20+Best Basketball Hoops For Driveway Reviews – Why You Need It?

Since the idea of a healthy lifestyle grows around the world, the basketball game is widely favored by most people. The best basketball hoops for the driveway, however, save people from going far away in practicing basketball games. Accommodate in your driveway or in your backyard, then it is time to get a competitive game with friends. If you have enough space, you can even get a backyard court to meet various needs on ball games.

For the following parts, we have picked out 20+ best basketball hoops for driveway use with different kinds and usages, so that you can select the ideal one from your demands. Plus, there are expert buying guides and final tips on extending the lifespan of hoops that you can never miss.

Now, let’s begin.

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What Are the Best Basketball Hoops for Driveway?

The 23 Best Basketball Hoops for Driveway Reviews

>>Best Portable Basketball Hoops for Driveway 

1. Lifetime 1269 Pro Court Portable Basketball Hoop

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The small backboard is always a good companion for youth to play basketball with, which helps a lot in shooting practice at home. When placed in the backyard, the clear backboard gives a clear vision to the scene around. The red graphic on the board echoes with the orange rim and neutralizes the dark color of pole and base.

Designed for both adults and youth to use, it has a traditional telescoping system in changing the height of rim from 7.5 to 10 feet in 6-inch increments. All-weather resistant pole and base prolong the service life, along with the nylon net, you can use it for a long time without getting cracked.

The large base stabilizes the hoop with the weight of sand or water. Small capacity as it is, the hoop is still capable of carrying the weight of light polycarbonate backboard. Plus, when moving it around, the wheels on the base can do a lot of help.

2. Lifetime 51544 Front Court Portable Basketball System

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If finding 44 inches backboard too small for adults use, try a 50 inches backboard that fits a small backyard. Shatterproof polycarbonate backboard is covered with clear graphics, offering a straightforward scene of the backyard. The white square box marks out ideal shooting position, making it perfect for shooting practice.

Discarding the classic telescoping height adjusting mechanism, it adopts a speed shift adjustable system to raise the height from 8 feet to 10 feet, under the help of a lever that even one hand is operatable. Powder-coated 3 piece round pole fastens the assembly time, but also adds up durability.

The round shape base carries more weight and makes it easier to fill in much water or sand. Two wheels on the base ease the way of transporting, though it still requires another hand for help. The triangle formed by the base and pole strengthens up the sturdiness and minimizes the wobble in play.

3. Spalding NBA Portable Basketball System

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Here comes a large backboard size for a backyard with 4 or 5 cars use. The 60 inches backboard ranks the largest sizes among portable types, giving it the authentic feeling of playing like a pro. If your backyard tends to be smaller, then the 54 inches board is also available for choosing. Acrylic material gives wonderful bouncing effects rivaled only by the tempered glass.

The whole-steel frame with all-weather resistant painting withstand harsh elements and extends the service life. 3.5 inches round pole is a lot wider than its counterpart, reducing the shaking in a strong strike. To better support the heavy backboard, it adopts slanted design in sharing the burden lies on the base.

Have you noticed the offset on the base? It is the shining point of Spalding that using offset to share the weight, and meanwhile protects the athletes from getting hurt in vigorous games. By the way, the height adjustment system is super easy, just turn the jack lift from left to right and the rim goes up and down accordingly.

4. Spalding The Beast Portable Basketball Hoop

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If you are a professional player, then you can never miss this. Large tempered glass backboard mimics the feeling of playing in the gym; NBA logo printed on the backboard gives you the illusion of running a competitive game like an NBA star. In terms of the professional rim, the breakaway rim is the winner, for it reduces the tension brought by the hard struck and gives extra protection to the players.

Replacing the round pole with 5 inches square steel pole, it endows the hoop with extra sturdiness. When attempting to raise the height, use the screw jack lift handle and you can customize its height from 7.5 feet to 10 feet in 6-inch increment.

The Beast is regarded as the most sturdy and professional hoop among portable types, relying on its solid base. 55 gallons of large capacity loaded with water or sand guarantees no wobble in play. Its superior performance equals to or even beats the in-ground hoop.

5. Lifetime 1529 Courtside Height Adjustable Basketball Hoop

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Cheap price does not always mean poor quality, just like this one. Costs no more than 300 dollars yet you can enjoy a satisfying basketball game in the backyard. Boarded with dark blue graphic, it breaks the dull color designs and gives a light shock when placed in the driveway. Even after bathing in the strong sunlight or hard rain corrode, it keeps new because of all-weather resistance paintings.

The shatterproof backboard fails to give strong bouncing effects as the tempered glass, but wins in unbreakable performance, making it a perfect one for youth to use safely. It abandoned classic rim and substitute with a slam-it rim in giving spring-back action. Nylon net resists not only hard weather conditions but also keeps it from wearing down.

Speedshift height adjustment mechanism gets you rid of the trouble in changing the height with multiple hands. Using a lever brought along to adjust the height from 8 to 10 feet. Backed up by the 5-year warranty, there is no need to worry about quality issues.

6. Silverback NXT Portable Basketball Hoop


portable basketball hoop slanted driveway

Silverback meets the demand of those in preference of innovation. From structure to performance, it leads the basketball hoop into a higher step. To increase the strength and sturdiness, it links the backboard and base as one through the steel-on-steel connection. Reserving the clear backboard, it drops the protection edge and folds it backward to make it more sturdy.

Apart from structure, the base design is the factor that pushing it onto the top positions. Apart from the two extremely large wheels eases the way of moving, the base stand design also helps a lot in sharing the burden and meanwhile avoids the hoop from tripping down. On adjusting the height, you need only use the lever in raising or lowering the height of the rim.

Packing with pre-assembled parts, you will find assembling it pretty easy and straightforward. However, it still takes two people on setting up. Anyway, it is a hoop that totally worth the price.

7. Lifetime Height Adjustable Basketball System


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The fun of basketball game starts at 54 inches, for it gives you a wide board in shooting practice. On comparing the appearance with professional court hoops in the gym, there is less difference. That is why it brings you the pro feel even with the shatterproof backboard. The black square box marks out the ideal shooting positions and meanwhile echoes with the main color of the base and the pole.

All-weather nylon net and paining material lengthens the service life and reserves the original look after long-time use. The orange slam-it pro rim with a steel round brace is built to take a slam and protects the players from getting injured.

On the point of height adjustment, it features a lever with scale in helping you adjust the height from 7.5 feet to 10 feet. The large base with 35 gallons capacity stabilizes the hoop by filling in with water or sand. Moving it around is available thanks to the wheels set on the base.

8. Spalding NBA Hybrid Portable Basketball Hoop

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The hybrid base is the shining feature of the hoop, eases the way of filling in water or sand. Lift the lid up and you can put sandbag directly into the base, free you from pouring slowly into the hole. Besides, it enables you to take it out when in the movement for storage. Apart from serving as a lid, it works as an offset in extending the game time, while protecting players in vigorous games.

Now let’s move sight upwards. Slanted pole design works better than a straight pole in keeping sturdiness. The height of the rim is adjustable through the screw jack lift system. A full steel frame increases the solidity and also empowers the modern looks of the hoop.

The acrylic backboard is the ideal choice in selecting portable basketball hoops. It furnishes the backboard a clear and pro look without compromising the bouncing effects, leading to delightful user experience.

9. Lifetime 90040 Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System

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Youth and kids use basketball hoop differs from adult-use type a lot, for it pays attention to being appealing and cultivating kids’ interests in outdoor activities. Thus from the backboard, you can get the large difference of this one from others immediately. Covered with a basketball graphic, it attracts teenagers more and blocks the view in basketball shooting practice.

The polycarbonate material beats both acrylic and tempered glass in durability. 3 pc round pole attaches directly to the portable base, no matter for outdoor or indoor use, it gives exterior protection for players. Features a telescoping mechanism, you can raise the height from 7.5 feet to 10 feet, meeting the demand of both youth and adults use.

10. Lifetime 32 ” Youth Portable Basketball Hoop

best portable basketball hoop for driveway


If you still think 44 inches backboard too large for your small kids use, then here comes a hoop with 32 inches. The kids-use-backboard-size with attracting graphic gives kids favor on playing it for a long time. Safety is the primary issue, and that is the major reason for the polycarbonate material adopted. Lightweight and durable, it keeps kids from getting unintentionally hurt.

Telescoping height adjustment enables you to raise the height from 5.5 feet to 7.5 feet, in accordance with the height of kids from 5 to 10 years old. Both rust and weather-resistant, this portable hoop withstands the harshest outdoor weather conditions and lasts longer than you imagine.

To stop it from hard wobbling and shaking, it grants a 10-gallon base, with a small hole to fill it with sand or water. Plus, it allows 5 years limited warranty to guarantee quality.

>>Best In-Ground Basketball Hoop for Driveway 

11. Silverback 54″ In-Ground Basketball Hoop

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Two large sizes backboard of Silverback in-ground basketball hoops are available for you, each being 54 inches and 60 inches. Clear backboard offers a clear vision of the backyard and gives you a pro look when using. The soft backboard around the edge of the board creates a protective cushion, preventing the players from getting hurt in jumping or dunking activities.

Tempered glass backboard features an aluminum frame, not only does it complete the sturdiness of the goal, but it also increases the bouncing effects in competitive games. The breakaway rim reduces the tension formed in the game by the spring, while protects the integrity of the backboard.

Though being an in-ground basketball hoop, it comes with a revolutionary anchor bolt mounting system, making it available for removing the system indoor. Besides, on adjusting the rim height, you need only turn the lever set on the pole to raise the height from 7.5 feet to 10 feet.

12. Goalrilla GS54 In-Ground Basketball Hoop

best in ground basketball hoop for driveway


Goalrilla in-ground basketball hoop brings the competitive game into the small driveway and backyard. The standard 54-inch tempered glass backboard gives ultimate strength and bouncing performance, allowing you to get competitive games with others. Clear backboard obeys the same design as those in the gym, giving you an authentic feeling in play.

Sturdy square pole carries the weight of the glass backboard and is stabilized by the cement fixed on the ground. It marks the anchor system that gives you options on unbolting and moving the goal. The pro-style breakaway rim completes the basketball hoop system, and more importantly, protects the players from all-cover design.

The height adjustment system is made easy, you need only turn the crank from left to right, then the rim goes up or down among 7.5 feet to 10 feet. All is done by single one hand.

13. Pro Dunk Gold Driveway Basketball Goal

best basketball hoops for driveway


The standard backboard size of basketball hoops in the gym goes 72 inches, while for driveway use, the 60 inches is the proper one. While the tempered glass backboard shows its full performance in satisfying your game time. No matter for backyard court use or small driveway use, it presents outstanding value.

The massive one-piece pole fastens the assembly time but also furthers the strength of the hoop. By using the height-adjustable system, it goes down to an industry-low to 5 feet, which means, even a small kid around 5 or 6 years old is able to play with the gear. For adults use, turn the handle and it raises up to 10 feet.

From the backboard to the pole, there is padding around in supporting safety protection to the players. The breakaway rim enhances the firmness of the hoop, allowing you to get dunking or hanging actions.

14. Goalrilla FT Series In-Ground Basketball Hoop

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From 54 inches, 60 inches to 72 inches, this FT series in-ground basketball hoops offer you multiple choices on backboard sizes. Keeping the same standard as the one in the gym, this hoop delivers a pro-look style. Its black steel frame not only enriches the modern and professional look but also boosts the steadiness in outdoor basketball games.

Compared with 2-piece and 3-piece pole design, the 1-piece pole serves as the foundation that is mounted directly to the concrete anchor. Accordingly, the assembly time will be shortened with the pre-assembled parts. But still, you need to follow the instructions before assembling.

Apart from the 1-piece pole that comes along, it also reinforces the strength of hoop with dual extension board arms and triple-joint connection. Besides, there is a crank linking directly to the board arm, which allows you to adjust the rim height from 7.5 feet to 10 feet at ease.

15. Spalding NBA In-Ground Basketball System

best in ground basketball hoop for driveway


Costs no more than $500, this in-ground basketball system takes the same price as portable types but is more sturdy and durable. The cement holds the weight of heavy-duty tempered glass backboard, with the 2 inches offset in form of cushion to protects the players from getting injured.

Large steel board frame matches perfectly with the clear backboard, and of course, the NBA logo has made it more shining when placed in the driveway. Pro breakaway rim uses double springs to calm the tension and intensify the hardness of the hoop, supporting the dunking and hanging even for an adult.

The U-Turn lift system is in control of height adjustment, the detachable handle gives you the pivot to raise the rim height from 7.5 feet to 10 feet. Being much thinner on the pole than other types, it still able to support the heavyweight of the hoop and makes less wobble in play.

16. Spalding “888” Series In-Ground Basketball System

driveway net for basketball


It is like a masterpiece in the market of in-ground basketball system, for no matter for the backboard materials or the user experience, it keeps the equal standard as the gymnastic hoops, only they are much smaller on the base to be placed in the driveway. Being the same as other high-end hoops, it provides you with multiple choices on the backboard sizes. The large driveway goes 72 inches, middle driveway fits 60 inches, while for the small driveway, you can take the 54 inches.

There is no need to praise more about the excellent bouncing effects brought by tempered glass, but its steel structure and the pad-covered pole has made it outstanding among the heavy-duty types. From 7 feet to 10 feet, the U-turn pro lift system with a detachable handle help customizes the suitable height for your usages.

6 feet square steel pole is the major reason for its endurance and solidness. Accommodate in your driveway or backyard, the breakaway rim lets you invite friends and has an exciting basketball game.

17. Pro Dunk Platinum In-Ground Adjustable Basketball Hoop

driveway basketball goal


Apart from the usages, this adjustable in-ground basketball hoop keeps the same performance and standard as the gymnastic types. Only it spares more floor space and is more rust-resistance. In order to withstand the harshest elements encountered frequently for outdoor use, it features a rust armor package and uses full-body-all-weather-resistant design to perpetuate the using time.

The 72 inches wide backboard comes with the same regulation in the NBA games, while the tempered glass backboard material gives a full authentic feeling of playing like an NBA star. The one-piece pole gives solid support for the heavy backboard. For meeting the needs of various ages and levels of players, it equipped with the easy-operational hydraulic height-adjustable system. Under the help of a handle, you can change the height from 5.5 feet to 10 feet.

Backed up by the limited warranty, the brand releases all your worries and put them into their guarantee. Any quality problem including the broken caused by dunking and hanging will be solved by the manufacturer.

18. Silverback 60″ In-Ground Basketball Hoop


best basketball net for driveway

Large 60 inches backboard brings you the enjoyment of playing like a pro, while you can also choose 54 inches for a small backyard or driveway. Gymnastic standard tempered glass backboard with clear design empowers it a sleek and modern look, yet the performance has not been compromised. Around the backboard edge covered with strong padding, in case of players strike on it and gets unintentionally injured.

By fixing it tightly in the ground with cement, it gets no wobble in vigorous basketball games, even allows for dunking movements for kids. However, it also features an anchor mounting system to make moving around an easy piece. Pro-style rim has never let players down in reducing tension.

To resist hard sunlight and other harsh weather conditions, the whole body, from the backboard edge to the pole, is covered with powder-coated steel. Plus, from the backboard arm, you can adjust the height from 7.5 inches to 10 inches in meeting demands of both kids and adults use.

19. Pro Dunk Silver Adjustable Basketball Hoops


basketball nets for driveway

High performance and incomparable quality level push this outdoor hoop onto the lists of best in-ground basketball hoops review. The high point of it is the Rust Armor, which strengthens up the hoops while completing the basketball goals. The 54 inches backboard fits all levels and ages players in practicing basketball skills or as a tool to kill spare time with friends.

Sturdy as it is, no matter for dunking or hanging actions are both available, guess what? They are also included in the limited lifetime warranty. A 1-inch thick padding set is equipped around the hoop to give extra protection to players.

The clear backboard with the delicate design wears a new look for your driveway. The moment you lower the rim height to 5 feet high, the yard becomes heaven for kids to play around with friends. Using the handle to lift the rim around standard 10 feet if you want to get competitive games.

>>Best Basketball Goals for Driveway 

20. Katop Garage Roof-Mounted Basketball System


basketball nets for driveway

The roof-mounted basketball goal really spares much space in your driveway, but also saves much energy on overwhelming assembly. This garage basketball hoop takes only three steps on assembling and needs neither cements like in-ground types for fixing nor sandbags as portable types for stabilization.

The 48 inches and 60 inches backboard sizes are available for different needs. Acrylic material presents superior durability and also empowers solid bouncing effects rivaled only by tempered glass. Along with the college use breakaway rim, the lost ball gets rescued and game time is thus prolonged.

The telescoping adjustable system is adopted here to fits any roofs of yours. Because of the heavy-duty mounting bracket, you can set the rim at precisely 10″ in regardless of the angle of the roof.

21. Roof King Gold Top-Mounted Basketball Goal System


driveway basketball hoop

The acrylic backboard is the top-rated selection for middle-level players, with exceptional steadiness and performance. 48 inches size fits the beginners to have a shooting practice just in the backyard. The clear backboard has always won the favor of most people, for it presents a sleek and modern look. In the center of the board marks the white square box that corresponds to the white edge.

The aluminum backboard frame with 1/2 inches thick board adds up the sturdiness in play. When mounting on the roof, you will find the unique telescoping adjustable frame pretty useful. As for the installation, well, setting up a wall-mounted hoop takes no more than 1 hour. And it is the safest compared with other counterparts.

22. Silverback NXT 54″ Wall Mounted Basketball System


basketball nets for driveway

Silverback has been a pioneer in the world of in-ground basketball hoops and portable basketball hoops, and its innovative spirits pass onto the wall-mounted types, which further strengthens up its top position. If you need a large backboard but lacks enough floor space, then mount it on the wall!

With simple steps and tools, you can get competitive games in your driveway. To adapt to the complicated weather conditions, all the structures from the backboard to the rim are covered with weather-resistant materials.

Is the wall-mounted basketball goal fixed on the rim height? No, at least not for this one. It highlights a height adjustment system, using an all-steel actuator to raise or lower the height from 7.5 to 10 feet.

23. First Team RoofMaster III Adjustable Basketball Hoop

driveway net for basketball


Adjustable height works far better than an unadjustable one because it owns wider usages and meets the demands of different levels and ages. Like this one, there is a height adjustment using the hand crank to raise the height. Plus, the height indicator is there for accuracy.

Acrylic backboard in 54 inches wide suits the middle-level players in improving shooting skills. Together with breakaway rim, it works well in official basketball games with your neighbors and friends. Do not worry about the assembly, for it takes the least effort and time in setting it up.

How to Choose Driveway Basketball Hoop?

Unlike indoor basketball hoops, the driveway or backyard use basketball hoops need to withstand the harshest elements encountered outdoor, which determines it to be all-weather resistant. However, apart from the weather corrosion, the following factors also affect the lifespan as well as user experience.

driveway basketball goal

1. Sizes

No matter for in-ground basketball hoops or portable basketball hoops, the hoops themselves occupy a small piece of land, but you need to spare much space for playing. In terms of which type you should get, the first element is, of course, the sizes of your driveway.

If owning a large driveway that accommodates 2-3 cars, then a wall-mounted basketball system or the portable hoop with 50 or 54 inches backboard is a wise choice. For the larger driveway like the one with 4-5 cars, then you definitely need a large backboard and a large activity space.

There is also backyard court you can build for your own if large areas of the backyard of yours are spared. Then the in-ground basketball hoop is strongly recommended. You can also combine the court with other sports, such as football and tennis. Here are some backyard court ideas you can use for reference: >>Backyard court ideas recommended.

2. Portable type or in-ground type?

The difference between a portable basketball hoop and an in-ground basketball system lies major in the sturdiness. The portable hoop relies on the base filled with water or sand for sturdiness, while the latter one is fixed by cement. However, it does not mean the in-ground hoop is more steady than portable type, for the sturdiness of goal also affected by the quality and design of pole.

With the same backboard sizes and quality levels, the in-ground hoop can be more expensive than portable types. In other words, the selection of basketball hoops is determined by your budget. The higher budget goes with an in-ground outdoor hoop, and a portable one fits the limited budget.

3. Materials

The backboard material determines not only the lifespan of the hoop but also the performance in the game. First from the pole material. In order to resist the complicated weather conditions, the structural materials should be of all-weather resistant. Plus, the whole-steel design also prolongs the service life of the hoop.

The backboard material, however, is the key to the user experience. Tempered glass backboard gives the best bouncing effects but with the least sturdiness, its heavyweight determines it to be an ideal material for the in-ground hoop. Acrylic backboard ranks the middle either from performance and durability and is perfect for a portable basketball hoop. Polycarbonate material, however, presents the incomparable steadiness; it serves as the safest one for small kids and adults use.

driveway net for basketball

Why Do You Need the Best Basketball Hoops for Driveway?

Basketball is a traditional yet the most popular sport that most people pursue, especially with the widespread official games such as NBA, even small kids have the dream of being professional players.

Basketball benefits a lot both mentally and physically, especially for young teenagers and kids. In vigorous activities, the muscle strength, jumping strength, and power on lower limbs get improved a lot. It frees kids from addicting to long-time online games and chatting, creates an environment for them to get new friends, and thus improving their social skills. Plus, how long haven’t you spent a large sum of time with your children? Stop working on the weekend or playing with your smartphone, it is time to build sweet memory with your kids.

Well, then you may ask, there is plenty of basketball game court, why bother getting a driveway basketball hoop in my home?

First of all, it takes much time to walk or even drive to the gym. According to the data, the longer time and more effort it takes, the more chances that people will give up doing so. Rather than going far away to the gym, placing a basketball hoop at home can be more attractive to most people. It means you can play games whenever you can. Call your neighbors and have a friendly match with them.

What’s more, you may empty your driveway as a breeding house for weeds. Then why not put it into rational use. A basketball court, for example, takes no much effort but brings exceptional fun to both kids and adults. Even a small backboard goal can meet your demands on doing exercise. Anyway, getting the best basketball hoop for the driveway is a way of improving your live entertainment.

Who Should Get This?

Driveway hoops allow players to do lots of practice conveniently to make them the best basketball player. Also, it offers healthy fun and a chance to spend quality time with loved ones.

Driveway hoops are the best solution for casual players who want to practice more inconceivable times. These are best for those who do not have enough space or budget or other constraints that do not make it possible to have a home court.

Also, driveway hoops are for families and friends who love to play basketball and want to spend a good time together.

Types of Basketball Hoops for Driveway

There are 3 types of basketball hoops available for the driveway, but it is essential to find a suitable, long-lasting, and flexible hoop.

3 Types of Basketball:

In-Ground Basketball Hoops: Permanently installed in-ground so they offer the best durability.
Portable Basketball Hoops: These are moveable hoops so players can move them as per need.
Garage Mounted Hoops: These hoops can be installed on houses or garage walls.

In-Ground Basketball Hoop For Driveway

If you have space available in your driveway, then an in ground basketball hoop is a good option permanently installed in the ground. It offers a very durable and sturdy playing experience.

In addition, it has a height adjustment feature, perfect for any height player. However, this hoop is heavy and large, so you may need someone’s help to install it. The average cost of an in-ground basketball hoop is $400, which is slightly higher than other types of basketball hoops.

As in-ground basketball hoops are installed in the ground, they will stand strong in aggressive play, winds, or other drastic weather. For professional players, an in-ground basketball hoop is the best. So if you are a player who enjoys dunking and action-packed games, go for this option.

Portable Basketball Hoop For Driveway

If you live in a rented home or need to carry or move your basketball hoops often, this option is for you. Portable hoops are moveable and can be kept within any storage area like a garage after playing. Due to its lightweight feature, it’s easy to transport. The average cost of a portable basketball hoop is $300, lower than an in-ground basketball hoop.

A portable basketball hoop is suitable for any age of players, including kids to younger, as the height can be adjusted as players’ height increases.

Basketball Goals For Driveway

We can install these hoops on houses or garage walls. Professional players or serious sports players mostly use this to practice hooping. It needs some minutes to install it in a wall, but you can not adjust the height as often as you can do in other types. Garage mounted hoop is a cheaper option than the above two as it costs an average 150$ to 200$ to install a mounted hoop.

What Are The Best Size Basketball Hoop For A Driveway?

The driveway’s basketball hoop size should be large enough that all ages and heights players feel convenient to play and practice enough. But the size of the hoop is decided by the size of the driveway, which can be decided by the number of cars that can smoothly pass on the driveway.

For A Large Driveway

If a driveway can adjust for 2 to 3 cars, then it’s large enough to have a good basketball hoop in the driveway. And a driveway hoop of 62 to 74 inches would completely work for you.

For A Small Driveway

A small driveway means only a 1-car driveway is too small to install large hoops, so a basketball hoop with 44 to 54 inches. However, if you try installing a large hoop, it will not provide enough spaces for players to play and cover the areas to pass cars easily, leading to accidents and damages.

Why Does Adjustable Hoop For Driveway Matter?

Most athlete parents prefer to have an adjustable hoop to exercise or practice and keep their children engaged in sports activities. Here, parents can adjust the height as the child’s height or play on it. In addition, in-ground and portable basketballs are available with adjustable height features so players can adjust the height as per need.

Generally, the adjustable range is from 7 feet to the standard height of 10 feet. As players grow their skills, they can extend the hoop and continually challenge themselves to enhance. The average hoop height as per age is like:

7 Feet for 2nd Grade: When kids are just starting playing, keep as low as possible to build their confidence.
8 Feet for 3-4th Grade: Your kid may become firmer and look ready for a regulation-size hoop.
9 Feet for 4th-5th Grade: Keep your kid challenged while developing powerful shooting practices.
10 Feet for 6th Grade and Older: You can take them to use a regulation size hoop after this age.

How Much Does It Cost to Add a Basketball Hoop to a Driveway?

The average cost of a basketball hoop installation is around $500, including labor and materials. Costs of concrete are about $50 to $75, for units $150 to $500, and other is for labor and professional costs. However, various factors influence the cost like,

Type of Basketball Hoop: From all 3 types (ground basketball hoop, portable basketball, and wall-mounted basketball hoop), which one you pick influences the cost. In-ground basketball hoops require drilling tools, concrete, and earth relocation machinery. Wall-mounted basketball hoops require wooden bracing, structural anchors, and framing. And portable basketball hoops require nothing to install, so the cost differs according to the type of hoop you select.

Size of the Basketball Hoop: Cost varies as per the size of a basketball hoop, and you need to have a basketball as per your driveway size.

Location: The distance required to travel a basketball hoop from a store to any place is different, so traveling costs influence the cost of installing a hoop.

Keep Your Hoop Stable On The Driveway

1. Use Sturdy Materials

The stability of a basketball hoop is based on its backboard’s material and the base’s size. And some common backboard materials are acrylic, polycarbonate, and tempered glass. Avoid lightweight portable basketball hoops as these models are not stable and fall at any time.

2. Choose Suitable Types

It is essential to measure your driveway to know its actual area square feet are odd or even as not all driveways are made the same way. Also, some driveway is curved or straight, so these are all things impacted while installing a hoop. The driveway must have a stable surface to a portable basketball hoop as it is lightweight and falls if not stable.

Before digging the surface, check some underground utilities like sewage pipes, wires, cables, etc. Find out the proper center for the wall mount hoop and check out the sunlight.

3. Level It Well For Sloped Driveway

A portable hoop can not be used on a sloped driveway as a dunk shot, or wind can make the hoops fall, which may cause big injuries to players. To install a hoop on a sloped driveway:

  • First, gather all required tools like shovel, concrete, anchor, sponge, rim, etc.
  • Select the location where you want to place your basketball hoops.
  • Now you have to dig a hole using a shovel. First, go through the manual to know how big a hole you need to dig.
  • Then put the pole into the hole, you may need someone’s help who can hold the pole, and you have to pour the concrete mixer into the hole perfectly. Ensure there is no air in the hole and it is filled properly with concrete. Now remove excess concrete using a sponge and make it smooth.
  • Now it will take 24-48 hours to dry completely, so give it enough time but check it after a few hours to examine if the pole is installed properly or not.
  • A pole in cement is only your hoop, so you do not need a backboard, but if it has a mounting anchor, you have to mount and pick the pole.
  • Also, if your basketball hoop model has a feature of adjustable height, then you have to mount the lifting mechanism and support arms as per the instructions.
  • Then you have to mount the backboard with the help of some people as it’s heavy.
  • Lastly, add rim and net to complete the installation process.

Some hoop parts are hefty, which may require some people to lift them. So it’s important to have all essential safety procedures. Double-check that all the nuts and screws are tightened properly.


Is it safe to play basketball in the driveway?

A driveway is not risky if it satisfies the safety guidelines, but if its surface is made with uneven concrete, it is bad for the game and not safe for players.

Where to put a basketball hoop in the driveway?

Put a basketball in such a way that ensures you have enough playing area so that you can do jump shots straightaway or from any side of the basket.

What size basketball hoop should I get for my driveway?

Pick your basketball hoop size as per the size of the playing area of your driveway. For example, if you’ve got a large driveway, then go for 72″ – 60″, but if it’s small like a one-car driveway, go for the 54″ – 44″ range.

Is a 72-inch backboard too big for a driveway?

If your driveway is big enough, you can use this standard backboard.

What size backboard do I need for a 2 car driveway?

Go for the 60″ for 2 car driveway. It is a great midway solution that saves area and provides a larger area for banking shots.

Tips on Using Driveway Basketball Hoops

  1. Read the instructions carefully before assembly.
  2. Get someone for help in setting up, it is not a one-person-job.
  3. Move it in the room in severe weather conditions for portable types.
  4. Put it into use after the sand or water is fulled

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