30 Best Basketball Hoop for Kids – For Small Kids And Large Kids

Kids are full of energy and full of hope, they are constantly growing both physically and mentally. As a parent, one needs to create a healthy environment for the development of kids. Instead of spending a whole day playing with the smartphone, or using all sorts of social media to kill the time, keeping exercise is the best way for kids to grow healthier. Under such conditions, you will need the best basketball hoop for kids, for basketball is the most popular and widespread sport around the world.

However, when searching the best basketball hoop for kids, you will find thousands of types for sale, each with different functions and price ranges. The wide varieties perhaps easily confuse you and this leads to mistaken choices of products by you. In this article, we picked out several best types for kids to use and came with a buying guide.

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Best Basketball Hoop for Kids Comparison Chart

Benefits of Playing Basketball Hoops with Kids

There is no doubt that active kids will grow to become productive adults, and basketball is considered one of the most loved sports, which helps in keeping the kids active. When it comes to playing basketball, there are several benefits associated with it including;

· Physical exercise

Being a brisk sport, basketball involves plenty of running, dribbling, jumping, shooting, and passing the ball. When your kid is involved in playing basketball, some issues such as laziness, overweight, or dullness will become history. As they play continuously, they will be able to burn a significant amount of calories that will keep them active and lose fat.

· Builds muscles

Your kids will be able to build muscles since basketball involves more swift movement and rigorous use of their bodies, limbs, and muscles. Their arms, calf areas, and thighs will develop incredible muscle tone.

· Aids in improving height

Despite the natural gene being the primary determinant of height, sports such as basketball aids in improving it much better. This is because of the body movement, along with the frequency of movement as well as jumping while playing, have been proven to aid in improving the height of growing children.

· Helps in increasing accuracy and precision

Usually, shooting your ball into a hoop requires incredible concentration, great skill as well as good aim. This will only be achieved through regular practice. Furthermore, learning how to build precision and target takes a long time; this means that by starting at a young age will be best for your kid.

Basketball Hoop and Kids Development

Basketball is by far one of the most popular sports among the young and the old. Despite your child not being old enough to join a basketball team, it is still a great idea to teach them the basic skills at an early age. Purchasing a basketball hoop for your kid helps reduce the amount of time they spend watching TV or being indoors; this will significantly improve their social and motor skills.

Despite being a great idea to purchase a basketball hoop for your kid, there are several things you will need to consider with the height of the basketball hoop being the central aspect. Buying a basketball hoop with the perfect size for your kid will help boost their skills significantly. With the perfect hoop, your kid will be able to develop some excellent shooting skills which will see him or her grow into a superstar in the future.

Why Buying a Basketball Hoop for Kids

You may think, “I have a basketball hoop placed in my backyard for adults to use already, there is no need to buy another hoop for kids use.” Well, this is wrong. The adults use basketball hoops, no matter for the in-ground type or for portable types, are not designed for kids; In other words, the kids will find it trouble for taking a shot both for the high-height rim and for the heavyweight of the basketball. The kid basketball and hoop, on the contrary, is designed based on the average height of children and makes it more fun in play.

A kid basketball goal is not a must gear for each family, yet it is a toy that helps kids grow healthier on physical aspects. It shortens the boring time on playing with virtual friends made on the smartphone; enlarges the interactive chance with friends or kids from the neighborhood, which adds up the ability of social. The most important is it strengthens the body power, increases the capability of jumping and making a shot.

Best Basketball Hoop for Kids Reviews

The basketball hoop types vary according to the usages, it proves to be more slightly on the little kid’s basketball hoop, for the manufacturers tend to add additional functions on in case that kids get bored. For the following part, we divided our picked out hoops into different categories and you can choose based on your needs.

-Small Kids Basketball Hoop Reviews – Kids Under 8-Year-Old

The plastic backboard is what we strongly recommend on the backboard material for kids to use, for it weights light and does little harm to kids even when tripped down. Though brings minimum bouncing effects as tempered glass does, it can be a perfect and safest companion for kids use.

1. Kids Indoor Basketball Hoop Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set

kids plastic basketball hoop

This is the top-selling kids indoor basketball hoop that wins the praise among thousands of buyers. It involves a breakaway rim with 3 junior-sized lightweight basketballs, making it easier for small kids to take a shot.

Features an adjustable-height-pole, it allows you to adjust the height in accordance with the growth of your kids, from 2.5 to 4 feet. The large rim design enlarges kids’ interests in constantly playing with the hoop.

To maximum the sturdiness of the base, you are free to add much sand on it or to put a brick on for stability.

2. Kids Adjustable Basketball HoopStand Wall 2 in 1 Hoop

kids adjustable basketball goal

The 2 in 1 design on the basketball hoop allows you to use it as a stand-up portable basketball hoop as well as a door-mounted basketball net. With the screw set comes along with the hoop, separating the backboard from the pole is quite easy.

The three-stage telescoping system makes it simple to adjust the height from 120com to 168cm, from which you can raise the height with the improving levels and ages of your kids.

The solid strong steel base wins the plastic base in sturdiness; the design of the unique wheels attracts kids’ attention and fits any kid’s home decor if used indoor.

3. Kids Portable Basketball Hoop –  Fajiabao Kids Adjustable Basketball System

best basketball hoop for kids

Indoor or outdoor use, this toddler basketball hoop fits multiple usages, you can even place it along the poolside for summer use. Remember to place the sand or water into the base for keeping it sturdy and stable.

The flexible height adjustment allows changing the height from 31 inches to 36 inches, as the slogan goes, to grow with your kids. Be at ease if you have trouble in assemble, for it takes only a few minutes to set it up by one’s own.

Non-toxic stand hoop materials alongside plastic backboard safeguard kids during the playtime without comprising the lifespan of the hoop.

4. Kids Outdoor Basketball HoopBrigtenway Kids Basketball Play Set

kids portable basketball hoop

It can be a perfect outdoor kids’ basketball hoop because of the durable materials adopted. Kids from the age of 3 to 8 are able to use it by adjusting the height of rim from 25 inches to 52 inches.

Apart from the safe non-toxic material designed on the pole and backboard, it also features a rounded corner structure in preventing any untoward injuries.

The light blue color enlightens your garden and meanwhile attract kids’ attention. Like the other best basketball hoops for kids, the assembling of it is not that hard, setting it up with kids can be a rare opportunity to strengthen the hands-on ability and mental abilities.

5. Basketball Toys for KidsArkmiido 3 in 1  Sports Activity Center Basketball Set

little kids basketball goal

Here comes an adorable basketball hoop set toy, the best thing about is not only for the appealing appearance but also for the multiple functions with the hoop.

Combining the loop game, basketball game, and soccer goal game together, it prolongs the using time by grasping all the kids’ attention on the set. Given the seven heights settings, it fits kids ranging from the age of 1 to 10 use.

Apart from placing it outdoor, it can be a perfect decoration when dividing the backboard from the pole and uses it as an indoor basketball backboard. Cute giraffe with two colors available; gives it to your kids as a gift and they will definitely fall in love with it.

6. Cheap Basketball Hoops for Kids LotFancy Basketball Hoop for Kids

basketball hoop for kids room

This is more like a basketball hoop for baby kids use, the recommended using age is above 18 months. Different from toddler hoops, this tends to be more functional.

Features a light and sound effect powered by 3AA batteries, it encourages your little one to play with great interests. The shining backboard is made with non-toxic material to better protect your babies. When getting bored on the basketball shooting, try to engage him or her with the ball-rolling game set at the bottom of the hoop.

The 2 in 1 design exercises the baby’s ability to crawling, moving, and running, which does great help in its mental and physical development. There is two adjustable height that you can choose, from 18 inches to 21 inches that are able to grow with your baby.

7. Small Basketball Hoop for KidsCostzon Kids Basketball Hoop

kids outdoor basketball hoop

The stylish design on the backboard and pole is what appeals to the boys and girls the most in play. With a height adjustment system, you are able to lower or raise the height easily from 38 inches to 53 inches that meeting demands of different ages.

Non-toxic environmentally friendly HDPE material protects your baby’s health while the all-weather resistant paintings on the hoop make it more long-lasting and durable when placed for outdoor use.

You need only to fill in with sand or water to help make it stable and sturdy. The large rim encourages kids to go on shooting. For easier cleaning, it gets you the detachable net alongside the smooth surface.

8. Kiddie Basketball GoalToddler Basketball Hoop Stand

kids indoor basketball hoop

Here again, comes with a cheap toddler-use basketball hoop system. The large sturdy base can be sturdy enough to carry the weight of the plastic backboard and weather-resistant pole, only when you fill it with enough water or sandbags.

By adjusting the height from 2.5 feet to 5.1 feet, it allows kids to use it from 2 to 5 years old. To increase the interest of toddlers on basketball games, you can also lower it down to have a dunking practice and improve his or her shooting skills levels by levels.

Passing through the standard of ASTM&CPSC, it proves to be a safe toy for kids. The breakaway rim gets a similar appearance as the standard one used in the gym, creating a real environment as the gym to make kids feel like a pro player.

9. Kids BBall HoopKiddie Play Basketball Hoop Stand Toy Set

kids basketball goal

The durable material alongside the steel base is the major reason for the long lifespan. You need only fill in with enough water or sand, then it is time for a safe basketball game.

The red pole, as well as red basketball with bright graphic, get the wow factor when placed it in your backyard or at kids’ homes, attracting the kids to play along with it for a long time.

All the tools are included, and thanks for the simple design, the assembly is quite easy that you may do it together with kids. Change the buttons on the pole and you can adjust the height from 2 to 4 feet.

How High Should a Basketball Hoop Be for a 7-year-old?

For a 7 years old child, the basketball hoop should be eight-foot-high; this is per the American Sport Education Program. Lowering the height of the basketball hoop for young players helps them develop proper shooting forms and increases their shooting success opportunities.


-Large Kids Basketball Hoop Reviews – Kids Around 10-Year-Old

Unlike the little kids’ basketball hoops we have recommended, the following two types are perfect for both small kids and large kids. The standard basketball rim makes it no longer a toy, but a tool that improves the real shooting skills. Gather all the kids aged around 8 or 10 in the block and you can get a small competitive game.

10. Kids Basketball Hoop and StandLifetime 32″ Youth Portable Basketball Hoop

portable kids basketball hoop

If searching for the best youth portable basketball hoop, this one would definitely jump on your list. Of course, not only for the youth around 10, small kids that have a strong passion for basketball can also play with it.

Only that you need to adjust the height from a maximum of 7.5 inches to the minimum 5.5 inches. It shines with a 10-gallon base, offers super sturdiness and stability.

All-weather nylon net, as well as brilliant materials adopted on the pole, brings the durable and long-lasting feature of it. Do not worry about its quality, for all of which are guaranteed by the 5-year warranty.

11. Kids Basketball SetNova Microdermabrasion Kids Portable Hoop Stand

kids basketball ring

The large base and standard rim give your kids the feeling of play like a superstar. From jump shot or dunking practice, your kids under 10 years old are able to enjoy the game time at ease.

High polycarbonate backboard makes it hard to break even when tripped down and better protects the kids from getting hurt. Equipped with two wheels on the base, moving it around can be such an easy task.

No matter for indoor or outdoor use, the all-weather resistant materials keep it to grow with your kids.

What is the Height of a Basketball Hoop For 12-year-olds?

With many young basketball players dreaming of having excellent basketball skills like LeBron James, giving them the right hoop that will best suit their height is critical. Due to that, 12 years old basketball player should play with a basketball hoop of nine-foot-high. This is in accordance with the American Sport Education Program. The nine-foot-high basketball hoop has been designed to help a 12-year-old basketball player nature his or her talent by improving their shooting success.

Best Basketball Goal for Kids Reviews

If you do not have much space for placing a basketball hoop at home, then a basketball goal that mounted on the wall or the door is the right choice that you can make. Apart from its wonderful performance in the space-saver, it also enables your kids to have body-exercise anytime at home.

Imagine that in cold winter and it becomes snowy outside, going out for skating is a good idea, but in terms of playing basketball, it is quite hard. Under such conditions, you get a door-mounted indoor basketball goal for kids, place in right in your kids’ rooms and get shooting games with him or her. Isn’ it a beautiful scene?

To save your time on finding on your own, we have picked out the best types of basketball goals for you:

1. Mecy Mini Basketball Hoop

kids door basketball hoop

This is a mini basketball hoop for kids that is capable of glowing in the dark. The luminous materials adopted on the backboard, rope as well as basketball enable you to play it at night with lights off. When fixed on the door, it features a protective foam padding to reduce the heavy impact on the door. Follow the instructions and you will find the assembly quite easy and straightforward.

2. IYoYo Hanging Basketball Board Toy

kids toy basketball hoop

The kid basketball backboard can be a cheap exercise toy for daily use. It abandoned the plastic rim adopted by other backboards and replaced it with metal frame, making it available for dunking practice.

Besides, it owns a longer life span. Backed up by a 3-month warranty, it helps solve all the problems concerning quality issues. The red graphic on the backboard enlightens kids’ room immediately and attracts them to play with it for a long time.

3. Skip Hop Zoo Bathtime Basketball

cheap basketball hoops for kids

Here comes a cute bathroom-use basketball backboard that is perfect for small kids’ use. Having trouble in coaxing babies into bathing? You will need it and hang it on the wall of the bathroom.

It comes with three small balls that coordinate with the sizes of the net. After finish playing, there are drawstring set at the bottom of the net for storage. Anyway, it is a toy that adds up the interest for kids on taking a bath.

4. Little Tikes Attach’n Play Basketball Set

kids plastic basketball goal

For most door-mounted basketball hoops, adjusting the height can be hard. However, it features an over-the-door strap that allowing you to choose a suitable one among three choices.

Kids toy as it is, the breakaway rim still available for dunking actions. It occupies no place because of the small shape, while the foldable design adds up the feature more.

5. SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop

best basketball goal for kids

Does there a basketball hoop fit both kids and adults use? Here it is. The multiple choices meet your various needs. Choosing the standard size for kids use, XL sizes for adult use, and for attracting the attention of kids, you can also choose the one glowing in the dark.

It is not a toy but one hoop gives you real feeling as shooting in the gym, making it a perfect one for large kids to use.

6. Rec-Tek Deluxe Over the Door Basketball Hoop

kids basketball backboard

The shining feature of this backboard, compared with other types, is the storage space it uses. When the playtime is over, hanging the ball behind the rim and you can stop looking for it anywhere around your house.

Plus, it proves to do great benefits in shooting practice. Simple design as it is, there is an automatic electronic scoring and sound in tracking your actions and your improvement.

2 in 1 Basketball Toys for Small Kids Under 5-Year-Old Reviews

The small kids, especially for kids under 5 years old, are hard to fully concentrate on one thing. Therefore, any toys bought for them win the favor for no longer than a month, making your room stuffed with toys anywhere. Well, if your kid is one of those, then a 2 in 1 kids toy basketball hoop is more cost-effective. After all, you get two toys without paying extra money.

What Sort of Basketball Hoops Should You Set Up for Kids?

With different designs and models available out there, choosing the best basketball hoop for your kid can be a bit challenging. Therefore, understanding what sort of basketball hoop you should set up for your kids becomes crucial. When buying a basketball hoop for your kid, you should keep in mind the following essential aspects;

· Safety

When purchasing any product, safety should always be your top priority, and the basketball hoop is not different. For young ones, safety is considered as the first concern, and some of the things you should consider when it comes to safety include; breakaways rims, materials, and stability.

Usually, fiberglass, along with metal materials are capable of causing more damage when compared to plastic material. It is best to let your kid graduate from plastic to fiberglass and metal material when the right time comes. By doing so, you will be reducing their chances of getting hurt.

Breakaway rims are considered safer for use compared to rigid rim. When purchasing a basketball hoop for your kid, it is best to avoid those with hoops that don’t bend when they dunk. When it comes to stability, a stable basketball hoop plays a significant role in terms of safety. You might consider purchasing a small plastic hoop for your kid since they are not that much worrying. They are considered too light to hurt.

· Durability

In addition to safety, durability, and longevity, you need to consider a vital aspect when purchasing a basketball hoop. Since kids tend to grow fast, it will be best to do your math when buying a basketball hoop. You might not require purchasing an intermediate hoop if you do not have a young kid who is rising through the ranks. Always go for a highly durable basketball hoop that will save your kids for some years to come.

· Fun

Since basketball is a fun sport, you should consider sharing that with your kid. This means that you should look for basketball hoops that re fun and rewarding. Ensure to look for a basketball hoop that will have your kid shooting hoops the whole day and night.

When looking for a fun and edictal basketball hoop, you should consider going for those that are colorful and are relatively easy to make a shot. This will encourage your kid to keep on playing for an extended period.

As your kid is growing, you should consider using adjustable heights to make the game a bit challenging; by doing so, you will be improving his or her skills significantly.

Buying Guides on Picking Safe Basketball Hoops For Kids Use

Buying a product without considering the actual usages and exploring the market is like walking in the dark, where you get trapped or be deceived easily. That is why we specially made this professional buying guides for you.

1. Sizes

How much space do you have? If you spare a large room for a basketball hoop, then you can get a full-size type; while for the small areas, a portable one or those with the only backboard is the ideal choice for you. Plus, if you attempt to get a basketball hoop for large kids, those with strong passion about basketball games around 7 or 8 years old use, then the backboard sizes should be similar to the regulation backboard, like 44 inches or 52 inches. But for small kids to play, it does not matter much how large the backboard is.

2. Safety

The safety issue is always the primary concern for kids. For basketball hoop, the major support is the base, which means you need to make sure the base is sturdy enough. Luckily, you can fill in water or sandbags to add the weight of the base. Besides, the quality level and materials adopted on the hoop also affect much on user safety.

3. Flexibility

Kids are in rapid growth all the time, especially for small kids. Therefore, a fixed height basketball hoop can be a short lifespan toy for them. The hoop or other types of basketball practicing gear you get should be flexible. You may check whether the height is adjustable; is the rim coordinate with different conditions of height? Is it easy to move around or easy to hang on the other places?

4. Usages

Where do you intend to place the hoop? Do you need an indoor basketball hoop or an outdoor type? How old is your kid? These are closely related to the types of basketball hoops you need. If there is no place in kids’ room, a wall-mounted or door-mounted type spares much space. While for outdoor use, you may get those wheels for easy moving, or roof-mounted hoop if your backyard or driveway is occupied with stuff.

5. Portability

In terms of portability, you should check if there are wheels set on the base for easy moving. Those portable design on the hoop not only easies your way on moving but also prolongs its life span by placing it inside under severe weather conditions.

6. Material

The fiberglass backboard can bring a potential breakage that does harm to little kids, even though it is the best choice for adults to use. That is why we strongly recommend you to use polycarbonate or say, plastic backboard in replacing with tempered glass type. They are more durable and safer because of its lightweight. It keeps as new and complete even when tripped down. The rim that normally set on the hoop is the breakaway rim, some are foldable for convenient storage.

7. Fun

The real purpose of getting your kids with a basketball hoop is to strengthen their bodies through exercise, instead of training them into professional basketball players. Therefore, there is no need to buy a far expensive type. Kids are easily appealed by colorful things and easy-to-do things. Therefore, the colorful backboard is more proper for small kids to play with. Remember to adjust the height of rim and hoop based on the height of your kids, making it easy to take a shot, which adds up their interest in immersing into basketball games for a relatively long time.

How to Play Basketball Games Safely with Kids

As a parent, you will probably want your kid to be successful, and you will probably want them to practice their skills. One of the best things you can do is playing along with your kids. During this time, you should always keep their safety first. Some of the best ways in which you can play safely with your kids include;

· Having a contest

Contests help in making your kid more competitive. For their safety, you should consider coming up with some easy and safe challenges such as; dribbling for the longest distance or three-pointer shoots. Such simple challenges will make help improve your kid gameplay and feel appreciated due to your presence.

· Gear

When having a one-on-one match with your kid, you might consider giving them some essential safety gear, such as mouthguards, which will help prevent their teeth from breaking and protecting eyewear for their eyes.

· Great shape

Always ensure that your kid is in good shape before involving him or her in any basketball competition. Have them warm-up before the challenge; this will help you assess their physical status. Whenever you see them hurt, you should consider treating the injury right away and cancel your match with them until they get well.

· Rules of the game

For their safety, it is best to educate your kids on the rules of the game. This will help them understand what to do and what to avoid during a match, which will help them stay safe. In addition to that, ensure that you lay with your kid on a basketball court that is in excellent condition. This will be essential for you and the kid.

How We Pick the Best Basketball Hoops for Kids


Nothing beats a well-designed basketball hoop; by far, a well-styled basketball hoop encourages young players to play more often. Basketball hoops tend to come in different sizes, shapes, and uses; therefore, the design you choose will highly depend on how old your child is for their own safety. Usually, these considerations are what we keep in mind when picking the best basketball hoops for kids.

Height and weight

The age of your child often determines the height and weight of a basketball hoop. Therefore, when it comes to picking the best height and weight of a basketball hoop, your child’s age often is the first aspect to consider.


The durability of a basketball hoop is determined by the material used in constructing it. We always assess the material used in designing a particular basketball hoop before considering it as one of the best products. It is highly essential to purchase a highly durable basketball hoop.

Worth the money

An excellent basketball hoop should always worth the money. When it comes to choosing a design worth your money, we tend to emphasize the safety features and the durability of the basketball hoop.

How Do You Make a Basketball Net for Kids?

Designing a basketball net for your kids is not only easy but also cost-effective and fun. The material used in designing it tends to hold for an extended period, and the best part is that it is fully customizable. This means that you can use different styles and colors that will best suit your kids.

Designing a basketball net for your kids requires 12 lengths of rope, each measuring 80 inches. You will need a measuring tape along with a pair of scissors to do this. Once you have it set, fold a piece of the rope evenly at the middle and then measure 8’’, 15.5’’, 23’’ and 30’’ from the rope’s center. You will then mark every measurement using a marker.

Use an overhand knot to tie two lengths of your rope at the 8’’ mark. Once done, you will repeat the same method at your 8’’ mark until all the ropes are closed in a loop.

You will then repeat the entire process for all marks on your rope; by doing so, you will be able to have your net become narrow just like a basketball net should. The tips of the rope should then be burnt to give it a basketball look.

Basic Rules on Basketball for Kids – How to Play?

Playing team and playing area

The team always comes first. There are five players on each side; this sums up to ten players on the court. A basketball court is set up with a rectangle drawn on the surface of the floor. All the players must play the game inside that rectangle. This is referred to as the court. Each team has players who defend their side as the opponent attempts to shoot the ball in the overhead basket of the opponent.

In bounds and out of bounds

As a young player, it is vital for you to understand that; you must stay inside the court or else you will be found to be out of bounds, and the game will have to stop. Whenever the ball reaches out of bound, the game will have to be paused. The ball will then be thrown back whenever you are ready. You should note that you can leave the court when you do not have it with you.

Offense and defense

A player is either tasked with offense or defense. When your team possesses the ball, you will take the offense position. As you aim at the opponent’s side, your role will now be to go towards the hoop and then shoot the ball. You will then turn to a defensive posture when you lose possession. This time, you will be covering each player and prevent them from heading to your side and have a shot at the hoop.

Dribbling and shooting

Dribbling basically means bouncing the ball while moving down the court at the same time. Usually, this is the right way you should move down a court. You should first start by learning how to dribble the ball while standing before progressing to moving while dribbling. You should avoid carrying the ball and running or walking down the court.

Picking up your dribble

Once you have stopped dribbling, you are allowed to make only a single step with afoot. While doing that, ensure that the other foot is staying on the ground. When both feet move, it is considered as traveling, and it is illegal; the opponent will then take the possession. You will have two choices when picking up your dribble; you will either pass the ball to a different player who is capable of pivoting it on foot or dribble the ball in a different direction.


Foul occurs when you do something wrong on the court.


There are different hoops designed for different ages of kids, from toddlers, 5-8 years old, 10 years old, and youth to use. The most important thing is to get your little guy to have fun in certain stages of growth. The followings are three hoops picked for certain ages, choose the one that fits your kids most!