Best Youth Portable Basketball Hoop

Youth represents infinite possibility and is always energetic. What if your little kids suddenly keen on basketball games and want to shoot balls like big children. You take them to gym or court, but found the goal is too high that they can not even get it how hard they try. For such conditions, you need a best youth portable basketball hoop.

Unlike those portable basketball hoop for adults, youth portable hoop is quite low, its small backboard suits kids shoot perfectly. And what’s more, it is much cheaper. With adjustable height system, it grows with your kids.

In this article, we will offer you the review of best youth portable basketball hoop, and some of the tips you need to know on buying it and using it. Go on reading and get your small athlete something to play with.

Best Youth Portable Basketball Hoops

1. Lifetime 90022 Youth Basketball Hoop

best portable basketball hoop for 8 year old
best youth portable basketball hoop



Backboard Size32 inch
Backboard MaterialPolycarbonate
Height5.5-7.5 feet
Base10 gallon
Rim15-inch folding rim

This is the first and the most recommended youth portable basketball hoop, if you view on Amazon, you will find it is also the hot selling one. Lifetime is an expert in producing portable basketball hoops for adults, so either quality or performance in playing in it is undoubtedly.

First let’s come with backboard. Youth portable basketball hoops are designed small, normally 28 inch, this, however, is quite large, reaching 32 inch. It provides more chances of bank shots. Polycarbonate material makes it virtually unbreakable and is durable. If you are worried about the colorful printed graphic on it, I would tell you that it is printed by fade resistant ink, it looks as new even for long time using. All the rim and nylon net are weather resistant, designed to withstand the harshest elements.

It weights light, can be carried anywhere you want after putting it together. The base capacity is 10 gallons, which means even full loads of water or sand is filled, it is still easy to move. Three piece round steel pole enables the whole hoop to be sturdy in playing. But it is not a professional hoop, so of course it shakes when ball hits the backboard.

Youth portable basketball hoop is perfect for kids from 3-8, when your kids grow up and get taller, you can adjust the hoop up so that it can still be used. The height range is between 5.5 inch to 7.5 inch. You are able to adjust it in 6 increments.

According to buyers feedback, the instruction is not as clear, so you may take some time to get all things done. It provides 5 year limited manufacturer warranty, and is the longest among youth portable basketball hoops market. And in a word, a quite reliable and worth buying one.

Main Features:

  • High density polyethylene backboard makes it possible of being unbreakable
  • Graphics are screen-printed with UV-protected inks that lasts pretty long for outdoor use
  • Three-piece round steel pole


  1. Durable
  2. Easy to assemble
  3. Can be used both indoor and outdoor


  1. The maximum height is only 7.5 inch, which is only suitable for youngsters around ten years old children
  2. Filler hole is quite small
  3. Bad instructions
  4. Mainly for recreational play

2. Movement God Youth Portable Basketball Hoop

best portable basketball hoop for 8 year old
youth portable basketball hoop



Backboard Size28 inch
Backboard MaterialPE backboard
Height5.4-7 feet
Base55 lbs water or 66 lbs sand
Warranty90 days

This portable basketball is regarded as the best starter hoop for kids age 4-7. We rank it behind Lifetime because the overall performance and features are not as good as that, but still, it can be good choice for young kids play.

The backboard size is 28 inch, equipped with 17 inch folding rim and all weather nylon net. Even when placed outdoor for long time, it still looks as new. It adopts PE as backboard material, not as hard and sturdy as polycarbonate. Therefore, even with regulated rim diameter, we still suggest toy ball to be used for protecting the backboard.

3 piece pole keeps hoop stable and sturdy. With the help of telescoping height adjustment mechanism, you can adjust it from 5.4 to 7 inch easily. The overall weight is light, with two wheels set on the base, you can move it around and place it into garage for storage.

Like normal portable types, sand and water needs to be filled for stable. It can be filled with 55 lbs water or 66 lbs sand. It may be a bit hard on moving after filling, but one can do it alone still.

The instructions on it is good and whole assembling process is easy. If there is quality problem occurs during 90 days, you can get in touch with manufacturer for free repairing or replacing (Human factors can not be guaranteed). And by the way, it is definitely not suitable for any dunking.

Main Features:

  • Telescoping height adjustment mechanism
  • Rust and weather resistant
  • Steel tube and rim
  • All weather nylon net


  1. Good starter hoop for kids age 4-7
  2. Easy to put together with no tools needed
  3. Easy to move


Not so sturdy for dunking

3. Sports God Portable Youth Basketball Hoop System

best portable basketball hoop for 10 year old
youth portable basketball hoop



Backboard Size28 inch
Backboard MaterialHigh-density PE
Height5.6 -7 feet
Base65 lbs water or 75 lbs sand

The next we would like to recommend is Sports God youth portable basketball hoop. Like above hoops we introduced, this one is adjustable and suits kids use for daily recreation.

High density PE backboard with small inch, it is capable enough for the punch of toy ball, but for regulate basketball, I am afraid it is a bit weak. Thicken three colors nylon net attracts kids interest and gets high tenacity as well as good extension.

Telescoping system is used to adjust the height from 5.6 to 7 feet. You can use it in school, hospital, village and indoor gym. All the materials include backboard, rim, pole and base are all weather resistant, so it is of course suitable for outdoor use. It is a pretty big item, think twice before you intend to move it in your house.

Moving it is not a hard thing, there are two red wheels on the base. Whenever you want to move it, just tilt it stand forward and move around. The capacity of base is a bit larger than Movement God, capable of filling in 65 lbs water or 75 lbs sand. The filling hole is quite small, so it takes some time in doing it.

Whole design of it is simple but sturdy, again, this is just a youth portable basketball hoop, do not try any dunk movement for your safety and for service life of the hoop.

Main Features:

  • High-density PE, high corrosion resistance and environmental protection
  • High precision steel, its surface after high temperature spray rust-proof treatment, non-toxic, no smell, BSCI certification
  • High-density PE, brand-new material processing
  • Sun-protection, strong flexibility, long service life and easy to carry and move


  1. Perfect for kids
  2. Perfect for outdoor use
  3. Easy to move


Hard to assemble, a lot of things need to be put together

4. Yaheetech Portable Basketball Hoop System

best portable basketball hoop for 8 year old
best youth portable basketball hoop



Backboard Size29 inch
Backboard MaterialPU backboard
Height6.2 -8.2 feet
Base77.2 lbs water or 132.3 lbs sand

Safety should be regarded as the primary thing on best youth portable basketball hoop, and most of materials this hoop use are of high quality.

What carries the whole hoop most is the base. Base capacity of this type is the largest among all the recommended best youth portable basketball hoops. It carries with 77.2 lbs water or 132.3 lbs sand to stay stability. And for safety, remember to fill it with water or sand before assembling. You can move it around with two detachable wheels even with full loads of water, just tilt the whole hoop forward and pull it around.

Through telescoping height adjustment mechanism, you can change its height from 6.2 to 8.2 feet, making it a great gift for kids at 5-10 years with full enjoy playing. The folded rim is made by steel, pretty hard but not hard enough for dunking movement.

For long time using and when net gets dirty, you can remove it off for cleaning. Finish is coated with corrosion resistant spraying paint, thus it is suitable for outdoor use.

Main Features:

  • Steel tube and PU backboard as well as base
  • 2 heavy duty wheels ensure easy maneuverability
  • Nylon net


  1. Easy to be assemble
  2. Perfect for kids at 5-10 years old
  3. Easy to move


Not suitable for dunking

Features Of Best Youth Portable Basketball Hoop

1. Adjustable

Youth is changing every day or every minute on their heights, they get higher and higher in short period of time. Thus youth portable basketball hoops are all designed changeable. You can adjust the height through telescoping mechanism. Then the service life of hoop is actually prolonged.

2. Safe

As the users of youth portable basketball hoops are small kids, safety of them is pretty important. It relies on careful assemble and also original design. Strong base and steel pole can be of great help, for they support whole hoop up. Youth portable types are not suitable for dunking movement, and it is specially marked on each product, so for safety, do not try any dunk movement.

3. Light weighted

Backboard of youth portable basketball hoop is frequently polycarbonate, it weights light and can be moved around easily even when full of water or sand in the base. But also because of its light weighted structure, we suggest toy ball to be used instead of regulated basketball, in order to protect hoop.

4. Brings fun to kids

Youth portable basketball hoop aims to kids age from 4-10, colorful graphic and height adjustable hoop give them much fun in daily life. If you are free, you can also teach them how to shoot and to play with them, which tightens the relationship between kids and family effectively.

Things To Consider On Getting Best Youth Portable Basketball Hoop

1. Safety

Kids around 10 years old are not able to protect themselves in dangerous situations. Therefore, on buying best youth portable basketball hoop, you need to make sure the one you want is quite safe in using. Larger base capacity is helpful, and steel pole is strong enough for sturdiness.

Apart from internal design, correct assembling is also important. If assembled in a wrong way, then there may be potential danger that causes injury someday. So read the instructions carefully before you assemble it, and get someone for help if you need.

2. Adjustable

For different youth portable basketball hoops, adjustment range is also different. Look at the minimum height it gets, and make sure your kids are old enough to play with it. Of course, if you intend to use it for long time, you can get one with large height range, kids grows pretty fast anyway.

3. Mobility

What features most on portable basketball hoop is its mobility, nearly all the youth portable hoops are equipped with wheels. But it does not mean all of them are easy to move especially when full loads of water or sand is filled. If you need to move it around frequently, then you should get one that is designed easy to roll around.


  1. Keep an eye on your little kids in playing
  2. Do not stand on the base for safety
  3. Do not try any dunk movements
  4. Be sure to fill in the base with water or sand before assembling
  5. Add anti-freeze into water if putting it outdoor in cold weathers, or you can fill in with sand directly
  6. Always use under instructions


1. Can a regular size basketball be used?

We do not suggest so. Actually the rim of youth portable basketball hoop is the same as those for adults use, but as the backboard is not sturdy enough to accept that hard attack, we still suggest toy ball to be used for kids.

2. Can they be folded up?

It depends, some of the youth portable basketball hoops can be folded up for storage.

3. Is it sturdy for kids dunk on it?

No, and never try any dunk movement with it. Even an acrylic portable basketball hoop for adult use is not able to bear dunk movement frequently, not to say the light weighted youth hoop type.

4. What is age recommendation?

There are always height adjustment mechanisms on each youth portable basketball hoops. And the maximum height range for youth portable types is 7.5 feet, so if your kids are shorter than that, then she or he is suitable for the hoop.

5. Can it fit inside a house?

Most youth portable basketball hoops are actually big, and they are designed for outdoor use because of its large base and backboard. But if your home is large and has enough space for it, then it can also be used for indoor.

Best Buy Youth Portable Basketball Hoop

Among all the recommended youth portable types, we prefer Lifetime 90022 Youth Basketball Hoop the most, it is as sturdy as those for adults use. Colorful backboard interests kids a lot. What’s most importantly, it is definitely not a kid toy, your kids are able to improve basketball skills through constantly training at home.

The price of the best youth portable basketball hoop is also attractive, and especially when you buy it with great deal on Amazon. It costs no more than $70 even. So if you have a small basketball athlete, get one with him or her and I am sure they will like it.

youth portable basketball hoop
best youth portable basketball hoops

If you want to know more details on specifications or updated price, please feel free to check on Amazon.


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