What is the Best Indoor Basketball Hoops? – 8 Best Hoop Reviews 2020

The best indoor basketball hoops are now becoming more and more popular because of the benefits brought by it, especially for kids in rapid growth both mentally and physically. It frees you from getting out of the door while enjoying the fun brought by basketball games. Functional as it is, it costs much less than the outdoor basketball hoops and meanwhile saves much floor space.

In terms of choosing the best indoor basketball hoops among thousands of hoops types and models, most of you must feel at sea. That is why we start this article. To save your time from aimlessly searching, here we select the 10 best models with different types. Besides, there is basic knowledge on indoor basketball hoops you need to know.

Now, let’s start.

What Is the Best Indoor Basketball Hoops

Best Indoor Basketball Hoops Comparing Chart

Photo Title Price Buy
Best Portable Indoor Basketball Hoop - HANMUN Basketball Hoop for Kids $39.99 Check Latest Price
Best Indoor Mounted Basketball Hoop - SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop $24.99 Check Latest Price
Best Indoor Miniture Basketball Hoop - SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop Basketball System $169.99 Check Latest Price
Best Youth Indoor Basketball Hoop - Lifetime 90022 32" Youth Portable Basketball Hoop Check Latest Price
Best Kids Indoor Basketball Hoop - Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set $132.76 Check Latest Price
Best Indoor Basketball Hoop for Adults - RAMgoal Adjustable Indoor Hoop $159.99 Check Latest Price
Best Indoor Arcade Basketball Hoop - Pop-A-Shot Arcade Game $299.99 Check Latest Price
Best Glow in the Dark Basketball Hoop- Mini Basketball Hoop $34.99 Check Latest Price

Benefits of Indoor Basketball Goals and Systems

The indoor basketball system refers to the basketball goals set indoor, which determines it to be small in shape since the activity space can be far less than outdoor. No matter for portable types or for door-mounted types, the common point is that they occupy small pieces of land.

Why people like basketball games? Well, it is highly worth watching because of the tension but exciting atmosphere it creates; and it is a group work that requires the contribution from each player. Apart from the capability of coordination, you also need splendid shooting skills, and right, that is what indoor basketball goals bring — the chances to practice and improve your shooting accuracy.

In constant exercising, or even as a pure tool for gaining entertainment, the small indoor basketball hoops help strengthen up the upper body, including the arms and shoulder. You can even serve it as a fitness workout by throwing the ball into the hoop. Besides, for some indoor basketball hoops with electronic scoring, having a shooting game with friends or kids is also a way of entertain.

While it uses as an exercising gear for adults; for toddlers, it is a toy that develops children’s intelligence through playing. The adorable design is responsible for attracting kids’ attention and get them fully addicted to exercising games.

Types of Indoor Basketball Hoop

After getting the importance of getting an indoor basketball hoop, now you should be aware of the basic types you will get into touch with. Plus, for each type, we recommended several models for you to pick in a minute.

Portable Indoor Basketball Hoop

The indoor portable basketball hoop is more like a basketball toy for toddlers or larger kids to play with. The large base bears the weight of the whole hoop by using water or sand as a refiller. Shatterproof backboard ensures safety in use, while the plastic material guarantees a long lifespan. Links directly through the backboard to the base, it guards the sturdiness of the hoop. Along with the adjustment system, it grows with kids from toddlers to around 6 or even 8 years old.

Because of the small area of activity space that indoor room occupies, the portable indoor basketball hoops frequently seen on the market are designed majorly for kids’ use.

Best Portable Indoor Basketball Hoop – Hanmun Basketball Hoop


best indoor mini hoop

Indoor Mounted Basketball Hoops

The indoor mounted basketball hoops refer to the hoops over the door, or in other words, the door-mounted basketball hoops. With the hook set on the hoop, you can easily fix it on the door or on the wall. Differs from the portable or outdoor basketball hoops, the indoor mounted type is designed to spare large areas of home space, with no base or pole required.

Breakaway rim comes with the polycarbonate backboard and thus gives you authentic feeling as shooting with a gymnastic backboard. Features and types of indoor mounted hoop split into various fields, such as those with electric scores or those glowing in the dark.

Best Indoor Mounted Basketball Hoop – SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop


big indoor basketball hoop

Indoor Miniature Basketball Hoop

Indoor mini hoop indicates the small sizes of the system, some come with a backboard with no stand, while some are the miniature types of standard indoor hoops. The outstanding feature of it is cost-effective and space-saving. With the small shape, it serves as an indoor toy for kids playing and as fitness equipment for adults building muscle strengthens.

Best Indoor Mini Basketball Hoop With Stand – SKLZ Mini Hoop System


buy indoor basketball hoop

Youth Indoor Basketball Hoop

Indoor basketball hoops for youth use are quite similar to adult-use-hoop but only differ in height adjustment. Comparing the outdoor youth basketball systems, you will find the backboard materials are normally polycarbonate, with colorful graphics paintings to add up the interests of kids. To prolong the lifespan, you will find a height adjustment system on the pole; either of telescope system or of the hydraulic system; it gives you the chance to grow with youth.

There is no need to talk more about the advantages of exercising; but for kids, playing basketball games help strengthen up the upper body as well as the lower body, through the frequent jump, it benefits youth from growing higher and higher.

Best Youth Indoor Basketball Hoop – Lifetime 32″ Youth Portable Basketball Hoop


indoor basketball hoop and ball

Kids Indoor Basketball Hoop

Kids love playing, and they need something to release their power and energetic, that is why you need kids indoor basketball hoop. The kids here we refer mainly those under 10 years old. For larger kids around 12 or 14, the youth basketball hoop is more suitable for multiple functions. Small kids’ indoor basketball hoops are also small in size, along with smaller backboards and rubber basketballs go with them. 33 inches backboards spare more floor space and are the perfect size for shooting practice at home.

As for the base, you may choose water or sand to fill in for stabilizing the hoop. Make sure you get the one with numerous choices on height, or it finishes the career life pretty soon once kids grow larger.

Best Kids Indoor Basketball Hoop – Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set


glow in the dark indoor basketball hoop

Indoor Basketball Hoop for Adults

Placing a standard basketball hoop at home for adults to play is meaningless unless you have a large empty area left. The narrow activity space is more easy to get hurt. Therefore, if still want a basketball hoop for indoor use, the wall-mounted or basketball hoop that hangs on the door is what you are looking for.

No pole and no base design frees your interior space; heavy-duty backboard brings the same feeling as shooting with standard basketball hoops; In user experience, it is far worse than any outdoor hoops, yet spending around $50, you can get far better than imagine on muscle strength. The shooting activity strengthens up the upper body and grants you the chance on leaving your chair for exercising.

Best Indoor Basketball Hoop for Adults – Ramgoal Durable Adjustable Hoop


children's indoor basketball hoop

Indoor Arcade Basketball Hoop

Arcade basketball systems are the additional option for indoor basketball games. The auto-bounce design cut down the unnecessary time and focus all your attention on the basketball shooting. Unlike the basketball systems in the game center, the residential arcade hoop is smaller and is foldable for easier storage.

The scores show by LCD screen each time you take a shot and creates an environment for shooting games. By digging deeper into your pocket, you can also get basketball goals moving in unique routines, exactly the same as those in game centers.

Best Indoor Arcade Basketball Hoop – Pop A Shot Official Basketball Arcade Hoop


fold up indoor basketball hoop

Glow in the Dark Indoor Basketball Hoop

Playing basketball in the dark is way more difficult than under the daylight, for the darkness becomes the largest block in the shooting. Under such conditions, you need to get the glow in the dark indoor basketball hoop. Both the backboard edge and web shines for night-use, giving you the right direction on shooting.

Best Glow in the Dark Indoor Basketball Hoop – Mecy Mini Basketball Hoop


dual indoor basketball hoop

Indoor vs. Outdoor Basketball Hoops

What are the differences between indoor and outdoor basketball hoops? Can I use the same standard in picking them? For the following parts, we will give you detailed comparisons between the two types.

indoor basketball hoop door mount

Let’s start our discussion on the usage. Indoor basketball hoops are namely used at home, either in the bedroom or in the basement. Anyway, it spares less floor space and must be in accord with the narrow living space. Outdoor basketball hoops, with its backboards material spread from polycarbonate to tempered glass, need to be placed on the backyard or driveway for daily entertainment.

The space they occupy also diverse to a large extent. Indoor space is mostly occupied by living activities, no more spare space accommodates a regulated basketball hoop. Therefore, to meet the basic needs of indoor basketball games, the hoop needs to be smaller in shape. For toddlers use, you can choose the one with a stand; for adults use, the door-mounted type is perfect to use. Outdoor basketball hoop, however, reduces the reliance on space-saving, so you can place it in the driveway or backyard, or as a component of a backyard basketball court.

You will see a major difference lies between the two types of materials. Outdoor basketball hoops pay more attention to the user experience, and the complicated harsh outdoor weather determines them to be highly corrosion-resistant. UV brings fatal destructions on outdoor hoops, thus all-weather resistant painting is required for long durability and lifespan.

Last comes to the point of price. Indoor basketball hoops, because of fewer functions, charge much lower than outdoor types. Normally it costs around $50 to $100. Outdoor basketball hoops, especially with tempered glass backboard, costs around $200 or even $500. Some heavy-duty in-ground hoops need $1000 for a professional and higher performance.

Buying Guides on Basketball Hoop for Indoor Use

The process of getting the best indoor basketball hoops can be slightly different from that of outdoor or other types of basketball systems. Faced with numerous goals on the market, here are some factors you need to take into consideration before buying.

indoor basketball hoop for adults

1. Durability

The more durable the basketball goal goes, the more cost-effective it tends to be. Indoor conditions are better than outdoor conditions, thus hardly do indoor hoops face the awkward situation of being corroded. However, the material becomes a vital element to sustain its durability. Polycarbonate, or plastic, is the most long-lasting type when compared with tempered glass or acrylic one. Besides, it proves to be the safest, especially for kids or toddlers use.

2. Height Adjustment

All the basketball hoops with stand, or say, all stand-alone basketball hoops, require height adjustment system. It meets the needs of players from different stages and ages. Various price levels point to different height adjustment systems, but all of which permit to grow with kids.

3. Size

Size can be the most important element in choosing a proper indoor basketball hoop. A larger room permits a basketball hoop with stand, while a smaller room needs only a backboard hooked on the door for the same fun.

4. Material

Material is the key to durability, the better material points to longer service life, and also results in more satisfying user experience. Outdoor basketball hoop backboard adopts polycarbonate, acrylic and tempered glass as major options, while the indoor hoops choose plastic backboard. Because it is safer for small kids use and the narrow activity space limits the material selection to some extent. To door-mounted hoops, a soft sponge set on the backboard prevents the door from damage by a hard knock.

5. Value

No matter for cheap or expensive products, we want the maximum value. When it comes to the indoor basketball hoop, it destines to be less functional than the outdoor system, yet still needs to meet the basic demands on shooting practice.

6. Cost

What’s your budget? A higher price leads to better performance, but the cheaper price also meets your basic demands under careful selection. The basketball hoop that hooked costs less, normally you can get one under $50; While for a basketball arcade system, the one around $200 last longer and is quite functional.

7. Installation

Is the basketball system easy to set up? How long does it take to assemble it by myself? Before buying, you may as well figure out these problems, for it tends to a headache thing for most people. We strongly recommend you to get the hoop that is easy and quick to set up so that dozens of hours are saved for fun. The product reviews are the best method of finding a quick-installation hoop. The pre-assembled components also help a lot in saving installing time.

Here comes the tip: does the hoop comes with inflation needles, pump, and the ball? Though not being necessities that must come with mini hoops, they do make it convenient for you to use.

Where Can I Install My Indoor Basketball Hoop?

As we have claimed, indoor basketball hoops are perfect exercising and entertainment tools in the office, bedrooms, nursery rooms, garage, and basement. You can basically put it up anywhere you want as long as the room permits. Most manufacturers are making it easier for you, some are designed for installing on the door or on the wall; some are meant to be placed in the corner.

However, installing a mini portable basketball hoop on the door can bring damage to your room, that is why it requires the correct installing procedures and protection elements such as the foam in minimizing the chances of an error occurs.


1. How do I install the indoor basketball hoop on the wall?

Make sure that all the necessities come with the hoop after receiving the pack. The next thing you should do is to read the instructions carefully and start your installation. The process is not as difficult as you imagine, follow the steps and all is done in several minutes.

2. Can an indoor basketball hoops be used by adults and kids alike?

Well, a mini hoop or a door-mounted basketball hoop serves both adults and kids well, only that toddlers-use basketball systems can be more friendly with their sizes.

Final Verdict

indoor basketball hoop for bedroom

Getting indoor basketball hoops offers you chances of practicing shooting skills at home, and meanwhile, spare much time to spend with your kids. Without compromising the fun in play, it develops your muscle and whole-body strength in playing.

On finding the ideal types on the market, reading the professional buying guides and reviews can never be a foolish decision. Plus, the most suitable one is always the best one.

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