What Are the Best Basketball Hoops System For Home Use?

With the growing passion for basketball games, more and more people tend to be interested in the best basketball hoops for home use. It saves much energy and time in going far away to the gym for exercising or professional practice. With home basketball hoops, the spare time gets easily killed.

However, selecting the best basketball hoops for home use is not that easy, for there are hundreds of models and types waiting for choosing. And surely, you do not throw your money on a hoop in weak quality and poor performance. That is why you need experts reviewer like us to help pick out the top-rated series based on your various needs.

The article below includes the most recommended best home basketball goal systems on the market, and there are buying guides and using tips in helping you to find the ideal model.

Here we go!

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What Is the Best Basketball Hoop for Home?

In a hurry? Here are the top #1 recommended type:

Best Basketball Hoops for Home Charts

Why Home Basketball Goal?

Basketball is a fast-moving sport which involves starting and stopping, and also benefits players on muscle building as well as jumping abilities. The benefits of playing basketball are listed as follow:

  • Losing weight by burning calories. (It proves that playing basketball for one hour burns 630-750 calories)
  • Improving muscle strength
  • Build up the abilities on balance and coordination
  • Gain more social opportunities
  • Develop the capability on self-discipline

Since basketball game promotes body strength without compromising the fun, it is the most advisable sport for youth in rapid development. However, going a far way to the gym can be a hard problem for some people, leading to laziness in exercising. Getting the home basketball system allows you to get the same fun without stepping out of your house.

No matter for a driveway or a backyard, accommodate a portable or in-ground basketball hoop permits you have intimate time with your family members or neighbors.

Top 10 Best Home Basketball Hoops Reviews

1. Best Portable Basketball Hoop for HomeLifetime 1269 Pro Court Basketball Hoop

best home basketball goal system


A 44-inch shatterproof backboard meets the basic demands of middle-level players or beginners in shooting practice. Clear backboard gives the slight scene when placed in the backyard, and the orange graphic painted by weather-resistant material echos with the rim color; meanwhile, it enlightens the hoops up. By mixing with black pole and base, it shows a sleek and modern look.

Polycarbonate material proves to work best in durability, and it stays complete even when tripped over, that is why it is the best choice also for kids or youth to use. In adjusting the height, you can use the telescoping system. The available height scale from 7.5 to 10 feet allows players from youth to adults to enjoy the fun.

A large base offers a more reliable user experience. Once filling it in water or sand, it lessens the chance of wobble and shaking. What if I need to move it around? Well, get the utmost use of the wheels set on the base. Under the help of your friend, you can push it into the garage for storage or for hiding from severe outdoor weather conditions.

2. Best In-Ground Basketball Hoop for HomeSilverback 60″ Adjustable Hoop

best home basketball goal


You will be a lot familiar with the brand Silverback if getting basic knowledge on basketball hoops, for it held the primacy in the world of in-ground basketball hoops. The praising and trust of it rely on the wonderful performance. Optional 54 inches and 60 inches backboard sizes allow you to get ideal type based on the sizes of your home.

Tempered glass backboards provide you authentic performance with the unbeatable bouncing effects. The clear backboard design, as well as classic black color, brings along the arena at home. Whenever you want to start a competitive game with friends, the breakaway rim is here to reduce the tension and brings extra protection for you.

Fixed with cement, it comes with no wobble at all in playing; while the anchor mounting design brings you the choice of unbolting and moving it away. By pulling the lever from left to right, even a small kid is capable of adjusting the height from 7.5 to 10 feet easily.

3. Best 54 Inch Shatterproof Basketball HoopLifetime 71524 Adjustable Hoop

best home basketball system


A large 54 inches backboard meets the needs of getting competitive basketball games. Applied with a shatterproof backboard, it is theoretically unbreakable. Weak bouncing effect as it is, it wins on solid durability and sturdiness. The square black box marks the ideal shooting area, making it an ideal choice for shooting practice.

Surrounded by soft padding on the structure of backboard, it prevents players from getting hurt. Round pole with 3 piece design links directly with base and backboard. Like all the other portable basketball hoops, it has a height adjustment system, only that it is easier to operate. Hydraulic lever on the pole permits you to raise the height to a maximum of 10 feet.

All-weather nylon net and weather-resistant material prolong its lifespan. Pro slam-it breakaway rim beats the classic rim and brings better performance. In supporting the hoop from dropping, it comes with a 35 gallons large base.

4. Heavy-duty Portable Basketball HoopSilverback NXT Adjustable Hoop

best portable basketball hoop for home


Compared with other portable basketball hoops, this type costs a bit more because of its brilliant technology. Stabili-frame with steel on steel construction guarantees extra sturdiness by linking directly from the backboard to the base with one pole. Non-edge design endows it with a sleek and modern look. Instead, it folds the structure backward in increasing rigidity without compromising the rebounding in play.

In terms of height adjustment, it sets a handle on the pole, giving you options on changing the height from 7.5 feet to 10 feet, each with 6-inch increments. The shining point lies on the large wheels and sturdy base. Along with the slanted pole design, it carries all the weight by adding water or sand. The base stand prevents the hoop from tripping backward and also shares the weight when moving it around.

Besides, if you find assembly a hoop super difficult, try this one. The pre-assembled design eases your way of setting it up. It claims to be assembled in 90 minutes with two persons with no extra tool needed.

5. Most Valuable Portable Basketball HoopSpalding NBA Portable Basketball Hoop

best basketball hoops for home


Spalding is a well-known brand on producing high-end basketball hoops, and the gear they produced are widely praised by professional players for authentic feelings they get. For this portable hoop, it inherits the slanted pole in adding up sturdiness and sets up an offset to prolong the game time while offering extra protection for players.

54-inch acrylic backboard suits the need of middle-level players. NBA logo printed on the backboard makes you feel as playing like an NBA star. Clear backboard matches perfectly with all-black pole and base but is lightened by the orange rim. The steel board frame, together with aluminum trim, is the major reason for its super-long lifespan.

Arena slam breakaway rim brings the arena home, making it possible to get a competitive game just in your backyard or driveway. Screw jack lift system is responsible for raising the rim height, from 7.5 to 10 feet in 6 in increment, and all is done by the detachable handle. Plus, it has two sizes backboard waiting for choosing. Get the 60 inches type if you have a large backyard.

6. Best Youth Portable Basketball HoopLifetime 32″ Youth Hoop

best basketball net for home


Here comes the best portable basketball hoop suitable for youth to use. The adjustable height from 5.5 to 7.5 feet empowers the kids from 6-10 years to get the fun in basketball games with it. 32″ small backboard spares less floor space, making it possible to accommodate indoor. Polycarbonate material brings along the safety in use, thanks to its durable performance. In attracting kids’ attention, it covers with weather-resistance graphic.

The white square box points out the best shooting positions, while the red lines coordinate with orange steel rim. When stop using it for a long time, you can fold the rim up for storage. Even in outdoor use, the all-weather nylon net and rust-resistant steel keep it long-lasting.

Large 10 gallons base filled with water or sand carries the weight of the backboard, smooth material on the base gives it a satisfying feeling in use. The plastic cover also prevents kids from getting hurt in use. Plus, Lifetime promises a 5-year limited warranty.

7. High-end In-Ground Basketball HoopPro Dunk Platinum Outdoor Basketball Goal

in home basketball hoop


The 72 inches backboards meet the same standard as gymnastic hoops, and thus enables even professional players for daily training at home. Tempered glass backboard using its wonderful bouncing effects to bring optimal experience for players. From the look to performance, it shows equal performance as the regulated board.

Compared with three-piece and two-piece pole, the one-piece pole adopted on the hoop eases the assembly process and meanwhile strengthens up its sturdiness and steadiness. Outstanding presentation it shows broadens its usages from kids to a skilled player. The only step you need is to turn the handle and set the applicable height from 5.5 to 10 feet.

The heavy-duty backboard determines the sturdy structure, and that is why it adopts in-ground in replacement of a portable one. Fixed by cement, it keeps the hoop from wiggling in use. On the safety issue, it is also worth praising. It comes with soft padding set to safeguard players.

8. Best Acrylic Portable Basketball HoopSpalding NBA Hybrid Portable Basketball Hoop

home basketball ring


The most impressive feature of the hoop is the hybrid base. By lifting the lid up, you can stop pouring in water or sand through the small hole. It allows you to remove the sandbag away when attempting to store the hoop up. Besides, the lid serves also as an offset, to be placed in front of the base, it extends the game time by rebounding the ball back to you and prevents players from getting hurt.

Now let’s get back to the other parts of the hoop. The core part, backboard, uses acrylic material to add its value. 54 inches and 60 inches are both at hands, smaller one for small backyards while the larger one for driveway rooming 4-5 cars. NBA logo and brand logo printed on the clear backboard in breaking the dull of design.

For daily shooting practice or for professional training, the breakaway rim allows more games and playing options. By turning the screw jack lift system, the height from 7.5 feet to 10 feet are selectable.

9. Best Wall-mounted Basketball HoopFranklin Sports Over The Door Mini Hoop

basketball hoop for home use


Aside from portable basketball hoops and in-ground basketball hoops, there are extra choice to be made, that is a wall-mounted or door-mounted mini hoop. The mini backboard delivers more fun for indoor use, from muscle building to shooting training, it grows vitality and endurance in play.

It is engineered to hook on all kinds of doors without bringing damage to it. Extra EVA foam sets along in protecting the wall both on installation and on using. To fit the small rim, basketball is also designed small. The dual spring rim allows you to get three points shots and slam dunking. During your spare time, why not move up and use it to replace it with all your electronic devices in killing time?

10. Best Toddler Basketball Hoops for HomeLittle Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set

best basketball nets for home


There are huge differences lie between toddler hoops and youth basketball hoops, not to say the adult-use basketball hoops. Toddlers’ hoops pay more attention to safety issues instead of professional performance. The plastic backboard, for example, prevents toddlers from getting hurt and is also durable for long-time use.

From the backboard to the base, hardly can you find a steel frame on it for safety. The rim tends to be a lot larger than the original one, it is engineered easier to take a shot. The easier it is, the more funny toddler gets from the hoop. Instead of hard basketball, it features three soft basketballs in coordinating with the large rim.

As kids grow higher, you can adjust the height from 2.5  to 4 feet with the simple-operated height adjustment system. In playing with the hoop, social skills, motor skills, and capability on coordinate are largely improved.

Types of Home Basketball System

The basketball hoop for home use refers to those suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, such as driveway basketball hoops and backyard basketball hoops, there are also poolside hoops fitting your swimming pools. From the usage, we can broadly divide them into indoor hoops and outdoor hoops. Apart from prices, the shapes and major features of each type vary.

 Indoor Basketball Hoop

basketball net for home

The indoor portable basketball hoop, as the name suggests, allows you to place it indoor. The activity space indoor is largely limited, which means the hoop you get needs to be small in shape. For kid’s use, there are toy hoops with plastic backboard and pole that placed safely in kids’ rooms. Aside from non-toxic materials, they feature adorable appearance and large rim for an easy shot. Why? Well, kids have weak abilities in concentrating on certain objects for a long time, thus the design principle of small kids basketball hoops is mainly attracting kids’ attention. Meanwhile, it cultivates the youth’s interest in basketball games while strengthening up their muscle body.

Another widely-used indoor basketball hoop is a door-mounted hoop, seldom do people install wall-mounted hoops at home for protecting the wall. Without the support of pole and base, door-mounted hoop saves large space by fixing behind the door. Having a competitive game with others can be hard (but is possible for a shooting game), yet it creates a suitable space for practicing shooting skills. Small as it is, both adults and kids will find enjoyment in it.

Outdoor Basketball Hoop

-Portable basketball hoop

home basketball nets

Portable basketball hoop, in-ground basketball hoop, and wall-mounted basketball hoop split the world of outdoor basketball hoops into three. Portable basketball hoops are the most widely used type because of its cheap price and wide usage. The sturdy base supports the weight of large backboard, and you need only water or sand in replacement of cement. Ranging from $100 to $700, the portable hoops fit beginners and middle-level players. In meeting the complicated weather conditions, polycarbonate and acrylic backboard, because of their solid sturdiness, win the favor of portable hoop in selecting backboard material.

-In-ground basketball hoop

In-ground basketball hoops are perfectly designed for professional players or those with a strong passion for basketball games. Fixed by cement, it bears more vigorous actions. Along with the tempered glass backboard, playing with the hoop is like shooting balls in the gym. Breakaway rim reduces the tension with springs and meanwhile protects players from getting hurt.

-Wall-mounted basketball hoop

Wall-mounted basketball hoops, or say the roof-mounted basketball hoops, spare your much space so that you do not shuffle your house up and down seeking a place to accommodate them. A large backboard with tempered glass material brings along the authentic feel in shooting practice.

Well, if you have a large area of space in the driveway or backyard deserted, why not putting it into the use of a backyard basketball court? In other words, you can get a professional basketball court just at home, how wonderful it can be! Of course, better performance comes along with a higher price. But once you enjoy the fun with backyard court, no more thing blocks you from getting deeper into your pocket.

How to Choose Home Basketball Goal System?

best in ground basketball hoop for home

The more you know about hoops, the larger chance you will get the ideal type. Buying a basketball hoop is not a small sum of money for most people, and once you get a weak quality hoop with poor performance, then you are just taking your bust in. Among various types and models on the world of basketball hoops, finding the best one is like fishing on the ocean, lucks and experience get you the feast. Here we offer all the experience you need in searching.

1. Sizes

No matter for indoor or for outdoor basketball goals, the sizes of your activity places determine the sizes of hoops chosen. For indoor use, a small toy basketball hoop for small kids fit kids’ rooms perfectly. If finding it difficult in sparing much space, the door-mounted basketball goal is also a wise choice.

If you attempt to use it in the driveway or backyard, measure the space before buying. The driveway rooming 2-3 cars suits small backboards such as 44 inches or 52 inches; the large driveway with 4-5 cars gives the capacity of large backboards such as 60 inches or even standard backboards of 72 inches.

2. Usages

Who do you buy the hoop for, adult or kids use? Kids use basketball hoops vary a lot from the adult type, both in backboard materials and functions. Kids’ basketball hoops serve as a toy for entertainment and meanwhile strengthen up muscle power as well as balance.

Adults use basketball hoops meet the demand of killing the spare time and getting rid of the radiation from electronic devices. However, the selection of hoops is also determined by the levels of players. Beginners need to practice mainly on taking a shot, then a cheap portable type or in-ground type with polycarbonate type is more cost-effective. Middle-level players suit the acrylic backboard, cheap in price but wonderful in performance, especially for its authentic feeling brought by bouncing effects. A tempered glass backboard is designed for professional players.

3. Budget

Well, it is the truth that the budget determines everything to some extent. A rich budget enables you to get a heavy-duty basketball hoop that is perfect for all levels of players, you can even get a backyard basketball court. But for those with a tight budget, choosing the most cost-effective type is the must-thing-to-do. Portable basketball hoops can be more affordable even with acrylic backboard.

4. Safety

Basketball hoops need regular maintenance, no matter for the indoor type or the outdoor type. Especially for stand-alone basketball hoops, you need to check if there is crack or leaking on the base. When you get a hoop as a gift for your little kids, remember to choose the non-toxic plastic backboard, for it is more durable and frees from the trouble of getting broken.

5. Installation

The installation for the basketball hoops for home use troubles most users, especially when faced with poor instruction. Some of the hoops such as Silverback NXT hoop adopts pre-assembled parts, which shortens the assembly time into 90 minutes. Anyway, reading the instructions before assembly is necessary, you can also learn from the video and call your friend to offer a hand in setting up. Plus, you can also hire someone by going deeper into your pocket.


1. Can I practice dunking on the home basketball goal?

For some heavy-duty in-ground basketball hoop with breakaway rim, you can get dunking or hanging actions. However, we do not recommend you to dunk on the indoor hoop. For one thing, it has potentially dangerous that the hoop may trip down; for the other thing, the broken from dunking or hanging is not within warranty, it means you have to pay by yourself in repairing.

2. Can I install it by myself?

There are two options you can choose in installation, either for self-installation or get a professional installer for help. As a reminder, it is never a one-person-job, call a friend or a family member for help in installing.

3. Should I use sand or water as a filler in the base?

It depends on where you live. In southern parts, you can either put water or sand into the base for sturdiness. However, if living somewhere cold, choose the sand instead of water. The sand keeps the same condition regardless of weather, but water is apt to get frozen in winter, thus leading to the crack of the base.

4. What is the regulation size of the backboard?

In the gym, the standard basketball backboard is 72 inches, so do types in the professional games. However, there is no need to get such a large backboard if only use it for entertainment. The fun of the basketball game starts at 54 inches, and you can choose a smaller size for narrow activity space.

5. Can pro players use basketball hoops for the home?

Yes, only that it costs more money. High-end in-ground basketball hoops meet the standard regulation and feel exactly the same as gymnastic hoops, you can dunk or even hang on it in competitive games.

The Final Verdict

Getting the best basketball hoop for home use is a thing that you never regret about, for it not only brings more entertainment in free time but also leads people into a healthy lifestyle. In playing basketball, body strength and social ability step into a new level. Read the best home basketball hoops and goals reviews if you want to pick an ideal one. One more word, the suitable one is far better than the most expensive one.