. Yet again, this kind of hoop will let you do the job exceptionally well. Its simplicity is the one that largely lets that feat be easily achievable.

General Relaxation

Sometimes all you want to do is just relax smoothly. The simpler yet enjoyable nature of the hoop also allows you to leverage that very end. It grants you every tool you need to enjoy working well. That is not to mention the absolute ease with which it moves around.


Best Brands of Portable Basketball Hoop Under $200

Numerous players are engaged in the manufacture and distribution of these items. The following are the best brand of the portable basketball hoop under $200:


The Lifetime brand is largely known to be great and awesome for meeting the needs of the smaller children. Its line of products is smaller and more compact than most of its competitors. Moreover, all the key parts and components adjust to allow for more comfortable handling overall.


This brand is largely renowned for the powerful rebounds it manages to give off. In light of this, it is a great tool to use for rigorous training and other forms of strenuous activities. Also, it does manage some exceptional stability while on the ground for your comfortable and easier playing.


In case all you want to do is play the game of basketball purely outdoors, the Giantex is the brand to look up to. Its products are stronger and more resilient to the common adverse agents of outdoor environments. Thus, the items also last fairly longer not to mention perform robustly well.


Of all the brands that be, it is the Silverback that comprises the most advanced technology possible. You hence have it for the taking if you similarly want to tap into these advancements. Also, the hoop exudes some superior strength that slows down the pace of deterioration considerably.


Could it be that all you want is a hoop that will endure the test of time? If that is the case, then we urge you to consider leveraging this one. Its hoops are generally built to last. They are subsequently stronger and less inclined to the damages that potentially arise when subjected to harsher impacts.


In a nutshell, the Bodywell is a brand that is mainly suited for teenage users and players. That stems from its moderate-sized hoops and a fairly less degree of complicatedness. The items are also advantageous in the sense that they adjust easily and simply. That they are harder lets the children play for long without fatigue.


The Cozyfit is for a large part well-known for its comfort and reliability. This is due to its possession of the adjustable heights as a flagship trait. To set the heights as need be, you only engage a knob that is clearly visible in the hoop. All these allow for smoother usage on the whole.


Are you generally short on cash? The Sibosen might be the best brand to look up to. Its products are generally cheaper to come by. That notwithstanding, those products are also great and well able to yield forth a fairly high degree of satisfaction much like those that are expensive.

PS: These are not the only brands that may give you the utility you need. Stretch your eyes beyond them for maximum fulfilment.



Best Type
Best performance Lifetime 1269 Portable Basketball Hoop
Best one for its price Lifetime 1221 Portable Basketball Hoop
Most cost-effective type Lifetime 90040 Portable Basketball Hoop
Best sturdy type Giantex Portable Basketball Hoop System
Best one for youth and kids Lifetime 90022 Youth Hoop

Cheap does not always mean bad performance or quality, there are some types that are fully worth or beyond their prices, such as 1269 and 1221 types. Anyway, all the best portable basketball hoops under $200 we have recommended are perfect for outdoor recreations. If you want to know more about specifications or want to get price details, please check out Amazon.