How Much Does A Basketball Hoop Cost?

We’ve all had that addictive feeling to just keep playing basketball and just one more basket. Let’s admit it, curling your wrist to make a throw becomes a habit, even when there’s no game going on. That desire to take the court at home- well, you’re not alone.

But if you are looking forward to relishing the true essence of an intense basketball game at home, you’ll need a high-quality basketball hoop to begin with.

Now, choosing a sturdy and high-quality basketball hoop is not as easy as it sounds. There are various factors that go into consideration before you make the final plunge. Some of the essential factors might range from price to how you plan on using the basketball hoop.

So without further jibber-jabber, let’s enlighten you about everything that goes into making the best purchase for your ultimate basketball hoop to make your money count.


How Much Does It Cost to Buy A Basketball Hoop?

how much does basketball hoop cost

So you browse on Amazon and eBay and you come across several options with good reviews. How to distinguish your choice – you may be thinking?

Well, there’s an array of options and frankly – a lot to get confused on. So first we’ll break down the price of basketball hoops on average and analyze which features are best at what price.

So to begin with, the cost of a full-size basketball hoop might start at less than $50 dollars and run up to over $2,000. Are you pondering how much you should disburse on the hoop? A basic and cheaper hoop may be fine for younger kids who are just stepping into the game.

But these boards might begin feeling undersized as they grow and learn quickly so they may loosen the bolts of the board fairly quickly. You probably won’t want a poor-quality board to spoil all the fun just as you are beginning to enjoy the game, would you now?

Instead, what we all probably want is a robust and well-built basketball hoop that can withstand intense competitions and extreme weather conditions including cold winter blows and relentless summer heat. The goal is to enjoy the game on a hoop that’ll serve you for the years to come.


Portable Basketball Hoop

Portable basketball hoops are one of the most popular and convenient options, owing to their convenient transportability. You can move the hoop and set it anywhere you like- even play at your friends’ if you like.

There is an array of portable hoops with different price tags. Price rises with higher specifications and naturally so. However, the average cost of a portable hoop is around $400. Might sound like a lot but it’s a one-time purchase so it’s eventually worth it!


In-ground Basketball Hoop

In-ground basketball hoops have relatively greater strength and stability for rigorous games. Therefore, their price is often comparatively higher than other basketball hoops.

Additionally, they are particularly designed for serious players who like having a good sport while playing basketball. These models are ideal for outdoor settings.

On average, you may expect to pay around $500 for in-ground hoops. If you are eager to invest in professional-level in-ground hoops, the costs might shoot up to $1200 for added durability.


Wall-mounted Basketball Hoop

Facing a scarcity of space, or perhaps a budget constraint issue? Well, we’ve got just the right deal for you. Out of all other hoops, wall-mounted hoops are comparatively more pocket-friendly.

It’s an excellent option for players who don’t have an extensive outdoor space since you can mount it on any wall be it indoors or outdoors. Wall-mounted hoops will require on average $300.


How Much Does it Cost to Put Together a Basketball Hoop?

Assembling a basketball hoop is altogether another complicated task after you’re done choosing the right one. Putting new hoops together requires some serious labor and you’ll probably need a hand- unless you’re a Crossfit lord.

A few essential tools will be needed as well as an entire afternoon. If you’re one to undertake DIY challenges, be ready to invest all your sweat and muscle strength in assembling the basketball hoop.

Overwhelmed with the hassle? Well, spare yourself all the time and strenuous efforts by outsourcing this task to a professional. Various online sellers render fixture services online for around $100 or up.


What Factors Influence Basketball Hoop Price?

what is the cost of portable basketball hoop

Before you shop around for the best basketball hoop for your game, you should arm yourself with the basics of every essential aspect of the hoop.

You should pay close attention to these hoops while selecting the best basketball hoop according to your needs and preferences. As with everything, you obtain what you pay for. Let’s take a look at some of the variables that influence the cost of basketball hoops:

Quality and Durability

The quality and durability of the basketball hoops impact the price and most importantly, your game. The materials are used to ensure the durability and quality of the hoop.

Look around for high-quality steel and thick poles along with a strong rim. Do not compromise on hollow fence poles that require filling with cement.


Backboard Size and shape

Poor-quality and cheap basketball hoops come with a small backboard featuring a round shape. Test the quality of a backboard by bouncing the ball. The ball will return back hastily. Get a standard-size backboard that will last a lifetime.


Backboard materials

You’ll find mainly three kinds of backboard materials available in the market including:

Polycarbonate: Ideal for outdoors and highly durable. Check more about polycarbonate backboard.

Acrylic: Uncanny resemblance with glass, light in weight, and less expensive. Check more about acrylic backboard.

Tempered glass: Tops the rest of the materials for blackboards by offering the best rebound experience and robust quality. Check more about tempered glass backboard.



Stability is an essential variable especially while considering portable hoops.


What Price of Basketball Hoop Should I Get?

Determining the right price for a basketball hoop can be tricky since each type comes with its own pros and cons. The right price of the basketball hoop largely depends on the right specs.

Narrow down the specifications you are looking for and what level of a player you are – the style you play with. If you are a beginner and planning to buy a basketball hoop for an amateur game, a wall hoop should be of the best utility on not-so-heavy bucks.

You can go for portable hoops that come with adjustable heights and mobility advantages. However, if you are a professional player looking for higher quality and durability, you can invest in renowned brands that demand a larger budget.



How does an NBA hoop cost?

You may expect to disburse around $400 to over $2000 for a high-quality NBA basketball hoop.


What is the average cost of basketball?

On average, you can get an indoor basketball for around $30 at most sporting goods stores.



So you’re now armed with all the necessary and relevant details regarding the cost of basketball hoops. Now you too can have the full-blown basketball experience within the walls of your home.

Choosing the right hoop isn’t so hard after all is it? So on your next shopping spree, level up on your sporting equipment with this guide by your side!