Spalding 54 Inch Acrylic Portable Basketball Hoop System

For hundreds of years, basketball games have always been a popular sport around the whole world. With national races hold especially for NBA, most kids and adults fall in love with basketball in America more and dream of getting excellent basketball skills as those players.

spalding portable backboard system 54 reviews
spalding 54 inch portable basketball hoop



Backboard Size54 inch
Backboard MaterialAcrylic
Height7.5-10 feet
RimArena Slam breakaway rim
Base40 gallons

In the past, wall-mounted and in-ground basketball hoops save people from going into local gym for basketball entertainment. But once they are fixed, you can not move them around for storage.

And then comes with a new innovation – portable basketball hoop, only need water or sand for sturdiness and you can push it to new destinations based on your needs. Besides, compared with in-ground types, portable basketball hoops are cheaper and are suitable for people of all levels and ages.

In this article, we will give detailed introduction on Spalding 54 inch acrylic portable basketball hoop system:

Spalding 54 Inch Acrylic Portable Basketball Hoop System Reviews

Spalding NBA Hybrid Portable Basketball System

This Spalding 54 inch acrylic portable basketball hoop system is of middle price level, and its features and performance totally match the price.

  • Backboard

Features on Spalding NBA Hybrid portable basketball hoop is its double backboard choice. It comes with two backboard sizes that you can choose which suits your need best. One is 54 inches while the other is 60 inches. Both of them are large inch backboard that gives you more chance of bank shots.

As we know, acrylic portable basketball hoop can be regarded as a middle-level type, both the performance and price lie right in the middle of tempered glass and polycarbonate. It is sturdy and brings less wiggle in playing, and also gives rebound effects.

spalding 54 inch acrylic portable basketball hoop
Spalding 54 inch acrylic portable basketball hoop system

Normally, acrylic portable basketball hoop price ranges from $500 to $1000, suitable for both beginners and intermediate players for training at home. If you are professional players and want to get one quite the same as those in the gym, then you need to go deep into your wallet and pay more cash on getting a tempered glass portable basketball hoop.

  • Rim

The breakaway rim brings the arena back into your home, springs are covered with a metal case to resist corrosion for long time use. Among all the rims used on portable basketball hoops, this type is the best and last longer. There will sure to be slight shake in shots. But overall, it shows its high performance.

  • Base

In terms of the base, Spalding 54 inch acrylic basketball hoop system of this is really a breakthrough. For other portable basketball hoops, it seta a small hole on the base to fill in with a large quantity of water or sand for stability. The worst part of conventional design leads to difficulty in moving and also the filling time is pretty long.

This portable hoop adopts a hybrid base. On the top part you can fill in with water, and the bottom part is where sand is put. The gray cover you can see is detachable, getting it away and you can put in or take sand out easily. Thus it saves much effort in transporting the hoop and better prevent water from getting frozen.

And by the way, it basically fills with 19 gallons of water mixed with sand or gravel, reaching up to 200 lbs.

spalding 54 inch acrylic basketball system
Spalding pro-style 54-inch acrylic portable basketball hoop system
  • Pole

Most Lifetime portable basketball hoops adopt straight pole, while Spalding, prefers angled pole type, such as 66291 pro slam, “the Beast”, and of course, this one included. The angled portable basketball system does improve stability to some extent but also adds difficulty in moving.

It has a three-piece 3.5-inch steel pole, and a 16-inch board offset for extended play underneath the hoop. 3 piece pole performs worse performance than 2 pieces but is cheaper than that. Among all the portable basketball hoops, only “The Beast” adopts 2 piece pole, therefore, unless you are a serious basketball player aiming to improve professional skills, 3 piece pole can completely fulfill your need.

  • Height

It adopts the U-Turn lift system, by turning around a thin lever, you can adjust the backboard height from 7 feet to 10 feet in infinite increments. Thus younger players are able to practice shooting mechanisms step by step.

  • Assembling

Assembling is a troublesome thing also for this type, just because of its bad instructions. It takes some time to figure out the assembling process and may need about 5 hours on it. Get someone for help for it is not an individual job. If you have trouble getting that, there are assembling tips written by buyers on Amazon that will be a lot of help.

Main Features:

  • The U-Turn lift height Adjustment 7.5″ to 10″ Infinite Adjust.
  • Ultimate Hybrid Base 200 lbs of Sand or Gravel & 19 Gallons of Water with Removable Lid for Easy Storage Access
  • Front Cover for Rebounder During Play with 16″ board Offset.
  • Heavy-duty solid steel arena-style breakaway rim
  • Three-piece, 3.5-inch steel pole
  • Comes with backboards in two sizes (54″ and 60″)

What We Like About It:

  1. Equipped with breakaway rim, enabling monstrous dunk
  2. Shake just slightly
  3. Sturdy and has nice bounce to it
  4. Nice quality
  5. Height adjustment crank works pretty well

What Needs To Be Improved:

Bad instruction

Spalding 54 inch acrylic portable basketball hoop system is not perfect for professional basketball training as serious basketball players. But to people who like to get one with good performance and use it for daily entertainment, this is a highly recommended one.

Apart from a brilliant acrylic backboard and innovated hybrid base, there are still so many good features that are worth owning at a reasonable price. Thus if you tend to buy it, please check out the updated price on Amazon directly, there will always be a large discount to help save much money for you.