How to Store Portable Basketball Hoops in a Garage?

Portable basketball hoops are pretty common nowadays, which is a result of the fact that they can be moved, stored, and transported. This implies that you can enjoy playing basketball with your friends and family anytime and anywhere you want. A portable basketball hoop is also a perfect alternative to basketball enthusiasts who relocate a lot or don’t want a permanent in-ground hoop.

Whether you already own a portable basketball hoop or you plan on buying one, it is important to know where and how to store it to keep it in an optimal condition at all times.

how to store basketball hoop in garage

Why Store Portable Basketball Hoops In The Garage?

To Protect Against Extreme Weather Conditions

Storing your portable basketball hoop outdoors in the backyard exposes it to harsh weather conditions such as ice and winds. Many people fill the basketball hoop base with water to enhance its stability. But during winter, while being left outdoor, the water can freeze and crack open the base of the basketball ball hoop. This damages the base of the basketball hoop and produces dangerous sharps and broken plastics, which can injure friends and family.

Heavy winds can also blow the basketball hoop over, leading to damage to its structures due to its collapse. These can leave the condition of the basketball hoop in disarray and cost the owner a few repair charges.


To Protect Against Theft

Because they can be moved and transported, they can easily be stolen away by criminals when left outdoors, especially if the portable basketball hoop has wheels at its base, which makes it easier to move around. This can be avoided by storing the portable basketball hoop in the garage.


How to Store a Portable Basketball Hoop in the Garage?

What to Consider?

Suppose you plan on buying a portable basketball hoop. In that case, it is important to consider getting one that comes with a carrying case or wheels at its base for easy movement to your garage in case you don’t want to disassemble the unit.

Also, consider learning how to pack and unpack/set up the device and follow the instructions carefully.


What To Do?

The initial step is to disassemble the hoop unit to allow seamless storage in the garage. This can be done by removing the rim and backboard from the hoop then removing the pole. This process makes the hoop lighter and easier to move around.

The next step is to drain water or other contents from the base of the hoop and make sure each component is dried up.

Place the components in a carrying case if you have one.

Now you can properly store the components of the hoop in the garage.

It is important to arrange the nuts and bolts for various components separately in a box next to each component for easy assembly when you intend to set up the hoop again.

Some people might prefer not to disassemble the basketball hoop for one reason or another. In that case, you need to first empty the content of the base to make it lighter. In the garage, the hoop is advised to be stored on its side to avoid being tipped over.


Tips To Note

You can replace the water in the base with denser sand, which offers more stability, and is not affected by winter.

If you prefer stability in water, you might need an antifreeze when winter comes.

Routine cleaning and preventative repainting can help keep your portable basketball hoop at optimal conditions.



There is absolutely no doubt that no matter how durable and well built your basketball hoop is, storing it in your garage will extend its lifespan and save you from unnecessary repair costs.