The 3 Best Portable Basketball Hoop For Dunking Reviews

Dunking or over rim actions have become more and more popular in basketball races.

It improves the success of the scoring goal, and also, it looks so cool.

Thus most players are willing to improve their skills on dunking.

Basketball hoops in gym or court are super strong with steel base, but for portable basketball hoops, they are just supported by base filled with water or sand.

Thus few of them are suitable for dunking practice.

So what features does portable basketball need on dunking?

or what is the best portable basketball hoop for dunking that you can choose?

In this article, we will give you the answer.

Best Portable Basketball Hoop For Dunking

1. Spalding NBA “The Beast” 74560 Portable Basketball System

portable basketball hoops for dunking review
portable basketball hoop for dunking

Backboard Size60 inch
Backboard MaterialGlass
Height7.5-10 feet
RimPro Image breakaway basketball rim
Base50+ gallons

In terms of best portable basketball hoop, it is hard to ignore “The Beast”, for this products, we can always get different words on praising it. Anyway, it is perfect, the most brilliant and a must buy type if you are a serious basketball player.

With 60 inches tempered glass backboard, you can enjoy pro games just as you feel in the gym or court. It totally brings arena at home. You would like to dunk? Well, feel free to do it, the pro image breakaway basketball rim will help protect the hoop. Covered by steel metal, springs are uneasy to get corroded by complex outdoor weathers.

Besides, what makes it a perfect portable basketball hoop for dunking also accounts for its stable base. You can never hear such large capacity in portable hoops types, 50+ gallons base, when it is filled with full loads of water or sand, think how heavy and how steady it would be.

If you are still worried, let’s discuss the pole in the help of dunking. It is designed as an angled pole, and what’s more, it is a two-piece 5-inch square pole. If you know some basic knowledge on portable hoops, you should know that “The Beast” is the only one on the market that uses 2 piece pole. It is far stronger and more sturdy than 3 piece. Angled design again increases its sturdiness.

So anyway, it is absolutely the best buy portable basketball hoop, if you have enough money, then you are free to read all sorts of reviews any longer, just get this one and you will never get regret.


  1. Easy to move
  2. Sturdy in playing
  3. Good quality, long service life
  4. Backboard shakes not so hard after hitting
  5. Pretty easy to adjust the height
  6. Heavy base, quiet and sturdy backboard
  7. Good moving system


  1. Putting parts together is a bit difficult, takes at least two people on installing
  2. Filling the base with sand also takes much hours

2. Spalding NBA Hybrid Portable Basketball System

portable basketball hoops for dunking
best portable basketball hoop for dunking

Backboard Size54 inch
Backboard MaterialAcrylic
Height7.5-10 feet
RimArena Slam breakaway rim
Base40 gallons

The next best portable basketball hoop for dunking we would like to suggest is Spalding Hybrid type. This one changes the way of filling in the base and also makes it more sturdy in dunking movement.

Let’s start with rim this time. The same as “The Beast”, it adopts breakaway rim with board pad, there are double compression springs set within protective steel cover. In dunking movements, they protect hoop and increases chances of scoring. Among all the three rims frequently used in portable hoops, this is the most sturdy one and fits best for dunking. We can say, with such rim, you bring arena back home.

Then comes to the base, and the reason for calling it hybrid hoop is for its ultimate hybrid base. Putting the removable lid away, you can fill in 200 lbs sand above and 19 gallons of water below.

Thus it is surely strong enough to support hard dunking movement. Another advantage of this hybrid design is its easy moving. When moving, you can just remove sand away and then push hoops around as you want.

For the removable lid, you can put it ahead as the front cover for rebounder during play. All the weather-resistant strong rim, backboard, structure, base, as well as pole, resulting in showing the best performance in monstrous dunking.


  1. Equipped with breakaway rim, enabling monstrous dunk
  2. Shake just slightly
  3. Sturdy and has nice bounce to it
  4. Nice quality
  5. Height adjustment crank works pretty well


  1. Bad instruction

3. Spalding 68454 NBA Portable Basketball System

best portable basketball hoops for dunk
best portable basketball hoops for dunk reviews

Backboard Size54 inch
Backboard MaterialGlass
Height7.5-10 feet
RimArena Slam breakaway rim
Base40 gallons

This, of course, is also Spalding portable basketball hoop. And by the way, Spalding is a portable basketball hoop brand dedicated on producing high end products, it is capable of meeting all needs for pro players.

What contributes most for its excellent dunking performance is tempered glass backboard, and again, solid steel arena slam breakaway rim. Tempered glass portable backboard is mostly wanted by professional players, for it is what regulation hoops in gym use and offers realistic in playing. Breakaway rim, the same as above two recommended portable hoops, is the best and supports monstrous dunk easily.

All the nuts and bolts are heavy-duty, not to say its pole and base. 3 piece pole equipped though, still strong enough to keep it stable in playing, especially with 4 strut mount for increasing support. The capacity of base is 40 gallons, and you can fill in either with water or sand. Difference between this and the other two is its straight pole design, not sturdy as them but reduces difficulty in moving.

The overall performance is a bit worse than the other two, but it is also the cheapest if you really want one that is suitable for dunking but lacks enough money, then this can be a good choice.


  1. The glass backboard gives more realistic for shooting and rebounding especially for professional players
  2. Pretty solid
  3. Brilliant system
  4. All the nuts and bolts are heavy-duty


  1. A bit hard on raising and lowering the hoop
  2. Takes about 4 hours on assembling

Factors on Best Portable Basketball Hoop for Dunking

As we said before, only few portable basketball hoops on the market can be used for dunking, normally are unable to accept that hard push in dunking movement. So what exactly factors or elements do portable basketball hoop need for dunking?

In dunking movement, you need to put all your weight on the hoop, thus if the hoop is not stable enough, it easily tips down and causes injury on players.

In terms of sturdiness, base and pole are the most important supporting elements. The base capacity should be large enough, it needs more than 40 gallons capacity to support one’s weight. As for pole, 3 piece pole is normally used on portable basketball hoop because it is cheaper. And that is why we strongly recommend “The Beast” for you, it is equipped with 2 piece pole, thus is super sturdy.

Another factor we can not ignore is breakaway rim. There are altogether three rims, classic type, one with double compression springs and one covered with steel metal. The last one is regarded as the most sturdy and strongest type. Therefore, if you want to get the best portable basketball hoop for dunking, then you need to get Slam – It breakaway rim.


The above recommended three best portable basketball hoops for dunking are excellent in sturdiness. But anyhow, they are not regulation types in gym or court. They are capable enough to bear the hard push of dunking movement, but frequent dunking can still shorten their service life. Therefore, we still suggest not to use it too frequently on dunking practice.


Best Type
A must buy type Spalding “The Beast” Portable Basketball System
Best sturdy and easy moving type Spalding NBA Hybrid Portable Basketball System
Best affordable type Spalding 68454 NBA Portable Basketball System

If you want to get more detailed information on specifications or updated deals, please feel free to check on Amazon.

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