Spalding 54 In-Ground Basketball System Reviews

This Spalding 54-inch in-ground basketball system is perfect for installing in open areas like the driveways. The 54 inches long backboard provides excellent functional space for light basketball training needs. If you need this fantastic in-ground basketball to be used by different people in your home, then it might work.


The height of the pole is adjustable to various sizes ranging from 7.5 to 10 feet high. This makes it easy for short and tall individuals to play basketball with the system. The other feature that makes this Spalding in-ground basketball stand out from other models is the stability when setting on the ground. It comes with three pieces, each measuring 3.5 inches to hook the system In-ground for more security.

Spalding 54 In-Ground Basketball System Reviews

spalding 88454g glass in ground system

Backboard Size54 inch
Backboard MaterialAcrylic
Height7.5-10 feet
RimBreakaway rim

Adjustable height

If you have individuals of different sizes and heights in your home, this Spalding in-ground basketball system is the best option. This is because the pole is adjustable to accommodate different sizes and heights. How do you adjust the height of the system? The pole features the U-turn lift system useful for adjusting the height. The handle is removable to lock the height of the system in place.

spalding 54 in ground basketball hoop

Three-piece 4-inch square pole

The stability of this system is fully guaranteed thanks to the three-piece inch square pole. This makes it smooth for all people to train different basketball moves too. You can comfortably hang on the rim when scoring or after dunking without worrying about this in-ground basketball system collapsing.

The pole features four-inch three pieces that add stability to the stand. The fact that the system is supposed to be installed on the ground also guarantees its security.

54 Inch acrylic backboard

Acrylic material is the second-best material for crafting the backboard for basketball systems. The 54-inch acrylic material is quite sturdy to withstand high impacts since they are shutter free. The acrylic backboard on this in-ground basketball model is soft to provide a good bounce back when the basketball is thrown, thus increasing your chances of scoring.

The acrylic material is also quite strong and sturdy to resist high impacts when adults use the system. It is resistant to weather damages to fit the outdoor conditions.

spalding 88454g 54 glass inground basketball system

Easy installation process

Although this in-ground basketball system may take a longer time to install, considering you have to dig deep to equip it on the ground, the process is super smooth the available tools. The basketball system comes with the ground sleeve anchor system that makes it super easy and smooth to install to the ground.

The ground level anchors also make it easy to remove the pole from the ground in case you want to change the installation position of the hoop.

Breakaway and strong rim

A breakaway rim is an additional bonus to ensuring the durability of your backboard, especially if you need a basketball system for constant training at home. This type of rim allows the players to have an easy time when dunking since it provides an excellent rebound and it bounces when throwing the ball, to prevent the ball from reaching the backboard.

The rim has the blow-molded backboard pad to improve its performance and the performance of the player. The rim net has heavy-duty nylon materials that are resistant to fading even after prolonged exposure to high UV rays on the outdoors.

spalding 54 inch acrylic backboard in ground basketball system

Heavy-duty steel frame

This 54-inch in-ground basketball system from Spalding has heavy-duty material construction with the steel frame to withstand all the outdoor climates. The steel frame has a powder coating that protects the entire unit from damages such as rust and corrosion during the wet season.


  • The 54-inch acrylic backboard on the system provides excellent rebound for convenient scoring and dunking
  • The entire basketball system has quality steel material with powder coating for durability
  • The height of this basketball system adjusts to different heights to fit various users
  • The stability of this unit is guaranteed with the three-piece four-inch steel pole
  • The pole has a durable and weather-resistant breakaway rim to provide perfect dunking spaces
  • Installing this basketball system to the ground is easy since it comes with anchors
  • Adjusting the height of the system is comfortable with the aid of the U lift system


  • This in-ground basketball unit is super heavy; thus, it may need more than one person to install it to the ground
  • According to some clients, assembling this basketball system is not easy since the manual guide is not clear
  • Some customers have reported receiving the basketball system without the assembling screws such that they had to buy them separately


Specifications of Spalding 54 In-Ground Basketball System

spalding 54 glass in ground basketball hoop

Backboard size: 54 wide x 32 inches thickness

Backboard materials: Acrylic

System type: In ground installation style

Height: Adjusts from 7.5 to 10 feet high ( 2.3 to 3.05 m)

Pole: 3 pieces 4 square styles

Rim: Pro breakaway system

Adjusting style: U-turn lift style

Weight: 116.4 pounds

Who Is Spalding 54 Inch Acrylic Inground Hoop Designed For?

Spalding 54 in-ground basketball system is quality and reliable in-ground basketball to install in your driveways for professional or casual training. The system has a reasonable acrylic backboard that is quite sturdy to provide the best rebound for easy and fast scoring.

The system is ideal for people who need to permanently install an in-ground basketball system at the driveway since it comes with a three-piece square style for additional stability. Also, this in-ground basketball system has weatherproof materials that resist high sunlight and heavy rains.

The breakaway plus molded edges designs on the rim provide the best bounce back so you can efficiently train your dunk moves at home.


Spalding 54 in-ground basketball system is an affordable and quality in-ground basketball hoop to consider buying for your kids at home. This unit features an adjustable height to allow different people to practice with it. It has a U lift system that makes it easy and fast to adjust the height of the system.

It has durable material construction that can withstand all the outdoor weather climates. This inground basketball system is also affordable.