The 9 Best Poolside Basketball Hoop Reviews of 2022

The Poolside basketball hoop makes your pool entertaining and lively. However, there are various poolside basketball hoops; hence, it might be challenging to choose the right one. They are designed differently, but it gives you lots of benefits such as body exercise and saving your space that it could have been set for the basketball hoops.

If you normally or looking into holding a pool party, then with these basketball hoops, you won’t miss a word from your guests.

We will provide necessary information on how to choose and review the best poolside basketball hoops.

What Is the Best Poolside Basketball Hoop on the Market?

Top 10 Best Poolside Basketball Hoops Comparison Chart

How to Choose Best Poolside Basketball Hoop?

Some tips will guide you for a good selection due to flooding poolside basketball hoops in the market. These are;

best poolside basketball

1 Durability

A basketball hoop that can withstand wear and overall weather-resistant will be the best choice for you. Since they come in different styles, some designs are prone to damage. Harsh weather conditions such as sunshine often reduce its durability; hence you should go for the materials that are weather-resistant such as polyethylene made poolside basketball hoops.

2 Portability

Even though the poolside basketball hoops are difficult to carry, changing the position around your pool is possible. However, this will also ensure easy transportation whenever you are moving to a new place. These portable poolside basketball hoops are often stabilized by the water, gel, or the sand stored in its base. But with this feature, slamming might be a challenge.

3 Weatherproof

It is necessary to note the effect of water on the hoop. Water can cause rusts, thus making your poolside basketball hoop dull and old. Similarly, the impact of UV often corrodes the hoop pole, causing it to lose its original color. A poolside basketball hoop that can withstand any of the negative effects of weather should be considered.

4 The size

There are poolside basketball hoops designed for the kids while some are for adults when it comes to size consideration. However, if you want to acquire a hoop that can serve both the kids and adults, you should consider going for the one with adjustable mechanisms. Similarly, you should also consider your pool’s size as a factor for you to match the hoop with your swimming pool.

5 The Price

Price is a crucial factor that should not be taken lightly. Before making any selection, your budget’s size should guide you such that you have to sample out the best brands that can be comfortably accommodated by your account. After sampling out, you can now narrow down to other specifications.

How to Choose Right Sizes of a Poolside Basketball Hoop?

The size of the poolside basketball hoop is a major consideration that should not be assumed. However, the manufacturers often indicate their sizes; hence you should go for the hoop that meets the required standards such that the hoop should be suspended at 10 feet from the ground.

best poolside basketball hoops

The backboards often vary in sizes depending on the design; for the fan-shaped backboard, the width-137.2 cm and the height-83.8 cm, while for the standard backboard it should be 183 cm wide and 107 cm height.

Similarly, the rim diameter should be 46 cm, while the inner rectangle should be 61 cm wide and 46 cm height. Additionally, their factors will dictate the poolside basketball hoop size you should go for, such as your pool’s size and the players’ ages.

If your pool is small, you should consider the medium-sized poolside basketball hoop, especially for your kids’ pool. The minimum backboard dimension should be 32 inches wide and 26 inches tall with a minimum weight of about 17 bounds. Therefore, try to match the size of the poolside basketball hoop with the size of your pool.

Generally, you don’t need to worry since the manufacturers often indicate their sizes. But if you find it hard for you to determine the right size, there are adjustable poolside basketball hoops, which makes it appropriate for both kids and the adults.

Best Poolside Basketball Hoop Reviews

We have researched and came up with the best poolside basketball hoops. They are modernized and well equipped to meet your expectations.

1. GoSports Splash Hoop PRO Swimming Pool Hoops


swimming pool basketball hoop

A GoSports Splash Hoop pro is a well-designed basketball hoop equipped with a modern design. It possesses a weighted base that ensures that the hoop is stable and can withstand any action. This poolside basketball hoop has a 34-inch-wide and 14-inch rim; hence you won’t spend much time going for the ball as it will just bounce back to the pool.

It comes with two basketballs and the ball pump hence saving your expenditure. Similarly, the material used to build it is water-resistant; therefore, it cannot be affected in any way. The hoop base is weighted enough to stabilize the basketball hoop as it offers a wider area for water or the sand hence the ability to withstand the repeated splashes.

A GoSports poolside basketball hoop is portable; accordingly, you can move to wherever you want and can comfortably be used by both kids and the adults.




2. MaxKare Portable Adjustable Basketball Hoops For Poolside

best portable basketball hoops for poolside

MaxKare poolside basketball hoop is a portable hoop constructed with a low aluminum alloy that enhances its resistance against corrosion. The adjustable height will enable you to achieve your required size, thus favorable for both kids and adults. MaxKare has a wider transparent backboard that is designed by a high-density PE and PC.

However, this hoop’s base can hold up to 230lbs sand or 220lbs water, hence offering the great stability against toppling. Uniquely, the transparent backboard, which cannot be broken.

MaxKare poolside basketball hoop is highly portable; hence you can easily move to wherever you want. Similarly, it is designed with a triangular support structure, which provides extra support to the hoop.



3. Lifetime Poolside Basketball Hoop

lifetime poolside basketball hoop

Lifetime poolside basketball hoop is designed with a telescoping height adjustment that allows you to adjust to your desired height. Therefore, it makes it usable by both kids and adults.

The basketball hoop pole is constructed to resist any corrosion, such as rusting, making it more durable. Similarly, the hoop base is properly sized to offer great stability, can comfortably use the sand, gel, or water to fill it.

The backboard is a quality build with a strong glass to resist against shattering. Uniquely, the Lifetime poolside basketball hoop is weatherproof since its steel pole is coated with a powder withstanding any harsh weather conditions such as UV.




4. Swimline Cool Jam Pro Wide Basketball Hoops For Poolside


super wide basketball hoops for pool

Swimline Cool Jam Pro is designed with a strong and hard backboard with a great 44-inch-wide and 32 inches height. The adjustable height will enable you to acquire your required size. It is designed to withstand unfavorable climatic conditions such as the UV.

Similarly, the wide backboard will facilitate the bouncing back of the ball to the pool. Swimline Cool Jam Pro is highly stabilized, enabling it to withstand any force applied to it.

Though it is larger, it can easily be moved from place to place but with great care. What makes it more unique is the design; it is well designed, offering an added advantage of improving your pool’s looks.



5. MaxKare Poolside Basketball Hoop with PVC Backboard


maxkare basketball hoops

MaxKare poolside basketball hoop is constructed to offer height adjustability as it provides a good adjustable range of 47.2 inches to 79.1 inches. This feature makes the hoop usable by both kids and adults.

Similarly, this hoop is portable as it possesses a transportation wheel; hence you can easily move it around. The aluminum alloy, which will resist the corrosion, cannot be attacked by the rust. However, the basketball hoop base is designed to carry large quantities of water, sand, or gel to ensure the hoop’s proper stability.

The transparent backboard can withstand any force applied to it; thus, it cannot get shattered easily. Also, the backboard does not produce odor, making it favorable for use.



6. Poolmaster 72783 Rebounder Poolside Pro Basketball Hoop

poolside basketball hoops

Poolmaster 72783 Pro is designed to be used in any weather condition regardless of how harsh it is. A weighted hoop base can hold a large amount of water, sand, or base gel that ensures stability hence will not easily topple over.

Similarly, this brand is highly portable; therefore, you carry it around without much effort. Its backboard is wider; hence the ball will be bouncing back to the pool.

Also, the backboard is made of strong material; therefore, getting damaged won’t be easy. The Poolmaster 72783 Pro hoop net is handwoven and weatherproof hence a longer period of usage.



7. MaxKare Basketball Portable Hoop For Outdoor Pool

swimming pool basketball hoops

MaxKare basketball hoop is made of quality aluminum alloy that gives it the strength to withstand rusts and corrosion. Also, the aluminum alloy enhances its durability hence can be used for a long without encountering any problem. Similarly, the MaxKare poolside basketball hoop comes with an adjustable height of 47.2 inches to 79.1 inches and possesses multiple modes of adjustment. You won’t need more hoops for adults and kids with this hoop since they all comfortable play with MaxKare poolside portable hoop.

The large-sized backboard is constructed to resist shattering as it is made of quality PC and PE materials. Additionally, the hoop base accommodates stabilizers, be it water, gel, or sand, enhancing strong stability and won’t topple easily.

Uniquely, the bottom has a strong wheel that facilitates its transportation and can easily be assembled or dissembled without any problem since it is attached with bolts.



8. Pool Shot Poolside Coated Stainless Steel Basketball Hoop

poolside basketball hoops

Pool Shot is a classy poolside basketball hoop with a 30-degree angled deflection wings, which prevents you from getting out of the pool more often to go for the ball. However, the hoop base is large enough to accommodate up to 218 pounds and weigh 140 pounds when filled with water.

Its construction aims to resist the UV and other weather, causing corrosion as it is made of rotomolded and polyethylene. Similarly, it is coated with a powder that adds additional protection against corrosion.

Pool Shot poolside basketball hoop comes with a wide backboard and a tilted hoop that will keep your ball easily accessible without necessarily getting out of the pool. The backboard dimension is 32 inches wide by 26 inches height. When it comes to how portable it is, it can easily be moved anywhere without much effort.



9. Poolmaster 72820 Poolside Basketball Hoop

poolside basketball games

Poolmaster is a well-constructed poolside portable hoop made of polyethylene that resists any corrosion caused by harsh weather conditions. The hoop base offers a large area for water or sand; hence cannot easily topple over as it is stabilized securely.

Also, the backboard is made of strong material; thus cannot be easily shattered; it is also wider as it measures 34 inches wide and 25.5 inches, thus reducing the effect of going for the ball outside the pool.

Poolmaster 72820 Poolside basketball hoop is portable; hence you can comfortably move it around. Individuals with eight years and above preferably use Poolmaster 72820 Poolside basketball hoop.



Poolside Basketball Hoop Vs. Inground Pool Basketball Hoop

There are specific distinguishing features that define poolside basketball hoop’s uniqueness from an inground pool basketball hoop. However, it is necessary to understand the difference between the two as it plays a decisive part in which choice you should go for. We featured different aspects including the installation, portability, durability, price, safety, adjustability, and stability as follows;

basketball hoop for poolside


When it comes to installation, the poolside basketball hoop consumes less time and does not require any skills as any person can install it. Comparatively, with an inground pool basketball hoop, you will be required to assemble many tools and materials to be used, thus will consume more time. You might need to seek help.


Portability defines how easy it is for you to transport. However, the poolside basketball hoop is portable; hence can easily be moved from one place to another. Still, it is anchored in the ground for an inground pool basketball hoop; therefore, it cannot be easily moved as it is installed with an anchoring system.


Safety is a sensitive consideration; thus, with a poolside basketball hoop, overhanging, or dunking might pose a dangerous accident as it can fall over easily. However, you won’t encounter trip hazards for an inground pool basketball hoop since it is anchored in the ground.


When you compare their value, you will realize that it is less expensive for the poolside basketball hoop since you won’t require much material to install. On the other hand, an inground pool basketball hoop is more costly since the installation’s material will contribute to the total value.


Durability differs between the two basketball hoops. The poolside basketball hoop has a shorter lifespan since it can easily get damaged while an inground pool basketball hoop lasts longer.

Adjusting Mechanism

Most of the poolside basketball hoops come with an adjusting mechanism such that you can easily adjust it to your preferred height, but on the other hand, an inground pool basketball hoop doesn’t come with an adjusting feature hence fixed size.

Basketball hoops are designed to offer good stability, but it is less stable for a poolside basketball hoop since you cannot slam dunk. An inground pool basketball hoop can withstand any force you apply on it as it is properly anchored on the ground for an inground pool basketball hoop.

Can I Use the Poolside Basketball Hoop on the Beach?

Poolside basketball hoops can be comfortably used on the beach. However, there are considerations that you should take to an account before deciding to use it on the beach. This includes the effect of salty water on your hoop. If your poolside basketball hoop cannot resist the impact of salty water, you shouldn’t try. However, if it is designed to withstand any form of corrosion, you can enjoy basketball on the beach.


Due to the flooding of poolside basketball hoops in the modern market, it might be challenging, but with our guide, we manage to lay down the information and the best poolside basketball hoops that you should go for. We based our selection on the current development; hence you won’t regret your choice. However, you should also be equipped with their specifications and, above all, the size of your budget.