Top 7 Best Indoor Outdoor Basketball Reviews For Multiple Uses

When it comes to indoor outdoor basketball, there’s a lot that you should understand about this type of basketball. However, it has become the most preferred choice since they are designed for indoor and outdoor use; therefore, you won’t need to buy two basketballs each for indoor and outdoor. Generally, most people don’t know what exactly you should consider when looking for the best brand. With our guide, we are going to help you with the necessary information.

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What Are the Best Indoor Outdoor Basketballs?

Best Choice – Spalding Replica 29.5 Inch Standard Basketball

Runner Up – Spalding NBA Trac-Soft Basketball with Perfect Grip

Best For Youth –  Chance Premium Small Size Rubber Basketball For Indoor and Outdoor

Best Professional –  Spalding TF-250 29.5 Inch Leather Basketball


Why Buy An Indoor Outdoor Basketball?

Traditionally, we have always heard about only two types of basketballs; indoor and outdoor. Each type features a design optimized to perform in the particular court. However, this classification becomes an obstacle when a player wishes to switch courts.

You cannot use an indoor basketball outdoors. Its expensive leather exterior will deteriorate, rendering it useless. And, while rubber outdoor basketballs will not get damaged on an indoor court, the quality of shots and ball control will be poor.

So, what shall one do? Well, your solution is none other than the amazing indoor-outdoor basketball!

These indoor-outdoor basketballs have a composite exterior for strength and durability. The ball will maintain its shape for years, despite getting used in different court types. Also, the unique material offers optimum performance.

An indoor-outdoor basketball isn’t too bouncy or out-of-control in indoor courts. Nor it is squeaky in outdoor courts. Plus, they are readily available at affordable prices.


How to Pick the Best Indoor Outdoor Basketball?

Today, a huge variety of indoor-outdoor basketballs fills the markets. But, before you begin hunting the best one, keep these important factors to consider in mind. Good luck!

leather outdoor basketball


The indoor and outdoor basketball is designed with different sizes based on age and gender. Some are designed for children, while other sizes are for adults. If you’d want to train your children on how to play, it will be appropriate to consider a ball size that is less than 28.5, but if you are participating in an adult league, you should go for 29.5 inches and above. Generally, choosing the best basketball size can easily be done when you consider the players’ age group.


The material on the outside of the ball is what comes in contact with your hand and the court surface. And so, it is responsible for both the performance and durability of the ball.

Although we’ve stated this before, let us reinforce; the best indoor outdoor basketballs have a high-quality composite leather build. There are plentiful of good reasons behind it too.

Composite leather refers to synthetic leather. Unlike genuine leather, it is soft and flexible. There’s no need of breaking in composite basketballs to make them perform at their peak.

You can use them right away and expect excellent results. Plus, the durable yet soft build makes these balls idealistic for both indoor and outdoor courts. The leather can withstand the damage of outdoor concrete. And, also stay gentle against the smooth indoor court floors.

Air Retention

The term air retention refers to the basketball’s ability to retain air over some time. Basketball with higher air retention holds air efficiently. So, you can use it for an extensive time before having to re-pump.

There are two ways to ensure better air retention in an indoor-outdoor basketball. First, it should have a thick outer layer with well-sealed seams. These features ensure that a basketball does not lose air from damage.

Second, it should have high air pressure. As per NBA guidelines, your indoor-outdoor basketball should have at least 7.5 to 8.5psi.


The bounce of a basketball has a great impact on your performance. A ball with a better bounce reacts quickly to your action. And so, you can play efficiently without losing the speed or flow of the game.

Typically, all-composite leather basketballs have a good bounce. It is an elastic material. Hence, the ball springs back up with the same force and speed that you apply to it.


Moisture proves to be a threat to your success in basketball. It doesn’t matter whether you’re playing in an indoor or outdoor court. This particular enemy seeps out of your skin and makes your hands sweaty.

And, we all know what sweaty hands mean. You won’t have stable, firm control over the ball. It will slip, again and again, making you miss shots.

But, worry not because indoor-outdoor basketballs are good at moisture wicking. These hybrid balls use composite leather that resists moisture efficiently. Plus, the textured surface supports your grip.


We have already discussed one fundamental factor that ensures durability; material. However, there are some other ways too.
For example, a manufacturer will always stand by the product if it’s durable. Thus, you will find some sort of warranty or guarantee included.


On average, a high-quality indoor-outdoor basketball costs around $30 to $40. However, you may also find them in both cheaper and premium price ranges.

The cheap indoor outdoor basketballs are available at prices below $30. Usually, these are replicas of world-famous basketball brands like Spalding. Beginners and individuals with budget restraints might find this range appropriate.

Comparatively, the premium indoor outdoor basketball range ($100+) features all top-notch brands, like Wilson and Spalding. You can even find the basketball models used by NBA. Since these are the finest versions, professionals and experts should purchase in this range.


Best Indoor Outdoor Basketball Reviews:

We have researched and came up with the best indoor-outdoor basketball that is worth considering. These are;

1. Best For Indoor and Outdoor – Spalding Replica 29.5 Inch Standard Basketball

indoor basketball hoop for outdoor use

If you are planning to buy a good quality basketball, then Spalding Replica could be your best choice since it is equipped with the current basketball technology. This technology features a better bouncing ability and a composite cover to offer you a long-lasting time option. It is built with a diameter of 29.5 inches, which is the best size to play like a pro.

When you check at the material used in its construction, Spalding Replica is built with a non-toxic material making it safe for use while keeping it for an extended time. Consequently, a better grip is another advantage with this brand, which will improve your game as it will allow you to dribble.



2. Best Quality –  Spalding NBA Trac-Soft Basketball with Perfect Grip

outdoor basketball guides

When it comes to Spalding NBA Trac-Soft, they offer outstanding performance, such as the bouncing ability, which ensures that you get a fantastic reaction from the ball while playing. Consequently, if you wonder about its durability, you don’t need to since the composite cover assures a long-lasting basketball. This makes it favorable for the rougher outdoor surfaces and soft indoor surfaces without affecting the bouncing ability of the basketball.

Similarly, this Spalding brand has a circumference of 29.5 inches hence good for skilled players. Also, Spalding NBA Trac-Soft offers a better grip due to quality construction.



3. Best For Professionals – Spalding TF-250 29.5 Inch Leather Basketball

professional basketball for outdoors

Spalding TF-250 Indoor Outdoor Basketball offers the best sound of the dribbles and a soft feeling of leather. It serves both indoor and outdoor use due to a composite cover. Similarly, the high-quality material helps the ball to provide proper bouncing hence making the game more enjoyable.

The leather made basketball can withstand harsh outdoor conditions, including the concrete; thus, it doesn’t wear quickly. Consequently, a better grip is guaranteed, which will allow you to dribble appropriately and help you improve your game better. Also, if you are looking for a basketball with the best reaction, this brand will amaze you, and therefore it should be at the top of your list. It. has a size of 29.5 inches in circumference.



4. Best Durable – Spalding NBA Indoor Outdoor Basketball with Leather Material

durable basketball hoop

With Spalding NBA Indoor Outdoor Basketball, everything you need for an indoor outdoor basketball is a pure example of that. It satisfies all the requirements as it is designed with an official size 7 and meets the weight specifications. Still, this brand offers the best bounce ability and better performance on the size and weight.

The bounce ability will ensure that you enjoy the best reaction from the ball when playing. It is made of leather hence cannot get damaged easily; therefore, you are guaranteed a durable option. Thus, with Spalding NBA Indoor Outdoor Basketball, you will enjoy a better experience while developing excellent shots.



5. Best For Air Retention – Baden Contender Basketball with Excellent Grip

outdoor basketball for professional games

Baden Contender is designed with a composite cover, which makes it usable for a more extended period. Similarly, the composite body offers a better grip; therefore, your basketball won’t slip off your fingers. With this, you can quickly dribble without experiencing any challenge with basketball.

The design of Baden Contender features a symmetrical layout for proper balancing of the ball hence prevented inconsistent bounces. It has a diameter of 27.5 inches, and its weight makes it appropriate for an adequate bounce ability; therefore, this brand can serve all your needs.



6. Best For Youth – Chance Premium Small Size Rubber Basketball For Indoor and Outdoor

kids use basketball

Chance Premium comes in various sizes, and you won’t miss the size you prefer. It is designed with deep channels and pebble patterns to offer a better grip; hence you can improve your playing skills since you can dribble with it without slipping. Similarly, it is made of rubber, which makes it hard to wear even if you are playing at a rougher surface.

In other words, this brand is built to last longer. What draws our attention is the reaction of the ball while playing; this brand has a better bouncing ability, which makes your game enjoyable and makes it lively.



7. Best with Sleek Look – Senston Basketball 29.5 Inch Official Basketball with Rubber Material

leather indoor outdoor basketball

Senston Basketball is made of rubber, which makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor as it can withstand any harsh outdoor conditions, including rough surfaces.

It is 7-sized basketball, which makes it appropriate for training and improves your skills since it is a commonly used size. Since it is a high-quality basketball, you don’t have to its bouncing ability as it offers the best and has a better grip, which makes it unique, and hence you should make it at the top of your wish list.

Generally, with this brand, you are guaranteed a better performance, keep track of your performance, and you will realize its importance.



What is the Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Basketball?

There is a big difference between indoor and outdoor basketball such that for an indoor, it is primarily designed with the features that feature indoor usage. Similarly, since an outdoor basketball is exposed to a harsh environment, its construction is more substantial than an indoor basketball. However, here are the features that differentiate the two basketballs.

The material used:

This is the main difference between indoor and outdoor basketball. Since they are used in a different environment, indoor basketball is made of full-grain leather. This leather made basketball can easily be damaged by the concrete if you use it outdoor. Comparatively, for outdoor basketball, they are made of rubber so that they can withstand the rougher environment.


Although there are various factors that influence indoor and outdoor basketball prices, an indoor basketball is sold at a higher price compared to an outdoor basketball whose price starts as low as $10.


When it comes to durability, we are basing on its usage and the type of construction; therefore, for an indoor basketball I at all you use it outdoor, it will quickly wear out, but if you use your outdoor basketball indoor, it will even last longer than you expected.

Consistent bounce ability:

after a long usage time, you will realize that an indoor basketball has a consistent bouncing ability for many years compared to an outdoor basketball. For outdoor basketball, the bounce ability fades with years.

To sum up here:

Indoor basketballs have an exterior made from either full leather or composite material. In any case, the cost is the highest in the market.
Outdoor basketballs only come in rubber exteriors. You can find them at the lowest, budget-friendly rates.

Indoor Outdoor basketballs feature premium composite exteriors. However, unlike indoor types, you can find them at mid-range prices.


How Much Does Indoor Outdoor Basketball Costs?

The price of an indoor-outdoor basketball varies depending on some factors. However, you can get a good brand in the range of $10 to $100, thus affordable. You should not only consider their prices but pay attention to their construction and design. Here are some factors that influence the cost of indoor outdoor basketball;


If you navigate different sellers, you will find Spalding Basketball with the same features as that of Nike, but their prices differ. Therefore, if you are basing your selection on the price, don’t just consider one brand.


The material used in their construction has an impact on their prices. Generally, for a basketball constructed with the material used indoors or outdoors, it would cost more than that material that is not appropriate to either indoors or outdoors.


If you compare the official basketball size with the kid’s basketball, you will realize that their prices vary such that size 7 will cost more than size 1.


This depends on the material used such that a strong material will cost more than weaker material.


What Size Should I Get?

When it comes to the size of a basketball, different sizes will allow you to gradually improve your playing skills since their sizes often correspond to the user’s age. However, why is proper sizing important? Correct sizing guarantees you the following;

indoor outdoor basketball

– Importance of Getting Right Size of Basketball

Good shooting technique:

if you use a too small or big basketball, it will probably lead to low shooting styles due to inappropriate hand placement on a basketball.

It makes the game enjoyable:

an adult shooting with a small-sized basketball designed for kids won’t be fun since your chances of success would be lower.

Before going through different sizes in the market, we should consider why it is essential to consider the game’s appropriate size. As we have said earlier the size is among the critical consideration when choosing the best basketball, it will help you in the following ways;

It helps builds interest:

wrong basketball selection will automatically lead to boredom since you won’t be able to make appropriate shots due to unmatching size. As a result, the players will automatically lose interest. It is because you won’t be able to dribble, shoot, and low grip.

It will help you learn the game properly:

if you want to train your kids with an inappropriate basketball size, they will be encountering problems when mastering the tips. However, if you appropriately choose the size designed for their age group, you won’t regret it since every step they make while playing won’t be interfered with by a more significant sized basketball.

Excellent shooting:

since they are designed with different sizes and weight, training your kids with a heavier basketball will be a challenge and will result in a poor shooting. This also applies to an adult who uses a lighter basketball designed for younger players. Comparatively, if you pay attention to appropriate sizing in relation to the suitable age bracket, your shots won’t be affected by low sized basketball.

Poor size selection is often associated with increased chances of injuries. It might sound less convincing but imagine your kids playing with a basketball designed for adults, then you should be ready to hear them complaining about arm or wrist injuries. Therefore, be cautious when choosing the right size.


– Appropriate Size For Different Usages

Here are the appropriate sizes;

Size 7 basketballs:

for this size, the circumference of this basketball is 29.5 inches and has a weight of 22oz. With this size, it is appropriate for only boys from the age of 15 years and above. Size 7 is the NBA official size and is used to play at a high school level, college-level or professional level for men’s basketball.

Size 6 basketballs:

the circumference of this size is 28.5 inches with a weight of 20 oz. Therefore, it is best for the age group of 12 to 14 years. With this size, this is the women’s official basketball for professional players, high school, and college levels.

Size 5 basketballs:

when it comes to size 5, its circumference measures 27.5 and weighs 17 oz. This site is best for the age of 9 to 11 years for both boys and girls. This size is often referred to as a standard size.

Size 4 basketballs:

the circumference of this is 25.5 inches and weighs 14 oz. This size doesn’t discriminate on gender as it can be used by both boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 8.

Size 3 basketballs:

this size is often referred to as the mini basketballs and is designed for kids with 4 to 8 years. It serves both boys and girls, and its circumference is 22 inches with a weight of 10 oz.

Size 1 basketballs:

this is a micro-mini basketball with a circumference of 16 inches. It weighs 8 oz; hence best for young kids of 2 to 4 years and for both boys and girls.


Best Brands on Producing Basketball for Indoor and Outdoor Use

There are several best basketball brands that feature good quality, durability, and more features that are worth considering today. These brands should be at the top of your list since we have considered several factors when choosing them, such as customer reviews, quality basketball, among others. The best brands are;

1 Wilson

Wilson basketballs are among the trusted brands and endorsed by the NCAA. They have a variety of basketball series, including the Evolution, Collegiate, and Solution, whose construction satisfies the required standards.

Wilson basketballs are generally constructed with a composite leather surface to absorb moisture, making them hard to slip from your fingers while playing. Consequently, the butyl bladder filled with air offers a smooth bouncing of the ball and doesn’t get damaged easily, making Wilson brands durable. Your budget size won’t be locked out with them since their prices start at around $11.

2 Spalding

Spalding provides a variety of indoor-outdoor basketballs, each designed to suit the needs of each player. Since 1983, they have partnered with the NBA and have managed to improve the basketball game.

They manufacture basketball based on modern basketball technology, including soft grip technology. They are mostly developed with two rubber sponge layers to provide a sift grip and are also durable. Similarly, the improvised touch surfaces guarantee a superior grip making them unable to slip off your fingers.

Their prices often start from $10; therefore, if you are looking for a cheap basketball, then Spalding could be your best choice.

3 Nike

Nike is a well-known brand for its excellent quality and durability. They are made from a rubber, which assures a durable option and can bounce well, satisfying indoor and outdoor needs.

Similarly, most Nike brands feature rubber channels and an excellent soft-touch cover that offers a better grip and ball handling. Since one of the considerations when buying a basketball is the weight and sizes, however, with Nike, you are guaranteed multiple choices since their manufacturing features different sizes and weights.

Therefore, you can get a lighter and small basketball for your kids to train with. Their prices usually start at $16.

4 Molten

Molten has secured a more expansive space in the market due to its reliable products. Its types offer a realistic grip and bounce, which is aided by the synthetic covers.

Similarly, if you are looking for basketball that can serve your kids, then molten could be the best choice since they come in different sizes and weight; hence you can easily get a lighter one for your kids. Similarly, superior craftsmanship, advanced basketball technology at various manufacturing stages guarantees the durability of Molten basketball types.

Consequently, the soft-touch cover provides a better grip and handling of the ball.

5 Baden

Baden is the first brand to develop the first women’s sized basketball and good quality cushioning.

They have majored in high-quality basketball with the best bounce ability and better grip, which has placed it as the fastest-growing basketball manufacturer across the world. What draws our attention is its performance and the experiences shared by the users; therefore, this should be among your wish list selection.

It also features different sizes from the lower age group to the official size so that you can get the right size.


How to Improve Your Indoor-Outdoor Basketball?

Indeed, investing in the best indoor outdoor basketball yields fruitful results. You will notice a drastic positive change in your performance. However, the ball can soon lose its efficiency without regular maintenance.

Here are a few ways to improve your indoor-outdoor basketball:

Pump it

Ideally, a basketball with high air retention will remain inflated and dent-free for long. But, consistent practice sessions will cause it to lose air sooner or later. So, it’s always better to have a pump in your gear.

Please note, when pumping the ball up, moisten the inflation needle before inserting it into the valve. It protects your ball from damage.

Keep it from dust after use

During the game, a basketball gets exposed to a diversity of germs and bacteria. If left unclean, it can make you fall sick and even deteriorate the performance of your ball. Hence, follow a cleaning routine.

To clean, add some detergent to a pot of warm water. Rinse your composite leather basketball in it for around 20 to 30-minutes. Next, soak a cloth in soap solution and run over your ball surface gently.

Continue doing so until dirt vanishes. Rinse again, and air dry it. You can also lightly dry with a cloth.

Does it need a break-in?

New basketballs have to go through a process called breaking-in. In this, you practice with the ball until it loses the rigidness and becomes soft. Since soft basketballs have little resistance, they bounce better and perform at their peak.

Typically, composite leather and rubber basketballs do not require a break-in because they’re already elastic. However, genuine leather balls are quite stiff. You need to soften it by practicing with it before using it in a proper game or competition.


Can I Use Indoor Basketball Outside?

After going through the difference between indoor and outdoor basketball, you might be wondering whether you can use your indoor basketball outside. It is not advisable to use an indoor, designed basketball for outdoor use. Although indoor basketball is not constructed with features that are responsible for outdoor use, most people prefer using them outdoors. Therefore, you can comfortably use yours outside, but it is important to note that the rate at which it will wear out is high and shorter.



To cut the expenses of buying two different basketballs for indoor and outdoor can only be achieved by going for the one that will serve you both indoor and outdoor. However, since there are several brands in the market, arm yourself with the best indoor-outdoor basketball factors, and everything will look simple for you. With our guide, we have also provided you with the best brands in the market, and therefore, you can pick your preferred choice and enjoy the game.