Spalding NBA The Beast Portable Basketball System

Spalding NBA The Beast Portable Basketball System is regarded as the ultimate portable basketball hoop on the whole market. We know that tempered glass backboard is the best choice for professional basketball players because of its excellent rebounding effects. And Spalding is the only portable system brand with a tempered glass backboard. Yes, of course, “The Beast” is also one of the only found tempered glass 60-inch portable basketball hoop.

the beast portable basketball system
spalding the beast portable basketball hoop



Backboard Size60 inch
Backboard MaterialGlass
Height7.5-10 feet
RimPro Image breakaway basketball rim
Base50+ gallons

If you are serious basketball players, if you intend to improve your basketball skills as professionals, just choose the Spalding NBA the Beast portable basketball system. It is perhaps the only portable type that is comparable with an indoor basketball hoop in the gyms.

Of course, the price of which is far higher than normal portable basketball systems, but once you get it, you know every penny you spend is totally worth it.

So here, we will give detailed introductions on it from every aspect:

Spalding NBA The Beast Portable Basketball System Reviews

Spalding NBA “The Beast” 74560 Portable Basketball System

If you are professional basketball players, intend to get the best quality one but still needs to move it around frequently, then just go to Amazon and buy this one, I am sure this is the only best one ever that you can find on a portable basketball hoop.

  • Backboard

There are many things to say about the backboard on Spalding NBA “The Beast” portable basketball system. It can be a perfect backboard on a portable basketball system on both materials and size. Regulation NBA backboard is 75 inches, but for a portable basketball hoop, 60 inches is the largest size you can find. The large square backboard offers you the best chances for bank shots.

spalding nba the beast portable basketball system
Spalding ‘the beast’ 74560 portable basketball hoop review

And a feature on “The Beast” basketball system is of course its tempered glass backboards. We would like to add in case you don’t know much on portable types, that tempered glass is the best materials other than polycarbonate and acrylic, on rebounding effect. And if you know much about portable hoop, you will find that it is the only one you can find on the market on adopting tempered glass backboard. That is because Spalding is so far, the only portable system brand with a tempered glass backboard.

Therefore, on finding the best quality one to improve your professional basketball performance, this can be a perfect choice.

  • Rim

It is equipped with a Pro Image breakaway basketball rim that handles high flying dunks perfectly. With this portable basketball system, you are able to show your brilliant dunk in front of your friends and other players. Thus it is of course the best rim that you can find on portable types.

Besides, it is the only one that has a robust support system design. There are four struts extend from the support system to the back of the backboard, thus when the ball hits the system, it still holds steady.

  • Base

How large capacity you will encounter on finding a portable basketball base? 27 gallons, 35 gallons or perhaps 40 gallons. Well, this one is equipped with 50+ gallons capacity base. You can never worry about it tipping down.

Either water or sand can be filled in for stability. For water, remember to add antifreeze within in case it gets frozen in winter. If you are worried about leakage (not likely to happen though), you can fill in with sand. Of course, filling in with 50 gallons of water or sand is not a fast thing, it takes much time but is worth once completed.

Like all the other portable basketball hoops, this one is also equipped with two-wheel on the base, but because of its brilliant design, pushing or moving it can be an easy task. You do not need to lean or tilt the pole any longer, only pull down the level from the front of the rim, and then you can easily move it around to new destinations.

spalding the beast review
the Beast basketball hoop reviews
  • Pole

Most frequently seen poles on portable basketball system is 3 piece type, it is cheaper but is the least stable one. While this Spalding NBA “The Beast” portable basketball system, is the very only one you can find adopting 2 piece pole. 2 piece type is far more stable than 3 pieces, and thus in playing, you will hardly feel it shake or wiggle.

As we introduced before, 4 strut pole or base mount allows for superior system rigidity, and what makes it excellent in sturdiness also contributes to a four-point “z” arm board.

  • Height

The normal height of a portable basketball system ranges from 7.5 to 10 feet, and so does this one. It uses easily control the crank adjustment system to raise the hookup and down for different needs. Anyway, it allows players from each age and level to play with.

  • Assemble

You might be a headache when you first see this big thing shipped to you, but do not be frightened by its appearance. Actually, the assembling of this Spalding NBA the Beast portable basketball system is surprisingly easy. The instructions are also clear enough. But we strongly suggest two people are involved in assembling, it may take about 6 hours. After assembling, you will get brilliant using experience ever on outdoor or driveway portable basketball hoops.

What’s more, Spalding service is quite thoughtful and satisfying, it provides a 5-year limited warranty for you. You can get direct contact with Spalding on Amazon to help solve all your problems conveniently.

Main Features:

  • Height adjusts from 7.5-Feet to 10-Feet
  • Gray inset cover acts as a handle for pre-play movement and a rebounder during play
  • Two-piece, 5-Inch square angled pole system with screw-in water level gauge base cap
  • 60-Inch glass backboard, Pro Image breakaway basketball rim, all-weather white net
  • 50+ Gallon capacity dual capacity base fills with water or sand for stability
  • a robust support system design

What We Like About It:

  1. Multiple wheels design makes it easy to move
  2. Good quality, long service life
  3. Backboard shakes not so hard after hitting
  4. Pretty easy to adjust the height
  5. Heavy base, quiet and sturdy backboard
  6. The good moving system, do not need to lean or tilt the pole
  7. Excellent service, promise to replace glass under a five-year warranty
  8. No leak
  9. Well worth the price

What Needs To Be Improved

  1. Putting parts together is a bit difficult, takes at least two people on installing
  2. Filling the base with sand also takes many hours

In conclusion, Spalding NBA “The Beast” portable basketball system is sure to be the top best one you can find on the market for outdoor or driveway use. The large cons of this type are perhaps its expensive price, but believe me, if you are a serious basketball player, and intend to get the best quality portable basketball hoop, you will find it perfectly worth the price.

Of course, if you are just a beginner or just get one for family entertainment with your little kids, you can get a polycarbonate portable basketball hoop or acrylic type that is around $200 or $300. We have made detailed reviews on those and you may choose one that suits you best.

However, if you do have the intention of getting the best playing experience, this portable basketball system will never let you down. For more information on specifications or price details, you may check out on Amazon directly. Each of the portable basketball hoops has their own features, and you should get one according to your needs and budgets.