Lifetime 50 Inch Shatter Proof Portable Basketball Hoop

Are you still worried there is no place or equipment to practice playing basketball? Do you want entertainment to play with different friends at home? Why not try a portable basketball hoop?

It is estimated that around 400 million people in the world involved in all kinds of basketball games, especially in North America, and the data is still soaring each day. To be able to practice in the backyard or driveway, many basketball hoop brands produced portable basketball hoop, because of its easy operation and movable design, it is becoming more and more popular in America nowadays.

What we would like to introduce in this article is Lifetime 50 inch shatterproof portable basketball hoop, it is normally made by polycarbonate and is super durable. Of course, the bouncing and bank shots are far worse than acrylic and tempered glass portable basketball hoops, but it totally is worth its price.

Lifetime 50 Inch Shatter Proof Portable Basketball Hoop Reviews

Here we will introduce two models of lifetime 50-inch shatterproof portable basketball hoops, the price of both is around $300. If you want to get one with a brilliant quality level but do not want to pay large money on it, then the following types are on your preference.

However, if you are advanced players who incline to get a pro one for improving performance, then you can find our reviews on the best portable basketball hoop glass backboard we have made for you. On the other hand, if you are primary or intermediate players who want to get entertainment time with friends or family, please go on reading, trust me, you will get a big catch.

1.Lifetime 1529 Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System

This Lifetime 50 inch shatter proof portable basketball hoop is the most cost effective type and is suitable for any ages.

lifetime 50 portable basketball hoop
lifetime 50 inch portable basketball system



Backboard Size50 inch
Backboard MaterialPolycarbonate
Height8-10 feet
RimSlam-It rim
Base27 gallon

  • Backboard

The 50-inch shatterproof backboard is made of Makrolon polycarbonate, it is virtually unbreakable and has long-lasting time. But of course, if you tend to use it for professional practice or high score racing games frequently, tempered glass or less expensive acrylic portable basketball hoop is more suitable.

We all know that polycarbonate backboard is normally the cheapest one among all three backboard materials. The bouncing and bank shots are also the worst, that is why we suggest primary and intermediate players use it. But if you use it for family entertainment, this is sure a suitable one, too.

  • Rim

Altogether there are three rims types on the portable basketball hoop, and the one this hoop use is the middle type. There are double compression springs set on the orange rim, just as its name suggests, you can show your dunk performance anytime. (Who wouldn’t like?) And there are all weathered nylon nets, making it perfect for any competitive games.

  • Height

This one is also a height-adjustable type, the speed shift height adjustment mechanism enables you to adjust it from 8 to 10 feet in 6-inch increment. Behind the pole is a hand crank, from where you can easily adjust it. One thing worth mentioning is the easy operation of the system, even small kids who can reach the crank is able to do it. For some other 50-inch portable basketball hoop, you may tilt the whole thing down and adjust it because of the bad design. But for this one, raise the crank and all things are done!

lifetime 50 basketball hoop
lifetime 50-inch shatterproof portable basketball hoop
  • Base

It is perhaps the only one of Lifetime portable basketball hoops that is easy to roll around. Like all the portable types, this hoop equips two wheels on the front part of the base. The capacity of the base is only 27 gallons, thus you can freely roll it into the garage or any other new destinations even with full loads of water.

But also, because of the small capacity, it shakes a lot in playing and results in a lot “give” when the ball hits the backboard.

  • Assemble

Well, in terms of assembling, it may be a trouble thing. Most customers complain that it takes several hours on doing it and some kinds of tools are needed. So take your time to read the instructions before assembling, and if you do have a problem in doing it, just hiring a handyman to help you.

Main Features:

  • 27 gallons portable base
  • Black hammertone steel
  • Three-piece three-inch round quick-adjust pole system
  • Slam-It orange rim
  • Speedshift height adjustment mechanism

What We Like About It:

  1. Not hard to roll the wheel with full loads of water
  2. Top-quality
  3. Both kids and adult are able to use it with adjustable height
  4. First rated parts
  5. The backboard is solid enough for daily use

What Needs To Be Improved:

  1. Requires several hours on assembling
  2. Needs additional tools on assembling

2. Lifetime 71566 50 Inch Shatter Proof Portable Basketball Hoop

This Lifetime 71566 50 inches shatterproof portable basketball hoop is quite the same as the above recommended one, but is more stable and shakes less hard than that. With competitive price and surprisingly good quality, it is a perfect one for beginners.

lifetime 50 portable adjustable basketball hoop
lifetime 50-inch shatterproof portable basketball hoop



Backboard Size50 inch
Backboard MaterialPolycarbonate
Height7.5-10 feet
RimSlam-It Rim
Base35 gallons

  • Backboard

Likewise, this one is also made of Makralon polycarbonate, less professional but more durable and stronger than acrylic or tempered gas portable basketball hoops. The red graphic is painted by UV protected ink and thus looks new even for a long time using. Clear backboard makes you feel comfortable in playing and what’s more, it gives you the feel and look of professional glass.

  • Rim

Most players enjoy dunking, cause it looks so cool, and yes, this one meets your demand perfectly. It has double compression springs on the rim, to protect hoop when dunking. You can hear the spring sound a bit in playing, but not too loud. Once you concentrate on playing, you will neglect it naturally.

  • Height

The height range of this one is 0.5 larger than 1529 Lifetime 50 inch shatterproof portable basketball hoop we recommended before. The minimum height of 7.5 feet enables young kids to have fun with it. If you feel it too low, you can also raise it up to maximum of 10 feet.

The adjustment is pretty easy, you can just pull up and down the hand crank to adjust hoop with one hand. Even small kids that are high enough to reach the crank can do it.

lifetime 50 inch portable basketball hoop
lifetime 50-inch portable basketball system
  • Base

A portable basketball hoop takes up more space than in-ground hoop but brings convenience to roll around anywhere you want. There must be some occasions that you need to store it in the garage, then two wheels on the base helped. But it gets much heavier after filling in with water or sand, so do not let small kids roll it themselves for safety.

Its base capacity is quite big, though as not large as Spalding 40 gallons, 35 gallons still have the capacity to keep it stable and sturdy. It boasts that backboard does not wiggle a bit even when hitting the backboard hard, but it does shake, not that hard though.

  • Assemble

The assemble of it is said to be easy, but it proves that you may need a partner to help you, and average assembling time takes about 4 hours. The same word, read the instructions carefully before doing it, or you may need to start all over again and again.

Main Features:

  • All-weather resistant elements
  • Solid steel Slam-It rim
  • Welded net hooks
  • 35 gallons portable base
  • UV protected graphic
  • Speedshift height adjustment unit

What We Like About It:

  1. Good instructions
  2. Big diameter pole
  3. Reasonable price for the surprisingly good quality
  4. Wiggle slightly in playing
  5. Easy to adjust height

What Needs To Be Improved:

Takes about 4 hours on assembling


Types 1529 71566
Backboard 50 inch shatterproof

Polycarbonate material

50-inch shatterproof

Polycarbonate material

Rim Solid steel Slam-It rim Solid steel Slam-It rim
Height Range 8-10 feet 7.5-10 feet
Base 27 gallons 35 gallons

Both of the Lifetime 50-inch shatterproof portable basketball hoops we recommended here are of reasonable price, they are suitable for beginners or family entertainment, their spring back rims also meet your demand of showing dunking in playing. If you want to get more information on the price details or specifications, please check out on Amazon directly.