Why Are There Two 3-Point Lines in Basketball?

3 point line in basketball games

The 3-point line, also known as the arc, downtown, or perimeter, is a line surrounding the basket, consisting of an arch and two parallel lines. It is also the line beyond that every goal is awarded three points as opposed to two points, which would have been awarded if the goal was made in the … Read more

What is the Standard Backboard size?

what is standard basketball size

Do you know what backboards are in basketball? Well, they are the flat elevated vertical boards that come with mounted baskets. Ideally, they are the ones that hold the basket. In most cases, it will feature a height of approximately 10 feet from the ground. However, you will be free to adjust it to shorter … Read more

What Is the 3-second Rule in Basketball?

3 second rules in basketball games

Today, we are looking at “The Rules Of The Game,” and in this case, our lovely Basketball. However, we can note for every sport played around the world, some key precepts and rules are to be adhered to. Failure of which the game becomes null and void. Basketball is no exception. Several rules guide this … Read more

Should the NBA Add a 4 Point Line?

the 4 point line in basketball games

The designated area of a 4-point line is farther than of the three-point line, the reason as to why the player will be awarded four points for the score. This is usually made from the court. Harlem Globetrotters introduced it, and the BIG3 professional basketball league only uses it. While there are three very distinct … Read more

What Hoops Does NBA Hoop Use?

Basketball is a very interesting game and if you’re an NBA fan you understand what I mean. There are different types of Hoops available in the market and most people have been asking about the NBA basketball hoops and the functional difference from the other types of hoops available. Well, I must admit that the … Read more

Is A 44-inch Backboard Big Enough?

playing with 44 inch basketball hoop

Backboards are becoming an essential part of everyone’s driveways these days. More and more people are getting them installed in their suburban homes. Playing in your backyard, especially in this period of world lockdown situations, is essential to keep yourself active. You do not have to be a skilled basketball player to have a backboard; … Read more

How Far Is the 3-point Line?

3 point line basketball hoops

If you have played or watched basketball, you must indeed appreciate how much the 3-point line means to the game. It comes in handy in separating the two-point area from that line that counts as three points. It is usually set at a specific distance from the basket. So, why do we have the 3-point … Read more

What Is The 8 Second Rule In Basketball?

8 second rules

What Is 8 Second Rule? When the team in possession fails to advance the ball out of the backcourt and past the half-court line quickly enough. Once the team inbounds the ball, its players have exactly eight seconds of continuous possession to advance. After this, play is stopped to give the ball to the opposing … Read more

What Are the 5 Main Rules in Basketball?

rules you should know on basketball hoop

Leisure and happiness can be created in various ways; one of the best ways to make the most of your free time is to get involved in your favorite game. We have many competitions in which one can participate; basketball is one of the best games in which one can choose to participate. It is … Read more