Choosing the Best Backyard Basketball Hoop From the 25 + Best Pick Reviews

The best backyard basketball hoop can be a wonderful gift to those having a strong passion for basketball games. It gives one enough space to improve basketball skills, having fun with friends or serves purely as an exercising tool to kill spare time. For the one with a sturdy base and tempered glass backboard, you can enjoy a competitive game that feels like a real player.

From this article, you can get around 30 best backyard basketball hoops with different usages and types, meeting various needs of yours. It also includes buying tips that you can never miss.

Here we go.

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Quick Pick on the Best Backyard Basketball Hoops

Portable Backyard Basketball Hoops:

#1. Spalding NBA Portable Basketball System

#2. Lifetime 1269 Pro Court Basketball System

#3. Silverback NXT Portable Height-Adjustable Basketball Hoop

In Ground Backyard Basketball Hoops:

#1. Pro Dunk Silver With Rust Armor Adjustable Basketball Hoop

#2. Pro Dunk Driveway Basketball Goal

#3. Lifetime 71281 In Ground Power Lift Basketball System

Wall Mounted Backyard Hoop:

#1. Progoal Garage Mounted Basketball Hoop

#2. Silverback NXT 54 Inches Wall Mounted Basketball Hoop

#3. Spalding 54 Inches Backboard and Rim Combo

Top 10 Best Backyard Basketball Hoops of 2020


How to Choose the Best Backyard Basketball Hoop?

The selection of backyard basketball hoop should be closely related to the sizes of your backyard. If it is large enough, then you may choose between the in-ground types and portable types. But if there is no space to place a hoop, the wall-mounted type can be a perfect choice. Apart from that, there are other considerations you need to make before buying.

1. Activity space of the backyard

How large the backyard is? Before getting a backyard basketball hoop, you need to measure the activity space of your backyard, for it determines what types of hoop you need and what sizes of backboard fit the most.

If you intend to get a professional court set on your backyard, you need to make sure you get at least 30 by 50 inches space to place a backyard court, which is the sizes of half-court. However, for those with a tight budget, only a basketball hoop can meet your demands.

2. Usages

The usages and budget are other elements of buying. For beginners or kids use, there is no use to buy a professional hoop at around $1,000, then cheap portable or wall-mounted type with polycarbonate or acrylic backboard is enough.

If you keep the hobby of playing basketball regularly and are middle-level players, then it is up to the budget on which types you should get. Go for the in-ground type for a stable performance or an acrylic portable type for easy moving.

Well, for the professional players, we suggest you get an in-ground type or a heavy-duty portable type. The tempered glass backboard on the backyard hoop comes with the same standard as that in the gym, which means you can practice all kinds of basketball skills or to get competitive games with your teammates.

3. Sturdiness

The wobble of the hoop can bring a large effect on the playability, thus no matter which kinds of hoop you choose, remember to check its sturdiness. For portable hoops, it relies on the capacity and structure design on the base. The in-ground hoops can be more sturdy, but still, it depends on the specific model.

4. Weather-resistant

The backyard basketball hoop needs to be placed outdoor for the whole time, only the portable hoop can be moved into the garage when bad weather occurs, yet its heavyweight determines to stay where it is once installed, quite the same as in-ground or wall-mounted type.

Therefore, the basketball hoop needs to be weather-resistant. Most of which are all-weather resistant, and keep as new even for long-time use.

What Types of Backyard Basketball Hoop to Choose?

The backyard basketball hoop is a broaden name, refers to any basketball hoop placed in the backyard. If breaking it down, it can be divided into three types, portable type, in-ground type, and wall-mounted types. Then what is the difference among the three? Which type should you choose?

1. Portable Backyard Basketball Hoop

basketball backyard

1.1. What Is Portable Backyard Basketball Hoop?

As the name suggests, the outstanding feature of this type of hoop is its portability. Instead of permanently standing in certain area of the backyard, you can move it around with the wheels set on the base. Right, you need to fill in water or sandbag into the base to stabilize the whole hoop.

Apart from portability, it saves you much energy to get concrete. All you need is sandbag, and filling the base with a sandbag is an interesting job for kids to play with.  The assembly of which is relatively easy, simple instructions but is partly time-killing. Read the instructions carefully before assembly and make sure you get a friend to help you with it, for it can never be a single-person-job.

The average prices of portable basketball hoops range from $100 to around $500, the cheapest type goes at $70, while the heavy-duty type charges over $1,000.

The backboard adopted on the portable hoop, however, are polycarbonate and acrylic at the most. Seldom do they have tempered glass hoop designed in portable hoop, that is why they are perfect for kids and beginners use.

>Portable basketball hoop under $200

>Portable basketball hoop under $300

Portable basketball hoop under $500

1.2. Best Backyard Portable Basketball Hoop Reviews

#1. Spalding NBA Portable Basketball System

cheap portable basketball hoop

The 60 inches backboard gives you a wider space to practice your shot skills. Acrylic material offers wonderful bouncing effects, allowing you to have competitive games with friends. Inherited from the Spalding products line, it adopts slanted pole to add up the sturdiness. Under the support of offset, you can put your attention merely on the exciting basketball games. For height adjustment, just turn your screw jack and changing the height from 7.5 feet to 10 feet can be pretty easy.

#2. Lifetime 1269 Pro Court Basketball System

portable basketball hoop

Thanks for its reasonable price and surprising performance, this Lifetime portable basketball hoop wins the praise from the majority of buyers, leading to its hot-selling position many times. Small in the backboard, it suits beginners to get a basketball hoop to play with during the spare time and fits small driveway and backyard use. Simple in design, it gets a sturdy structure with 27 gallons supportive base. Polycarbonate material along with the all-weather resistant design keeps it long-lasting.

#3. Lifetime Height Adjustable 54 Inch Basketball System

portable basketball goals for sale

The enjoyment of basketball hoop starts at 54 inches, the wide backboard makes it easier for beginners to practice skills. Covered by the black square box, the ideal shot spots are remarked clearly. Equipped with slam-it rim, having a competitive game with a friend becomes available. Adjusting the height of the hoop can be easy, with the power lift height adjustment system, you need only pull up and down of the lever for adjusting.

#4. Lifetime 1529 Courtside Portable Basketball Hoop

portable adjustable basketball hoop

Abandoned the classic black and white color design, this hoop uses blue color to enlighten the dark color of the pole and base. 31 gallons base enables it to keep still in vigorous activities once you fill enough water or sand in. The slam-it rim brings about spring-back actions, which extends the game time. All-weather resistant paintings with 5 years limited warranty guarantee a long life span.

#5. Silverback NXT Portable Height-Adjustable Basketball Hoop

portable basketball hoops for sale

Here comes the most advanced portable basketball hoop, as a leading product that brings portable hoop into a new stage, most of its functions have made using it easier and simpler. The large wheels set on the base share the burden when moving it away; slanted pole with steel-to-steel integration structure gives ultimate strength and sturdiness. While changing the height, pull the lever up and down, and you can lower or raise it to 10 inches or 7.5 inches, each with 6 inches increments.

#6. Spalding The Beast Portable Basketball Hoop

portable basketball hoop reviews

This is the star product of Spalding, with heavy-duty performance and of course, heavy-duty prices. Its 60 inches tempered glass backboard enables pro-players to use. NBA logo on the backboard makes you feel as playing like an NBA star. To keep it sturdy and comes with no wobble in play, it has 55 gallons large base. The hybrid lid allows you to put a complete sandbag into it. It serves also as an offset to extend the game time.

#7. Lifetime 32″ Youth Portable Basketball Hoop

lifetime 52 portable basketball system

Having a kid at home? A youth portable basketball hoop is what you need. The 32 inches backboard features folding rim, easy to fold it up for storage. In adjusting the height, you can use its telescoping height adjustment system. From 5.5 inches to 7.5 inches, the kids from small kids to youth can use it easily. When filled with water or sandbag, the 10-gallon base keeps it sturdy. The bright colors with dark pole appeals kids to get an enjoyable time.

#8. Lifetime 90061 Portable Basketball System

lifetime portable basketball hoop

Constructed with 52 inches polycarbonate backboard, this portable basketball hoop gives brilliant durability, keeps as new when several years come. Features with easy height adjustment, it offers a pulling lever to change the height of the hoop easily. When adjusting it to 10 feet, it meets the standard height and allows adults to have competitive games. The two wheels design on the base eases your way of rolling into the garage for storage.

#9. Lifetime Portable Basketball 44″ Impact Backboard

buy portable basketball hoop

The 44 inches impact backboard with polycarbonate material keeps it complete even when tripped over. The shining feature is also on the backboard, the unique impact graphic gives it an attractive appearance when placed in the backyard. The blue border line coordinates perfectly with the orange rim. Thanks for its all-weather resistance painting, even in cold winter and hot summer, the hoop keeps clean and new. Backed up by 5 years warranty, using it for several years is an easy piece.

1.3. How to Pick a Portable Basketball Hoop for Your Backyard?

It is the wish of everyone that he/she gets the best portable backyard basketball hoop for his/her family. Below are some of the main factors to consider when picking your portable backyard hoop, so as to get the best hoop you desired for.


Durability is a non-negotiable feature in almost all items that you get to buy, similarly to a basketball hoop. Generally, portable backyard hoops are quite pricey, but sacrificing durability for cheaper portable hoops for backyard, can result in a limited lifespan or even spending more cash at the end of it all. To ensure that you get the best hoop, pick your hoop depending on your needs and its features, and rather not its price. However, it is also good to work with your budget.

For durability, consider hoops with sturdy construction materials: polycarbonate hoops are the most durable hoops and are not easily scratched, but with less performance, hence not the best for professional players. Acrylic backboards are more durable than tempered glass backboards, but with less performance than the latter. However, tempered glass is the standard backboard for professional basketball.


Stability is a key factor in portable backyard hoops, and it is determined by the backboard material and the base size. For stability, the base of the portable hoops for the backyard can be filled with either water or sand, however, sand is considered the best. For polycarbonate material, consider 27 gallons base or more, while for acrylic consider 35 – 40 gallons base, and finally, for tempered glass consider around 55 gallons base capacity.


Purpose determines the backboard type and size. For professional playing and training, consider tempered glass backboards or acrylic backboard while considering other factors. But for home-based playing, you can consider the polycarbonate due to lightweight and durability.

Professional backboards come at 72 x 42 inches size. However, portable backyard hoops have smaller boards with the smallest being around 44 inches while the largest being around 60 inches. For professional playing, consider the largest sizes.


The ease and range of height adjustability is another crucial factor to consider. Portable backyard hoops have different mechanisms: some allow the adjustment with fixed adjustment increments while others allow any adjustment between the max and minimum heights.

Also, there are different mechanisms with varying ease of adjustability and designed for different usages. They include the crank handle, telescoping pole, pneumatic, trigger handle, and broomstick adjustments.

>Ease of portability.

Despite being portable hoops, different models have different ease of portability. For easy portability, consider a lightweight hoop with wheels.

1.4. How Much Does It Cost on Portable Backyard Basketball Hoops?

Generally, portable basketball hoops for the backyard come with a wide range of price tags, depending on the features of the hoop, size, and the company as well. However, portable backyard basketball hoops are generally costly due to their versatility and the fact that they are portable. Generally, the most versatile and quality portable backyard hoops with large base volume come at $1000+ price tags, while on the other side, you can get a cheap and affordable backyard portable hoop under $100. But on average, quality and ideal backyard portable hoops with budget-friendly price tags, range between $100 to $500.

2. In-ground Backyard Basketball Hoop

2.1. What Is In-ground Backyard Basketball Hoop?

basketball hoop in backyard

The in-ground basketball hoop is what professional players choose for most occasions, for it feels more like those set in the court, hardly do they wobble and shaking in play. The major difference lies between in-ground and portable hoop is the design on the base. Concrete is a necessary material you will need on fixing the hoop tightly in the ground.

The shining feature of it is space-saving, it needs no large base as support. However, as you are unable to move it around, it needs to be made all-weather resistant to ensure a long life span. The installation of the hoop can be a bit harder, for it needs extra energy dealing with the concrete. And you might as well find two friends for help.

In terms of the price, for getting a tempered glass hoop, you need around $1,000, higher-standard takes as high as $1,500, the cheap type for entertainment costs only around $400.

The high price determines it to be a tempered glass backboard, which gives wonderful bouncing effects. In other words, it is the ideal type who has a strong passion for basketball games.

2.2. Best In-Ground Backyard Basketball Hoop Reviews

#1. Pro Dunk Silver With Rust Armor Adjustable Basketball Hoop

outdoor basketball hoop in ground

54 inches tempered glass backboard gives you the feeling of playing as in the gym. Clear backboard provides you with clean sights on your backyard in play. Unlike three-piece pole or two-piece pole that adds up the difficulty in assembly, the one-piece pole design also features a solid play. What shines the most is the rust armor, along with the infinite adjustable system, you can change its height from 5 to 10 feet with the help of handle. Plus, for either dunking and hanging, it gives you after-sale manufacturer warranty.

#2. Pro Dunk Driveway Basketball Goal

in ground basketball goals for sale

Here comes an in-ground basketball hoop meeting the quality standard of those in the gym. 6×6 inch one-piece pole eases the way of assembling, and strengthen the structure up. Attached closely to the 6-inch square, the rigid backboard with tempered glass material maintains durability without compromising playability, with excellent bouncing effects.

#3. Lifetime 71281 In Ground Power Lift Basketball System

portable glass basketball hoop

Lifetime is a famous brand in producing portable basketball hoop, yet it also shows its capability in the in-ground type. This can be a cheap in-ground basketball hoop that you can get within $400. The 52 inches polycarbonate backboard performs weakly in bouncing effects but wins in sturdiness and durability, meeting the beginners use. Features with power lift height adjustment, it allows you to adjust the height for both youth and adults use.

#4. Silverback 60″ In-Ground Basketball Hoop

best outdoor basketball hoop in ground

If comparing this hoop with other in-ground types on the pole, you will find the heavy-duty types far stronger and sturdy in the pole design. The premium tempered glass backboard and pro-style breakaway rim share the burden on dunking and hanging movements. Powder-coated protection system allows you to use it for several years use. Plus, it gives anchor mounting, giving you the option to unbolt and move the goal anytime you need.

#5. Spalding NBA In-Ground Basketball Hoop

portable basketball court for sale

This in-ground hoop gives you double options on choosing the 54 inches or 60 inches backboard, both suitable for middle level and pro players to practice skills. The NBA logo along with the simple lines design on the clear backboard endows it with a modern look. Designed for outdoor residential play, it features an aluminum trim covered around the tempered glass backboard. U-turn lift enables you to adjust the height with a single one hand.

#6. Spalding “888” Series In-Ground Basketball System

in ground basketball systems on sale

Finally, it comes with a backboard with the same standard as the regulation backboard sizes. There are three types at hands, 54 inches, 60 inches and 72 inches for different players and different budgets. Apart from the using conditions, you can feel basically the same playability as those in the gym. Heavy-duty padding with 6 feet square pole holds its sturdiness, while detachable handle eases your way of changing the height.

#7. Goalrilla GS54 In-Ground Basketball Hoop

60 inch portable basketball hoop

Different from the pure concrete system, this in-ground basketball hoop comes with a concrete anchor system, giving you the chance of unbolting and moving the goal away when you stop using it. The square steel pole tends to be more sturdy than the round pole, especially when encountering the one-piece pole structure. The 54 inches large tempered glass backboard provides you with the ultimate strength in sturdiness and stability.

#8. Landecor Dominator Goal Adjustable Height System

portable adjustable basketball goal

This is an in-ground basketball hoop withstands all hard weather conditions, contributing to its rust-proof aluminum. Capable of testing through time and nature, it ensures a long life span with premium quality level. Both the 72 inches backboard with 4-foot arm length and 60 inches with 3-foot arm length are available. No matter for the basketball court or for the tennis court, it fits perfectly with delicate appearance. By the way, it offers wonderful anchor bolts for easier use.

#9. Pro Dunk Platinum Adjustable Outdoor Basketball Goal

54 inch portable basketball hoop

The first impression on the sight of the hoop is clean and clear modern look. Large 72 inches backboard keeps the same dimension of that in the gym. Pro slam rim brings perfect bouncing effects and allows you to practice dunking. 8×6 inches one-piece pole guarantees a solid play. Along with the easy adjustment infinite system, it provides both kids and adults the same enjoyments as in the gym. Worry about the life span? Leave it to the limited warranty and rust armor.

2.3. How to Pick an In-ground Basketball Hoop for Your Backyard?

Just like the portable basketball hoop for the backyard, it is important to consider several factors when picking your in-ground basketball hoop for the backyard. However, some of the main factors to consider while picking these hoops are similar to those of a portable hoop or any other hoop.


Just like the portable hoop, durability is a key factor to consider when picking backyard in-ground hoops. Durability determines the usage lifespan you will get from the hoop. Therefore, it is important to ensure you get the most durable in-ground backyard hoop you can afford. For durability, consider the construction materials: ensure you get the best base, rim, pole, and backboard material depending on the purpose of the hoop, either professional playing or home-based playing. For professional playing, consider the standard construction materials.


The available space in your backyard is an important factor to consider for an in-ground backyard hoop. Unlike the portable hoop where you have the freedom to change the position, the in-ground backyard hoop has a fixed position. The available space determines the appropriate size of your backyard in-ground hoop. In case you have enough space, then you are on the safe side, but if you have limited space, you will have to consider an in-ground backyard hoop with a smaller size as well as one with the backboard closer to the pole. This ensures that you get the largest space possible for playing. In such a case, then it is important to consider a padded pole or investing for the pole padding: this helps in enhancing safety while playing and dunking, due to the short distance between the pole and the backboard.

>The Rim.

Unlike the portable hoops where dunking is not advised, in-ground backyard hoops allow all types of dunking. To cater to the hard breakaway dunks, ensure that your hoop features a breakaway rim. This ensures safe dunking as well as a durable hoop.


The height adjustment feature is a major factor to consider in the case where the hoop is meant for the whole family. Just like in the portable hoops, ensure you get an in-ground hoop for your backyard with a large range of adjustability that allows all-heights adjustment between the range, as well as an easy adjustment mechanism.

2.4. How Much Does It Cost on In-ground Backyard Basketball Hoops?

In-ground backyard basketball hoops also come with a vast range of price tags. Generally, basketball hoops are designed for different uses as well as for different classes of users. The most expensive backyard in-ground hoops come with price tags ranging over $2000, while the cheapest and most affordable backyard in-ground hoops go for $100 to $200. However, there are some below this range. However, an extra cost is incurred with the in-ground backyard hoops. The installation cost is another factor that increases the cost of in-ground backyard hoops in the long run.

3. Wall-mounted Backyard Basketball Hoop

backyard hoops3.1. What Is Wall Mounted Backyard Basketball Hoop?

The last type we would like to introduce is a wall-mounted basketball hoop. It comes only with a backboard and rim, needs no pole and base. Once you mount it on the wall of the backyard, you can have a basketball game easily.

What we like the wall-mounted basketball hoop most is that it basically needs no space, so that you do not need to shuffle your house up and down to accommodate them. As the lack of pole and base saves much backyard space, it also comes with cons. The high hanging hoop allows you to use it for practicing shotting skills only. For dunking practice, you might as well choose to go to the gym.

The prices of the wall-mounted type are the lowest among the three, yet it still costs around $200 or $300. The mini type for indoor hoop is quite cheap, you need also pay around $50 to get them. While for the high-end type with tempered glass backboard, going deeper into your wallet is a must-thing-to-do.

Wall-mounted backboard types also vary, from polycarbonate to acrylic, and you can choose tempered glass type if money is no notion for you.

3.2. Best Wall-Mounted Backyard Basketball Hoop Reviews

#1. Progoal Garage Mounted Basketball Hoop

cheap portable basketball goal


You will always need a high-quality wall-mounted basketball backboard like this. The steel backboard frame allows you to finish assembling in just three steps. The built-in adjustment mechanism gives the option to change the height by the crank handle offered. Fully tempered glass backboard fits perfectly with the wall of any backyards. Being 1/2 inches thick in the backboard, it outstands among its competitors in thickness, and easy-operational accordingly.

#2. Silverback NXT 54 Inches Wall Mounted Basketball Hoop

best portable adjustable basketball hoop

Apart from backyard installation, you can also fix it on the wall of indoor. Silverback has always been the winner in the assembly, it helps fasten the assembling time with the preassemble parts design. Take only 120 minutes and you can start your playing time. The height adjustment is also easy, under the help of all-steel actuator and lock system, you can find a suitable height from 7.5 inches to 10 inches. Powder-coated steel keeps it long-lasting, and 5 years warranty gives thoughtful after-sale service.

#3. Spalding 54 Inches Backboard and Rim Combo

outdoor portable basketball hoop

Trust the Spalding and you can always find a suitable basketball hoop for your needs. This 54 inches backboard adopts acrylic material to lower the price, making it perfect for short budget people use, while still maintaining brilliant playability that rivaled only by the tempered glass. The arena-style padding and rim enable you to have a competitive game with friends. Clear backboard with white square box, it gives an authentic look.

#4. Pro Model Basketball Backboard Goal With Rim System

portable basketball set

Get sick of the black and white backboard? You may come to choose this one. The red color enlightens your backyard with an NBA logo and brand logo printed by graphic paintings. No matter for roof-mounted or for wall-mounted, the rigid steel rim brings sturdiness and durability. The 44 inches backboard can be quite small for pro players but is a perfect one for the beginner to practice taking a shot. It can also be a perfect gift for kids.

#5. Spalding NBA 52 Inches Acrylic Backboard System

portable basketball rim

The backboard and rim combo allow you to get it wall-mounted or roof-mounted after assembly. The 52 inches acrylic backboard suits the middle-level players to use, with 4.5mm thickness, it keeps sturdy no matter how hard you take the shot. The all-weather net with total steel structure design prolongs the service life of the hoop. For practicing dunking? The pro slam breakaway rim holds up well against hard dunking activities.


3.3.How to Pick a Wall-mounted Basketball Hoop for Your Backyard?

Consider the following factors when picking the wall-mounted basketball hoop for your backyard.


The purpose of the hoop will determine the best hoop to pick. The purpose of the hoop generally determines the main features which the hoop should have. For instance, for professional players, you should pick a wall-mounted backyard hoop with standard construction materials including a tempered glass backboard and breakaway rim, as well as standard backboard size. However, for home-based playing, you can consider other materials depending on your preferences, budget, durability, among others.

>Installation process.

The process of installation for wall-mounted backyard hoops varies from one hoop to another, with some requiring complex installation while others require simple installation. Depending on the required installation process, how informed you are on installation, and the purpose of the hoop, you can consider either of the installation processes. However, for heavyweight adults and dunking, a hoop with a complex installation process is the best. Note that the more the complexity, the better the stability, and safety.


With wall-mounted backyard hoops, it is important to consider foldability. In case the point where the hoop will be installed is also used for other works and you may require to fold it out of the way, then it is important to consider foldability. This allows you to use the same space for different things, hence better space utilization.


Buying a basketball hoop for your yard mainly means that the hoop is meant for the whole family. Therefore, it is important to consider height adjustability, so as to cater to everyone in your family. Make sure that you get a hoop with suitable height adjustment range and increments, that will favor your whole family and friends. Also, ensure you pick one with an easy adjustment mechanism.

>Wall construction.

Different structures have different wall constructions, some are stronger than the others while some are made of different materials. Depending on the type of wall construction where you plan to mount your hoop, pick a hoop that can be effectively mounted on your wall.

3.4. How Much Does It Cost for Wall-mounted Backyard Basketball Hoops?

On average, the backyard wall-mounted basketball hoops are relatively cheaper than the backyard in-ground hoops. This because of the fewer materials used as well as no or minimal cost of installation. Generally, the most expensive wall-mounted backyard hoops go over $1000, while the average goes for $200 to $500, and the cheapest below $200.

Should I Get a Backyard Basketball Court?

Instead of buying a separate basketball hoop, some will hesitate to get a backyard basketball court. Well, I’d say, if you have enough space and budget, a backyard basketball court is definitely a perfect choice. Even the half-court follows the rules on the basketball games, which get you more familiar with the basketball games.

As for the building and costs of the backyard basketball court, you may read our reviews made on that, and you can also get some backyard basketball court ideas from the article.

>>Click here to check the best backyard basketball court ideas

Again, if you just need a basketball hoop for daily entertainment on killing spare time, or intend to practice your skills on taking a shot, a single basketball hoop is enough.

Top Rated Backyard Basketball Hoops of Various Kinds