The 11 Best Basketball Hoop in Bedroom Reviews – Mini Bedroom Hoops For Kids

The best basketball hoop in bedroom allows you to play basketball at home, by exercising your upper muscles, you will get great relaxation after tiring work. Even for small kids, they are able to enjoy their bedtime entertainment with the small bedroom basketball hoops.

To find your suitable product, we listed several worth buying mini basketball hoops for the bedroom and made expert reviews. Now, let’s start!

What Is the Best Basketball Hoop in Bedroom on the Market?

Picking the Best Bedroom Door Basketball Hoops

How To Pick Basketball Hoop in Bedroom

To find out the best basketball hoop for using in a bedroom different hoops currently available to buy were compared, and the best one will be named below. Various criteria were used to determine the best hoop overall, such as cost, pros, and cons, special features, and ease of use.

Also look into how easy the hoops are to set up, how robust they are, and if there are any safety concerns. These are some of the most important criteria for selecting the best basketball hoop for use in a bedroom:

personalized basketball hoop for bedroom

  • Easy to install and set up hoops – nobody wants to waste hours setting up a hoop or having to go to a hardware store to find the best tools to put everything together
  • Hoops, backboards, and nets to be made of durable materials so that the sets last for a long time, weak materials will not survive kids and teenagers shooting hoops for hours at a time
  • Basketball hoops that will not cause damage to doors, for instance being supplied with foam so that hoops and backboards do not dent or scratch doors – also screws are not too long or do not have jagged edges
  • Hoops to hang securely over doors to make sure that kids and teenagers can play safely and not have to stop to put the hoop back over the door
  • To have no or very few plastic parts, as plastic cannot take the same amount of punishment that metal and polycarbonate can withstand
  • For older kids and teenagers it is worth considering a hoop that has breakaway features meaning the hoop should go back into position after a slam dunk
  • Some buyers prefer to buy hoop sets that include a pump
  • Basketball hoop sets that include instructions as some sets are more complicated than others

The Benefits of Using Basketball Hoop in Bedroom

There are a variety of benefits of hoops in bedrooms:

  1. You can practice a few shots while relaxing in your room
  2. Have some fun whenever you want to
  3. Takes you away from looking at the TV, computer screen or games console
  4. Have basketball fun with family or friends without going outside
  5. Opt for more fun with glow in the dark hoop and ball sets
  6. Gifts for kids and possibly adults that will provide hours of fun
  7. Exercise without having to go out into the back yard or garden
  8. Provides relief from lockdown boredom

Reviews of Basketball Hoop in Bedroom

1. Best Basketball Hoop In Bedroom – The SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop

indoor basketball hoop for bedroom



The SKLZ mini basketball hoop, stand and ball glows in the dark. Well made hoop and polycarbonate shatterproof board that stay in place with a 5″ mini basketball included in the set. Easy to set up and take down mini hoop set, kids and teens can have hours of fun in their rooms, though no age limit to shooting hoops in a bedroom.


  • Both ball and hoop glow in the dark making it more fun for younger kids
  • Set is easy to set up, use and then remove
  • Well made board and solid steel basketball hoop
  • The backboard is made of polycarbonate and it is shatterproof
  • Ideal gifts, kids or grandkids will love to play with it for hours at a time


  • Some kids may find the ball a bit too heavy and if rooms are full of breakable things it might be wise to replace it with a foam ball, also the ball is load depending on the flooring in bedrooms



2. Mini Basketball Hoop For Bedroom – The Spalding NBA Jam Over-The-Door Mini Basketball Hoop

wall mount basketball hoop for bedroom



The Spalding mini basketball hoop set includes the 9″ steel rim hoop, a 5″ mini rubber basketball, a polycarbonate backboard, and is designed to hook over bedroom doors and is for indoor use only. This hoop is modestly priced and although it is imported should last a while provided that it is used with care. It only hooks over standard sized doors so if the doors in your place are larger it may be worth measuring them before buying this set.


  • Easy to set up and the sellers provide a little tool that helps with fitting
  • The basketball is of good quality considering the modest cost and it can be pumped up
  • Will hang over standard sized internal doors to provide hours of fun
  • The ring is sturdy and the backboard is reasonably strong


  • Perfect for indoor use only



3. Basketball Hoop for Bedroom Wall – The GoSports Basketball Door Hoop

mini basketball hoop for bedroom



This premium mini basketball hoop from GoSports includes 3 mini basketballs and a pump, the set costs a little more yet it is good value for money with 3 balls and a pump. The balls are well made and the set is a good gift for fans of basketball, for kids and just the young at heart.


  • Good value for money mini hoop with 3 basketballs
  • Includes a pump for inflating the 3 balls
  • More players can play as there are 3 balls
  • Easy to fit backboard and hoop that fit over the door
  • It has a breakaway action rim, meaning that the ring springs back into place after every slam dunk


  • Made of plastic



4. Indoor Basketball Hoop For Bedroom – The Franklin Sports Over The Door

basketball hoop in bedroom



This set from Franklin Sports is slam dunk approved so that it is a hardwearing hoop with a shatter-resistant backboard. It has accessories included such as a pump, 5 ” mini ball, and tools to make installation quick and simple. This hoop is designed in the United States by a team that loves to play basketball. Only the best and most durable materials are used to make that the set can be used for a long time without damaging the door it is hungover. It might cost a little more yet it is worth every single cent due to the attention to detail and the great care taken when making this product.


  • Slam Dunk Approved basketball hoop made in the United States to high specifications
  • Shatter Resistant backboard for countless hours of fun
  • Accessories include mini basketball, pump, and tools for fitting the hoop, even a thick piece of foam so the backboard does not harm the door
  • It is well made and even teenagers could find it very difficult to break the backboard
  • Takes less than 5 minutes to put together and the instruction is clear


  • Kids will want to play with this hoop for hours, which would not be so bad if it was not so loud when the board hits the door



5. Wall Mounted For Bedroom – The AOKESI Indoor Mini Basketball Hoop

best bedroom basketball hoop



This AOKESI mini hoop includes 2 mini basketballs, a hoop, a backboard, and small metal tools to quickly put it together. The ring and board are backed with foam to prevent damage to doors. It includes a handy little pump and although there are no instructions everything can be assembled within minutes. It is a mid-range product in terms of price, and does the job well, especially if you follow the advice of covering the tips of the bolts to prevent doors from getting scratched.


  • Easy to put together hoop with backboard you will not even be bothered that there are no instructions included
  • The hoop will break away after a slam dunk as it has a spring back feature
  • Set includes 2 mini basketballs and the tools to put it together
  • Sturdy hoop, basket net and backboard make it a durable product


  • There are no assembly instructions included



6. Mini Hoops and Ball For Bedroom – Indoor Mini Basketball Hoop and Balls

basketball bedroom hoop



This basketball hoop set is produced by the Long Game and includes two mini basketballs. It is designed to be used regularly and to last for years, with a steel hoop and a clear polycarbonate backboard. The hoop can be assembled and put up within minutes using the tools provided with the set. The kit contains tools to assemble the hoop and a pump. The balls are made of rubber and not foam, while there is foam to prevent the backboard damaging doors.


  • Tough and durable hoop and backboard
  • Easy to assemble the product, can be shooting hoops within minutes
  • Set includes two mini basketballs that can be used for endless slam dunks
  • Hoop has a breakaway feature, it will spring back into place after every single slam dunk


  • The hoop does not always spring back to it’s original after every slam dunk



7. Automatic Personalized Hoops For Bedroom – The Franklin Sports Mini Basketball Hoop

basketball hoop for bedroom wall



This product from Franklin includes a rebounder to pass the mini basketball back so the player can maintain their momentum. Set includes a foam mini basketball and an electronic scoreboard that announces the score. It has a sturdy steel hoop as well as a backboard. It is simple to set up and use. You will need batteries to power the rebounder and scoreboard while it will only work with the ball supplied.


  • Fitted with a rebounder system that will automatically return the foam ball
  • Straightforward to put the hoop, scoreboard, and backboard into place
  • Featuring an electronic scoreboard that announces the scores
  • Hoop, scoreboard, and backboard made from durable materials


  • Need battery



8. Kids Use Bedroom Hoop – The NBA Game On Indoor Basketball Hoop & Ball Set

bedroom hoop



Five inches small backboard frees much space on your bedroom wall, polycarbonate material prolongs the service life and enables you to play with your kids anytime possible. If you worry much about the assembly, then this is definitely the most worth buying one, thanks to its easy assembly. When selecting, there are different types and patterns available for customized preference for your kids.


  • Pick the hoop set with the logo of your favorite NBA franchise – makes it an even better gift
  • The franchise logo is on the backboard and all other features are the same
  • Really easy to assemble without the need for extra tools
  • Comes complete with a mini basketball, hoop and backboard


  • The ball is a bit hard



9. Best Arcade For Kids – The Kiddie Play Kids Basketball Hoop Arcade Game

best bedroom basketball hoop



This basketball arcade game is supplied with two 7″ basketballs and a pump. It comes with a storage mesh box that goes underneath the hoop meaning that it is free-standing instead of needing to be hung over a door. It is simple to put together with no screws or tools required as the frame slots together.


  • Sturdy hoop that rests on top of a mesh storage box so it is freestanding
  • Set includes two 7″ basketballs and also a pump
  • Easy to slot together frame and hoop with no screws or tools
  • It has a lightweight frame


  • Not suitable for kids under 4 years old use



10. Safe Arcade For Kids –  The AOKESI Indoor Mini Basketball Hoop with 2 Balls 

personalized basketball hoop for bedroom



This AOKESI hoop comes with two mini basketballs and a pump. Mainly intended for kids to play at home, yet also good for office workers looking for a reason not to complete their paperwork just yet. Sturdy steel hoop with a polycarbonate backboard and it is easy to assemble. Great gift idea for kids and adults looking for relaxation at work.


  • Ideal for home or office use (when the boss is not watching)
  • Sturdy hoop with a strong backboard
  • Easy to assemble and store away when not in use
  • Includes two 5″ rubber mini basketballs and a pump


  • The backboard bangs against the door loudly



11. The Ideas in Life Basketball Laundry Hamper Clothes Basket

mini basketball hoop and ball for bedroom



Ideas in Motion bring you a mini basketball hoop with a difference, it is a hoop that makes it fun for kids to put their clothes into the laundry basket placed underneath it. You receive the mini hoop and the backboard but no mini basketballs or pump. It is easy to assemble.


  • Cute idea to get younger kids to put their clothes in their laundry basket
  • Easy to assemble steel hoop with backboard
  • Lower cost as balls and pump not included


  • Not suitable for dunking



The Winner of The Best Basketball Hoop in Bedroom

Overall the Franklin Sports Over The Door Mini Basketball Hoop is the best of the mini basketball hoops reviewed. It is a well-made product able to survive two or three teenagers slam-dunking with it a couple of hours every day. The only drawback is that it is loud, so parents may want to invest in earplugs as a small cost for keeping their kids entertained for hour after hour.

basketball hoop in bedroom

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