What Types of Basketball Hoops That You Can Dunk On?

Basketball is a popular game all over the world making it fun to play, watch, or even follow big names in basketball. However, basketball is a fun game when played with ergonomic hoops that allow you to dunk as hard as possible. However, not all basketball hoops allow dunking in basketball. Therefore it is important to know whether your basketball hoop allows tough dunking or not.

Dunking requires a sturdy and durable hoop to handle the extra weight. Basketball hoops that allow dunking are mainly made of breakaway rims to handle the power and weight, as well as shatterproof backboards that don’t bend or vibrate when dunking. This article will provide you with different information about basketball hoops that you can dunk on as well as other frequently asked questions about the same.


dunk hoopsWhat is a Slam Dunk in Basketball?

Slam dunk is a very famous and impressive move in basketball that involves a player jumping vertically and controlling the basketball above the rim height and finally directly putting the basketball into the basket. This is done either with a single hand or both hands working above the ring. Slam dunk is a spectacular basketball shot and is also referred to as a simply dunk.


Can You Dunk on a Portable Basketball Hoop?

If you are a basketball fan or professional player, dunking is one very tempting thing whenever you see your basketball hoop. Dunking is one of the best moments when playing basketball, however, dunking requires great support due to the extra power and weight when dunking. Also, dunking helps in enhancing successful shoots and it feels and looks cool.

However, most of portable basketball hoops are not designed to handle dunking due to the great stability and sturdiness required. Despite this fact, some of the portable basketball hoops are designed to handle dunking and hence up for the challenge. This is determined by the material construction and design. Portable basketball that allows dunking feature breakaway rims and angled stand design. Therefore, it is not true to say that portable basketball does not allow dunking, however, only a few portable hoops allow dunking.


How Do You Secure a Portable Basketball Hoop?

Before embarking on how to secure your portable basketball hoop, it is important that you enhance your safety measures to prevent unforeseen injuries. Then prepare all the required tools to help in securing your portable hoop.


Spanner, hoop anchor, eyehook screw(industrial-size), strap, bricks, sandbag, hammer, and protective gear.

Step 1.

The first step involves fixing the trunk firmly into the ground. The trunk is the part that holds the basketball hoop in place and suspending. This is the vertical shaft of the hoop and it is responsible for providing stability and support to the basketball hoop.

Fixing the trunk depends on the make design of the trunk base. Some will require you to make a hole while others are designed to be fixed without making a hole. Ensure that the base is well fixed and firm to avoid shaking. Another thing to consider while fixing the trunk is the soil type. Different types of soils have varied strengths which constitute the overall stability.

Step 2.

This involves adding more weight to the base. After firmly fixing the trunk, you need to add more weight to reinforce the base. Some of the weights that you can use to reinforce are water, sandbags, bricks among others. This is an essential step especially for areas with strong winds and hurricanes. This is because strong winds and hurricanes are known to flip the hoop regardless of the proper basic installation. However, it is good to note that the additional weights pose unforeseen hazards.

Step 3.

This step involves using straps to fasten the base further. Usually, the base of the portable basketball hoop is the main support and stability determinant. To fasten the straps, use an eyehook screw or a large spanner. This will ensure that you firmly fix the straps into the ground, as you will drive the screws as deep as possible into the ground. After fixing the screws on both sides of the base, lay the strap over from one screw to the other and fasten it as possible.

Step 4.

This involves propping the trunk for additional support and maintaining the base upright position. To prop the trunk, use a hook anchor. This is the best tool for this role as it is very strong and has a firm base. Propping the trunk helps in additional support against harsh weather conditions.

Step 5.

This is the final step and involves testing how efficient and robust is the base. This can be done by hitting the hoop extremely hard with a basketball or trying to carefully jump on the hoop taking precautions on any accident. If the hoop is good to go, then it’s done, or in case of any doubts, you can fasten the screws tighter or add more reinforcement weights.


Can You Dunk on a Wall-mounted Basketball Hoop and Why?

The answer is either yes or no, depending on two factors: the type of your hoop and your wall. Yes, you can dunk on a wall-mounted hoop. This is because some of the wall-mounted hoops are designed to handle dunking and consists of slam rims or breakaway rims that are technically designed for the challenge. Also, some of the walls are well designed with great support to handle dunking.

On the other hand, you cannot dunk on a wall-mounted hoop as it not safe and secure to dunk. Also, the wall might not be well supported to support the extra weight and force during dunking. However, we recommend avoiding dunking as much as possible on a wall-mounted hoop, this will help in ensuring that your hoop lasts as much as possible.


Can You Dunk on an In-ground Basketball Hoop and Why?

Yes, you can dunk on an in-ground basketball hoop. Usually, most in-ground hoops are designed for all kind of dunking by both professionals and less skilled basketball players. This is because most in-ground hoops are designed with quality materials that allow dunking, for instance, breakaway rims. Also, in-ground basketball hoops consist of a very firm and stable base construction. This allows you to dunk the ball to your best without fearing unforeseen accidents related to the base, unlike the case with portable basketball hoops.


What Kind of Backboard Should I Get? Which Kind Basketball Hoops That You Can Dunk On?

The best backboard is determined by the material construction of the backboard and similarly to dunking. With no doubts, the best backboard for dunking is the NBA standard backboard. Usually, the backboard used for professional NBA, high school, and college basketball is made of tempered glass.

Tempered glass is the official and standard backboard material for indoor basketball. The tempered glass backboard is made of hardened glass to allow perfect ball-bounce on the backboard. Also, the hardening is a safety measure, this allows the glass to shatter into small marble size crumbs in case of breakage. However, this is the best material for indoor basketball.

Tempered Glass Backboard Hoop

  • PRO-STYLE LOOK AND PERFORMANCE - Clear View tempered glass backboard delivers pro-style look and rebound performance
  • POWDER-COATED STEEL - Black anodized frame creates a professional, arena-style appearance
  • MOVE YOUR HOOP WITH YOU - In-ground anchor kit system cured in concrete with the option to unbolt and move goal, anchor kit included
  • INNOVATIVE STEEL POLE DESIGN - Uncompromising strength and stability supported by Three-Point Technology. Includes anchor kit system.
  • INCREASE STABILITY - Foundational strength of 1-piece main pole mounted to concrete anchor. SHIPS IN 3 BOXES

Another versatile material for the backboard is the acrylic material. This can be used for outdoor basketball although, it is affected by direct sunlight and weather. However, a clear acrylic backboard is another option with versatile features for playing basketball although not compared to tempered glass backboard.

Acrylic Backboard Hoop

  • Board size: 54" x 32"
  • Acrylic board with arena-style padding
  • Steel board frame with aluminum trim
  • Arena Slam breakaway rim
  • Designed for outdoor residential play


How to Dunk on Basketball Games?

The first key factors that determine successful dunking is athleticism and height. Dunking is not for everybody, especially the short individuals less than 5 feet, dunking is not their thing. Also, body weight is another factor that will lead to your success or failure.

The first step of dunking is building your strength. This is enhanced by engaging in specific exercises like lunges, squats, leg press among others. After building your strength, then develop your vertical power. This is accomplished by enhancing your power, which is attained by improving your speed and strength through exercises that enhance speed and strength.

The second step is enhancing your jump to the maximum. To get to your highest height, jump with one foot while one hand reaches the rim. For instance, right-handed individuals should run from the left side and jump off with the left foot with the right hand having the ball ready to dunk. However, dunking is not as simple as explained, it is a matter of exercise until you get there comfortably.

slam dunk basketball hoop

How Hard is It to Dunk a Basketball?

Once again, dunking is not meant for all. Almost all basketball players wish to dunk, however, it’s so unfortunate with them. Dunking is a very hard technique in basketball playing, no wonder it is awarded more points. Dunking involves a matter of daily exercises and workouts, building your strength, power, speed, and stability, as well as keeping fit generally.


When Was Dunking Not Allowed in Basketball?

Dunking was banned by NCAA back in 1967-1968 season. This was due to the many injuries associated with dunking in the previous season. NCAA banned dunking almost for nine years but on the other hand, the NBA allowed dunking in the 1970s.


Why Was Dunking Illegal?

Dunking was declared illegal back in the 1967-1968 season. This was after so many players being injured around the backboard and when trying to dunk or dunking in the previous season. The injuries associated with dunking were more than 1500 in the previous season.


Is Dunking Impressive?

Every basketball fan or player will agree with me that dunking is the most impressive thing in basketball. Dunking is the thing that will fill the basketball fans with cheers and psyched up while the opponent team’s ego is lowered to the ground. That is how impressive and powerful dunking is.


How to Increase Vertical Jump to Dunk?

Despite your height, exercising is the key to improve your vertical jump. General exercise is important in improving your body fitness as well as flexibility. However, exercising with the aim of increasing your vertical jump/leap involves specific exercises. Generally, there are specific exercises that help certain leg muscles that are very essential when jumping. These exercises involve combining your basketball drills with athleticism and fitness training meant specifically for improving the leg speed and muscle strength.


Dunking Games to Play

Dunking games are types of basketball games that require the prayer to dunk the ball through the basket as many times as possible. There are many dunking games in basketball including dunkers, bouncy dunk, basketball slam dunk, basketball simulator, dunk shot, flappy dunk, dunk line, among others. The difference between these dunking games and basketball is that basketball involves throwing the ball with the aim of landing the ball in the ring, while dunking games involve getting the ball into the basket yourself instead of throwing.


How Tall Do You Have to Be to Dunk?

slam dunk hoops

Dunking is not an easy move and usually not a move for the short players. For an impressive dunk and a professional dunk, you have to jump more than 35 inches high. Otherwise, for professional NBA players, some of the players jump over 40 inches high giving very impressive and spectacular dunks. Therefore, regardless of your height, if you are capable of jumping vertically to such heights, then sure enough you can make great dunks.

However, dunking for short people becomes tough. Generally, the recommended minimum height to easily dunk is 6 feet. However, it does not mean that the 6 feet person will dunk that easily, it is after proper exercising and training. Otherwise, for the 6 feet person to jump to the rim height, he/she requires to jump up to 24 inches, and 30 inches to dunk the standard size basketball. For a lower height than 6 feet, then dunking becomes tougher but not impossible.


In conclusion, the above article has explained different things concerning basketball hoops and dunking in basketball. It is my hope that the article is of help to you and that we answered your question about dunking and which are the best hoops to dunk on.