Silverback Portable Basketball Hoop Reviews

Silverback is an expert in basketball hoop brands, it is especially famous for its in ground basketball hoops, each of which is highly praised for its excellent performance and quality level.

However, it lately spreads its innovation into the portable basketball hoop and designed one portable type that is totally pushing portable basketball hoop forward. Now let’s get some deep information through our Silverback portable basketball hoop reviews.

About Silverback

If you are searching for best portable basketball hoops brands on the internet, you may hard to find Silverback, but once you change the keyword into in-ground basketball hoops brands, it soon comes into your sight.

Indeed, Silverback has been dedicated to its in-ground basketball hoops for a long time and became one of the most famous and trusted basketball hoops brands on the market. Its 60-inch tempered glass in-ground basketball hoop is still listed on top of frequent buy in-ground hoops.

And what now, it begins its career in innovating portable basketball hoops, perhaps with rich experience on in-ground type. The innovative portable basketball hoop does have great improvement compared with conventional portable types and brings light to the portable hoops market.

silverback portable basketball hoop reviews
silverback portable basketball hoop review

So what exactly progress does it make on portable type? And why we say its portable basketball hoop brings to light? Let’s have a deep introduction to its new product – Silverback NXT Portable Basketball Hoop.

Technology on Silverback Portable Basketball Hoop

The manufacturer has included several technologies on silverback portable basketball hoop. Let’s look at some of these technologies.

Stability frame design

If you have come across this portable basketball hoop, you can agree with me that the structure of the base is very different from most basketball hoops in the market. Typically, the stability frame design connects the steel chassis and the main pole. The main essence of this was to enhance the stability and strength of the silverback portable basketball hoop.

Away from that, you will experience less wiggle when playing. There is no doubt that the stability frame design will bring the best playing experience.

Infinity edge backboard

It is another praising technology that the manufacturer has included. The rebounding effects and rigidity will be increased by this technology.

Ergo move

It is good to know that for most portable basketball hoops, you will be required to fill enough water. The main reason for this is to keep the portable hoop stable. Unfortunately, you will experience difficulties in a rolling hoop around. This portable basketball hoop has been manufactured with an ergo move design to keep the hoop stable. The base has been designed with several wheels.

Factors to Consider in Buying Silverback Portable Basketball Hoop

Before purchasing a silverback portable basketball hoop, there are several essential features you should consider. These factors will help you determine whether the specific silverback portable basketball hoop will satisfy all your needs. Without further ado, let’s look at these crucial factors.

Height adjustment

You might be aware that basketball hoops are adjustable in height. Do you know that you can adjust a basketball hoop down from the regulation 10-foot height? Do you plan to adjust your backboard height frequently? In that case, you should ensure that there is a mechanism available to adjust the height.

Backboard material

There are several materials that are used to manufacture backboards. Here are some of the materials used to make standard backboards.


Usually, they are designed for young children. Keep in mind that they are the least durable.


They are known as high-performance backboards. Normally, polycarbonate backboard hoops feature arena-style glass.

Tempered glass.

They are regarded as top quality backboards that have been manufactured for high performance.

Support pole

There is no doubt that you would want a strong pole. You should consider a support pole that provides enough stability. In addition, the configuration of the pole is also crucial. Poles with two-piece configurations have proved to be the best for height adjustment. Besides that, they have been made with less moving parts. This means that such types of poles are better when compared to three-piece configurations poles.

The capacity of the base

It is important to note that the capacity of the base usually determines the stability of the hoop. It has been proved that indeed the base of the hoops can affect the portability of the hoop. It is therefore important to keep this in mind.

Silverback Portable Basketball Hoop Reviews

In terms of Silverback portable basketball hoop reviews, we would rather say it is a Silverback NXT portable basketball hoop review. Because until now, there is only one type that is sold as portable hoops. Of course, if you want to get an in-ground type, you may feel free to get more information on Amazon directly.

Silverback NXT Portable Basketball Hoop

silverback basketball goal
silverback basketball hoop



Backboard Size54 inch
Backboard MaterialPolycarbonate
Height7.5-10 feet
Assemble TimeNo more than 90 minutes

Now, what’s new on this Silverback portable basketball hoop? Let’s first discuss its technology.

silverback portable basketball hoop reviews
silverback portable basketball hoop review

1. Stability-Frame design

If you view much about portable basketball hoops of other brands, you may find that the whole structure of base and pole are totally different from them. That is because of its Stabili-Frame design. It connects the steel chassis and steel main pole together directly, which enhances its strength and stability greatly.

Besides, this design also enables less wiggle in playing, brings the best playing experience to players.

2. Infinity Edge backboard

Another worth praising feature of this hoop is its infinity edge backboard, by folding it backward, both rebounding effects and rigidity are increased to a large extent.

3. ErgoMove

For most portable basketball hoops, you need to fill in enough water or sand to keep stable, but one big problem on it is increased difficulty in rolling hoop around. This, however, changed the way of keeping stable totally. Apart from the help of stabili-frame design to keep stable, the wheels are set large at the back of the base and equipped with a stand.

silverback basketball hoop
silverback basketball goal

When you are moving, a back stand helps reduce much weight that is added to one person of conventional portable basketball hoops. Thus you can easily push it around. But also, you need someone to help you for safety, by one person pushing backward, and the other one pulling ahead, it is easy to roll anywhere you want.

4. Ultra-fast assembly

According to our investigations, most of the buyers are terrified about the assembling process, it costs much time and much effort, sometimes you need to take it apart for a wrong step, then more hours are wasted in such process.

In order to solve the problem, Silverback designed its hoops carefully and promises that only 90 minutes needed for assembly. Most crucial parts are preassembled, thus you take only a few efforts to put other things together.

After getting basic knowledge about Silverback portable basketball hoop on technology, we also made a detailed introduction on many other features of Silverback NXT Portable Basketball Hoop, please feel free to check for more.


1. Is the backboard shatterproof?

Yes, the backboard is made by polycarbonate, it is super durable and long-lasting. And it is virtually unbreakable.

2. How can I drain the water?

Using the kickstand, then the portable hoop is able to stand backward stably. The drain is at the bottom, in this way, you can fill in with water so easily.

3. Can I dunk on it?

It can but we do not suggest so. It is capable of a slight dunk, but for hard one, it may get tilt. And portable basketball hoops are not as good as in-ground types on dunking, so if you want to practice it, you may get an in-ground one.

4. How long is the warranty?

Silverback keeps a five-year limited manufacturer warranty from the date of payment.

5. Is it really sturdy?

Once you fill it in enough water or sand, it becomes super sturdy. If you worry about severe outdoor weather, you may get a large stone and place it on it for safety.

Last Words On Silverback Portable Basketball Hoop…

Compared with other polycarbonate portable basketball hoops, this can be a bit more expensive. But you buy what you pay, the innovated technology adopt on Silverback NXT portable basketball hoops are able to bring enjoyment playing experience for you.

After reading the Silverback portable basketball hoop reviews we made for you if you still have any other problems on it or want to get price details, please feel free to check on Amazon.