The 50 + Best Backyard Basketball Court Ideas

Before you set up your backyard basketball court, you should consider the space at your backyard, the safe ground cover or court surface, and if you opt for a permanent or a portable surface and equipment.

How Much Does a Backyard Basketball Court Cost?

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Your backyard basketball court will cost you around $11,000 to $76,000. The average cost will, therefore, be $35,000. That means it will cost you about $3.50 to $17 per square foot.

If you want to build a half backyard basketball court size, which measures 47 feet by 50 feet, that is 2,350 square feet; then you will need around $8,600 to $38,000. However, you can still build a 30 feet by 30 feet, which is 900 square feet, if you have a small backyard space, which will cost you around $3,300 to $15,000.

There are standard sizes of a full-size basketball court, which you can consider. The NBA full basketball court size, which is 97 feet by 50 feet, will cost you around $46,000, while a high school court full-size measuring 84 feet by 50 feet, will cost you around $41,000, and the Junior High court measuring 74 feet by 42 feet will cost you approximately 31,000 to build.

There are also standard NBA half-court sizes. A standard NBA half-size court is measuring 47 feet by 50 feet and will cost you around $23,000, half-size of a high school court is measuring 42 feet by 50 feet and will cost you approximately $21,000, while a Junior High court which is measuring 37 feet by 42 feet will cost you around $15,500. However, you can also opt for an alternative half-size court, which measures 30 by 30 feet that will cost you approximately $9,000 to build.


Backyard Basketball Court Installation Cost

Installing your backyard basketball court is very affordable. The first thing is for you to understand the costs and steps required for you to make your backyard basketball court.

The general cost to fully install your basketball court will vary depending on the court dimensions, netting, site location, lighting level of excavation required, and the hoop you choose. However, if you have a tight budget, you can stick to a hoop and a concrete.

Installing a premium backyard basketball court will be significantly cheaper for you, and it will need lower maintenance requirements compared to luxury home improvements. You will require the following components;

• Court art and line markings

Usually, line markings cost $500 and above.

• Concrete for the strong slab

The price of concrete can vary across the country, but you can budget with at least $100 per square meter of the concrete you will require.

• Hoop

The cost of your backyard basketball court will also depend on the size you want your hoop extension and backboard to be. The best quality hoop will cost you around $1,500 to $4,500. You can also want to add your artwork or special custom logo, which for a single color logo print is about $500.

• Labour

It is not easy to get laborers who are experienced with building sports court, and per day, you can pay laborers around $300 to $400 per day, which the total will amount to $1100 to $1500 for the full installation of your court and its surface. However, this may vary depending on the size of the court, the hoop you choose, and the location.

In general, for a half-court measuring not more than 165sqm, setting a backyard basketball court will cost you about $10,000 to $35,000, and if you are opting for a FIBA-regulation size, which is full-court measuring 420sqm and more, you will need approximately $70,000 to 90,000 for full installation.


Backyard Basketball Court Dimensions

Different backyard basketball court dimensions are depending on the type of backyard basketball you want to install in your backyard.

For all basketball courts, the distance from the front of the backboard to the front foul line is 15’ and 18’ 10’’ from the baseline. For FIBA and NBA, the free throw lane or the key, also known as the paint, is measuring 16 feet wide and for Junior High, High school, and College courts, 15’ from the backboard to the free-throw line and 12 feet wide.

There are three 6’ circles on the court on each end centered on the foul line and the other one on the center of the court. The Arc or 3 point line dimensions for High School are 19.75 feet, 21.65 feet to 22.15 feet for FIBA and WNBA, 20.75 feet for NCCA, and 22 feet to 23.75 feet for NBA.

You can choose a backyard basketball court dimension that is going to fit perfectly in your backyard.


Backyard Basketball Court Size

There are various backyard basketball courts with different sizes, depending on the type of basketball that is being played. The Basketball court measuring 94 feet by 50 feet is the professional National Basketball Association court size. Basketball courts are comprised of lots of foundational components like free-throw or foul lines, the baskets, half-court line, and three-point arcs.

If you have restricted space in your backyard, then you can settle for a half-court basketball court layout that is measuring 30 feet by 50 feet. You can also have other considerations to make whenever you are planning to build your backyard basketball court layout, which includes the material you want to us.

A college basketball court and a professional NBA court measures 94 feet by 50 feet; an international basketball court measures 92 feet by 49 feet, a high school and Junior High court measure 84 feet by 50 feet.

A backyard basketball court that is perfectly constructed will be an excellent way for you to have even more reasons for you, your family, and friends to spend a great enjoyable time outdoors, and you will be sure it will be durable enough.


Half-court Basketball Dimensions for a Backyard

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Most high school courts measure 84 feet by 50 feet, while college or a standard basketball court used in professional ranks measures 94 feet by 50 feet wide.

Your half-court backyard basketball will cut the length dimension of a full backyard basketball court in half but will retain the width of a full basketball court.

A high school half-court measurement is 42 feet long by 50 feet wide, and a backyard basketball court for youth half-court measures 37 feet by 42 feet. Half-court games played on an international court measure 52 feet by 31 feet, and half-court games played on a professional court or college court measure 47 feet by 50 feet.

A half-court size of a backyard basketball includes one hoop and one three-point arc, and one free throw line. The three-throw line of a half-size basketball court from the backboard front plane is 15 feet, and the three-point arc measure 19.75 feet for women’s college court and high school court from the middle of the basket.


Backyard Basketball Court Ideas

Basketball is one of America’s favorite sports. Many people love to play basketball, and they simply can’t get enough of this game. Millions of homes have basketball courts in their backyard area. These courts not only provide fun and recreation, they also help people to hone their skills. Let’s check out some backyard basketball court ideas that you can set up for your home.

Small Backyard Basketball Court

small yard backyard court design

Sometimes a homeowner doesn’t have a lot of room for a basketball court. One of the best ways to overcome this problem is to set up a mini basketball court. You can do this by simply putting up a small hoop with a backboard on a large tree in your backyard area. Another thing that you can do is put flat brick pavers down on a small section of your backyard area and place a basketball pole with a hoop in that area. Some people just set up a basketball rim on the top of their garage. Small basketball areas do not have to take up a lot of space.

Backyard Half-Court Basketball

half court backyard court

If you have a large backyard area but you don’t want to full up a full court, you can always put in a half-court basketball space. This will allow you to be able to play basketball without taking up too much space. A half-court basketball area is convenient like a small backyard court, except it provides you with more space for gameplay. If you have a medium-sized to large backyard area; the half-court model will work perfectly for that environment. Just make sure you properly plan out the area and put in a part of your yard that you don’t plan on using in the future. Remember, half-court setups are permanent.

Traditional Court

traditional backyard court

It wouldn’t be advisable to put up a traditional or full court in your backyard unless you have space. Traditional basketball courts take up a lot of space. If you looked at the basketball courts on playgrounds or in small gyms, that will be the size of a full-court. Remember, this type of court will take up a lot of your backyard space. If you have a smaller backyard area, they can set up the court, but it will take up most of your backyard. However, if you love basketball that much; then you shouldn’t have a problem with turning your basketball into a place for hoops

Concrete Court

the concrete backyard court

Concrete courts are common for backyards. When a person places a basketball rim and backboard on the top of their garage, they normally play on concrete. Concrete is a great substance for ball handling. A rubber (or leather) basketball will easily bounce off the concrete. Sometimes, a basketball will have too much bounce on this type of material. Concrete courts are fairly inexpensive to install if you want to set one up. This material will have to be maintained since it is prone to cracking, stretching, or developing holes from the weather or strong impact forces.

Textured Court

textured backyard court

Textured courts are basketball courts made from tiles. These tiles are designed from materials such as heavy-duty plastic, composite materials, and some lightweight processed brick or stone. Textured courts can be modeled in a way that a homeowner desire. The materials provide lots of options in terms of designs. The materials can also help residential basketball players to avoid injury because they absorb shock and are less stressful on their legs and knees. Textured basketball courts are more expensive, but they can be specifically designed to fit any landscape environment. The materials used for the court can also withstand the elements.

Contemporary Patio

outdoor patio backyard court

Modern patio areas for some homes can be big enough to have a mini or small basketball court. Homeowners are getting more creative with the way they set up their patio areas. Homes are now having more patio space to do more things. They are becoming more creative with how they use this space. People who are sports orientated can set up a basketball hoop on their patio. They can use a portable rim and place it on their patio, or they can place a small permanent poll into their patio space. The trick to setting up a basketball rim onto a patio space is to make sure the basketball rim doesn’t dominate the whole space.

Textured Mats

using textured mats

Textured mats are made out of vinyl materials or some type of plastic. Textured materials can quickly be laid onto a certain area of your backyard. Once you place the textured mats onto the ground, you can set up a basketball pole with a rim. You can also use a portable basketball rim as well. This will allow you to play basketball anywhere you desire within your backyard area. Textured mats offer flexibility. They can be quickly set up and taken down. They can also be easily moved from one location to the next if you have to make quick adjustments.

Tennis Court

tennis backyard court design

Tennis courts are very large spaces. If you plan on setting one up in your backyard, then you will need to get some plans that will show you how to carry out this process. It is recommended that you make a tennis court that will be relative to the size of your property. Tennis courts are fairly expensive to make. Sectioning off an area of your yard, removing grass to lay down the court and getting court materials, all cost money. Setting up the net and painting the lines for your court cost money as well. Don’t put up a tennis court without serious planning.

Basketball Court Graphics

building backyard court graphics

There are different basketball graphics that can be used for different court designs. Graphics help people to come up with different ideas for their basketball courts. Some courts have a circular design and other courts are made like triangles. Some people will even put up obstacles on their basketball courts because they got the idea from graphics. Basketball graphics can give people creative ways to make unique courts and basketball systems.

Golf and Basketball Setup

golf with backyard court

People who like golf and basketball must have a large backyard space. There is no way you can create a mini-golf course and have a basketball court in your backyard unless you have a lot of property. However, if you have a small amount of property, but love playing these two sports; then you can simply adjust the size of your course and court to your property. Some people set up mini-golf areas in their yard and they have a small basketball court as well. Your basketball and golf set up can be done but plan it out to get the best results.

Classic Backyard Court

classic backyard court design

A classic backyard court can be an option for homeowners. The trick to making this work is having enough yard space to put up a court. Remember, classic basketball courts are fairly large. Your property should be big enough to have this type of system on it. If not, your court will loom over every other thing in your backyard. You will also have to check with your local community or neighborhood housing laws about putting up a classic backyard court.

Large Tennis Court

large tennis backyard court

A large tennis court is a great option for people that like to play this game. However, a large tennis court will also take up space. You must have enough space in your backyard area to put up this type of tennis play area. Large tennis courts take planning. This is a project that you might want to give to a contractor. Setting up a tennis court area is not an easy thing to do. You can take on this project yourself but make sure you are following plans for this process. Otherwise, you are going to waste your money, time and ruin your backyard.

Stone Basketball Court

stone backyard basketball court

Some homeowners only have the option of setting up a stone basketball court. However, the stone is a terrible material for courts. It is harder to control a basketball on stone courts. Stone creates an uneven surface. When the ball hits this material, the grooves and small bumps will cause it to bounce in different directions. Ball handling can be done on a stone court, but it will be extremely hard to do. Stone courts are suited for experienced basketball players, but it can be a hassle for people who like to shoot recreationally.

Hockey Rink

hockey rink court

You can set up a mini hockey rink in your backyard. However, if you decide to set up a standard hockey rink you better have a lot of money and space to carry out this project. Most people cannot really set up a hockey rink in their backyard even if they are wealthy. Hockey rinks require ice and constant frozen temperatures. Unless a person lives in a place where cold and snow is the norm, it is not advisable to set up a hockey rink in the backyard. However, a person can make a field hockey rink or ground hockey rink in their area.

Sport Court

sport court for backyard

A sport court for basketball can be set up for recreational use. Basketball sports court don’t have to be big to be fun. A simple part of a person’s yard can be sectioned off for play. The court can simply include a fixed backboard and rim. You can also use a basketball sport court in the back part of your driveway. A basketball sport court can be quickly set up. They normally don’t cost a lot of money. Also, if you need to take them down for any reason, they can be quickly removed.

Easy Setup

Homeowners might want a basketball court in their backyard, but they don’t want the hassle of putting one in place. There are easy setup basketball courts that do not cause a lot of grief. These courts can be quickly put down within an hour. Easy setup courts are best suited for homeowners that want to play basketball but are not trying to make it a full-time endeavor. An easy setup court should take less than an hour to put up. They should also be easy enough to take down and remove during the winter months.

Double Court

double court design

A double court is only for large-sized backyard spaces. Double courts will require homeowners to have at least 1 acre of property. Having two standard basketball courts in your backyard area is similar to what you see at local parks. You will need a lot of space and planning to have this type of set up. Also, double courts are not recommended unless you have a lot of people shooting hoops. Double courts are also good for professional players who have to hone their skills.

Multi-Use Court

multi use backyard court

You can have a multi-use court for basketball. You can use the court to play hoops and it can also be converted for volleyball or badminton. Normally, school gyms typically use their basketball court areas for multiple purposes. They use them for basketball, volleyball, and even dancing for kids in gym class. If you have an outdoor basketball court, you should consider what other things you can do with your court. This will provide you with more flexibility for your court and it will help to make your court an integral part of your home life.

Easy Turf

easy turf backyard court design

Easy turf is a type of artificial grass. You can lay it out in your yard but don’t use it for basketball purposes. Have you ever bounced a basketball in the grass? Well, if you have; then you understand how difficult it is to have a basketball court made out of substance. Easy turf is more padded than concrete or paved courts. However, you will have a hard time enjoying your game of basketball on grass. Truth be told, basketball is not a game to play on regular or artificial grass.


putt-putt backyard court design

Putt-putt is a fun golf game. This is a form of mini-golf. Putt-putt is easy to set up. You can even set up a putt-putt course with your basketball court. The putt-putt area is small enough where you can put it down without too much of a hassle. One of the best things about putt-putt games is that you can frequently change them up by creating different courses. If you are really creative you can mix putt-putt and basketball. This will add an extra dimension of fun and excitement to your games.

Backyard Resort

backyard court for resort

You can make a backyard resort area if you have space. To pull this off, you will have to convert your backyard location into a place where you can set up a pool, a lounge area, and quite possibly a dance floor. If you know how to manage small spaces, you can do this as well. The main thing to remember is that resort area are fairly large. The best way to have a backyard space is to have a lot of property to work with. Otherwise, your resort probably won’t turn out right. Oh, don’t forget to set up your basketball court in your resort space.

Bocce Ball Court

bocce ball court design

Bocce ball is not a common game for most people. However, some people do play it. If you are a bocce ballplayer, you can have a bocce ball court set up in your home. Bocce ball courts resemble large-sized pool tables except they’re made from grass. The game of bocce ball is a cross between bowling and pool. This unusual game is popular in Europe, but it can also be fun anywhere else. Once you learn the rules and how it’s played, bocce ball can be a great addition to your backyard space with a basketball court.

Volleyball Court

volleyball backyard court

We already mentioned that volleyball courts can be set up on basketball courts. Remember, that most school gyms do this type of thing. Once you establish a basketball court you can covert it into a volleyball court when you have to. Volleyball courts are not hard to set up and they work well on basketball courts because the lines and sides of the courts are already established. Volleyball courts can also be played in the grass. The grass is softer on people’s feet and easier on the legs. However, there will not be any boundary lines and it will be more difficult to play.

Outdoor Chess Set

using the chess court

Outdoor chess sets are fun. Chess is a classic game and is played around the world. Some people purchase large size chess sets where the pieces are life-like. Some manufacturers create these sets for homeowners to use in their backyard areas. These pieces can be made to look like statutes or sculpted pieces. They can be very heavy to manipulate but they add an extra dimension of fun. People who get an outdoor chess set can place them next to their basketball court. Outdoor chess sets come in different styles and designs. Most of the boards are made out of woods. However, the more sophisticated (expensive) models use stone, marble, and other materials.


bowling court backyard court idea

Outdoor bowling can be entertaining for many people. People can set up an outdoor bowling lane on their property. They can use the same flooring material that is used in a bowling alley. This type of outdoor recreational set up will cost some money. This is especially true for the more sophisticated bowling lane set ups. You can use standard bowling pins and marble balls. Again, these will be expensive to purchase. There are also plastic models that are just as good. Having a bowling alley and a basketball court could make your home a very popular place for people to hang out and have fun.

Large Volleyball Court

large volleyball backyard court

Volleyball is a thrilling sport with tons of fun to play and watch. The general measurement of a volleyball court is 60 feet by 30 feet; therefore, each side will measure 30 feet by 30 feet.

You can bring all the glamour of the beach right into the backyard of your home. Add some tropical plants to your yard so that you can match this staple sport at any beach resort and utilize this perfect volleyball court right in your backyard.

Yard Chess

yard chess backyard idea

Yard chess is a fun game that any person of any age can play. Setting yard chess in your backyard is an excellent idea for entreat. To set yard chess in your backyard, you will consider your backyard’s size and the size of the yard chess you want.

Street-less Hockey

With a Street-less Hockey, your children will be able to have fun all day long without them having to worry about setting up goals in the streets and street traffic. Your children will be safe playing in the backyard, and also the pucks will not be lost down to the storm drains.


dugout backyard court design

The little patriotic notes throughout the scene help give the baseball game the extra feeling of patriotism when you are playing. In American, baseball is considered an all-American sport, and your kids can take pleasure in too.

Inflatable Court

inflatable backyard court

You can buy an inflatable court and set it up in your backyard. You can invite kids from your neighborhood to have fun or when you want to host a perfect summer party.

Multipurpose Court

For you to ensure everybody has a sport, then setting a multipurpose court is ideal for you in your backyard. Setting up a multipurpose court is an excellent way to entertain your family and friends with games like shuffleboard or even four square.

It will be great for if you set your multipurpose court big enough so you will be able to put very many perfect games just in that one court.

Grand Basketball Court

Grand Basketball Court is a very fancy basketball court. You can set your Grand Basketball Court in your backyard and line the fence with protective mesh to ensure there are no balls that will fly out of your court.

Horseshoe setup

horshoe backyard court

A horseshoe court does not take a large space. All you will need is just an outer area of your backyard or an empty corner where you can throw horseshoe around and not hurt anyone or destroy anything.

A common horseshoe pit dimension for backyard play measures 36 by 48 inches. You can choose to make one box depending on your space, but preferably horseshoe involves two boxes, one box for pitching and the other for stakes. So for two boxes, you will require a rectangular space measuring 48 by 6 feet.

Patio Court

You must not only stick to sport when it comes to patio setup. You can make your basketball court background a perfect fun fire. It is the best way to make your most patio without you having to set it for sport specifically.

Batting Cages

backyard court with batting cages

The first things you will need to set up a batting cage in your backyard are frames and a commercial network. A commercial net and frames are the perfect high-quality materials that you need to accommodate your softball and baseball hobbies.

Building your batting cage is not difficult; you will need pipe, Kee Klamp fittings, and a cargo net. Just in a few hours, you will have assembled a batting cage in your backyard.

Once you build your batting cage, you will need not to worry where you will swing your bat around, and it is also the best idea for your teens who actively involve themselves in sport or baseball.

Backyard concrete basketball court

The amount of concrete you will need to set up a backyard concrete basketball court is determined by the length size you want to be more traditional or compact. You can get a crew to help you out with pouring concrete if it gets intimidating for you.

Making a backyard concrete basketball court is a simple process that will take you only a few hours, and you will need to wait until the concrete dries up before you could do the painting of your court.

Shuffleboard Kit

shuffleboard backyard kit

For years, shuffleboard sport has been around and has always been fun. Shuffleboard is more fun to play and very easy to do. All you will need is a space in your backyard to place the board. As you set up your Shuffleboard Kit, ensure that it is appropriately adjusted as you put it in place in its place.

Your Shuffleboard Kit should be on a level where you can easily be able to slip a piece of paper under the middle of the level.

Backyard multi-sport court

A backyard multi-sport court is ideal for a family with children. Therefore, you can set up a court that holds different kinds of sports like bowling, basketball, tennis, or even shuffleboard.

You will forget the long boring summer months when you have a backyard multi-sport court, and your children will have the chance to choose which kind of game they want to play, and for hours, they will be entertained.

Mini Baseball Court

A full-size baseball field measures 330 feet by 400 feet, and when it comes to having a backyard sports field, then a baseball is one of the easiest and least expensive for you to build. The requirements you will need to build your backyard mini baseball depend on your desired materials and size.

Therefore, with a condensed version, you do not necessarily need to have a professional baseball field size for you to enjoy this fantastic game. It is a perfect setup even for children who are still learning how to play T-ball or baseball. You will have a lot of fun together with your family.

Outdoor backyard basketball court

When choosing a surface, ensure you consider the durability, perforation, traction, and installation of your flooring.

Backyard basketball court no concrete

Backyard basketball court with no concrete features a full paint together with texture. You can choose to use various materials in place of concrete to enhance the grip, such as the rubber soles of shoes. When you add the painting, you will make your basketball court official, and also it will look attractive and vibrant.

The asphalt basketball court in the backyard

asphalt backyard court

Asphalt is a perfect choice for you since it is significantly less expensive, but the basketball court made of it will remain the priciest and option and will always be reserved for you as a determined player.

Backyard pool and basketball court

swimming pool and basketball hoops

A backyard pool and a basketball court is an excellent idea to build if a full- size basketball court is out of reach for you. You can double the fun by adding a pool next to your customized basketball court. This will be a lot of fun after you heat up from playing, you will just dive into your pool and have a leisure swimming

Final Verdict

There are a lot of excellent ways you can incorporate sports right into your home backyard; whether you have a small yard or a big yard, you need to be creative. You can make your court fun and enable outdoor exercise for you, your family, and friends.