Spalding 54 Inch Glass Portable Basketball System

Feature on Spalding 54 inch glass portable basketball system is of course its backboard. Tempered glass backboard, among all the three backboard materials (other two being polycarbonate and acrylic), is the best one and shows excellent rebounding actions.

spalding nba 54 glass portable basketball hoop
spalding 54 inch glass portable basketball system



Backboard Size54 inch
Backboard MaterialGlass
Height7.5-10 feet
RimArena Slam breakaway rim
Base40 gallons

Because of the price and design of portable basketball hoop, Spalding now is the only brand that adopts a tempered glass portable basketball backboard. The other famous tempered glass type is “The Beast”, for features and its brilliant rebounding performance, there is no need to talk much. However, the price of which is surely more expensive.

Thus compared with “The Beast”, this one especially for its price, is truly friendly with your wallet. If you want a high-quality one that feels like a pro but does not have much budget, please go on reading and the following one we are going to introduce will fully meet your demand.

Spalding 54 Inch Glass Portable Basketball System Reviews

Spalding 68454 NBA Professional Basketball Hoop 

For most occasions, get what you pay remark is reasonable, higher price normally points to better products effects. However, there are also some that still get brilliant performance in unbeatable prices, which, we say, cost-effective ones. And this Spalding 54 inch glass portable basketball system, trust me, totally belongs to the type we mentioned above.

  • Backboard

What we emphasis most on this model is always its tempered glass backboard, so you will know how much we like about this feature. Of all backboard materials, including glass, acrylic, and polycarbonate, tempered glass backboard hoop is not durable than polycarbonate, not cheaper as acrylic, but is surely the best on rebounding effect, that is also the key factor for pro players.

The clear backboard with little graphic and sturdy glass material gives the most realistic for shooting and rebounding. It makes you feel as if you are playing right in the gym.

spalding 54 inch glass portable basketball system
Spalding 54 glass portable basketball system review
  • Rim

The classic rim is normally equipped on cheap polycarbonate portable basketball hoop, and slam its rim is a better one with spring on it, so it protects hoop in dunking actions. As the spring is made by steel, for long time use, it is easily get corroded or becomes sag for frequent dunking.

For long service life, spring of this type is set within a metal cover. It is able to accept flying dunks, but its using life will be shortened. Therefore, we do not suggest it as your dunking practicing hoop.

  • Height

You are able to adjust the hoop height from 7.5 to 10 feet as most portable basketball hoops do. There is screw jacks designed for it. But the adjusting process is not as easy as described, it does take some effort to do it.

  • Base

Spalding portable basketball hoops are mostly large capacity types, also for this one. The base capacity reaches 40 gallons. When you fill it with enough water or sand, you will get a super sturdy hoop for your driveway or backyard. Like all the other portable basketball hoops, filling in water or sand can be a time killer.

  • Pole

It has 3 pieces four-inch square pole, though not as good as 2 piece type, it is still able to keep hoop sturdy. Besides, 4 strut mounts are used to increase support. It shakes a bit only when shots but is not so hard.

  • Assembling

The instructions are pretty clear and all you need is to read it carefully before assembling. In doing it, you need to call a partner for help in some crucial steps. Whole assembling time takes about 4 hours.

Main Features:

  • Portable basketball system with 40-gallon capacity base for water or sand
  • Tempered glass backboard, measures 54 inches wide (0.25-inches thick)
  • Heavy-duty solid steel Arena Slam breakaway rim
  • Three-piece, four-inch square pole with 4-strut mount for increased support
  • Screw Jack adjustable height system moves the basket from 7.5 to 10 feet high

What We Like About It:

  1. Tempered glass backboard
  2. Pretty solid
  3. Brilliant system
  4. All the nuts and bolts are heavy-duty

What Needs To Be Improved:

  1. A bit hard on raising and lowering the hoop
  2. Takes about 4 hours on assembling

54 inch is quite a large backboard size among portable basketball hoops, still have a large distance between NBA regulation though, along with the tempered glass basketball backboard, I am sure you will get the best playing experience.

Working performance is not so good as “The Beast”, but the price is far lower than that. Thus when lacking enough budget but still aims to get a glass type, you can choose this one. For more detailed specifications or price details, you may check out on Amazon directly.