Is 50 Inch Portable Basketball Hoop A Decent Sized Hoop For Me?

The best 50-inch portable basketball hoop placed in the backyard and driveway makes it possible to enjoy the fun without stepping further. Its portability allows you to set it up anywhere possible, spares much floor space, and gives stable rim to help any of your friends or family to practice with you.

The outer design of the different inches of hoops look quite the same, yet each of which has its shining features waiting for exploring. Out of the different options in the world of 50 inches portable basketball hoop, these are the top-rated types we picked out for you. Make sure that the selected one meets your budget and works for your environment.

Top 8 Best 50 Inch Portable Basketball Hoops

When Do You Need a 50-Inch Portable Basketball Hoop?

Generally, the size of your playing space or activity space determines the size of the portable basketball you need. For instance, you need a 50-inch portable basketball hoop if you have a one-car driveway or a medium-sized backyard. Additionally, the 50-inch hoop is the ideal choice if you have a medium-size level of players. The larger the size is, the more pro-like it will feel while playing.

The 50-inch portable basketball hoop, when placed in the driveway or in the backyard, makes it possible to enjoy the playing without stepping further. Since it is portable, you can place it where you desire, sparing the much-needed floor space and stable rim for you and your family and friends to play with you.

A 50-inch portable basketball hoop has numerous advantages making them worth purchasing. It is the best option, especially if you love to relocate to new places often.

Advantages of a 50-Inch Basketball Backboard

As portable basketball hoops are designed to boost your enjoyment as that of the real basketball experience, a 50-inch basketball backboard has the following advantages:

It has adjustable height properties, which give you the advantage to adjust the height from the standard 10 feet to seven feet. Other models specified for youth can be adjusted to as low as 4 feet.

Polyethene and acrylic technologies based on 50-inch backboards are designed with steel-framed hoops to give you better performance and experience like that of a real basketball hoop.

Its portability is managed with basketball systems that can be filled with sand and water to make it steady and later on dispose of the used product and roll the system back to storage with built-in wheels.

The backboard is coated with waterproof materials, which makes it last longer even if exposed to the weather for an extended period.

Some 50-inch backboard models are custom made to be used in pool areas, enhancing your summer relaxation to an extra level.

Who Should Use the 50-Inch Portable Basketball Hoop?

Anyone can use the 50-inch portable basketball hoop. Children can use the hoop as long as it is adjusted to their preferred length. Although it is the most preferred hoop for its versatility, it needs proper handling as it is not as stable as an in-ground or wall-mount hoop.

Why Choose a 50-Inch Portable Basketball Hoop?

Compared to other basketball hoop sizes that are in-ground or wall-mounted, a 50-inch portable basketball hoop is convenient for several reasons. It is flexibility, versatility and convenience make it the ideal option if you are a basketball lover and play regularly.

A 50-inch portable basketball hoop is also much easier to install anywhere. With its mobile system, you do not need a schedule or permission to install it in your backyard. You can install it anywhere in your court using its simple and easy installation guides and start practicing. The other benefit of this size of portable hoop is you can maintain its cleanliness.

Best 50 Inch Portable Basketball Hoop Reviews

1. Lifetime 50-inch Shatterproof Portable Basketball Hoop

50 portable basketball hoop

Backboard Size48 inch
Backboard MaterialPolycarbonate
Height8-10 feet
RimSlam-It rim
Base31 gallon

This is one of the easiest 50 inches portable basketball systems we have encountered in adjusting the height. Abandoned the cheap telescoping system that takes much effort on placing it flat in operation; or the hydraulic system that costs much on prices, it adopts a speed shift system that allows one person to operate with a single hand. The height range is among 8 to 10 feet, meets the demands of players from teenagers to adults, and you can adjust it in 6 increments each time.

The backboard of this goal appears a pro-like look, the clear board with polycarbonate gives a clear vision when playing on your driveway, and meanwhile prolongs the lifespan. 50 inches size suits the middle size of the backyard.

What we like the best is its large but easy movable base. The maximum capacity of it is 34 gallons, once you fill it with enough water or sand, it helps stabilize the hoop no matter how hard you dunk on the goal. In terms of the dunking, we do not suggest you practice any dunking movements with portable types for safety, but the slam-it rim does help a lot in absorbing sudden downward momentary contact.


  1. Easy to adjust the height
  2. Super sturdy and durable
  3. A functional unit for backyard
  4. Easy to assemble


  1. Slight wobble after dunking

2. Silverback NXT 50 Inch Portable Basketball Hoop

lifetime 50 portable basketball system

Backboard Size54 inch
Backboard MaterialPolycarbonate
Height7.5-10 feet
Assemble TimeNo more than 90 minutes

This portable basketball hoop offers an easy-to-move system with two giant wheels on the base, no matter how heavy it can when stuffed with supporting sands. The slope design on the base shares much burden carried on the supporting part, relieving much of the weight that one must carry in moving, which makes moving it around under the help of the other hand pretty convenient.

Now let’s get back to its backboard. Unlike another portable basketball system, this goal adopts the no-border design, expanding the sizes of the backboard visually and giving it a modern and sleek design. The whole frame design is a shining point that worth praising for several days. When you compare it with the other hoops, you will get why it turns to be the next big thing on the market. The Stabili-Frame system applied to the goal creates unmatched sturdiness with steel-by-steel connection, adds up both playability and safety in use.

Finally, you can never worry about the assembly issue. The Ultra-fast assembly offers 90-minutes quick assembling design, thanks to the preassembled parts transporting to you, you can have a relaxing time playing with your kids the moment you take it at hands.


  1. Infinity Edge backboard improves rigidity
  2. Super easy to assemble with preassemble parts
  3. Slanted design on the pole adds up movability
  4. Adjustable height from 7.5 to 10 feet with a hydraulic adjusting system


  1. A bit expensive

3. Spalding Hercules Portable Basketball Hoop With 50 Inch Acrylic Backboard

spalding 50 inch basketball hoop

Backboard MaterialsPolycarbonate
Backboard Sizes50 inches
RimSlam-it rim
Base Capacity39 gallons

If you want a portable basketball hoop around $300 with the feeling of professional goal, then go and choose Spalding. It is the only brand in the world of portable basketball system that is capable of posting NBA logo on its backboard, which gives you the delusion of playing like the NBA players under the applause of millions of audience.

We must say it is a highly valuable hoop, because of the backboard it uses. Most of the best 50-inch portable basketball system adopts polycarbonate material, shatterproof and long-lasting it is, the bouncing effect is really one thing letting people down. The acrylic material applied to the system gives it a pro-like.

The slanted pole formed an optimal angle to support the whole weight of the hoop, suitable for competitive games with vigorous activities. Classic black colored base allows you to fill in with 39 gallons of water. The board set in front of the pole serves as an offset for extended play beneath the hoop.


  1. 3 piece steel pole for durability
  2. Pro-slam rim
  3. Large durable base
  4. Easy to assemble


  1. Takes two adults in moving the hoop around when filled with water

4. Lifetime Portable 50 Shatterproof Fusion Backboard

lifetime elite 50 inch basketball hoop

Backboard Size50 inch
Backboard MaterialPolycarbonate
Height8-10 feet
RimSlam-It rim
Base27 gallon

Backed up by the limited 5-year warranty, you can get this durable portable basketball system home. The shatterproof backboard makes the broken backboard a basically impossible thing. The covered molded frame around the backboard further protects it even when it fell down unintentionally.

It has a speed shift height adjustment system that features well, making it easy to move the position of the backboard from 8 to 10 feet that meets your current needs. The overall design and whole structure determine it never be a replacement as an in-ground type, but it does give you a chance to practice your basketball hoop in the driveway without sparing more space.

The 31-gallon base full of water or sand stabilizes the hoop, though the hard dunking still makes it sway or wobble for a short period of time. However, slam-it-rim makes the dunking a possible thing. There is never a fixed height for all levels of players and ages, that is why each portable hoop you can see on the market is equipped with adjusting system. For this hoop, you can adjust it from 8 to 10 feet by its speed shift height adjustment system.


  1. 31 gallon large base
  2. Slam-it rim for a spring-back action
  3. Withstand all harsh elements with weather resistance materials
  4. 5-year limited manufacturer warranty


  1. Hard to wheel it around

5. Lifetime 71566 50 Inch Shatter Proof Portable Basketball Hoop

lifetime 50 portable basketball hoop

Backboard Size50 inch
Backboard MaterialPolycarbonate
Height7.5-10 feet
RimSlam-It Rim
Base35 gallons

Integrates the polycarbonate backboard, it brings about the shatterproof surface that is theoretically unbroken and also offers a feel of a professional look. The large 50-inch backboard provides enough space for beginners to practice shooting skills. The graphic with Lifetime logo printed on gives it a sleek look, together with the classic red and white color design. In order to better protect and stabilize the backboard, the extra steel frame is set around the bottom.

Unlike classic rim, the slam-it rim comes with double-compression springs, which launches the ball into play and thus extends the game time. Adjusting the height of it from 7.5 to 10 feet is an easy piece, thanks for its action grip height adjustment system, all is done by pulling up and down of the lever, which is available even for a kid.

As far as the sturdiness, the 3 piece steel pole is supported by the heavy-duty 35-gallon base. It surly shakes a bit every time after a dunk, but once you fill in enough water or sand, the situation gets improved a lot. You can also add extra sandbags onto the base based on your needs. Placing it in your driveway and backyard is pretty easy, for it needs no cement and the compact design spares more floor space for you.


  1. Nice looking and pretty excellent in quality level
  2. Stable in use
  3. A decent-sized backboard for teenagers use
  4. Easy to adjust the height


  1. Takes some time and effort in assembly

6. Spalding 50 Acrylic NCAA Portable Basketball System

spalding 50 portable basketball system

Backboard MaterialsAcrylic
Backboard Sizes50 inches
RimPro-slam breakaway rim
Base37 gallons

As the official basketball brand of NBA, WNBA, and NACC, the portable basketball hoops it offers are in the same quality level. The 50 inches backboard is suitable for both beginners and middle-level players, offering large space for shooting practice. Integrates with the acrylic backboard, it offers a durable surface for long time use, while still keeps wonderful performance in offering fantastic bouncing effects.

Blending the advanced technology into the classic game, this goal is designed to ensure maximum joy. The pro-slam breakaway rim comes with the hoop launches the ball back into play, and make it possible to have a competitive game with it. It comes in 3 pieces vertical steel pole, and sets with a slanted angle for a durable and professional look.

Exacta-lift systems offer multiple options on the height of the backboard, using the handle behind the pole and adjusting the height of which from 7.5 to 10 feet can be pretty easy. Features with 37 gallons base, rolling it around may not as convenient as declared, but works well in stabilizing the hoop, the two wheels set along may help a lot in moving around.


  1. Easy to adjust the height
  2. Angled pole for super sturdiness
  3. Large 37-gallon base
  4. 3.5-inch thick steel pole equipped


  1. Hard to set up

7. SKLZ 50 Portable Basketball System

lifetime 50 inch portable basketball system

Backboard MaterialsPolycarbonate
Backboard Sizes50 inches
RimSlam-it rim
Base Capacity35 gallons

A decent-sized backboard with a good material brings about a high level of enjoyment. The 50-inch size makes it perfect for teenagers to use in the backyard or the driveway, along with the polycarbonate surface to ensure unbreakable and durable. The clear backboard with multiple classic colors design gives it a sleek yet professional look. Light yellow color surrounded by the border of backboard lights up the hoop the moment you place it in the driveway.

UV resistant nylon net with slam-it rim absorbs the shock in playing, brings the ball into games, and thus extends the game time. The 3 steel pole is supported by the large 35-gallon heavy-duty base. Built-in two wheels offer hands in moving it around. However, when filling in enough water or sand, rolling it into the destined position can be hard for one person, a second friend is perfect.

The quick-release pin is designed for adjusting the height of the backboard, you can move it up and down in 6 increments from 8 to 10 feet when pulling up and down of the lever. The brilliant overall performance brings an authentic feeling of playing in the arena.


  1. Super durable
  2. Fully adjustable for different levels of players
  3. Stable and portable in backyard use
  4. Great hoop for the price


  1. Takes two to four hours in assembly

8. Spalding 50 Acrylic Basketball System

spalding 50 inch backboard

Backboard Size50 inches
Backboard MaterialsAcrylic
Height AdjustmentExacta-lift system
Base Capcity37 gallons

This Spalding 50 inch acrylic portable angled pole basketball system costs around $400 and wins great praise for many of its functions that waiting to be explored. It features a 50-inch acrylic backboard, perfect in durability and wonderful in bouncing effects. The touch of green painted by UV resistant material light up the dark color of the pole, making it vivid when placing in the garage or backyard.

The 3.5 inches thick vertical steel pole serves as supportive power and avoids the goal from swaying because of its tilted design. 3 piece pole design allows you to assemble it in a few minutes. It brings about the Exacta-lift system for providing easy height adjustment, even a child that tall enough can move the goal up and down from 7.5 to 10 feet with a single hand.

The stong base carries all the burden with the large 37 gallons capacity. Once you fill it into water or sand, it becomes pretty sturdy and stable in use, making it possible for a competitive game. The common shining point of the Spalding hoop is the offset that extends the game time and protects the athlete from injuries.


  1. Durable acrylic backboard
  2. Extra offset for extending game time
  3. Stylish green color
  4. 3.5 inches thick steel pole


  1. Not easy to put together but things go well once done

What Size Basketball Hoop Should I Get?

Whether to place the basketball hoop system in your driveway or in your backyard, the portable type is always the primary option. But facing with various sizes on selling, which size suits the backyard the most?

As a rule of thumb, the sizes of portable basketball hoop should be determined by the sizes of your activity places or your playing space. If you own a large backyard or driveway or intend to get a home court, then the regulation gym sizes as 60 inches to 72 inches are proper choices; For the one-car driveway, the sizes between 44 inches and 54 inches are wise options; while for small kids use, you may choose the smallest sizes such as 32 inches.

The levels of players also affect the size selection. The larger the size is, the more pro-like it feels in playing. If you find the 44 inches backboard too small for training as a beginner, the 50 inches models are the type you may not miss.

50 inch in ground basketball hoop

50 Inch Portable Basketball Hoop Prices

Compared with a 44-inch portable basketball system, the 50-inch portable basketball hoop prices tend to be higher, ranging around $200; for some heavy-duty types, it costs even as high as $300 or $400. However, you should know that the most vital key in determining the portable basketball hoop is not the sizes, but the materials of the backboard.

As is known to us all, three materials, including polycarbonate, acrylic and tempered glass, split the world of portable basketball system into three major parts. And among which, the polycarbonate backboard ranks the cheapest but the most durable type. The small backboards such as 32 inches and 44 inches adopt the material pretty often for its lightweight, leading to the affordable price accordingly.

As for the 50 inches portable basketball hoop, the base capacity needs to be a bit larger to support the larger backboard. The frequent backboard applied on the 50 inches system is still polycarbonate type, but some heavy-duty types adopt acrylic to improve the bouncing effects and adds up the playability.

Is a 50-Inch Backboard Long Lasting?

Yes, the 50 -inch backboard is long-lasting. It is made of anti-rust poles and the body lasts longer. When looking for any brand of the 50-inch backboard, it is best to check on its material. A 50-inch hoop or backboard made of good material is likely to last longer while accommodating all weather seasons. The 50-inch backboard is also shatter-proof and stands shot pressure.

54 Inches vs. 50 Inches, Which to Pick?


As you decide on the best basketball hoop to complete your dream home, there are many choices out there. One important thing to consider is the size of the backboard you need for your basketball court. The dimensions of the backboard vary, and as a regular basketball player, choose a backboard not less than 50-inches wide. An ideal size makes you play like a pro and allows you to perform bank shots.

Quality levels

A 54-inch and a 50-inch backboard are of quality with slightly noticeable differences. A wider backboard offers more significant opportunities than a backboard with fewer inches. When choosing a backboard, some people opt for the 50-inch. It is of small size and does not engulf the size of their driveway. If it’s a two-three driveway, a 54-inch backboard size works better. With a one-car drive, 50 inches is the best option to pair.

Which to choose?

Based on the playing area, the 54-inch backboard is the best size to go for if you have a large play area. It offers a more professional and realistic play; you can practice different shots with the backboard. For a short pole system, a 50-inch backboard size is recommended. It needs a smaller play area of your backyard to install.

What Makes the Portable Basketball Hoop Ideal for Home Use?

If you love playing basketball regularly, it is time to get a portable basketball hoop. With it, you can play anywhere at any time. You do not need to dig up holes and have concrete to set it. The portability of a basketball hoop lets you set it anywhere, leaving you with enough floor space to allow a partner or family to play with you.

You do not need restrictions on where to set it, as you can transport it to your desired location and set it up. It is simple to assemble; you need to pay attention to details given to do it right. It would be best if you had it anytime you want to play basketball, this is wonderful as you can relocate with it to another house. It is also perfect to have a portable basketball hoop if you have children that want to practice. It has an adjustable property that helps you lower it anytime they want to play.

Suitable Sizes of Backboard for Home Basketball Game Use

The backboard has different sizes ranging from 72 inches to 44 inches. The rule to choose the best backboard for a home basketball game is based on the play area size. For a home with a larger court or driveway, a 60-72 inch backboard is the best. If you have a one-car driveway or limited space, a 54-44 inch backboard is the best. It ensures that your backboard does not invade your driveway. The best backboard size is to ensure you get sufficient space to perform better, depending on the play space available.


Best 50 Inch Hoop  Lifetime 51544 Front Court Portable Basketball System
Best For Easy Assembly  Silverback NXT 50″ Backboard Portable Height-Adjustable Basketball Hoop
Best with Acrylic Backboard  Spalding Hercules Portable Basketball Hoop
Best with Waterproof Backboard  Lifetime 1529 Courtside Basketball System
Best For Driveway  Spalding Exclusive 50″ Acrylic Portable Basketball System