Best Men’s Indoor Basketball – How to Choose the Best One?

When it comes to choosing the best men’s indoor basketball, the players have a variety of choices. From texture and feel to durability and traction, there are hundreds of products out there to choose from.

In this article, we would offer detailed guidance to tell you how to choose the most suitable men’s indoor basketball for your needs.

But first, we need to know:

What’s the Difference Between Men’s Indoor and Outdoor Basketball?

It’s not a pleasant experience to use the indoor basketball outside as the outdoor surface can cause damage to the ball. Similarly using an outdoor basketball inside can cause injuries to fingers.

The main difference between both types of balls is the material from which they are made. Indoor basketballs are made from leather whereas outdoor basketballs are made from some composite material such as rubber.

Another difference between both balls is the cost. An indoor basketball costs around $100 whereas an outdoor ball can be bought for $20.

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How to Choose Best Men’s Indoor Basketball?

Be it outdoor or indoor, purchasing a basketball is no walk in the park. There is a huge diversity of products available in the market. And, each one calls itself the best.

It can be a confusing situation, especially for new basketball players. However, worry not because our team of experts has found the ultimate solution.

Now, you can find idealistic men’s indoor basketball using the following factors. Let’s evaluate them in detail!

mens indoor basketball


The size and weight of a basketball are of vital importance as they largely affect a player’s ability to shot, pass, or dribble. When the basketball is of the right size, it fits well into your hands; this will give you control over the ball and you will be able to dribble and shoot efficiently.

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The mass of a ball is directionally proportional to its bounce height. An indoor basketball with more mass has more energy. And so, it bounces higher when thrown.

Typically, a size-7 basketball will weigh around 22-ounces. You should either opt for this weight or a slightly heavier one.

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The basketball’s material depends on the material of the court’s surface. To make sure that the ball bounces consistently throughout the surface, indoor basketball courts are covered with hardwood. The hardwood surface doesn’t damage the basketball, and provides the perfect bounce; therefore, you can choose both leather and rubber material for indoor basketball courts.

There are three main types of basketball material:

1. Leather basketballs — such basketballs are of the best quality but relatively expensive. They last longer and give a softer feel when held in hands. Also, they are widely used in most professional leagues.

Check this full leather basketball here:

molten indoor leather basketball

2. Synthetic leather balls — such balls are suitable for almost all types of court materials; they can be used for both indoor and outdoor play. They cost less than leather balls and have a shorter lifespan; however, with the development of technology, they are constantly getting improved in terms of longevity and grip.

For intermediate players, this synthetic leather basketball is highly recommended:

wilson indoor leather basketball

3. Rubber basketballs — such basketballs are best suited for courts made from concrete or asphalt; they are durable on these surfaces. Their price is significantly lower but their quality is also worse. They don’t last that long.

Try this rubber one for outdoor use:

champion rubber basketball

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Air Retention

Air retention refers to the amount of air pressure maintained by the ball over time.

Air retention affects many aspects of a basketball. It is responsible for its tight and perfectly circular shape. It also influences the bounce rate (discussed in detail later).

A ball with low air retention loses its shape quickly. The air particles escape from the inside, making the ball floppy and reducing the bounce rate. Such a basketball can make it impossible to score well in a game.

Thus, when choosing an indoor basketball, make sure it has high air retention. According to NBA, the basketball should maintain an optimum of 7.5 to 8.5psi.

Please note, a basketball with high air retention is not prone to losing air. However, it will lose over an extended period. Once the air retention finally drops, you can restore it using an inflator or pump.

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The bounce of an indoor basketball has a powerful impact on your performance. Higher bounce rates ensure your basketball reacts quickly to your actions. For example, when dribbling, a basketball with a good bounce will go higher and faster.

Comparatively, a basketball with poor bounce won’t respond efficiently to the dribbling action. And, you will find yourself throwing the ball harder against the ground. It can even alter your playing style that is risky in professional games.

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The cost of an indoor basketball depends on authenticity, material, and brand. Based on these factors, you will find these three price ranges:

Affordable ($10 to $30)

These basketballs are a replica of the globally-famous brands, like Spalding. You will get reliable bounce and air retention but poor durability. These are great for beginners who wish to practice without straining their pockets.

Here is a ball costs around $30 for recommend:

best mens indoor basketball

Standard ($30 to $100)

Typically, the normal price of men’s indoor basketball is $50. These basketballs have overall good quality and are good for intermediate level/hobby players.

Check the Spalding basketball with $50:

spalding indoor basketball

Premium ($100+)

Individuals who pursue basketball professionally should purchase their ball in this range. You will find original branded and NBA-approved basketballs.

Order this one for your league play:

high price mens indoor basketball

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Getting a good grip on the ball is one of the most important things when playing basketball. Your whole game depends on whether the ball is gripping or not.

Without a good grip, your whole game will be affected and you will have minimal control over the ball. Consequently, you will find yourself struggling to dribble and shoot.

In order to get a good grip on the ball, buy an indoor basketball with detailed pebbling. Besides, the more you play with the ball, the better grip you will get.

If the indoor basketball is made with leather then the thumb rule to break in the ball is to bounce and pass on the ball for hours. This will make the ball softer and ready to use for indoor games.

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The lifespan of indoor ball

On average, an indoor basketball can last up to five years, providing that it is not exposed to harsh outdoor conditions. Although the NBA only uses basketball for one to four games, you can use the same basketball longer than this.

However, you need to ensure proper care and storage if you want your ball to last long. You can take the following measures to keep your basketball in top-notch shape for as long as possible.

  • Always keep your basketball air pressure at an optimal level and store it indoors.
  • Avoid leaving it outdoors in direct sunlight or exposing it to extreme heat, cold, and rain.
  • Always clean your basketball with a damp cloth once you are done playing.
  • Make sure you only use your basketball for its intended purpose to increase its lifespan.

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Choose Full Size Basketball for Adult Men to Use

The size of the basketball depends on the age of the player.

Size 7 (29.5 inches) is the best for high school, college, or professional male basketball players. If you are a beginner, it’s best that you start with a smaller basketball and then move to the bigger ones once your skills are improved. Men’s basketballs are usually larger and heavier than women’s basketballs.

Here is a 29.5 indoor basketball designed for men:

wilson indoor leather basketball

Size 5 basketballs are usually used for youth players. These basketballs have a circumference of 27.5 inches and have a weight of 22 ounces. Youth basketball players need to develop their hands for hitting the ball, which they can do by playing with a smaller ball. Smaller balls can also be used to improve the hand-eye coordination of youth basketball players.

This size 5 basketball can be a good choice for you:

youth use indoor basketball

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Leather Material Fits Indoor Play the most

Basketball made with leather is considered to be the best for indoor plays.

Compared to other materials, leather tends to offer a better overall feel and grip which complements the competitive style of play. Leather basketballs have detailed pebbling on the surface which offers players excellent control of the ball while dribbling and shooting.

You also get a variety in leather basketball as they are available in two versions; all leather and composite leather.

While all leather basketballs are only suitable for indoor courts, composite leather basketballs are more versatile and can be used on both indoor and outdoor courts.

Composite leather basketballs are highly durable that’s why they can withstand vigorous outdoor conditions.

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What Brands Make the Best Men’s Indoor Basketball?

There are several basketball brands out there. But, some produce the best men’s indoor basketballs. Let’s explore them in detail below!


Spalding is the leading basketball manufacturer that supplies balls for NBA games. A Spalding basketball features a premium full-grain leather build. It offers excellent bounce and air retention. An authentic Spalding basketball costs $170. It is an idealistic choice for professionals.

Try this Spalding TF – 1000 for official use:

indoor leather basketball for men


Although Nike is relatively new to the industry, it has gained a massive appreciation for its rigid quality and affordable prices. An original Nike indoor basketball can cost you around $10 to $70. The price variation is due to material, size, and design.

Most Nike basketballs use a blend of 80% rubber and 20% synthetic leather. So, there is an erratic bounce. These balls are suitable for non-professional basketball players.

Try this Nike men’s indoor basketball for beginners and intermediate players:

nike elite indoor basketball for men


Wilson is another leading indoor basketball company known for durability and ergonomics. Their basketballs feature composite leather built that absorbs hand moisture and offers excellent grip. Hence, they are great to practice dribbling and shooting.

The Wilson basketballs come in a range of $60 to $200.

Both professional and non-professional may find this Wilson basketballs ideal for their needs:

best mens indoor basketball


Buying a good quality indoor basketball doesn’t always mean you need to spend hundreds. There are other cheap brands available too, like Tachikara.

Tachikara is a Japanese manufacturer that produces basketballs, volleyballs, and much more. Their basketballs have a rubber composition and are capable of providing good bounce. They are best for youth or beginners.

Here is the most recommended if you lack enough budget:

cheap men's indoor basketball

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