What Hoops Does NBA Hoop Use?

Basketball is a very interesting game and if you’re an NBA fan you understand what I mean. There are different types of Hoops available in the market and most people have been asking about the NBA basketball hoops and the functional difference from the other types of hoops available.

Well, I must admit that the NBA is the Pinnacle of basketball hence the hoops being used are designed to display explicit performance and quality. They are mainly used for professionals who have mastered skills since it allows them to have exciting gaming experiences and it also provides a platform in which they can showcase their skills.

NBA hoops are technically different in terms of features, quality, and performance. Therefore, NBA hoops use double rims which enhances its functional performance. This is because it is much easier to score on a single rim than a double rim. Therefore, since NBA basketball is a bit competitive and it is an arena where players can display their talents and professionalism in basketball, most of these hoops come with a double rim to make it a more competitive and exciting gaming experience.

Additionally, the height of the NBA hoop is approximately 10 feet this came to be after James Naismith roll out the decision on having a 10 feet height for the NBA hoops. This is because the height requirement for an NBA player was set to be more than 6 feet that is why up-to-date you can find the tallest players from the NBA because of this height requirement.

How Tall Are NBA Hoops?

In most gyms and courts, the Standard NBA hoop or net is 10-feet away from the ground. It has always been 10-feet high for almost 130 years since the creation of the sport. As it just so happens to be the only part of the game which remains the same. Ever since Dr. James Naismith hung a peach basket 10 feet from the running track in the first-ever baseball game.

About NBA Hoop Rims

These are tensile carbon steel rings or hoops which are usually handmade. The thickness of the ring is about 5 or 8 inches (a single rim) and its internal diameter is 18 inches. The NBA hoop rims are supported by a backplate attached to the backboard. Which absorbs the stress of the steel rim(s) with its 0.1875 – 0.25 inches thick backplate.

Types of NBA Rims

There are two types of rims. They include the single rim and the double rim. What’s the difference? Single rims are the ones with the 5 or 8 inches thickness while the double rims are two single rims stacked over each other.

single rim and double rim

Why? The type of rim determines how easy a basketballer could make points. For instance, single rims were originally used and points were far easier to make. Even if the player’s shots were not delicate enough. This then led to the introduction of a double rim (two single rims stacked over one another). Which was far harder to make points with. As the wrong shot power or angle at which you shoot could cause the ball to fly out of the rim (abortions).

What type of rims is used by the NBA? The NBA officially makes use of carbon steel rims with a thickness that matches two single rims (10 or 16 inches) being stacked over each other.

What is the Official NBA Backboard Size?

The NBA Official backboard consists of a Rectangular board with a 6 feet long horizontal length and a 3.5 feet long vertical length. It’s flat, transparent, and it possesses a 2-inch white-colored Rectangle at the center.

About NBA Basketball Used for NBA Hoops

The NBA official ball consists of an inflatable rubber bladder on the inside that is surrounded by layers of Fiber. Which is then covered with either leather, synthetic composite, or rubber. Its outer layer design consists of a usually orangish-brown surface with some black rib-lines, and possibly a brand logo. Like the Spalding or Wilson label.

What ball size does the NBA use? Both men’s FIBA and the NBA make use of Size 7 Ball (75 centimeters of circumference). While the WNBA makes use of a size 6 with a circumference of 72.5cm.

The NBA has officially patterned with Wilson to provide balls for game time. Their balls possess unique features. One of them consists of a 100% genuine leather cover, as it offers top-most convenience. How? Before bouncing, the ball’s outer surface would feel sleek. But after bouncing the leather would begin to loosen up till it becomes somewhat clenchable.

So the more you play, the better your balling experience. Another great feature is the air retention lining which makes the ball last longer before the next pump. Along with its well-constructed seams for improved playing ergonomics.

How Much Does an NBA Hoop Cost?

You can get yourself an original official NBA ball for about $200 in any online store or physical store as well.

NBA Professional Basketball Hoop Recommend

Some of the professional NBA hoops used are:

Spalding arena pro 180 goal

spalding arena basketball hoop

This is one of the most recommended NBA hoops that are designed with a 180-degree breakaway action that allows slamming and dunks. This product offers high performance with a factory-calibrated elasticity to meet the needs. It is also equipped with a padded plate to prevent pinching and to serve as a protective feature for the fingers. Its cover plate is also padded to reduce sound produced when a score is made. Additionally, it comes to a universal mounting system and a unique spring that allows it to accommodate the impact.

Spalding NBA in-ground basketball hoop

nba inground basketball hoops

This is yet another high-quality NBA basketball hoop that comes with a 60-inch backboard that is made using tempered glass. This is for professional use because of its rigidity and quality that has been used to give a perfect and satisfying performance. The adjustment is incredibly stable with an overhang of 24 inches; a distance between the baseline and the backboard. Additionally, it has a height of 7.5 to 10 feet which is as per the recommendation of NBA hoops.

Therefore when choosing an NBA rim it is important to consider a breakaway rim that can accommodate impact and it can allow the player to be comfortable and dunk or hang on the rim. These are made using quality springs to facilitate a breakaway mechanism. Additionally, an official NBA Court as a baseline distance between the backboard is set to provide room for dribbling and attacking without tampering with the supporting pole.

The materials used in making these hoops are high-quality tempered glass for professional backboards. The size of these backboards can be as wide up to 72 inches that can weigh up to 100 lbs thus enhancing the professional basketball experience. They also offer height adjustment which makes it customizable to accommodate various preferences and needs.


Most of the NBA hoops are expensive but they are worth the price because they are made using high-quality materials to ensure needs are met precisely. They have standard specifications which are ideal for professional use. Therefore if you’re a beginner you might have to start with more customizable basketball hoops that’ll give you a better platform to sharpen your basketball skills before you advanced to using NBA basketball hoops. The most important thing is to ensure you purchase the right product

Some certified dealers are licensed to sell NBA hoops as per the manufacturer’s policies and recommendations. A good basketball hoop brings an exciting game experience that will facilitate perfect shots and powerful dunks as you advance your skill level. All you need Is to identify the best product that will suit your needs and budget effectively so that you don’t end up spending all the money