How to Have a Cheap In Ground Basketball Hoop?

Having an in-ground basketball hoop in your yard can be a lot of fun, especially if you love playing basketball. The good news is that these basketball hoops whose bases are buried beneath the ground surface are easy to acquire and install in the yard. With the right knowledge, you can set up one in your yard without the help of an expert. That said, if you are reading this article, chances are you seek to learn how to have a cheap in ground basketball hoop within your property. To that end, I’m going to enlighten you with just the right information. Without further ado, let’s get started:

cheap price inground basketball hoop

How to Have a Cheap In-Ground Basketball Hoop

To have a cheap in-ground hoop, you want to consider a few important factors and features when shopping for one. That said, these are some of the fundamental factors, followed by features you want to take into account;

The Intended Users

Are you shopping for a hoop that can be used by only adults or kids? Or looking for something that can be used by both adults and children? Cheap in-ground basketball hoops come in all shapes and sizes, depending on intended users. Some are meant for adults or kids only. Others are intended for both adults and kids.

The Height of the Hoop

In ground basketball hoops come with varying heights to suit users of different heights. Some hoops feature adjustable heights to meet every user’s height requirement.

Adjustable Height Inground Hoops Recommend

  • ARENA-STYLE LOOK AND PERFORMANCE - In-ground basketball hoop directly installs into ground and secured by concrete inside pole and around pole. No anchor kit required.
  • INCREASES STABILITY AND RIGIDITY - Increased stability and ultimate strength with stability-strength concrete pole installation
  • INFINITY EDGE BACKBOARD - 54" w x 33" H Infinity Edge Backboard that folds backward for increased rigidity
  • HEIGHT-ADJUSTABLE - Powder-coated steel pole heights adjusts from 7. 5' To 10' With all-steel actuator
  • CONVENIENT ASSEMBLY - Convenient assembly and parts included. Age Range-12 years and up. No anchor kit is needed.

Materials of Hoop’s Structure

A metal pole as opposed to any other type of pole, strong enough to support the weight of the backboard and rim system, plus your weight when you dunk on the rim, without bending.

A metal rim unlike any other type of rim, strong enough to withstand your weight without the stalk that connects it to the backboard bending leaving the rim sagging when you dunk on it.

A net made from a strong material such as tulle that will not degrade fast due to exposure to the elements, high friction force exerted by the ball every type you drop it in, and the wear as well as tear of daily use.

A backboard made from a strong material such as tempered glass and acrylic, which will not crack when hit by the ball every time you try to score or degrade due to exposure to the elements.

How to Assemble Cheap Basketball Hoop?

Just dig a hole at the desired spot on your yard and plant the pole of your hoop vertically upright before sealing it firmly in the ground with wet concrete. Once the concrete is completely dry and the pole is firmly erected, it’s time to attach the remaining parts i.e the backboard, rim, and net(if applicable) to the hoop.

how to assemble cheap basketball hoops

Note: basketball hoop kits typically include these parts and the necessary screws or bolts for fastening them to the poles. What you’ll need here is a ladder, and a screwdriver or spanner, depending on the type of fasteners that came with your kit that can either be screws or bolts.

Start by putting the net(if applicable) around the rim. After that, attach the rim to the right spot on the backboard, using the fasteners. Note that some backboards come with existing holes where the fasteners go whereas other backboards require you to create your holes. Once you set up the backboard and rim, you will need to attach the system to the top of your pole after which your hoop will be ready for use.

If your pole does not have existing holes or nuts where the backboard fasteners will go, you will have to drill your own, using a hole saw. Don’t worry, hole saws are readily available in hardware stores near you. Thereafter, have two people help lift up and hold the board in place as you fasten it to the pole.


In-ground basketball hoops are more stable than their above-ground counterparts, allowing players to do a crazy dunk on their rims without bringing the hoops down. Apart from that, they are harder to steal unlike portable hoops as a thief will have to dig the ground to disengage the hoop from the ground first before being able to carry it away. Follow the simple steps above to buy and install a cheap yet quality in-ground basketball hoop on your yard like a pro.

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