Should I Get A 44 Inch Portable Basketball System In Driveway?

The size of the backboard determines the playability but also reflects the movability when it refers to the portable basketball system. The smaller the size, the easier it can be in moving around. Among all the models, the size of 44 portable basketball system is the smallest yet the most suitable type for backyard or driveway use by adults.

The other types you might see on the market are 50 inches, 52 inches, 54 inches, and 60 inches. Then what sizes should I choose? Is a 44-inch portable basketball goal suitable for indoor use?

In this article, we will give detailed introductions on the features of 44-inch basketball goals and picked out several best types in the world of portable basketball market for a wise option.

Now let’s start the trip.

Top  7 Best 44 Inch Portable Basketball System on the Market

Best 44 Portable Basketball System Reviews

Lifetime 44 Inch Basketball System Review

1. Lifetime 44 Pro Court Portable Basketball System

lifetime 44 impact backboard portable system

Backboard Size44 inch
Backboard MaterialPolycarbonate
Height7.5-10 feet
RimClassic rim

44 Inch shatterproof backboard brings durable and long-lasting play life, with the weather-resistant graphic painted on it, the sleek design still gives you the pro-like. The cheap polycarbonate spares more money but never reduces the performance.

The high-density material avoids it from falling down or wobbling in playing, together with the heavy-duty steel covered around the pole, you can use it for both indoor and outdoor for a pretty long time.

Adjusting the height of the goal couldn’t be easier, under the help of the telescoping height adjustment system, you can make the backboard up and down from 7.5 to 10 feet, each time in a 6-inch increment. If you worry about the sturdiness, just look at its structure. Two supportive legs give full support to the hoop when connecting together with the main pole.

The 27-gallon portable base stabilizes the goal in playing, its compact shape spares more space in your backyard.

2. Lifetime 44 Inch Impact Portable Basketball System

lifetime 44 portable basketball system review

Backboard Size44 inch
Backboard MaterialPolycarbonate
Height7.5-10 feet
RimBlack standard classic rim

Unlike other glass-like backboards, this portable backboard put more effort into appearance design. By using the weather-resistance graphic, it looks more sleek and modern with the black square and splash-ink design. The opaque backboard blocks the view of backward and attracts all the attention on the basketball games, which adds up the fun in play.

The polycarbonate backboard is basically unbreakable, however, there is a protective cover around the lower part of the board to prevent it from falling apart. The classic rim adds up chances of shooting, while nylon net resists severe outdoor weather conditions.

It adopts the telescoping mechanism and the height of which is adjustable by screwing the pole. For teenagers use, the minimum 7.5 feet is the ideal height; if you want it more pro-like, just adjust it to the maximum of 10 feet.

3. Lifetime 44 Portable Adjustable Basketball System

lifetime impact 44 portable basketball hoop

Backboard Size44 inch
Backboard MaterialPolycarbonate
Height8.5-10 feet
RimBlack standard classic rim
Base27 gallons

If you have a kid at home, then you may consider getting this cheap portable basketball hoop and placing it into your backyard or driveway. The price is affordable, yet the performance also never let you down. Let’s put aside the performance first, only pay much attention to its look. The classic gray color on the backboard and base makes it appealing far away when placing it in your backyard.

Polycarbonate backboard enables it to be shatterproof. The protective cover set below the backboard adds up safety in use. Backed up by the excellent qualification of its brand, this Lifetime product inherits the principle of making it strong and safe in use, mainly shown by its sturdy structure and steel cover.

In order to meet the various needs of players under different ages, it is designed adjustable on height, from 7.5 to 10 feet in 6-inch increment. The large base with 27 capacity helps prevent your goal from rattling as the other bad-quality hoops do.

4. Lifetime 44 Portable Poolside Basketball Hoop

44 impact portable basketball system

Backboard Size44 inch
Backboard MaterialPolycarbonate
Height4-6.5 feet
RimClassic rim

Here comes a portable basketball hoop that is available for the poolside. The whole-body black color design coordinates with the color of water in the pool. The shatterproof backboard integrates with a polycarbonate surface, making it hard to break even when falling down. The high-quality plastic not only gives it a glass look but also prolongs the life span.

It adopts full-size rim as those in the backyard, but we still recommend you use pool ball instead of a real basketball for safety. The base of which is far larger than other types, the 27-gallon capacity keeps it stable and sturdy no matter how hard you push it. When adjusting it to its lowest position of 4 feet, kids can also dunk on it without worrying about it falling down into the pool.

The maximum height it available is 6.5 feet, by the way. Apart from the blue color, there is also white color on sale, both of which makes a shining point in summer around your pool. The setup of the unit, however, is not an easy task, it takes around 2 hours to finish. But compared with the wonderful performance, it is a minor issue that can be neglected.

Lifetime Portable Basketball System Assembly Instructions

Spalding 44 Portable Basketball System 

5. Spalding 44 Inch Portable Ultimate Hybrid Basketball Hoop

spalding 44 in polycarbonate basketball system

Backboard Size44 inch
Backboard MaterialAcrylic
Height8-10 feet
RimArena Slam Breakaway Rim

If you get tired of the polycarbonate backboard we have recommended before, here is the acrylic portable basketball hoop that perfect for middle-level players use. The price of which takes around $300, but its functions are well worth its money.

The acrylic material on the backboard is reserved for those training the shooting skills, the wonderful bouncing effect brought by the material gives you the professional feel. No one hates the brand Spalding, for the logo printed on the backboard makes you feel like the players in the NBA.

Instead of a telescoping system that adopted on most cheap hoops, the quick glide lift system applied on this hoop makes adjusting easy. Even a kid can adjust the suitable height from 8 to 10 feet by pulling the lever by costing no effort.

The shining feature of it is the Hybrid base; its removable lid makes it easy to pack up 11 gallons of water and 50 lb bags of sand. Nothing moves it away with such a stable base. Plus, as you place the lid in front of the pole, it becomes a baffle plate to bounce the ball knocking on the pole.

6. Spalding 44 Polycarbonate Backboard

spalding 44 basketball backboard

Backboard Size44 inch
Backboard MaterialPolycarbonate
RimSlam Jam Breakaway Rim
Frame MaterialSteel

Spalding is the leading brand in producing heavy-duty backboards such as acrylic and tempered glass basketball system, but on the polycarbonate backboard, it also has many shining features to explore. Playing like a pro with such a shatterproof backboard in the backyard, it is designed to fit both round and square poles. The polycarbonate surface gives an authentic look while gaining the ability to resist rain, cold, and UV.

Instead of applying the classic rim like other cheap backboards, the slam jam rim offers smooth spring action in dunking. Measuring 44 inches wide, the red weather resistant graphic with NBA logo offers clear vision when placing it on your backyard or driveway.

Spalding 44 Portable Basketball System Instructions

7. Huffy 44 Portable Basketball System

huffy 44 basketball system

Backboard Size44 inch
Backboard MaterialEco-composite Backboard
Base26.5 gallon
RimStandard rim

Huffy 44 inches eco-composite portable basketball system starts the era in protecting the environment with eco-friendly materials. Compared with traditional backboard in the world of hoops, it uses 40% less plastic and thus is more environmentally friendly. However, it still keeps the board durable and long-lasting.

The one wheel comes with the machine makes moving it around an easy task; the 26.5-gallon base prevents the goal from falling down. On adjusting the height, you can use the telescoping pole system and get the hoop up and down from 7.5 to 10 feet. If you want to practice dunking skills, adjusting it to the lower feet so it can be more sturdy. However, we still not suggest you practice dunking.

Why 44 Inch Portable Basketball Goal?

If you have a limited budget but still needs a driveway hoop for family entertainment or as training gear for teenagers, then 44 portable basketball system is a solid option. It weights light, and under the help of the wheels, moving it around can be an easy task. In severe weather conditions, you can push it into your garage even when filled with water or sand in the base.

In terms of the price, most of which cost no more than $300, which is far cheaper than a large backboard system. The affordable price of it does not mean the bad quality, however. The materials of the 44-inch backboard are normally polycarbonate, the lightest yet the most durable materials compared with tempered glass and acrylic type.

Who Should Get a 44 Inch Basketball System?


If you have kids at home, then getting a backyard basketball system benefits a lot. It helps them exercise in their spare time, and also creates a relaxing environment to have parents get intimate time with kids, which, in other words, grows with kids. The teenagers can adjust the height by themselves thanks to the lightweight of the 44-inch basketball hoop. The polycarbonate backboard also allows kids to use it for a long time.


It is not a wise choice for beginners to get a tempered glass basketball system, for it is totally a waste of money. For those first getting in touch with basketball games, the vital things to do is to get familiar with the basketball shooting. When moving further into the higher levels, choosing a more expensive or more pro-like backboard is a suitable idea.

For family entertainment

The regulation backboard size is 60 inches, that seldom a portable system owns. Therefore, if you attempt to enjoy a professional game, you might as well stepping into the gym. For family entertainment, the 44 inch is a solid option. Cheap as it is, it is pretty sturdy and durable. Imagine the scene on a relaxing Sunday afternoon, having a friendly basketball match with your friends or family members. Isn’t it a soothing thing to do?

Tips in Getting the Ideal Type

Owning the passion for getting the portable basketball system is not enough, there are also some considerations you should bear in mind before buying, so as to spend your money more efficiently.

1. Sturdiness is a primary key

You won’t want to get a basketball hoop that wobbles and vibrates a lot in playing, thus getting a sturdy hoop is a key element in choosing. Apart from the quality level, the capacity of the base has a large impact on the sturdiness. The base capacity should be large enough to support the whole weight of the hoop, of course, adding an extra stone on it is also a good idea.

2. Polycarbonate vs. acrylic

The prices of polycarbonate and acrylic backboard are basically the same, but the interior one is lighter and more durable. If you only use it for entertainment, then polycarbonate is the best choice. Its shining performance in durability also enables you to use it for a long time. Contrarily, if you are a middle-level player or want a more pro-like hoop without going deep into your wallet, choose the latter material. The acrylic exceeds not only in thickness but also brings a better bouncing effect.

Is the 44 Portable Basketball System Expensive to Get?

No, the 44-inch portable basketball hoop is actually pretty cheap, costs around only $100, even the most expensive type costs no more than $300. The major reason for its cheap price is the polycarbonate backboard. As we have talked above, polycarbonate is the cheapest material, performs the worst in the bouncing effects but wins for its super durability and long-lasting life span.