How to Put a Chain Net on a Basketball Hoop?

Why should you have a net on the basketball hoop? Sure, you can throw a basketball through the hoop without one, but who wants to hear that sound of the ball hitting metal every time. Or better still, who doesn’t enjoy the satisfaction of hearing the distinctive “swish” sound when you make a basket?

This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to put a chain net on a basketball hoop and answer some of the most asked questions with regards to basketball, including:

  • The types of net suitable for your hoop
  • How to install a basketball net
  • How to put a basketball net on a hoop without a hook
  • How to install a net on a kids basketball hoop

chain net on basketball hoop


Why You Should Have a Net?

The question “Why should you have a net on the basketball hoop?” has numerous answers ranging from… but according to the NBA rules, the main reason for the basketball net is to determine whether the ball has gone in or out, and without it, there would be confusion.

The net also slows down the ball when it goes through the hoop. When the ball slows down, it gives the players a chance to tell if it has gone in or not. It also prevents the ball from rolling far away once it hits the ground since the net focuses the ball downwards.


How to Put A Chain Net on a Basketball Hoop?

The tools you will need for installing a chain basketball net

You will need a pair of wire cutters, pliers, and a ladder for this project.

Steps on Putting a Chain Net on a Basketball Hoop

A basketball hoop without a net on it is like an unfrosted cake: It’s still recognizable as a cake but not as satisfying. Chain nets are simple to attach and give your hoop added authenticity. Below is a step-by-step guide on putting a chain net on a basketball hoop.

Step 1:

Measure the height of your basket from the bottom of the rim. Then, cut a length of chain netting with wire cutters that are double the height of your rim.

Step 2:

Place one end of the net over one side of the rim. Make sure there is at least an inch of extra chain falling over the side of the rim. You can adjust this later if necessary.

Step 3:

Pull the opposite end tightly to the other side and use wire cutters to cut off any excess chain. Then, with pliers, bend an inch of the chain on both sides and wrap it to form a loop. That will help prevent your net from sliding off during play or being blown off in windy weather.


What Types of Nets For Hoop?

But what type of net is suitable for your hoop? What type of net can be installed easily? Here is a brief overview of types of basketball hoop nets:

The rope net is mainly for the permanent and fixed basketball hoop, and it is made from nylon or polyethylene. The rope net is durable and strong, suitable for permanent use.

install rope net on hoop

The chain net is mainly for the portable basketball hoop, made from steel or iron. The chain net has a long life expectancy, so if you want to use your hoop for a long time, you need to choose the chain net.

how to install chain net on basketball hoop


How to Put a Basketball Net on a Hoop Without a Hook?

You may want to install your net without a hook for some reason. That should not present unnecessary challenges as there are several methods you can use, including:

• Rope and Loop method

The best way to do this is to put a small loop through the net around the basketball rim. Then you can fasten it in place using a zip tie or rubber band.

If you want to attach the net itself to the hoop without any hooks, you can use a string and then tie it off on the top of the basket.

• Tape method

The tape method is preferred for temporary setups. To install the net using the tape method, you need tape, a ladder, and the net itself.

Once you have gathered everything you need, wrap the net around the hoop and run the tape around it a few times to ensure it’s strong enough to hold the ball’s weight and your net is ready.

• Cut & tie method

The cut and tie method is preferable for a hoop with holes but no hooks. You will need a pair of scissors and a ladder for this method.

Cut the loops that come with the net, then pass each through the holes in the hoop and tie.


How to Install a Net on a Kids Basketball Hoop?

Installing a net onto a basketball hoop is an easy task that will take about fifteen minutes to complete. If you are installing a net on a child’s basketball hoop, the size of the net may be smaller, and you might not need a ladder; otherwise, all the other steps are similar.

You’ll Need a basketball Hoop, the net to be installed, and a screwdriver.

Step 1

Locate the mounting points for the net. The mounting points are in both corners of the basketball hoop base. Plastic caps cover these points for easy re with a screwdriver to reveal a small mounting hole. These mounting holes are also on top of the pole attached to the backboard.

Step 2

Insert the end of one side of the net into one of the corner mounting holes at either base. Inserting it into one side before securing it to another helps keep the net from moving around while installing. Once it is in place, secure it with whatever fastener your net kit provides. Usually, this will be a screw or bolt that will thread into place once inserted through the net and into the post mounting point. The head of this fastener should rest flush with the edge of where your plastic cap used to.


How to Keep Chain Net From Falling Off?

The best way to keep your net on the basketball hoop is by tying it on with a special knot. Basketball nets are made of nylon, and you must use the same type of knot to tie them, so they don’t slip off.

The first step to ensure that the net doesn’t come off the basketball hoop is to be tied correctly. The most common knot used for this purpose is called the “square knot” or “reef knot.” When finished tying this knot, it should look like two loops with four ends coming out of them.

If you do not have a square knot or reef knot handy, another option would be using any other strong rope such as a paracord which would work just fine.

The next step in securing your chain net over the rim of your basketball hoop is to tie it around one end of the metal pole on top of your goal post.

If you do not have a metal pole, then it is recommended that you use something else that will hold up against strong winds, such as PVC pipe or even just some wooden dowels cut into lengths and tied together with string or wire at both ends.



Who makes the best basketball nets?

Spalding is the official NBA net maker.

What are the best basketball net makers?

Some of the best basketball net makers include Spalding and Amble

Are metal basketball nets good?

Yes, chain basketball nets are good since they’re durable and cost less maintenance.

Are basketball nets the same size?

All basketball hoops have an 18” diameter, but the size of the net may vary as it tapers downwards from the rim.