Spalding 44 Inch Portable Basketball System

Basketball has been a popular sport in our daily life, we play with our friends and our families. The innovation of portable basketball hoop is actually saving our time and energy in stepping into the gym for fun, you can just put it on your driveway or backyard.

For most portable basketball system, the average backboard is normally 52 or 54 inches, if you are a serious basketball player, of course, you can choose the 60 inches one for a realistic feeling.

44 inch is a relatively small backboard size, thus for daily recreational use with your family or friends, this is enough. And what features most on Spalding 44 inch portable basketball system, the one we are going to talk about, is its unbeatable price.

And after reading the review on Spalding 44 inch portable basketball system, you will know why it is totally worth the price.

Spalding 44 Inch Portable Basketball System Reviews

Spalding NBA 72341 Portable Basketball System

Spalding portable basketball hoops are normally large size like 54 inch or 60 inch, but if your kids are still small or you would like a small size one, this is a perfect choice for you.

spalding 44 portable basketball hoop
spalding 44 inch portable basketball system



Backboard Size44 inch
Backboard MaterialPolycarbonate
Height7.5 - 10 feet
RimSlam Jam breakaway rim
Base37.5 gallons

  • Backboard

As the name suggests, it has a 44-inch wide backboard made of polycarbonate. We know that polycarbonate is light plastic, therefore, the rebounding effect is not ideal as you want. But the biggest pros of it is it’s super durable and sturdy, even when it trips down, you have no worry of breaking it off.

From the appearance we can see the backboard is designed to be clear, giving a wonderful sight when set it on your driveway. There are only a few graphics printed on, and they are fade-resistant, so after long time use, the hook still looks new. Besides, there are authentic style board pads set to protect the backboard.

  • Rim

In terms of the rim, it has a 5/8 inch solid steel breakaway rim. For this portable basketball hoop, we do not suggest to dunk frequently, or it may have lethal damage on the rim.

  • Base

A portable basketball hoop needs to get water or sand filled in the base for stability. The bigger the base capacity, the more stable it can be. For this one, it has 37.5 gallons capacity, quite a large one already.

spalding 44 portable basketball hoop
Spalding basketball hoop 44 inch

However, with large capacity, it means moving it can be a hard thing. There are two detachable wheels set on the front part of the wheel for moving, but still, rolling it around can be a tough thing. Just as a light suitcase with a load of things packed in.

When considering whether water or sand as filling thing, you need to think about leakage and weather. Remember to add antifreeze with water for getting frozen. If you care about leakage (It does leak a bit), you may choose sand.

  • Pole

In Spalding portable basketball hoops, only “The Beast” adopts 2 piece pole, others are all 3 piece pole. Though not as stable as 2 piece type, but it still shows good performance in playing. It shakes a bit indeed, but not too hard.

  • Height

The height of this Spalding 44 inch portable basketball system ranges from 7.5 to 10 feet in 6-inch increments. Beginners and kids are able to improve shot skills in different vertical height. Thus it is perfect for both kids and adults use. And to adjust the height is quite easy.

  • Assemble

It is not so easy to assemble it, and some tools are needed. It is not a job of one person, in some crucial assemble process, you need to get a partner to help you. Whole assemble time takes about 2-3 hours. But once you put it together, it can be pretty sturdy and durable.

If you do have trouble in assembling it by reading the instructions only, there are some buyer’s suggestions on it that you can find on Amazon, I hope it be helpful.

Main Features:

  • Residential portable basketball system with 44-inch wide poly-carbonate backboard
  • 37.5-gallon base fills with water or sand for stability
  • 5/8-inch solid steel Slam Jam breakaway rim; Pro Glide lift system for adjustment from 7.5 to 10 feet in 6-inch increments
  • Three-piece steel pole (3.0 inches round)
  • Five-year limited warranty

What We Like About It:

  1. Very durable and sturdy
  2. Great for recreational play
  3. Easy to move with small wheels
  4. Power glide height adjustment is perfect, easy to adjust the height
  5. Totally worth the price
  6. Easy to assemble
  7. Look wise

What Needs To Be Improved:

  1. Needs tools on assembling
  2. Leak water
  3. At least two hours on assembling

On buying portable basketball hoop, you need to decide on your needs. For professional basketball players who would like to improve basketball skills, we suggest tempered glass-like “The Beast” or other high-end portable basketball hoops.

But for recreational play, this is a good choice, and its performance is wholly worth the price. If you want to get more information on product specifications or price details, please check it out directly on Amazon.