What Is a Double Rim Basketball Hoop?

Basketball is one of the popular sports all over the globe. Traditionally, you can only play basketball using the single rim basketball hoop. However, in modern times, there’s now the double rim basketball hoop.

You may then wonder if there’s any difference between the single rim and the double rim, or which should be preferred over the other. We will hold you by the hands here to explain to you what a double rim basketball hoop means, the difference between the double rim and single rim, among others.

What Is a Double Rim Basketball Hoop?

A double rim basketball hoop has two different rims. These rims are not separately clustered together, rather, they are tightly clustered together.

It’s is very much thick in texture. Specifically, it’s 4 inches thick. It’s two times thicker than the single rim. This makes it highly durable.

what is double rim basketball hoop


Why Was the Double Rim Invented?

Double rim is more durable and can stand the test of time. It doesn’t easily break away. You can comfortably hang on the rims without it getting bent. So, if you want a rim that will last longer, you should consider getting a double rim.
Double rim can withstand different environmental, weather conditions, and other outdoor elements.
Double rim greatly improve the efficiency of players. This is because players will have to shoot into the center, otherwise their shot will be deflected and gets off-target. Players will have to shoot with a precise shot arc, thereby increasing the shooting accuracy of players.


Are Double Rims Good?

Yes, double rims are good. Notwithstanding how stressful it appears to players, they are good.

Double rims help players to develop good jump shots.

This is because players must not use aggressive force when shooting, otherwise, the ball will go off-direction when it hit the rim.

Double rims are quite thick, strong, and can withstand the test of time.

This makes them the go-to for public basketball courts. Because several players will continuously use and hang on the rim in the public basketball court, double rims are the best bet.

The baskets around double rimmed basketball hoops are always lower and perfectly match school children’s height.

This makes them highly suitable for school children.

Double rims are also cost-effective.

Because of their durability, there’s no need for you to continuously change them.

They bring the best out of players as the players cannot rely on the rims to score.


Single Rim Hoop vs. Double Rim Hoop

Even though both single and double rims are used in playing basketball, they however have their peculiar differences.

double rim hoop vs. single rim hoop

  • It’s easier for a player to score on a single rim than on a double rim. Even for professional players, it’s comparatively difficult to score on a double rim.
  • The single rim is the most suitable for amateur players and youngsters who are just finding their feet in basketball playing. Conversely, the double rim is the most suitable for professional players who keep honing their skills.
  • It is generally less stressful than a double rim hoop. A double rim hoop is however more tasking.
  • A single rim hoop is not durable as a double rim hoop. If any player hangs on a single rim quite much, it might break off. This is however not the case for double hoops. The double hoop is way durable.
  • Because of its simplicity, a single rim can wrongly make a player assume he is a professional when he is none.
  • Single rim doesn’t also improve players’ efficiency and accuracy like the double rim. Players do not need to shoot using a higher arc. Conversely, because of its thickness, double rim requires players to shoot using a higher arc.
  • The single rim is less expensive to purchase when compared with the double rim. However, the double rim has overall cost-effectiveness over the single rim.

You may now wonder between both single and double rim hoops, which is the most suitable for you to choose. Well, in choosing a suitable time, there are certain factors you should consider before choosing one.

Consider your expertise in basketball. If you’re a professional basketball player, you should choose a double rim over a single rim. As stated earlier, an amateur player should consider choosing a single rim.

Also, consider the reason why you’re playing. If you’re playing basketball just for the fun of it with no professional aspiration, you should consider choosing a single rim over a double rim. However, if you’re playing to develop your skill, then you should choose a double rim.


Is It Harder to Shoot a Basketball into a Double Rim Basketball Hoop?

Yes, it is difficult to shoot the basketball into a double rim basketball hoop. Generally, the thickness of the rim makes it difficult to shoot.
Players must gently touch the ball otherwise the ball will go off-direction when it hit the rim. This also makes the shoot difficult.

There’s also a difficulty for the ball to always bounce when players kick it. Players cannot depend on bouncing for their shot to go in. Also, players cannot support their shot with the edge.


How to Shoot Against a Double Rim?

– Look up to the basketball net and aim for a Swish.
– Gently shoot the ball.
– Shoot with a higher arc, otherwise, the ball will go off the direction.


Are NBA Hoops Double Rimmed?

There is no official notice or release from the NBA explicitly indicating whether it’s using double-rimmed hoops to single-rimmed hoops. Therefore, we will have to glean this from the NBA practices.

– Up until 2009, the NBA uses single rimmed hoop.
– However, currently, the NBA now uses the double-rimmed hoop.
– Therefore, the NBA uses double-rimmed.



Among others, we’ve taken you through what double rim means and why it was invented. We consider whether the double rim is good. We contrasted a single rim hoop with a double rim hoop, and we also consider how to shoot again in a double rim hoop. In choosing your choice of rim, do keep in mind all that we’ve highlighted above.