Cheapest Basketball Hoops Reviews

If you are not engaged in the competitive basketball competition, you do not need to spend all your earnings to purchase basketball hoops. There are cheap alternatives available for you out there. The problem is discovering the best of such affordable hoops. If you are looking for the cheap models in the market, the information here is to assist you.

Continue reading to find out the most affordable ones in the market.

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What are the Best Cheapest Basketball Hoops?

Should I Get a Cheap Basketball Hoop?

If you are wondering if the cheap basketball hoops are useful, well the answer to this is yes. You can buy a cheap basketball hoop to enjoy your basketball tournament with friends or family members. low price basketball goals

They are suitable for home use since they are light in weight. Hence, moving the hoops to different locations is quite easy. Also, the hoops are made of durable and weather-resistant material, which is ideal for outdoor use.

Surely, the biggest concern on the cheapest basketball hoops is the quality level. Indeed, cheap price points to weak quality for most of the occasions. However, under careful selection, there are cost-effective types that you can find on the market. Besides, the low price hoops are less functional than high-end type, such as the comparison between portable hoops and indoor door-mounted hoops.

In a word, getting a cheap basketball hoop is a wise decision if it caters to your needs and budget. As for selection, keep reading and you will get the detailed buying guides.

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How to Select a High-quality Cheap Basketball Hoop?

Selecting a cheap basketball hoop is something challenging, for you have a wide range of probability of getting a weak quality hoop. That is why you need to read professional reviews before buying and be aware of the key elements in getting the most cost-effective basketball system. Here we come to rescue by listing all the factors you need in choosing.

Focus on the backboard.

This is one of the parts that get hit by the ball when scoring. So, ensure the backboard is made of high-quality material for durability and shutter free. Although all the materials used to make the backboards are reliable, consider getting boards made of acrylic as they are sturdier.

The finishing.

The finishing of the metal or steel parts determines how long the hoop will last. These two metals are bound to get affected by extreme weather changes like the rains and sun. Therefore, choose a hoop that has a coated pole to prevent it from rusting or corroding.

The weight.

Constant knocking down of the hoop can accelerate its damage. Although the poles contain gallon hold where you can put sand or water, choose a stand that is suitable for your grounds. If the area around your yard is not well leveled, choose a more stable hoop probably the one with a three-piece base stand.

The price.

The cost of the hoop is also a determining factor of its quality. Even when looking for a cheap hoop, you need to ensure that it has all excellent features to serve you for a long time. So, ensure the above functions are present before choosing a cheap hoop.

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The Top 10 Cheapest Basketball Hoops Reviews

1 Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set

basketball ring cheap

This Little Tikes model is one of the cheapest. It is to aid the kids to develop an interest in the game. When you order this product, you get three balls. It is an exclusive hoop.

The design is such that you can use it indoors and outdoors. This makes it versatile. Furthermore, you can adjust the height to suit you from 2.5 to 4 feet.

The hoop comes with an oversized rim as well as three junior-sized basketballs. If you are a trainer or an amateur player, you need this to perfect your playing skills. It is meant for kid players once you are below five years you can use this product.

2. Lifetime 90040 Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System

cheap basketball rims for sale

Lifetime is a popular brand. The height is also adjustable. It is one of the most affordable portable basketball hoops. The backboard is 44 inches. Even though it is affordable, it is one of the most durable as it is designed with the finest quality and high-density polyethylene material. It is stable to use and it is not difficult to fill it using sand or water.

The rim is one of the most outstanding features. It is classic and comes with nylon which you can use in any season. It is good for outdoor and indoor use. You are will find it hard to use, you can adjust the height from 7.5 to 10 feet and the increment level is 6 inches.

3. Lifetime 90690 Portable Basketball System

cheap basketball systems for sale

It is another affordable hoop from Lifetime. The model is also portable. You can adjust the height through the telescopic mechanism. To ensure it does not rust easily, the pole is coated with three-piece powder. It also utilizes the best classic rim. The product does not fade easily. You can use it indoors and outdoors.

4. Lifetime 32″ Youth Portable Basketball Hoop

low price basketball hoops

Lifetime has always been bridging the gap and that is why they continue to introduce high-quality basketball hoop. The model is also portable. It is durable and the backboard is one of the best in the industry. The net is made from nylon material and because of that you can use it in all seasons.

Most importantly, it is adjustable as you can adjust it from 5.5 to 7.5 inches and in six increments.

This does not rust easily; it is both weather and rust-resistant. You can use it in all weather as it can sustain the harshest weather.

The base is huge enough to withstand rough use. It is stable and portable, and you can use it indoors and outdoors.

5. SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop with Ball

cheap basketball stand

One great attribute of this model is the easy setup. It is highly mobile and you can use in the house and outside the house. It comes with a heavy-duty 8 loop net and this can last for several years.

The model is affordable and yet highly durable. The backboard does not shatter no matter how rough you use it. This comes with protective foam to prevent it from shattering.

It helps take your playing career to the highest. The model is good for professional use.

It comes with a breakaway rim and this is durable enough. Because of that, you can do your dung whenever and wherever you need it.

6. GoSports Basketball Door Hoop

best cheap basketball hoops

GoSports is not left out when it comes to the manufacture of high-end basketball hoops. It is very easy and simple to install. You can use it indoors in the home, in the office, and in the neighborhood.

Furthermore, it comes with a shatterproof backboard designed with high-end polycarbonate material. It is safe to use and it sturdily constructed to withstand tough use.

Most importantly, this comes with a breakaway action rim. You can engage in dung and other activities.

This comes with everything you need to operate it such as pump and basketball fans. Setting it up is possible in a matter of minutes.

7. Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set

cheap basketball hoops outdoor

If you want your younger one to be active in basketball, you can do that without emptying your bank account. This product is meant to fill that gap. The set comes with 3 balls and the height is adjustable from 2.5 to 4 feet.

It comes with an oversized rim and that is perfect for juniors who would use it.

It is designed for kids who want to take to basketball in the future. The base is also very stable.

8. Lifetime 1269 Pro Court Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System

basketball hoop cheap price

This is another cheap product from Lifetime. The height is adjustable. Besides, it is portable and the blackboard size is 44 inches. Most importantly, the backboard is shatterproof and produced with the finest quality polyethylene materials.

The height can be adjusted to fit the user from 7.5 feet to 10 feet. The backboard is designed with superior quality polycarbonate materials.

It also comes with 3-piece steel poles and that is one hundred percent weather resistant. It is wonderful such that you can use indoors and outdoors.

9. Lifetime 1529 Courtside Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System

cheap portable basketball goal

Lifetime is one of the most affordable in the market. The backboard does not shatter. Even if you subject it to the toughest use, you discover that it can hardly break.

Furthermore, you can adjust the height, and the base is strong enough and you can fill it with water and sand. The model is also one of the most durable and it can withstand the toughest use.

10. Lifetime 71281 In Ground Power Lift Basketball System

cheap backboards

The last but the least is this great model from Lifetime. It is an in-ground basketball hoop and basketball are shatterproof. It is designed with the best quality density polyethylene material. This makes it durable. Even though it is designed with the finest quality materials, the model remains affordable.

Most importantly, the height can be adjusted to suit your needs. You are protected with UV material and it is weather resistant.

What is a basketball hoop? Well, it is the board made vertically and a circular basket with a net attached to it. There are plenty of basketball hoops sold in the market; thus, you don’t need to break your bank account acquiring one. The hoops come at different prices based on the features and the design for that matter.

Types of Low Price Basketball Hoops

Portable basketball hoops, in-ground basketball hoops, and wall-mounted basketball hoops have split the world into three parts. Likewise, concerning the best chap basketball hoops, the three types have their representatives.

Cheap Portable Basketball Goal

Portable basketball hoops, especially for toddlers and youth basketball systems, are the cheapest on the market. The major purpose of kids’ hoops is to attract kids to exercise and having fun with it, that is why they are always painted with colorful graphics. Polycarbonate or plastic backboard becomes the vital material in backboard making, so as to protects kids from getting hurt when it trips over unintentionally. It requires water or sand as a base for sturdiness and steadiness.

Is there a cheap hoop for adult use? Of course. Lifetime is a well-known brand in producing portable basketball hoops, most of the small inches backboard hoops charges around $100, some even costs only $70.

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Cheap In-Ground Basketball Hoop

In-ground basketball hoop uses cement to stabilize the hoop. Because of the special installation method, it has to be placed outdoor, such as in the backyard or in the driveway. Cheap in-ground basketball systems can be smaller in backboard sizes, most of which are 54 inches or even 44 inches. Polycarbonate, instead of tempered glass or acrylic, is adopted as the backboard material to save the costs.

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Cheap Door-Mounted Basketball Hoop

Wall-mounted basketball hoops designed for outdoor use are basically the same as in-ground hoops, either in performance and in price levels. Therefore, the door-mounted basketball hoops we recommended here are indoor types. Fixed it on your bedroom door or basement door, it serves as an ideal tool to kill your boring time. Just remember to get one with padded, or your door may easily get broken because of hard shooting movement when used for a long time.

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Features of Cheapest Basketball Hoops

the cheapest basketball hoop

They are portable.

One thing for sure is that you will never find a portable basketball hoop at a professional court because it cannot work. The mobile basketball hoops are super light in weight and have to be supported by sand or water to hold them on the ground. The hoops require from 20 to 40 gallons to keep them stable in case of wind or if you are playing roughly. Another crucial point to note, though, is that some of the portable hoops are designed with wheels for easy moving from one end to the other when playing at home.

Have standard rims.

There are two types of rims used on the basketball hoops. There is the standard rim which has no spring and the spring rim. The standard rims have been around for quite some time, although they are no longer used in professional basketball courts. This is because they are not strong enough to withstand forceful dunks. In this case, the hoops with such rims will cost less as opposed to the spring ones.

The backboard

Polycarbonate, acrylic, and tempered glass are the materials used to make the backboards, although Polycarbonate is the cheapest. Although polycarbonate backboards can withstand the majority of extreme weather changes like the rain, their durability is quite limited as opposed to the other two elements. So, any backboard made of Polycarbonate will cost you less.

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Usages of Cheapest Basketball Hoops

Even if the cheap hoops are not ideal for professional basketball games, they can still be used for other activities like training. You can use the hoops to learn how to dunk at home. Nonetheless, the majority of the cheap hoops are made in an adjustable form which allows even the short people to enjoy some basketball tournaments.

cheap adjustable basketball goals

Besides, toddler-use basketball systems for home use are also in the low price range. Cheap in price, it works perfectly in building up the whole body muscle without compromising the fun in play. Getting a cheap basketball hoop and placing it at home, you will get intimate family time with your kids.

For the door-mounted or wall-mounted basketball systems around $50 or even lower, you will quickly be addicted to it for the fun it brought to you. When spending massive time on working, it is time to stand up and free your hands and wrist from computers. Of course, having a short competitive game on shooting with your partners is also a perfect choice for relaxing.

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How Much Does A Cheap Basketball Hoop Cost?

The price depends on whether a hoop is portable or inground:

Portable basketball hoop

While most basketball hoops could range from $400 to $1000, the cheapest portable hoops cost less than $100 or $150 at most.

The cost varies depending on the material used, type of rim, the size of the backboard, and the kind of pole. Tempered glass boards are more expensive, followed by acrylic boards. Hoops made of hardened plastic are the cheapest.

In-ground basketball hoop

For under $ 200, you can get a nice in-ground hoop. Although that might seem too cheap, the hoop is sturdy to support a basketball game.

In addition, securing it firmly on the ground makes it strong for all sorts of shots. Some cheap hoops feature a breakaway rim to increase the fun when dunking.

Most are made of polycarbonate, which is durable, and the backboards are 55 inches big. You can also adjust the height since some are adjustable.

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Cost of basketball hoop installation

Installation of a basketball hoop might cost an average of $500 if it’s done by a professional. The amount caters to labor charges of the technician and materials like concrete for holding the pole in place. You’ll need about 12 bags of concrete.

Tools such as concrete mixture and others might add to the installation cost if you don’t have them already.

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How to Get the Best Budget Basketball Hoop?

Below are some factors that can guide you in finding a cheap but durable basketball hoop:


Polycarbonate backboards are the most cost-effective option for a cheap basketball hoop. Polycarbon is hardened plastic which is cheap compared to tempered glass.

Plus, it can last you for ages because it’s a strong material and excellent for outdoor use. You don’t have to worry about cracking or breaking; hence you can play without restrictions and practice all types of shots.

Sturdy Stand

A sturdy basketball hoop is a must if you want value for your money. You can use it for a long time.

A weak pole might not support the board’s weight, while a backboard made of inferior material might crack too quickly. Low-quality acrylic hoops might discolor and get worn out if used out in the sun.

Adjustable Hoop

An adjustable pole is best for long-term use because it serves players of all ages. You can use it from the youth to adult stage of your children.

Kids have different needs for basketball hoops from adults because they are shorter and not as strong as adults.

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What Size of Outdoor Basketball Hoop is Suitable?

Basketball hoops come in different sizes depending on design:

10-foot basketball hoop

A standard basketball hoop should measure up to 10 feet above the ground for a professional game for male and female adults.

Ten feet is accommodative for tall and short players. The measurement starts from the top of the rim to the floor.

The cheapest 10 feet basketball hoops go for less than $200.

Mini basketball hoop

Mini basketball hoops are smaller than the standard hoops used in NCBA games. They come in different dimensions, depending on the manufacturer.

Most backboards measure 32 by 21 inches, while some can be as small as 18 by 12 inches. The cheapest ones range from under $ 100 to $400.

If you have kids or teens, the mini hoop is an excellent way for them to train in basketball and have fun as a family.

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Who Should Choose an Adjustable Basketball Hoop?

If you want a long-term hoop that you can use for your growing kids or teens, then an adjustable one is the best. You can adjust the height to fit children or adults too.

This way, your kids get to use the hoop at different ages without having to buy one every time they grow taller. The cheapest adjustable hoop costs between $80 to $150, depending on the quality.

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Is a Cheap Colorful Basketball Hoop Worth Buying?

Cheap does not always mean poor quality. You can get a budget-friendly hoop that gives you all the functionality you need from a basketball hoop, ideally just like a professional standard hoop.

If you’re not an aggressive player or playing a professional game, a cheap colorful basketball hoop will help you learn the basics of basketball and train in making shots. You get to develop your skills and have fun too.

Besides being affordable, they are long-lasting because they are made from durable and weather-resistant materials like polyurethane.

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You can enjoy some basketball games without going overboard with the budget. The above are reviews of top best cheap basketball hoops that cost less than 400 dollars. Also, follow the above buying guide to help you choose a reliable cheap hoop to last you for a long time. Buy from a reputable dealer for quality assurance and if possible, test some features such as adjustability mechanisms before purchasing it.

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