What Size Basketball Hoop Should I Get?

Basketball is one of the many games that are well known all over the world. It is a game that consists of two teams with each team consisting of five players. Playing basketball involves the use of your hands to play and score by throwing the ball through the fixed ring on your opponent’s side. In the basketball game, the pitch consists of a basketball hoop, backboard, and the pole supporting the two components and they are located each at the end of both sides of the pitch.

A basketball hoop is an orange ring/rim with a hanging string net attached to it and is mounted to the backboard. It is also referred to as the basketball goal in common language as it is the point where the ball must go through from above so as to score. The basketball hoop works hand in hand with the backboard as they make the basketball goal system. A backboard is a part of the basketball goal system that consists of a rectangular vertical board where the basketball hoop is attached to. Usually, it is consists of flat tempered glass or Plexiglas that features safety glass features when shattered in case of an accident.

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What Size Basketball Hoop Should I Get For My Needs?

Playing basketball is a hobby for many peoples. Whether playing the game for fun or helping someone achieve his/her goal, or even mentoring your children, it is important to consider a number of factors that will allow you to achieve your goal to perfection. Some of these factors include the size and type of the hoop, backboard type, and size, the hoop location among others.

For different players

Whether for professional playing or family and fun playing, it is important to consider both the hoop size and height. A standard basketball hoop is made of carbon steel with high tensile properties to allow dunking as well as provide the right amount of bounce to the ball. The standard diameter of the basketball hoop ring is 18 inches or 46 cm, while the standard height of the hoop from the playing ground is 10 feet or 3.05 m for professional, high school, and college players. While working with the set basketball goal standards, a standard backboard construction should consist of Plexiglas or tempered glass, with a dimension of 42 x 72 inches.

Standard height

Despite the above standards, the standard height can be adjusted to other heights based on the NCAA and NBA height regulations as well as the ASTM safety standards. The height regulations for NCAA and NBA allow a height adjustment from 10 feet to 7,5 feet to accommodate young basketball players. The international safety standards by ASTM allow hoop height adjustment to a minimum of 6.5 feet. The height standards are designed to ensure comfortable playing as well as enough and a safe driveway to dunk.

Therefore, depending on your intended purpose, it is good to consider the set standards while determining the size of the basketball hoop you should get.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Basketball Hoop

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1. Location.

The location of your basketball hoop is the first thing to consider. As per the set standards for a basketball, you should have enough space to play, a flat area, and the hoop should not be placed on the street or side pavement. It is important to put this factor into consideration so as to comfortably accommodate all the players as well as the size of your basketball hoop. Generally, the minimum size of your playing ground in front of your hoop should be 10 feet, but the suitable size should be 15 feet. 15 feet is the length of the free-throw line. But for a dedicated playing court with two basketball hoops, consider a concrete court measuring 94 x 50 feet.

2. Type of hoop.

There are three different types of hoops with different benefits. The type of hoop is determined by the location, budget, purpose, who is using it, and how often it is used. The types of hoops include: in-ground, portable, and mounted.

The in-ground type of hoop consists of tempered glass backboards and a concrete-mounted steel pole. It works similarly to the NBA and NCAA hoops.

The portable hoop type consists of a lightweight plastic backboard and a wheeled plastic base with a large surface area. This allows flexibility and ease of movement.

The mountable hoop type is designed for individuals who cannot accommodate both in-ground and portable hoops due to limited space, or rather don’t have the two. This type of hoop consists of a wall-mounted hoop that can be easily mounted in a garage or any other wall.


Basketball being a fun game to play with your family or friends, it is also a well-paying game. To fully enjoy the game it is important to know the right size of the basketball hoop to get as well as other factors. The above article has explained different features for versatile basketball playing and mostly including the size of the hoop, which is the diameter, and the height of the hoop.