The 10 Best in Ground Basketball Hoop for Driveway Reviews – Pros and Beginners Use

If you are a basketball enthusiast and you want your family to partake in basketball as a part-time activity, then you need to make sure you install the best in ground basketball hoop for driveway. The good about doing that is you’ll be making a worthwhile investment. What’s even better is making sure you do a permanent installation to do away with the constant problem of having to remove from one part to the other.

What Is the Best In Ground Basketball Hoop?

Top 10 Best In Ground Basketball Hoops Comparing


Top 10 Best In Ground Basketball Hoop for Driveway Reviews

There are plenty of in ground basketball hoops for driveway. But, how exactly do you know the right ones? That’s what we’ll answer in our reviews of the best hoops to consider buying.

#1. Lifetime 71525 Adjustable In-Ground Basketball Hoop

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The Lifetime 71525 adjustable in-ground basketball hoop is a durable basketball goal designed for rugged and high-intensity play. It comes with a 54-inch backboard made of sturdy Makrolon polycarbonate that provides shatter-proof action. This in-ground hoop also comes with a lift height adjustment mechanism that easily adjusts from 7.5 to 10 feet with only using one hand.

It also includes a slam-it pro rim that has double-compression springs for dunking – an all-weather nylon net. When it comes to protection, this in-ground basketball hoop comes with a blow-molded backboard frame pad. What’s more, the Lifetime 71525 adjustable in-ground basketball hoop comes with a 5-year limited manufacturer warranty.



#2. Silverback 60-inch In-Ground Basketball Hoop

best in ground basketball hoop for driveway review



The Silverback SB60 is an exceptional in-ground basketball hoop that has features such as tempered glass backboard and powder-coated steel pole, which offers the performance of a gymnasium-style goal. The basketball goal has a revolutionary anchor bolt mounting system that allows you to unbolt and relocate your system in case you want to move to another home.

It also comes with a pro-style breakaway rim, a height adjustable actuator, and backboard pads. The pole pad is included on the 60-inch hoop and a safety-approved height of 7.5 feet. It is also backed with a 5-year warranty which takes the hoop to the next level.



#3. Silverback NXT 54-inch In-Ground Basketball Hoop with Adjustable Height  

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The Silverback NXT 54-inch in-ground basketball hoop comes with features like the powder-coated steel pole as well as a revolutionary installation design. It uses stability-strength technology to install the pole directly into the ground and secure with concrete inside the pole to ensure there are enough stability and ultimate strength.

It has an Infinity Edge Backboard with edges that wrap around to the back of the backboard like one continuous material for increased rigidity. It also features a quick play design that makes it possible to assemble it easily and quickly.

When you purchase the basketball hoop, it comes partially assembled with hardware attached and a pro-style breakaway rim which allows you to protect the backboard and prevent player injuries. It also comes with a 5-year warranty but accessories are not included.



#4. Goalrilla FT Series In Ground Basketball Hoop

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The Goalrilla FT series in ground basketball hoop includes features such as:

Pro-style look and performance – It has a very clear view tempered glass backboard that delivers a pro-style look as well as rebound performance.

Powder-coated steel – The in ground basketball hoop features a black anodized frame that creates a professional arena-style appearance.

Portability – You can easily move with the hoop when you move to another house because it has an in-ground anchor system cured in concrete that has the option to unbolt and move the goal.

The steel pole design is innovative – It has uncompromising strength and stability that is supported by Three-point technology.

Stable – It has increased stability due to its foundational strength of 1-piece main pole which mounted to the concrete anchor.



#5. Silverback 54” In-Ground Tempered Glass Pro-Style Basketball Hoop 

best in ground basketball hoop for driveway



The Silverback SB54 is a premier in-ground basketball goal, anchored into the ground and feature a tempered glass backboard and an all-steel pole which also offers the performance of a gymnasium style goal. It also features a breakaway rim that flexes under pressure. When it comes to height, it can be adjusted from 7.5 to 10 feet.

The height adjustability feature is very convenient and provides an opportunity for everyone in the family to get in the game. Accessories include the backboard pad, an anchor kit, the tempered glass, powder coating, steel pole, an overhang, and the breakaway rim. The breakaway rim helps to protect the integrity of the backboard and also prevents player injury when impacting the rim.



#6. Goalrilla GS54 In Ground Basketball Hoop

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The Goalrilla GS54 provides guaranteed durability and also a limited lifetime warranty. The quality hoops are well-built to last longer. Just like other Goalrilla hoops, this in-ground basketball hoop comes with a concrete anchor system with an option to unbolt and move with it if you happen to move to another home.

It has tempered glass and reinforced backboard similar to the material used in pro, college, and high school arenas. Other features include powder-coated steel pole, height adjustability actuator, and pro-style breakaway rim.



#7. Spalding NBA Aluminum Trim Glass Backboard In-Ground Basketball System

best in ground basketball hoop for driveway reviews



Wherever there’s a hoop and a dream, basketball is bound to thrive. The Spalding NBA aluminum trim glass backboard in-ground basketball system provides a good stage driveway battles and dunk contests. The Hoop includes a tempered glass board with the truest rebound out of any backboard material, and it also has a steel breakaway rim.

It also provides plenty of room underneath the basket, thanks to the 2-foot offset included. There is also a lift system that offers a quick height adjustment with the turn of a handle.



#8. Lifetime Crank Adjust In Ground Basketball Tempered Glass Backboard

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The Lifetime crank adjusts in ground basketball tempered glass backboard also comes with a powder-coated steel frame to provide the best performance. The glass backboard includes fade-resistant graphics and the crank height adjustment mechanism easily adjusts from 7.5 to 10 feet high in infinite height increments.

Other features included in the system are heavy-duty-slam-it ultra-rim with a wrap-around steel brace and heavy-duty nylon net. It also has a 4-inch square, bolt-down, powder-coated steel pole and a 28.5-inch offset from the pole to the backboard.



#9. Spalding “888” Series In-Ground Basketball Hoop

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The Spalding “888” Series In-Ground Basketball Hoop is also among the best in ground basketball hoop for the driveway.

It includes an elite rebound of a 60-inch tempered glass backboard for the best performance and is also ideal for elite play. The U-turn system equipped on the machine helps you to adjust the backboard to suit your demands, 3-foot offset prolongs game time while protecting the players from getting hurt in playing.

Breakaway rim meets the needs of professional players in daily training, for it gives a perfect bouncing. Steel pole, as well as a premium material, is the major reason for its sturdiness and long-lasting performance. What we like the most is its safety stop and J-bolt anchoring system that allows for leveling adjustment.


#10. Game Changer in-Ground Adjustable Basketball Goal Hoop

best in ground basketball hoop for driveway



The Gamechanger is designed for real game action. It is superior in strength and it also includes a convenient anchor bolt mounting system that makes it easier and possible to level or relocate the basketball goal.

Thanks to the Game Changer in-ground adjustable basketball goal hoop, you can enjoy authentic gymnasium play with a professional quality breakaway rim and a thick tempered glass backboard.


How Deep Should a Basketball Pole Be in the Ground?

With the right permanent installation, you can practice when you want without any hindrances. Since it is crucial a basketball hoop, you should also ensure that you put up the best in your driveway. In our post, we’ll talk about some of the best in ground basketball hoop for the driveway and help you learn which one would work best according to your needs.

But, first, we will touch on a few things such as how deep a basketball pole in the ground should be as well as a buying guide to help you when you’re on the search in the market trying to look for the best sellers and quality products. These are also very important things to consider so as to buy the right products.

in ground basketball hoops

Depends on the ground

When it comes to digging a hole for a basketball pole in the ground, it all depends on the kind of ground you are dealing with. In ground basketball hoop systems are normally mounted by putting the actual pole into the concrete, leveling and measuring the rim as you place it in the hole. You can also use a bolt-in mechanism that allows you to place the base unit in the ground and then simply attach the pole and rim combination to the grounded portion by attaching about 4 to 6 bolts.

Dig a little bit bigger and deeper

Putting up a basketball hole is quite similar to putting up a mailbox. But, the only slight difference with a basketball hole is that it has to be dug a little bit bigger and deeper. Getting a tall straight pole in the ground will most likely require a second set of hands. One general set rule you have to follow is that ¼ of the pole’s length should be in the ground and the hole is supposed to be three times as wide as the pole. If you happen to increase the width, you can be able to shorten the depth.

3 Types of In Ground Placement Concepts

The amount of concrete you need highly depends on the people who will be using it. If it’s only kids who will be using it, then it doesn’t have much work to it. However, if it is average teenagers or adults who will be attempting an NBA dunk on the pole, then you really need to make sure it is well anchored and deep enough to sustain such pressure and weight. That may require the hole to be wider.

There 3 types of in ground placement concepts. They include:

Simple in ground burial

– It is a concept that involves digging a hole 4 feet deep and placing the pole of a basketball system in place, then filling the hole with concrete.

The sleeve system

– The sleeve system is whereby you dig the same hole 4 feet deep but only put a sleeve inside it. The sleeves come with good markings to get it to measure about 10 feet when the pole is placed into the sleeve and the same leveling tricks work similar to the way we’ve described above. When the sleeve dries in the concrete, the pole slides in and you attach the backboard and you’ll be playing 3 on 3 in no time.

J-Bolt with a Pier

– The J-bolt with a pier is expensive in ground basketball hoop system. It involves digging a 4-foot deep hole then you insert a square pipe following the same measuring and leveling like the other two types of in ground basketball hoop systems. You then attach a plate to the top with a hinge which allows you to completely assemble the backboard system as well as pole on the ground and raising it up as it swings to the upright positing, and finally bolting it into place.

Buying Guides of Best in Ground Basketball Hoop for Driveway

When buying in ground basketball hoop for driveway, there are certain factors you have to consider to help you get the best quality products. Here’s our buying guide to help you out.

best in ground basketball hoop


Basketball hoops can be quite costly. Therefore, when looking to buy them, you should ensure that you are buying something that is durable. Normally, durability is determined by the type of materials that have been used to make it. Make sure to also paint the metals from time to time so as to prevent rusting.


The rim is also very important. It is the round thing located exactly where the ball enters. When making a purchase you have to make sure that you are buying one that is durable. Choose the ones that are designed with high-quality materials. Although you need to note that high-end professional rims are costly, but durable and hardly rust easily.

The Support Pole

The support pole is the most important feature you need to consider. Once you dig the ground, you are supposed to put the pole and support it by concrete materials. You have to ensure it is strong and stable or else it would be difficult to play the game. When buying the support pole, ensure that you are purchasing a quality one that will serve you well and last longer.

Know the Dimensions

Before installing the basketball hoop, you need to know the dimensions of the court well. Courts tend to vary in size. Therefore, in this case, since you are installing on your driveway, you need to figure out the dimensions so that you know exactly what you are working with.

Quality Backboard

The backboard is also as important as any other thing. It doesn’t matter whether it is in the ground, wall-mounted or portable, the quality of the backboard can greatly affect the quality of play and the experience as well. Therefore, you must consider high-quality materials. An alternative if you are on a budget would be a backboard made with polycarbonate materials.


The best in ground basketball hoop for driveway solely depends on your needs as well as the quality of the product you want to buy. Buying a high-quality and convenient basketball hoop that will suit your needs is crucial to making sure it serves you for longer and you get to enjoy every moment of it.

Top 3 Best In Ground Basketball Hoop for Driveway

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