The 6 Best Outdoor Portable Basketball Hoop Reviews 2022

If you are tired of playing and practicing basketball in the gym, if you want to play it anywhere and anytime you want, please consider the best outdoor portable basketball hoop.

It can be placed either in your driveway or your backyard.

Among so many types and price levels,

how do you choose the best one?

And what factors you should consider before choosing them?

In this article, we will give you answers to those problems and make a detailed best outdoor portable basketball hoop review for you.


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What Is the Best Outdoor Portable Basketball Hoop?


Comparison Chart of Best Outdoor Portable Basketball Hoops


How to Choose the Best Outdoor Portable Basketball Hoop?

If you decide to buy the best outdoor portable basketball hoop, then the followings are some tips that you need to know before buying:

how to choose best outdoor portable basketball hoop

1. Backboard materials

As we know, there are three main backboard materials on portable basketball hoops, polycarbonate, acrylic, and tempered glass. Polycarbonate portable basketball hoops are the cheapest yet the most durable type. They are suitable for beginners and daily recreations.

Acrylic portable basketball hoops are in the middle level among the three, they have some rebounding effects in playing, and is also more durable than tempered glass type. If you are an intermediate player or pro player who does not want to pay much on getting a tempered glass one, you can choose the acrylic type.

Tempered glass outdoor portable basketball hoops are the most expensive but also the best performance type. Apart from backboard sizes, their overall performances are quite the same as the basketball system on the court or in the gym. Thus they are of course the perfect choices for pro players.


2. Size

Outdoor portable basketball hoop sizes range from 44 inches and 60 inches, the most suitable one, and the hottest selling types are 54 inches. The wider size is, the more bank shots it gets. But for small kids’ play, a small-inch backboard is enough. If you are an adult and intend to get competitive races at home, we would like to suggest 54 or 52 inches for you.


3. Price

When it terms to getting the best outdoor portable basketball hoop, the first thing that comes to mind for most people is, of course, its price. There are normally three levels of hoop price, the lowest level ranks from 100-300, the middle-level ranks between 300-500, and the highest levels rank around 1000. Different levels of basketball hoops represent different performance and backboard materials.


4. Needs

On buying outdoor basketball hoops, you should consider your own needs. If you are beginner or want one for daily recreation, you can try a cheap polycarbonate type. If you are intermediate players who want to get one for practicing shooting skills, an acrylic portable basketball hoop is the best choice. But if you are serious players aiming to improve your basketball skills, you may get a tempered glass type. And of course, for small kids or youth use, we would suggest youth portable basketball hoops for you.


5. Weather

Outdoor portable basketball hoops need to be placed outdoor all the time, facing complicated weather conditions. Therefore, if you are living somewhere with strong wind frequently, you’d better get an in-ground type. If getting an outdoor portable basketball hoop in cold areas or in winter, remember to add anti-frozen into water.


Best Outdoor Portable Basketball Hoops Reviews

1. Best Outdoor Hoop For Driveway – Lifetime 1269 Pro Court Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System

portable basketball hoop slanted driveway
best outdoor portable basketball hoop

Backboard Size44 inch
Backboard MaterialPolycarbonate
Height7.5-10 feet
RimClassic rim

This portable basketball hoop is the hot-selling type on Amazon, most people praise its cost-effective performance and well worth price.

Being the best outdoor portable basketball hoop, its sturdiness is, of course, the primary element for consideration. Its 44-inch polycarbonate backboard first guarantees to be virtually unbreakable even when it tips down. The diameter hoop of it is quite big, reaching 19 inches, and meets the demand for higher-scoring games. The height-adjustable range of this hoop is from 7.5 to 10 feet with a telescoping adjustment mechanism, and you can adjust it in 6 increments.

All the parts are set all weather-resistant, capable of fitting complicated outdoor weather.


  1. Secure height adjustment system
  2. Sturdy backboard
  3. Super easy to assemble


  1. The filler hols is quite small
  2. The water or sand in the base makes it hard to lift
  3. Hoop does not have spring, not suitable for dunking

2. Best For Professional –  Spalding NBA Portable Basketball System

best portable basketball hoop for driveway
best portable basketball hoops outdoor

Backboard Size54 inch
Backboard MaterialAcrylic
Height7.5-10 feet
RimArena Slam breakaway rim
Base40 gallons

The second-best outdoor portable basketball hoop is this Spalding NBA series type. It is more expensive than a polycarbonate backboard but overall performance and sturdiness for outdoor use are both brilliant.

Unlike light polycarbonate material, it uses the acrylic backboard and is covered by a protective pad. A clear backboard gives you the feeling of playing in the gym. Angled pole design also increases stability, especially in windy weather. The protective front pad formed a triangle with an angled pole, increases steadiness, and also protects players in playing.

If you want to adjust goal height, there is a screw jack system you can use to turn in a specific direction. For the hoop base, its 40 gallons large capacity meets your demand for filling with enough water or sand.

The large item may cost much space in your backyard or on the driveway, but its super sturdiness makes it pretty safe to be put outdoor even in bad weather conditions.


  1. Quite stable, no hanging on the rim
  2. The hoop is solid in all sorts of bad weather
  3. Easy to lower or raise through the crank
  4. Great quality, no wobble
  5. Nice instructions


  1. Requires two-person on installing and takes about 4-5 hours
  2. Difficult to move once filled in with water or sand
  3. Difficult to pull the main pole together

3. Best Adjustable – Spalding NBA Hybrid Portable Basketball System

best portable basketball hoops for driveway
outdoor portable basketball hoop reviews

Backboard Size54 inch
Backboard MaterialAcrylic
Height7.5-10 feet
RimArena Slam breakaway rim
Base40 gallons

The reason for recommending this portable hoop is for its specially designed base. In complicated weather conditions, having a stable base is an important thing to do.

It is named as hybrid portable basketball hoop because of its hybrid base. Unlike other types that fill in with singly water or sand, it combines two together. On the lower part, you can fill in enough water, and on the upper part, you get 200 lbs sandbag or gravel. It increases sturdiness and also makes moving it away pretty easy. The lid of the base can also be put front to serve as a rebounder. Like the Spalding NBA hoop, this one also adopts an angled pole for sturdiness. The breakaway rim allows for infrequent dunking movement.


  1. Equipped with breakaway rim, enabling monstrous dunk
  2. Shake just slightly
  3. Sturdy and has nice bounce to it
  4. Nice quality
  5. Height adjustment crank works pretty well


Bad instruction

4. Best Advanced – Silverback NXT Portable Basketball Hoop

portable basketball hoop slanted driveway
best portable basketball hoop for driveway

Backboard Size54 inch
Backboard MaterialPolycarbonate
Height7.5-10 feet
Assemble TimeNo more than 90 minutes

This is an innovative type of outdoor portable basketball hoop, its delicate design makes it super suitable for outdoor use.

The main advantage of this type lies in its Stabili-Frame steel on steel connection between the steel chassis and main pole, with such a link, the whole hoop is closely connected as one. For increasing

rebounding and also increasing rigidity, it has an Infinity Edge Backboard that folds backward. A large wheel and kickstand behind help to balance weight on the base, and also makes moving it easier. The height adjustment mechanism is also made easy, even small kids can do it under the monitoring of adults. Assembly takes less than 90 minutes.

The rebounding effects it is of course not as good as acrylic or tempered glass, but as for an outdoor portable basketball hoop, it is a perfect choice, especially for beginners.


  1. Polycarbonate material
  2. Backboard and base is quite sturdy, do not have any give
  3. Height adjustment is quite simple, one kid can do it by himself
  4. Easy assembling
  5. Instructions are pretty thorough
  6. High quality constructions


Some of the parts are mislabeled

5. Best For Youth – Lifetime 90022 Outdoor Basketball Hoop

outdoor portable basketball hoop reviews
best portable basketball hoops for driveway

Backboard Size32 inch
Backboard MaterialPolycarbonate
Height5.5-7.5 feet
Base10 gallon
Rim15-inch folding rim

This is a youth portable basketball hoop, that meets the demand of kids under 10 years old use for outdoor playing.

Its backboard is pretty small, only 32 inches, and suits kids’ use perfectly. Polycarbonate material makes it super durable. As it is a hoop for kids’ use, the backboard is printed with colorful graphics, but they are all UV-protected and fade-resistant. Even after a long time of use outdoor, it still keeps new. 10 gallons base needs to be filled with sand or water, it is pretty sturdy in playing, if you feel it is not stable enough, you can also put an extra sandbag or stone on the base. The height adjustment system ranges from 5.5 to 7.5 inches in 6-inch increments.


  1. High density polyethylene backboard makes it possible of being unbreakable
  2. graphics are screen-printed with UV-protected inks that lasts pretty long for outdoor use
  3. Three-piece round steel pole
  4. Easy to assemble
  5. Can be used both indoor and outdoor


  1. The maximum height is only 7.5 inch, which is only suitable for youngsters around ten years old children
  2. Filler hole is quite small
  3. Bad instructions
  4. Mainly for recreational play

6. Best Affordable – Spalding 66291 Pro Slam Portable Basketball System 

best outdoor portable basketball hoop
cheap portable basketball hoops outdoor

Backboard Size54 inch
Backboard MaterialAcrylic
Height7.5-10 feet
RimPro Slam breakaway rim
Base34 gallons

This is another Spalding portable basketball hoop that is worth recommending. It has a 54-inch acrylic backboard and is covered by an authentic steel board pad.

Connected with 3 pieces 3.5 inches round angled pole, this pole is pretty stable in outdoor conditions. With 34 gallons capacity base, you can fill in enough water or sand for stability. If you want to adjust hoop height, you can adjust it from 7.5 to 10 feet in 6-inch increments. Its clear backboard gives you a good view of outdoor sights, no matter if you put it in your backyard or your driveway.

All weather-resistant materials on the hoop make it capable enough on facing different weather conditions.


  1. Excellent quality
  2. Heavy-duty, stable
  3. Portable and height adjustable
  4. Easy to raise


  1. None of the hardware is labeled
  2. Takes about 6 hours on assembling



What Are Outdoor Portable Basketball Hoops Price?

For one, there is no fixed price for the portable basketball hoop. Instead, the actual price is dependent on a number of factors. These are:

pick outdoor portable hoops

Basketball Net

The kinds of nets that make the basketball up largely determine the actual cost. The top materials in use at the moment are stainless steel, Nylon, and Polyester. Those nets that bear the steel nets are by far the most expensive. That is understandable due to the longer life of the same item.

Type of the Pole

Next to the materials that make the net up is the kind of pole that constitutes the frame of the basketball hoop. A pole that is made of metal such as stainless steel is likely to cost a lot more than that which is made of weaker materials like hard plastics.

Size of the Backboard

It is the backboard that is hit by the balls. The sizes vary from 44 inches through to 72 inches. Obviously, the larger the backboard is the more expensive the hoop is naturally bound to cost. You hence have to match the costs and the sizes considerably for the best purchases.

Material Makeup

Lastly, the materials that make the entire structure up also count. Three kinds of materials stand out. These are the tempered glass, acrylic, and Polycarbonate respectively. Of these, tempered glass tends to cost the most. Polycarbonate is by far the cheapest to come by.

When all factors are taken into consideration, expect $400-$1,000 to lay your hands on a quality outdoor portable basketball hoop. For the best deal, consider comparing the prices of the many dealers we have around. Then, do not forget to bargain as well for the best possible deals.


Benefits of the Outdoor Adjustable Portable Basketball Hoop

A number of benefits accrue from the use of the outdoor adjustable portable basketball hoop. Chief among these are:

On-the-go Use

This kind of hoop allows for on-the-go use and applications. That is mainly due to the smaller and more compact nature of the item overall. You do not have to fix the item in one place to be able to enjoy the benefits that ordinarily come by.

Lighter and Portable

As its designation implies, this kind of hoop is lighter and subsequently lighter. You do not have to expend an excessively high degree of muscle power to be able to use this item. The same also goes for the effort you will generally fix in place to haul it from one place to another one.

Simple to Engage

Due to its lack of sophisticated parts and components, this item is simpler to engage in. You do not even have to acquire or make do with an excessively high degree of technical expertise to have your way. That makes it pretty fine for those who have no skill or are just getting started.

Instant Gratification

With this item, it is possible for you to enjoy the fringe benefit of instant gratification. This is mainly vouched for by the fact that it sets up a bit too soon and also takes the shortest duration of time to yield forth the attendant benefits or outcomes.


Compared to the standard hoops, this one is cheaper, on the whole, to come by. You do not really have to dig too deep in your pocket to afford it hence. On the same note, you will also get to enjoy the benefits that come along within a shorter length of time.

Minimal Space Requirements

Generally speaking, the item is smaller and more compact in space. Thanks to this arrangement, the item is bound to take up a limited amount of space to mount and store. That it folds is also an added advantage in the sense that it impedes your success less.


What Types of Outdoor Basketball Hoops Should I Choose?

In terms of outdoor basketball hoops, there are altogether three types, they are in-ground basketball hoops, wall-mounted basketball hoops, and what we primary talk about in this article, outdoor portable basketball hoops.

using outdoor portable basketball hoop

In-ground Basketball Hoop

In-ground basketball hoops are cemented on the ground, it is quite sturdy but not movable, perfect for those who have enough budget and do not intend to move them around.


Wall-mounted basketball hoops

Wall-mounted basketball hoops, refer to the type you can hook up on the outdoor wall, it saves much floor space of course. But one thing that needs attention is that if you hook it up on your backyard wall, be sure to get admission from your neighbors. They are the cheapest type that is available on the market.


Outdoor portable basketball hoops

Outdoor portable basketball hoops can be the most space costing type, it needs a large base to keep sturdiness. But you can place it anywhere you want, and also roll it in your garage for storage. Prices of them lie in the middle level, and many types can be chosen.

For a detailed comparison of the three types, we have made a review and you can find out easily through our review.


How to Adjust the Height of Outdoor Portable Basketball Hoop?

Tools and Materials Required

Gather the following essentials before starting out:

  1. Adjustable wrench or pliers
  2. Apron/Overall
  3. Helmet
  4. Pair of gloves

Step-by-step Procedures

Now follow the procedures below to adjust the height of the outdoor portable basketball hoop:

Step I: Prep the work area

Before you get to the core of the height adjustment process, you have to prep your work area. This basically entails cordoning the area off-limits to an intruder. It also goes ahead to put on the necessary protective gears that may serve to protect your body from all forms of harm and dangers in the course of working.

Step II: Locate the knob

Start out by locating the knob. You will find this at the back of the basketball pole. Use this knob to pull the hoop in the same direction. It is imperative that this action be performed by an adult owing to the potentially risky nature of the same.

Step III: Fix the hoop to your preferred height

Now fix your hoop to the preferred height. The height varies from 7 1/2 to 10 feet. These heights are managed in increments of 6 inches. You have to be slow and meticulous to avoid unnecessary issues and problems. The kind of approach you use depends largely on the type of hoop in question.

Step IV: Lock the backboard

Having fixed the hoop firmly in place, you now have to lock the backboard to see to it that it does not fidget excessively when the game of basketball is played. After you are through with this procedure, you have to ease the hoop to its proper standing position.

Step V: Lay some final touches

Round it up by pushing the crossbar with a broom handle. This shall lower the hoop and trigger a clicking sound. The clicking sound is what signifies the conclusion of the installation exercise. Now test the system to see to it that it functions properly. Be sure to make any final touches if need be. You are now good to go!


Safety Cautions In Using:

  1. Put it somewhere safe and is not easily tipped down
  2. Add anti frozen into water or use sand in substitution of water for the base
  3. Maintain it frequently and check out whether there are some parts that need maintaining
  4. In strong windy weather, adjust the height to its minimum range or roll it into the garage for safety
  5. Always play it in a safe area



Among all the six recommended best portable basketball hoops, we would like to highly suggest the Lifetime 1269 Pro Court Portable Basketball System for you. It is a perfect one for beginners and family entertainment.

Both the performance in playing and the price is suitable, of course, you can not expect it to be such brilliant as expensive acrylic or tempered glass type, but I am sure its quality is totally worth its price.

best outdoor portable basketball hoop
outdoor portable basketball hoop reviews

If you want to know more details on product specifications or price details, please check out Amazon directly.