Harden Volume 5 Review

Adidas, the renowned shoe brand, has once again stepped up its game by releasing the Harden Volume 5. Harden Volume 5 is designed with seasoned footballers in mind, with the purpose of providing them with maximum comfort and support during their game.

However, things aren’t as simple as they appear with Harden Volume 5, since the shoes have their own set of downsides.

So let’s get into the core of the article to see what Adidas has to offer this time around.

Quick Summary

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Where to Buy: Amazon
Best for: Players with relatively good builds that aren’t bothered by the heavyweight of the sneakers, love to play outdoors, and have a knack for style and appearance.
Pros: Great traction on clean surfaces. Optimum stability coupled with a stylish look. Super durable and offers maximum breathability.
Cons: A bit on the heavier side. Not true to the size. Stiff midsole.
Alternative: Adidas Harden Vol. 4, Adidas D.O.N. Issue 3


Detailed Review

If you are someone who is planning to wear Harden Vol. 5 on a casual basis, then you are good to go since the outlook of the shoes is very promising. Due to their longevity and sturdiness, these can also withstand harsh situations.

Besides, strong players who can play in heavy shoes without them affecting their game performance, Harden Vol. 5 is the best answer since the stability and balance it provides are unmatched.


Harden Volume 5 excels in one of the most important characteristics to look for when purchasing a new pair of shoes: durability.

The soles of these basketball shoes are made of extremely durable rubber, making them ideal for use outside, particularly in harsh conditions.

As a result, you won’t have to worry about replacing your shoes every couple of months. This means that no matter what surface or whether you play on, your Harden Vol. 5 will not let you down in terms of durability and will last the test of time.


Support And Stability

Another significant benefit of Harden Vol. 5 is that it provides you with unrivaled support and stability. Harden Vol. 5 has earned the reputation of being one of the basketball shoes that offer incredible grip and support to your foot no matter how long you play in them, thanks to its sturdy base for a sole and the laces to help you pull tight according to your foot’s size.

Furthermore, if you’re a big man looking for extra stability, the Harden Vol. 5 will not disappoint.


Stylish Appearance

If we talk about the style and appeal of the shoes, the Harden Vol. 5 won’t disappoint you here either.

The overall look of the shoes is another thing that might concern you especially if you’re someone who’s concerned about keeping your style game up to the mark.

With not 2 or 3 but actually, 10 colors to choose from, you can now flaunt these modern sneakers by pairing them with any type of casual or activewear.



Because everyone’s foot form is different, you can have a problem with the size. However, expect some more room at the forefoot with Harden Volume 5, as they are a little longer than usual.

The near-perfect width of the shoes, on the other hand, helps to balance the equation. In addition, your foot will not experience any side-to-side movement, allowing you to play for as long as you want.

So, stick to your true size if you’re a wide footer. Otherwise, go down half a size to make the most out of these sneakers.



Breathability is another key point to look for in a pair of shoes and Harden Vol. 5 definitely ticks that off the box.

The incredible airflow of the Harden Vol 5 won’t let your feet sweat or feel warm, giving your feet a breathable experience.


At 16.2 oz (460 g), Harden Vol. 5 might not be an ideal pair of sneakers for those who are looking for lighter designs.

Of course, the weight of the shoes won’t hold you back but it won’t allow you either to move briskly like other lightweight shoes and you would need some time to get accustomed to the feel of them.

However, if you’re someone of heavy physical appearance, then this con might serve as a pro to you.



Even with a weight of 16.2 oz (460 g), Harden Vol 5 aims to maximize the energy return. Speaking of which, the amount of balance it has to offer is something that all seasoned footballers look forward to.

And despite the extra weight of the shoe, turning or spinning during a shot won’t be a big deal for you, thus allowing you to give your best in the football game.


Heel Slippage

However, when it comes to the downsides of this shoe, the Harden Vol 5 is one of those that does not allow your heel to rest comfortably or flat on the shoe. It should be blamed on the midsole’s arc and the stiff material of the shoe.

But that’s not the end of the world. You can make up for it and minimize the heel slippage by grabbing a pair of grippy socks and tightening your shoelaces.

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What We Like About It

One of the most outstanding features of Harden Vol 5 is its durability which sets it apart from its competitors. Getting yourself a pair of sneakers that performs well on blacktop is something that every footballer looks forward to, and gladly Harden Vol 5 offers you that.

And if that wasn’t enough, the stylish appearance of the Harden Vol 5 adds more charm to it and boosts its overall appeal. Not to mention how well it withstands both indoor and outdoor play, which is another big plus.

Also, the fabric around the ankle is made of stretchy material, allowing you to put it on and off with more feasibility. Moreover, the Achilles pillows make sure your foot experiences a snug fit and you enjoy your game or practice to the fullest.


What Needs To Be Improved

Despite all the above-mentioned pros, there’s always some room for improvement, and Harden Vol 5 falls in that category as well. To start with, the weight of the shoes needs to be reduced. Especially, if you are someone who spends a lot of time playing or practicing football, this might be a bit disappointing for you since you won’t be able to move as quickly as you need to.

Apart from that, the rigid material of the midsole and the oversaturation of the overall staff of the shoe is what weighs it down and makes it a bit irritating for you, especially if you’re not a heavyweight guy.

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Overall Rating


The Alternatives

If you didn’t like any of the specifications of Harden Vol. 5, here are some of the potential options to consider.

Adidas D.O.N. Issue 3

If you liked the Harden Vol. 5 specs and want to buy a pair but are on a budget, the Adidas DON Issue 3 is the shoe for you. With a synthetic exterior layer and a rubber sole, these shoes are designed to provide you with an exceptional court experience.

The Gore Straps feature a precise lace closure that ensures maximum stretch and comfort while wearing them. In addition, the ultra-light midsole is made for the sole purpose of enabling you to have fast and light movement.

Adidas Harden Vol. 4

If you’re seeking another Adidas shoe, then don’t miss Adidas Harden Vol. 4. This particular model puts a high emphasis on being a little quicker and lighter than its other versions, thanks to its minimal Lightstrike midsole.

The midfoot band offers extra support and stability to your foot on the court. Besides, the rubber outsole is all designed in a way to give you maximum traction and grip on tricky surfaces.



Is Harden Vol. 5 good for wide feet?

Yes, if you don’t go for a half size down (since these run a bit big) and stick to your true size then you’re good to go.

Do Hardens Run Big Or Small?

Hardens run a bit bigger than the actual size of your foot so consider getting a size down for a perfect fit.

Does Harden Vol. 5 have a boost?

Yes. The combination of Boost and Lightstrike creates a cushion that is responsive and has a good court feel.

How do you clean Harden Vol. 5?

Apply an eco-friendly washing detergent coupled with warm water on a washcloth and gently wipe away the stains.


Final Verdict

Harden Vol 5 provides stability and a stunning aesthetic that should not be overlooked. The rubber sole ensures that they will withstand the test of time, allowing you to use them both indoors and out.

In addition, the strong base and improved energy return are two more features to consider. They are, however, a little hefty for someone with a medium build, so try them on in the store before purchasing.