How to Secure a Portable Basketball Hoop? – Follow the 4 Simple Methods

A portable basketball hoop has gained popularity due to its easily transferable feature. Also, you do not need to drill your wall for a hole to install a basketball hoop.

Generally, people use water or sand to fill its base, but there are also other methods that you can use to stabilize your portable basketball hoop. So, let’s discuss some of the methods to secure a portable basketball hoop.

secure portable basketball hoop base


Do Portable Basketball Hoops Fall Over?

A portable basketball hoop is not installed with concrete as we do for the in-ground system. So portable basketball hoops can easily fall over in the heavy wind, so if you live in an area that experiences strong wind usually, you have to consider this thing. Also, slam dunk and rim hanging can shake and fall a portable basketball hoop. Sometimes, the place gets damaged, and players can be harshly hurt.

Hence it is important to take some essential steps by following some methods.


How To Secure A Portable Basketball Hoop?

There are many options to secure a portable basketball hoop, and from them, we have discussed here 4 the best options.

Method 1: Add Water Instead of Sand in Base

Sand is approximately 45% denser than water. Also, its weight is 13 pounds per gallon, which is greater than water’s weight, around 8 pounds. Also, water may freeze in the base, not in the sand. So now it is clear to fill it with sand if you’re not thinking of moving your hoop often. As it becomes heavier now, you can not move it quickly.

secure basketball hoop base with water


● As discussed, sand is heavier than water, making the hoop more stable due to extra weight.
● Sand will not leak from a minor crack like water.


● Because of extra weight, it becomes hard to move it easily
● Base filling with sand is more expensive than water filling


Method 2: Use BaseGel Instead of Water in Base

The second method uses BaseGel instead of water in the base, a super-absorbent polymer, and provides the exact effect of about 400 pounds of sand. If you have already filled your hoop with water, mix half of BaseGel into it to become firm now. It can absorb up to 400 pounds when you mix it with water and become a leak-proof gel.

BaseGel is generally working for years, and it can keep the balance well. Also, making the base empty is easy. You have to add table salt and water mixture in the base, and it will transfer into water within 5 minutes. BaseGel will freeze if the temperature falls under 32 degrees F, and it will again return to its original state when the temperature rises above 32 degrees F.

how to secure basketball hoop base


● It is easy to use; add water and BaseGel, and it works
● Cheaper than sand
● It will not leak even after the base crack
● System draining is also easy


● It has less weight than a sand base
● Some amount of money required to buy BaseGel so costlier than water base
● Freeze in temperature of above 32 degrees F


Method 3: Use a Ground Anchor and Ratchet Straps

We can consider this method the best method for securing the portable basketball hoop as it’s effortless to secure your portable basketball hoop with a ground anchor and ratchet strap.

You need two anchors and then hammer them down on opposing sides of a hoop. Hammer down the anchors if your hoop is on a soft base. Knit it using the strap, tying the anchor to each end to fit tighter. You need to drill the ground for 6 inches at least. You require a cordless drill and a concrete bit for concrete work and a hammer drill to break the hole for asphalt work.

secure hoop base with anchor


● You only need 2 ground anchors and ratchet straps which are free
● It’s the most secure way


● You have to drill the ground using a hammer
● Also, you have to hold a hoop while drilling, especially concrete base; otherwise, it may fall on you


Method 4: Use a Hoop Anchor

The Hoop Anchor is an effective method to secure your portable basketball hoop from falling over. These are available in the market, and if you fix them properly, they will work the best. It is generally available in the package, so it is better to purchase it part by part to know whether it works for you or not. So you can save your money.


● It is a durable option


● The views are different here; some people say that it’s a waste of money while others like it.


How Much Weight Do You Need To Hold Down A Portable Basketball Hoop?

A portable basketball hoop base can generally carry up to 35 gallons. At 13 pounds per gallon, you need 450 pounds of support for the base.


How To Fix A Wobbly Basketball Hoop?

Sometimes, an outside force like wind or a portable basketball hoop may become wobbly during playing. So by making the base heavier or steady, you can fix the issue of a wobbly basketball hoop as we shared here four methods of securing a portable hoop, like using sand, BaseGel, anchors, and ratchet strap or hoop anchor help you to fix your wobbly basketball hoop.

We consider using a ground anchor and ratchet straps as the best option to stabilize a wobbly portable basketball hoop from all these four methods.



So these are the best 4 methods to secure a portable basketball hoop. So do any of the ones as per your requirement and convenience and see how it works. Share your experience with us here.