Is A 44-inch Backboard Big Enough?

Backboards are becoming an essential part of everyone’s driveways these days. More and more people are getting them installed in their suburban homes. Playing in your backyard, especially in this period of world lockdown situations, is essential to keep yourself active. You do not have to be a skilled basketball player to have a backboard; anyone can get them. Shooting hops and playing with your family members is the main reason why people have backboards installed. Demand for the backboards has seen a rise since the start of the pandemic, where many countries have taken up a stay indoors policy. Therefore, people are looking into home backboards to keep them entertained and exercised. Professional basketball players are also doing home training with this equipment.

playing with 44 inch basketball hoop

The 44-inch Backboard

The standard backboard size ranges from 44 inches to 72 inches. A 44-inch backboard is sufficient, especially for a driveway. It is the smallest of the recommended backboards. If you are a beginner or just having fun with basketball, then the 44-inch backboard is what you need. It does not take up a lot of space and is easy to practice shoots. The backboards come in different shapes. The standard one is rectangular. The rectangular-shaped one is easy to shoot hoops in; the second shape is the fan, which is bought because it does not occupy an ample space.

The Material of the 44-inch Backboard

The material used to make a backboard varies from board to board. It is essential to choose a robust, durable material because it determines the buoyancy of your ball. It is also vital because the hoop’s durability largely depends on the type of material.

is 44 inch basketball hoop big enough

• Tempered glass

Tempered glass is a type of glass that has been strengthened by the use of heat and other chemicals. It does not break easily and therefore is perfect for a backboard because it bounces off it quickly. The tempered glass is also scratch-resistant, meaning the board will last for long without replacing it. Tempered glass boards are the most proffered type of boards. They can last for longer periods without the need for a replacement any sooner and look fashionable as it is one of the recent backboard trends in basketball.

• Acrylic backboards

Acrylic backboards appear similar to glass. However, they are a lot cheaper. The bounce of the ball cannot be compared to that of tempered glass. However, the board is light does not take up a lot of space. This can also be a good deal for individuals with less space and what to invest in a cheaper glass backboard.

• Polycarbonate backboards

A polycarbonate backboard is a very durable one. It is resistant to any weather, including the rains. It offers the same bounce acrylic boards provide.

Different Types of 44-inch Backboard

There are different types of backboards, and this does not mean the material used but the functionality. The boards are connected to hoops that determine where they are placed.

• Inground

These are hoops that are permanently stuck on the ground. They are cemented to the ground and therefore provide a lot of support. If you are a family that has bought a permanent family home, then this is the hoop for you. The in-ground hoops come with features that allow you to adjust the height according to a person’s size or skills.

• The portables

The hoops are opposite of the in-ground hoops. These can be moved from place to place. That is made possible by wheels. However, they do not offer as much support as the permanent hoops. They are best for little kids because they can be moved both indoors and outdoors. They also have adjustable features.

• The mounted

These are generally a backboard and hoop placed on a high surface like a door or a wall. The downside to these kinds of hoops is that they cannot be easily adjusted and therefore make it difficult for smaller children to use.

The 44-inch backboard is a good start for a family that is looking to shoot some hoops. The backboard does not take up a lot of space, leaving no room for you to use the driveway. It is also not a big distraction. Your kids, both big and small, can use the board and enjoy their time at home.