Lifetime 50 Inch Inground Basketball Hoop Reviews

Are you looking forward to having the best basketball experience at home? From the impressive skills you develop to the satisfaction you get, basketball will always be the ultimate family sport. What you might not know is that having a suitable in-ground basketball system will make the hugest difference. The big question, therefore, is whether you have the right one at home. While at it, the Lifetime 50-inch inground basketball hoop can be a suitable backboard size for garage or backyard use.

In terms of Lifetime 50 inch inground basketball hoop, you can hardly overlook how Lifetime 71799 has become dominant in the recent past. Most importantly, it will be vital to understand why this is so. It is in this regard that we take an incisive look at what the Lifetime 71799 Basketball system brings to the table.

Lifetime 50 Inch Inground Basketball Hoop Reviews – 71799 Adjustable Basketball Hoop

lifetime 50 in ground basketball hoop

Backboard Size50 inch
Backboard MaterialPolycarbonate
Height7.5-10 feet
RimSlam-it rim

Product Features

This product prides itself on quality-rich features, which will include the following:

• All-weather rim

That the rim this product features is all-weather is something many people will always appreciate. Ideally, it comes with a slam-it rim that provides you with enhanced stability and longevity. Alongside this impressive rim, you will be sure of a nylon net, which will offer you the convenience you so desire when playing.

This rim prides itself on a double-compression technology.

lifetime 50 in portable basketball hoop

• Sturdy pole

Did you know that this basketball system comes with a steel-framed pole? Besides steel assuring you of durability, there is an additional coat of rust-resistant powder. This way, you will be confident of getting the most out of the system. It will suffice to mention that this coating and steel frame will accentuate a more professional appeal in the long run.

On top of that, it will be fair to indicate that this pole is round, and with a 3.5-inch measurement.

• Enhanced adjustability

Indeed, every family will have people with different heights. It is in this regard that this height adjustability aspect will come in handy for you. Usually, you will be free to adjust the height of this system between 7.5 and 10 feet, depending on your needs and heights. With this adjustability, it will be much easier for you to accommodate the needs of your children when playing. Ideally, this action grip allows you to make adjustments in 6-inch increments.

lifetime 50 basketball hoop

• Shatterproof backboard

This product comes with a glass backboard that does not only give you a crystal-clear view but also allows you to enjoy a top-class performance. With this backboard, you are confident of the most impressive bounce rate, which will be vital in improving your experience in the long run. Remember, the backboard measures about 50 inches, which will provide you with the confidence you need when playing.

lifetime 50 inch inground basketball hoop

• Robust base

Most often, you will want a product that will be hassle-free to install or maintain. That is what you get from this basketball system, as it comes with a cement-ready base. With this, you will comfortably install your in-ground hoop within a short time.

50 lifetime basketball system

Pros and Cons

Undoubtedly, people will have an idea of what value they get from their purchases by understanding the merits and demerits drawn. Fortunately, this product assures you of enhanced returns on your investment. A myriad of benefits will come your way, including the following.


  • It comes with a 5-year warranty
  • With a steel frame, you are sure of enhanced sturdiness and longevity
  • Comes with fade-resistant graphics, which ensure your system remains appealing for long
  • The purchase assures you of value for money, as it will cost you between $275 and $330 to get it
  • You can rely on it whenever, as it is weather-resistant and almost rustproof


lifetime 50 inch inground basketball hoop


  1. 7.5 to 10 feet adjustment range
  2. Slam-it rim
  3. Frame made of steel
  4. Backboard size of 50 inches
  5. Polycarbonate backboard surface
  6. 3.5-inch pole
  7. Weighs approximately 88 pounds
  8. Measures 34.3*50*6.2 inches
  9. 5-year warranty


You can hardly overlook the versatility that this product offers you. From children and young professionals to the masters of the game, playing with this basketball system will be a dream-come-true. Besides, you will be free to install it anywhere, whether it is in your garage or your backyard. It will come in handy for those that want to improve their skills or have fun.


In conclusion, Lifetime 71799 is a basketball system that you will find irresistible. From the impressive performance you enjoy to the enhanced longevity, this will be your ultimate choice. While it has a few drawbacks, you will still be confident of value for your money. Get it today.

lifetime elite 50 basketball hoop