The 10 Best Back of Door Basketball Hoop Reviews For Indoor Entertainment

Basketball is one of the most cherished sports of all time. It is an engaging sporting activity that is healthy for both the young and the old. Having a basketball hoop especially the best back of door basketball hoop will bring you the same relaxing sports time as in the gym. But before you purchase one you need to read this review. So let’s get into it.

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What Is the Best Back of Door Basketball Hoop on the Market?

Comparing the Best Back of Door Basketball Hoops

Top 10 Best Back of Door Basketball Hoops Reviews

1. Sklz Pro Mini Basketball Hoop

in door basketball hoop



This is one of the best basketball hoops that you will find in the market today. It is made using quality materials that have enhanced its popularity across different parts of the world. You can install anywhere at the back of your office door or your bedroom. It comes with all the installation tools and mounts that make the installation pretty easy. You can have awesome dunks because of its 9-inch diameter spring and the steel rims.

Its heavy-duty hoop net is designed to be durable and you can enjoy lots of games before it gets worn out. Its 8 by 12-inch backboard is shatterproof because it made from durable polycarbonate material. The board also has protective padding that comes along with it to prevent the door from getting damaged upon heavy impact.

Generally, this is an excellent basketball hoop because of its design. You will get to enjoy awesome dunks anytime without worrying about breaking the door because of additional padding that protects your door from damage.



2. Spalding NBA Jam over Door Basketball Hoop

nerf over the door basketball hoop



This is all yet another common basketball hoop that you will find in the market. It is made from high-end quality materials and polycarbonate backboard with is resistant to shatter when the game gets more aggressive. Its 9-inch diameter rim is also made from heavy-duty steel for rejuvenating dunks shots. Its 1/4 NBA backboard facilitates professional play in the comfort of your home.

The 4-inch rubber basketball greatly resembles the professional basketball that you will find in the NBA. Once you purchase it the installation tools are all provided in the package which makes it easy on your end to follow the instructions and install it without having some difficulties. It also provides padding to prevent possible door damages and scuffing. If you want some more intense gameplay this is what you need because it offers breakaway rim design and it has padded polycarbonate board.



3. Franklin Sports Over the Door Mini Basketball Hoop

best over the door basketball hoop



This is an incredible basketball hoop that you can have it installed on your bedroom wall or office door. It offers unmatched quality that has greatly contributed to its durability. If you are wondering whether your door is safe than I got some good news for yours. The Franklin sport mini basketball hoop comes with sufficient padding that will protect your door against any aggressive game play that could possibly damage your door. Additionally, it also has a strong backboard that can support a heavy impact.

Therefore, when you are playing you have been rested assured that no damages will occur. This gives you some confidence to sharpen your basketball skills. The steel rims are also equipped with rings to handle any sort of rough play. This makes this product to be enjoyable when playing basketball. It is also easy to install and within a few minutes, it will be all set up. The good thing with Franklin sports basketball hoop is that it has been customized to fit all door sizes. Irrespective of the size of your door that will not limit you from having some slam dunks.



4. 16″ x 12 Indoor Mini Basketball Hoop And Balls

indoor hoops basketball



This basketball hoop for the back door can work great especially if you have kids who are interested in basketball. Kids can be destructive at times especially if they get more aggressive when playing basketball. Therefore, this mini basketball hoop is made using a shatter-resistant backboard which is made using polycarbonate which can handle the impact. Additionally, the brackets and backboards are also equipped with foam padding to cushion the door against any impact irrespective of the intensity.

This basketball hoop is very easy to set up because the manufacturer has also included all the necessary tools and the mounts that you will need during the whole process. It will not take you much of your time before you set it up. The most impressive thing is that it has a heavy-duty net that can support aggressive game play. The breakaway steel rim also provides an exciting experience. When you dunk it will bounce back just like the professional basketball hoops that you see in the real game.

This makes your shots and dunks to be more exciting and you will yearn to have more of them. If you are a basketball enthusiast who is ready to have a high-quality basketball hoop then this is what you need because you will get to enjoy its durability.



5. Over the Door Basketball Hoop 15″ x 11.5″

small indoor basketball hoop



This basketball hoop is best suited for those who want to experience the fun behind basketball. It is great for the development of motor skills and coordination as the kids enjoy the sport indoors. If you are thinking of a perfect gift for your kid then this is the best option.

You will get to enjoy an easy installation process when handling this over the door basketball hoop because everything is in the package. This includes lots of other accessories like screws and mounts, air pumps, rims, backboard, ball, and net. All you need to do is to follow the instructions and within a few minutes, everything will be set up. This basketball hoop is very customizable to fit the interest of the kids. It can be placed anywhere to suit various height adjustments.

It can be preferably placed on the door but you can also place it on the chair to suit the needs of the child. This ensures the kid gets to enjoy the basketball as he gradually develops some skills about the game. Eventually, the child will develop improved coordination and increased interest in the sport. Safety is among its top-notch consideration because it has been fully certified and it meets the criteria provided the toy safety to ensure kids can play on their own without much supervision.



6. AOKESI Indoor Mini Basketball Hoop

nba over the door basketball hoop set



The beauty of this basketball hoop is its unmatched design and quality. It is made to resist any form of damage because of quality backboard which is made from resistant polycarbonate and foam padding to provide additional cushioning to prevent intensive impact on the door.

You will also get to enjoy exciting gameplay because of the breakaway rim to allow you to have some dunk shots. This gives you an excellent basketball experience. It is also easy to install because all the required tools are provided in the package. The most notable feature is the 8 ” hoop net, mountable hardware and two rubber basketballs. This basketball hoop gas has been exceptionally built.



7. Rawling NBA Game Mini Basketball Hoop

bedroom door basketball hoop



This basketball hoop is convenient for indoor setup and it can be installed over the bedroom or office door. It comes with an 18″ x12″ backboard which is safeguarded with resistant polycarbonate to ensure the door is not damaged due to impacts. The breakaway rims also provide an excellent platform to sharpen your dunking skills. This basketball hoop is also easy to install because it has already been pre-assembled for easy mounting. Once you are done setting up you can start playing with the 5-inch ball that it comes along with it.



8. Slam Dunk Mini Basketball Hoop Set

indoor basketball hoop wall mount



If you are looking for the best way to treat your kids this summer holiday then this is the best basketball hoop to buy. The backboard is durable enough and it prevents the impact of damaging the door. This slum dunk basketball hoop provides real basketball experience that helps the kids to develop some essential skills like eye coordination. This makes them develop an interest in the sport. The installation process is quite easy. All you need to do is to assemble the accessories there is no fragmentation of components that could possibly make it hard to be set up.



9. Franklin Sport Over a Door Basketball Hoop

nba door basketball hoop



This is ideal for kids and it comes with the full package containing inflation pump and a rubber ball. It is built on quality design. The backboard is made using resistant materials to reduce the impact on the door. This provides sufficient cushioning for aggressive basketball gameplay. Its backboard makes it easy to be installed in any standard doors. Therefore, this is a great and durable basketball hoop.



10. Franklin Sport Mini Basketball Hoop

indoor over the door basketball hoop



This basketball hoop comes with a ball and rebounder. It is more sophisticated because it comes with a clock and electronic system that allows you to track your scores. The ball is automatically returned after a shot has been made. Its high-quality components have made it a viable option for kids. Additionally, it is constructed with Plexiglas backboard and spring rim which provides ultimate game experience.



After reading this review you have every reason to get yourself the best basketball hoop in the market. It helps in the development of basic basketball skill and it provides exciting experience from the comfort of your home.

Where Can You Hang Your Back of Door Basketball Hoop?

– In the bedroom:

Having a back of door basketball hoop in your bedroom can help improve your shooting skills, just like playing regular basketball. It allows you to hone your skills. You can perfect your aim and practice scoring consistently without ever leaving your bedroom.

When looking for the back of the door basketball hoop for your bedroom, you should note that they tend to be smaller than regular ones. To determine the right size, you should first consider how large your room is.

Backboards that are 24” x 16” are adequate for all bedrooms. In addition to providing an ideal shape to your hoop, a backboard holds the entire thing into the palace. This is where you bounce your ball before scoring and it is a part of the hoop as well. It needs to be durable and sturdy otherwise you won’t be able to experience bedroom basketball to its fullest.

– In kids’ room:

Installing a back of door basketball hoop in your kids’ room can be a great way to boost their self-esteem. If you cannot allow them to play in neighborhood courts or driveway, turning their room into a court can be the safest option. It won’t only keep them entertained but also provide a whole body workout which contributes to their overall health and well-being.

Basketball hoops with a backboard size 22” x 16” are enough for kids of all ages. The real deal is how high the hoop should be. You need to consider your kids’ age to determine the ideal hoop height.

For children below 8 years old, the top rim should not be higher than 6 feet. For kids, 8-10 years old, 7 to 9 feet would be enough. For kids 10-12 years old, 9 to 10 feet would do the trick.

– On the closet door:

For the closet door choose a mini basketball hoop for proper support. Having a hoop on the closet’s door is a good option as it provides access to practice scoring and shooting goals. It also gives the most convenient options such as learning how to goal through specific angles and helps you to become pro at it.

Backboards that are 24” x 16” should be adequate for the closet door. Though make sure that you have enough space to hang the hoop 15 feet off the ground.

– On office door:

You can invest in back of door basketball for your office to experience relaxation from work pressure. It works as a quick refreshment when you get tired after working for hours and does not distract you from work for a longer period.

For the office door, you can buy a basketball hoop with a backboard size 22” x 16” and it should be around 15 feet off the ground.

How to Choose the Best Back of Door Basketball Hoop?

indoor mini hoop

1. Size:

Size is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a back of door basketball hoop. You cannot just pick any basketball hoop, but something that complements the available space in your room or office. Buying too small or too big a hoop would just ruin the whole experience.

Back-of-door basketball hoops are typically backboards and can range from 44” to 72”, but this is the regulation size at the professional level. You can choose either a full size or mini size depending on your usage.

If you want to buy it for your kids, backboards that are 18” x 10.5” or 22” x 16” inches would be adequate. For your bedroom or office, you can go with 24” x 16” which is a standard size for a mini basketball hoop. However, if you are looking for something for your driveway, then go with a full-size basketball hoop measuring 44” x 29”.

2. Material:

Material is another significant factor that determines the hoop’s durability as well as influences how the ball bounces off.

The common materials used in the backboard include acrylic, tempered glass, or polycarbonates.

If you are low on budget and want a glass look-like hoop, consider buying ones made with acrylic. Such backboards are not just budget-friendly but lightweight as well. They don’t require much support and offer an optimal bounce. An ideal choice for beginners.

On the other hand, if you are a pro, you should always go with tempered glass backboards. They offer similar bounce and spin as you would get in gyms or at a professional level.

Lastly, if you are looking for durability, then polycarbonates backboards are an excellent choice. They offer similar bounce and spin as acrylic but can withstand rigorous elements.

3. For kids and adults:

There is not much difference between basketball hoops for kids and for adults. In fact, the back of door basketball hoops can be universal when it comes to who uses them.

Though the only thing that matters, in this case, is how high the hoop should be. You can determine it by considering the height of the user.
However, if you are buying back-of-door hoops specifically for your kids, then you can go with polycarbonate ones. They are much more durable, considering that the kids play a bit rough.

On the other hand, adults can choose from all the three materials mentioned above.

4. Using place:

The place is an important factor, as it influences the ball hoop choice. For courts and driveways, professional hoops are ideal. For indoor sports such as backyards, mini hoops or full-size hoops of premium quality are recommended. For the closet’s door, the back of the door wall’s mini hoop is a suitable option.

5. Electronics ones or not:

Basketball hoops are available in different versions. Let’s discuss each individually:

– Back of door hoop with scoreboard

If you want to keep a track of how many goals you have scored throughout the day, then the back of the door hoop with the scoreboard is a way to go. It is an innovative option that makes it easy for you to do the goal-oriented practice. However, such hoops are suitable for both adults and kids.

– Led basketball hoop for the room ( the one with light)

If your kid’s birthday is coming and he loves to play basketball, then an LED basketball hoop can be the perfect present for him. The rim lights up automatically upon scoring will keep your kids’ engagement and doubles the excitement.

6. Price:

A behind-the-door basketball hoop can cost you around $20 to $50. The price depends upon the quality of the material used.

You would want to spend some extra money if you need something durable that lasts long. The durable hoops are expensive and an ideal choice for pro players who want to improve their game.

While some cheap hoops are also available that are not much durable but can be a good option if you are low on budget. Such hoops are ideal for kids who want to enjoy basketball in their leisure time.

7. Adjustability:

The best basketball hoops are the portable ones. You can fix them in any corner of your house and take them with you to farmhouses, beach huts, and at your friend’s house. Adjustable hoops are convenient to use. You can also adjust them according to different heights. You can switch them inside or outside according to the weather conditions and your mood. Adjustable hoops are restriction-free.

In contrast, a fixed-door hoop does not offer much freedom. Once fixed, you are now bound to practice at the specific spot only. Though it is good for focused players who are still on practicing level and is good to learn specific shots and master them.

Generally, adjustable hoops range from 7 to 10 feet. For kids who are just starting out, 6-7 feet is a suitable range for them. Once they get stronger and develop a sound technique, the hoop’s height can be increased to 8 feet.

Kids who want to create strong shooting habits and improve their skills can keep the hoop’s height at 9 feet. While for older basketball enthusiasts, 10 feet is the recommended range.

Do Back of Door Basketball Hoop Break the Door?

The basketball hoops come with the appropriate place that they should be installed. Some manufacturers will recommend installation in places like the doors or the walls. Therefore, most people are curious to know if their door will break or not. When a back of door basketball hoop is installed it will not break your door unless you use it inappropriately. You should also follow the correct installation procedure to prevent the occurrence of such problems.

door frame basketball hoop

Can I Hang the Back of Door Basketball Hoops Outdoors?

Sometimes you might feel to take your basketball session outdoors right? Well, it is usually important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions because hanging the indoor basketball hoop outdoors can compromise with the durability and efficiency of the basketball hoop. If you require one for your outdoor you can make some a consultation on which is ideal for that.

Advantages of Back of Door Mini Basketball Hoop

Easy to install

Once you have your basketball hoop ready you will not have to worry about the installation because the door already acts as a backboard. All you need to do is to make height adjustments and you can fix the basketball hoop. This process is simple and it takes a short time.

It is a cool developmental tool for kids.

When kids are engaging in play, they can open their minds to trying out new things and make their eye, hand, and mind coordination super great.

It is fun and engaging.

While plating with a rim in your door and relaxing on the bed, you can enjoy yourself. When trying to solve an issue and you are throwing the ball around, it opens a new door of possibilities.

It is a cool and stress relieving item.

When you are in your office working, and the work you are doing is giving you a hard time. You can take the ball and start scoring those points, engaging in another activity will take your mind off any worry about the office work you are doing.

Relatively cheap.

These hoops are very cheap, and usually, they are sold at half price the price of the outdoor hoops. This makes them many budgets friendly.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost varies depending on various retailers. It cost approximately $20-50.However; you can land on some deals and discounts which make the price to be much cheaper than the initial cost. The most important thing is to find a trusted and reliable retailer where you can purchase a quality back of door hoop.

electronic over the door basketball hoop

Back of Door Basketball Hoop vs. In Ground Basketball Hoops

Back of the door, basketball hoops are the ones that can be mounted on your door. The might have a strap that you can fix your door, and you can adjust the height of the rim according to the desired height that you want. Others have a simple backboard that you can mount on the door, and you can play basket as you wish.

An in ground basketball hoop is the one that can be fixed in the ground. Most of the basketballs are in the ground because this will provide more stability, with much stability you will be able to try those dunks because they are the best you can try while playing. Some in-ground basketball hoops are adjustable, especially for children; they can be adjusted the height you want.

Can Adult Use Back of Door Basketball Hoop?

Yes, adults can very much use the backdoor basketball hoop. They are simple, and you can have them in your room such that when relaxing with your child, you can have fun together by trying to outscore each other. You can also have it, and it will enable you to relax or cool down when you are overthinking, it assists a lot to be focused on something else.

Different types of Basketball Hoops Reviews:

Other Considerations on Buying Best Back of Door Basketball Hoop

Basketball, since the invention is a great game, we all have just to take the ball and start scoring those points. You somehow have to plan yourself and purchase a hoop for yourself to be competent and know every basic to play basketball. Buying a hoop is not just as easy as walking to a store and picking it to take it home.

Before buying a back door basketball hoop, you should know this:

Types of basketball hoops

There are a lot of hoops you can purchase to use in playing basketball that you can fix in your door.

Door basketball hoop

They are fixed on the door, and some have a strap that, when fixed on the door, you can change the height of the rim as you wish.

Others are fixed on the door at a certain height or maybe be changing position permanently by removing the whole rim.


The rims are an excellent asset for any hoop. You can choose rims that come in various shapes like:

Standard rim

It is a common type of rim; they are simple in design and very cheap. Having them at your door won’t cost you. The standard rim is just for leisure, and you can go for this in your office or bedroom.

The rim doesn’t have the backboard to mean every time you miss to score; you will be hitting the door.

Spring breakaway rims

They are more advance and are designed for professional basketball games. These rims are costly and classy. They are big enough, and you can dunk on them, but you do not need to do that in your office. They will give your room or office a beautiful look, but when relaxing and scoring the baskets, it offers much satisfaction.

Most of these rims have the backboard that protects the ball from hitting the door as you play.

Rim stability

Above all, when choosing a rim, ensure you go for the top quality products. The rims made of plastic are the best for the back door installation because you won’t be jumping on the rim.


The back door hoops may have a backboard or not. The backboard is essential in controlling and coordinating the ball. The backboards are usually made of plastic, and this will assist in holding the rim in position. You can go for the one made of tempered glass, which is more expensive and is used for making backboards for hoops used professional basketball games.
Having a backboard of your little hoop made of tempered glass will give it a classy look.

How to Hang a Back of Door Basketball on the Door?

You don’t need several tools to hang a back of door basketball hoop on the door. Perhaps, only the screwdriver for tightening the screws while assembling. You should also note that the installation process for each hoop varies. You may check the installation manual for your model. However, you need to ensure it comes with the door mounts that you can know by reading the customer reviews.

Though here is how the most back of door basketball hoops are hanged:

● Once you have successfully assembled your basketball hoop, attach the door mounts to it.
● The door mounts will be in U-shape and you need to hang them on the center-top of your door.
● You can then close the door for added stability and start shooting.


Can I dunk on the over the door basketball hoop?

Yes, you can dunk on the over-the-door basketball hoop if it is made with durable material. A stud tempered glass board or polycarbonate board can withstand powerful dunks without losing their durability. You also need to ensure that the backboard has sufficient padding to prevent damage to your door.

Top 3 Best Back of Door Basketball Hoops

Best Types Recommended models
Best Back of Door Basketball Hoop Sklz Pro Mini Basketball Hoop
Best Type with Light Franklin Sports Over the Door Mini Basketball Hoop
Best One with Auto Shoot Franklin Sport Mini Basketball Hoop