Spalding 60 In-Ground Basketball System Reviews

Do you need a large basketball hoop for training at home? You need to consider getting this fantastic Spalding 60 in-ground basketball system. The large and thick backboard on the system provides an excellent surface for a rebound for easy scoring and training different scoring moves such as dunks.

Other than the large size, this basketball system is suitable for adults training because the backboard has quality glass tempered glass resistant to shutter and breaking. So, you can comfortably hold multiple tournaments at your home with this amazing in-ground basketball system.

Although this system from Spalding may require some assembling before installation, the steps are super easy to follow. Another crucial thing to note is that this basketball system may need ample installation space since it is quite large.

Spalding 60 In- Ground Basketball System Reviews – NBA Trim Glass Basketball Hoop

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Backboard Size60 inch
Backboard MaterialTempered glass
Height7.5-10 feet
RimBreakaway rim

Weatherproof material construction

Considering this in-ground basketball system is meant to be left on outdoors, it has quality materials that can withstand the outdoor climates. The frame and the pole have steel materials with a weather-resistant powder coating to prevent the entire system from rusting and corrosion.

The trims of the structure have quality aluminum materials that are also resistant to outdoor weather damages. Note that even the rim of this in-ground basketball unit has steel material plus fade resistant net.

Great stability

This is another critical feature that makes this in-ground basketball system suit adult who enjoys basketball games due to the excellent stability it provides. Apart from being installed in the ground, this in-ground basketball system has poles for securing it to the ground.

This means that you don’t necessarily need to dig deep into your driveway to install this in-ground system. You can jump and hang on the rim without worrying about it collapsing down. Follow the manufacturing guide regarding how to install the additional support poles together with the pole.

in ground 60 inch basketball hoops

Large glass tempered glass backboard.

If you need a basketball system that will give the best rebound when playing for safety scoring and dunking, you need to consider the size of the backboard. The best and professional basketball system that offers the right bounce for easy scoring has a backboard with a width of 60 to 72 inches, and this model from Spalding falls in this category.

It is easy to score, especially if you are an experienced basketball player since the tempered glass backboard provides a strong rebound. The large size of the backboard acts as a safety feature since it prevents the ball from landing on your neighbor’s glass window.

Adjustable height

You don’t necessarily need to be 6 feet tall to enjoy basketball with this great in-ground basketball system. The height of the unit is adjustable in various heights for convenience reach by multiple people heights. The height of this system adjusts from 7.5 to 10 feet high at a great height level to accommodate adults with a height range of 5’4 to 6 feet and above.

Adjusting the height of the unit is super easy and fast since the system has the U-turn lift, and a detachable handle so you can have an easy time when adjusting it.

Pro breakaway rim with quality net

The rim of this in-ground basketball system has springs all-around to offer the right rebound when dunking. It also has a steel frame for durability and secures it from rust and corrosion when it comes to contact with wetness during the rainy seasons. The net has heavy-duty nylon materials that are resistant to fading and tearing after prolonged exposure to sunlight rays.

Easy to install

Although you may need a little help when installing this in-ground basketball system, the steps are super easy to follow. It comes with manual guidance, plus all the installing tools are provided together with the unit.


  • If you compare the rate of this Spalding in-ground system with other models, it is quite affordable to suit people who need a sound system at a budget
  • It has an extensive and thick backboard that offers the right rebound for easy scoring and dunk training
  • The entire frame is made of steel materials with a powder coating to prevent it from rust and corrosion even after prolonged exposure to sunlight and rainwater
  • The height of this system is adjustable using the U lift system
  • The backboard is made of glass tempered materials that are strong and resistant to quick shatter
  • The rim of this in-ground basketball system has weatherproof quality materials
  • The entire system looks super great when set up and fitted on the ground


  • This in-ground basketball system is extensive and requires ample installation space in the driveway
  • Some customers have complained about having problems when adjusting the height of the system
  • This in-ground basketball system is way too bulky and requires around three people when installing on the ground


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Backboard dimensions: 60 x 38.4 inches

Weight: 158 pounds

Rim type: Flex breakaway style

Height: Adjusts from 7.5 to 10 feet high

Backboard material: Tempered glass materials

The frame materials: Made of coated steel and aluminium trimming

Adjusting System: The system has U-turn pro system

System type: In-ground installation mode

Who Is Spalding 60 Inch Inground Basketball Hoop For?

The Spalding 60 in-ground basketball system is useful for professional training since the backboard, and the breakaway rim provides perfect rebounding for easy scoring the ball. These features on this in-ground basketball system also allow one to practice multiple basketball techniques such as dunking.

The entire unit has weather-resistant materials to withstand all weather conditions since it is installed on the outdoors. So, if you cannot access a professional basketball court at the moment, consider buying this model from Spalding for great training at the comfort of your home.

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Spalding 60 in-ground basketball system is a quality and durable in-ground basketball system for training at home. You can create tournaments with your friends or family members using this system for training. One thing worth noting is that this basketball system is a bit large and may need ample installation space at your home. So, measure the area before buying it to make you have enough space to install it and to train as well.


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