Spalding 60 Inch Acrylic Portable Basketball Hoop System

Have you ever dreamed of being an NBA star as a little boy? Have you ever talk consistently with friends on how much you admire one basketball player? Have you ever sit in front of the TV watching exciting basketball games?

If so, then Spalding 60 Inch Acrylic Portable Basketball Hoop System will be on your choice! Spalding is the only brand on the portable basketball hoop market that able to print NBA marks on the backboard. Playing basketball with such a professional look backboard, you will feel like you are the star yourself.

In this article, we would like to give you detailed introduction on Spalding 60 Inch Acrylic Portable Basketball Hoop System and all of its specifications:

Spalding 60 Inch Acrylic Portable Basketball Hoop System Reviews

Spalding NBA 60 Inch Portable Basketball System

The regulation NBA backboard is 72 inch, while for portable basketball hoops, 60 inch is the largest size that you can find. The average portable basketball backboard is 45-54 inch, thus the Spalding 60 inch acrylic portable basketball hoop system will provide you with more satisfying feelings in playing and practicing.

spalding 60 portable basketball system
spalding 60 acrylic portable basketball hoop review



Backboard Size54 inch
Backboard MaterialAcrylic
Height7.5-10 feet
RimArena Slam breakaway rim
Base40 gallons

  • Backboard

As its name suggests, one specific feature on this Spalding NBA portable basketball system is its acrylic backboard. We know that polycarbonate, acrylic, and tempered glass are three common materials on the backboard, and on both rebounding performance and price, acrylic is always in the middle level.

It is more durable than glass but of course, has a weaker rebounding effect. If you intend to get one quite the same effect as that in your gym, then you need to open up your wallet and take out more money on buying the tempered glass portable basketball system.

Again, it is a 60-inch portable basketball hoop, the wide backboard gives you more chance on bank shots. And clear backboard makes it looks professional. Of course, what attracts most is the NBA mark printed on it, it is UV protected so do not worry about fading for long time use.

  • Rim

It adopts arena slam breakaway rim. Nowadays, above the rim play or dunk has been a vital part of basketball games, this rim utilizes a heavy-duty spring to stabilize the rim and make a connection between them.

Slam rim comes with both pros and cons, pros are of course meeting the demand of dunking and protecting it in playing. But cons, however, it gets rag over time for abusing and dunking regularly. When it goes rag, you need to get a new one that fits the hook. Therefore, we really do not suggest you use it for dunking practice.

  • Assemble

Assembling of the Spalding 60 inch acrylic portable basketball hoop system is quite easy, takes about 4-5 hours. But we do suggest two or three people come for helping, this is not an individual job. However, take it easy, the instructions are pretty nice, so once you read it carefully, the assembling is nothing worth worrying.

  • Base

If you are still worrying about wobbling or wiggling in playing, then this Spalding 60 inch acrylic portable basketball hoop system releases your worriment with its 40 gallons base. Most of the other brand’s portable basketball hoops use 27 gallons or 35 gallons, of course, they are not as stable as 40 gallons one.

There are filling holes set on base for filling in water or sand, if you live somewhere warm, then you can fill in with water and no leakage appears. But if you live in cold areas, sand can be a better choice.

Two wheels are set on the base for moving, but it is really hard to move with 40 gallons of water. Just imagine a suitcase full of clothes and other items. But thanks to the wheels, you are able to move it into the garage in severe weather conditions or for long time storage. Just a reminder, do not put it apart for storage, it will be really painful.

  • Pole

It uses 3 pieces 3.5 inches round steel pole, quite stable according to customers’ feedback but it is hard to pull the main pole together in assembling. 3 piece pole is surely not as good as 2 pieces or even 1 piece, if you want to get higher quality one, you may choose “The Beast”, it adopts 2 piece poles.

What’s more, this portable basketball system is adjustable, the screw jack lift system adjusts it from 7.5 to 10 feet. Thus it suits the need of people of all ages and all levels.

Main Features:

  • 60-inch acrylic backboard
  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Arena slam breakaway rim
  • 3 piece 3.5 inches round steel pole
  • 40 gallons base
  • Heavy-duty spring

What We Like About It:

  1. The ball bounces it well
  2. Quite stable, no hanging on the rim
  3. The hoop is solid in all sorts of bad weathers
  4. Easy to lower or raise through the crank
  5. Great quality, no wobble
  6. Nice instructions

What Needs To Be Improved:

  1. Requires two-person on installing and takes about 4-5 hours
  2. Difficult to move once filling in with water or sand
  3. Difficult to pull the main pole together

Spalding is the leading brand on manufacturing basketballs and basketball hoops on the market, it has for many times been regarded as an official brand on producing NBA products, so the producing skills and the quality level is needless to say.

Spalding 60 inch acrylic portable basketball hoop system is one, except “The Beast”, that lists on the best selling and best buy portable basketball hoop. And it is the most cost-effective one at around $500. Thus if you want to get more information on product specifications or price details, please check directly on Amazon. There will be a constantly large discount to help save money for you.