What Material Are Basketball Shorts Made Of?

While basketball shorts are typically made for basketball or other sporting-related activities, they are useful for a variety of situations ranging from exercises to being used as casual wear. It is important to be in these shorts during basketball activities to be comfortable enough and be able to perform better without unnecessary hindrance.


What Materials Are Used for Basketball Shorts?

Basketball shorts come in different types, for both men, women, and children alike and they can be made of different materials ranging from nylon mesh, polyester, cotton to fleece. Each material is different and has its advantages and disadvantages, depending on the given situation. Let’s take a look at the different materials basketball shorts are made of and also the pros and cons of each material.


material for basketball shorts

Nylon is one of the most commonly utilized materials not only in the production of basketball shorts but in the synthesis of sportswear in general. One of the most prominent features of nylon that makes it suitable for all sportswear is its strength. Nylon is difficult to stretch or deform, making it ideal for intense contact sports like basketball games. Basketball shorts made of nylon are a good option if you intend to wear these for high-level activity.

Basketball shorts made of nylon are great for intense activities but they aren’t necessarily the ideal pick for casual wear. They don’t allow much room for movement while shifting positions due to their rigidity. This makes it less comfortable to wear as casual wear.

They also tend to absorb water from the body which makes them not suitable for people who sweat a lot, especially during an intense basketball game. They are however easy to wash in that you can easily get rid of the odors and stains soaked inside the nylon material.


● Has great strength
● Relatively easy to wash
● Good durability
● Good for intense matchups or exercise


● Not entirely comfortable
● It is a heavy material

This product is made of not only nylon materials but also mesh and polyester. It has porous structures that allow for breathability and also has an elastic waistband. It is ideal for basketball activities, gum activities, and also useful as casual wear. Therefore it is suitable for most activities and relaxation.



mesh basketball shorts

In the past, mesh used to be one of the most popular materials used for the production of basketball shorts. Mesh basketball shorts have a lot of advantages, even if they aren’t as popular as they once were. Due to its porous structures, it is more breathable and light in weight than materials like nylon and allows a good range of movement and comfortability. It is ideal for physical exercise, especially in hot weather. Unlike some materials in this list, mesh doesn’t make you uncomfortable by sticking to your body.

Mesh, however, isn’t the flagship material. Other basketball shorts have a considerably broader spectrum of permeability and moisture-wicking abilities. Mesh basketball shorts, on the other hand, can be used in a variety of situations.

Also, the mesh isn’t as durable because of the porous structures it contains. Mesh basketball shorts can quickly tear when they become stuck on something. Compared to some other materials, basketball shorts made of mesh aren’t the most comfortable to wear as casual wear.


● Light in weight
● Can absorb moisture from the body
● Highly breathable


● Not as strong as nylon
● Not as durable as nylon
● Not the most comfortable

This is one of the highly-rated basketball shorts made of mesh. Rated high for its lightweight properties, its comfort, and also for its suitability for working out. It has exceptional breathability due to its tricot liner and its open hole structure made out of mesh.



best material for basketball shorts

Polyester is one of the most used textiles for basketball shorts. The benefits of polyester cloth significantly exceed the disadvantages. Polyester basketball shorts, for example, are extremely light, allowing for higher mobility. Polyester is also a very permeable fabric, having far better moisture-wicking properties than most other basketball short textiles. Polyester basketball shorts are likely to be among the most permeable shorts available when used for vigorous activity.

They retain their durability despite being lighter in weight than most other materials, These shorts will flow with your skin and withstand touch and regular wear and tear thanks to the stretchy fabric. Therefore, polyester basketball shorts can resist the formation of wrinkles and are one of the most premium shorts you can find as a result of all these benefits.

Even so, polyester basketball shorts aren’t without flaws. Polyester shorts aren’t usually the ideal choice for chilly weather because of their lightweight properties. Some businesses, on the other hand, make staple polyester materials that are ideal for cold weather. However, in many circumstances, this isn’t always taken into account. Polyester and other synthetic materials are poor at keeping out microorganisms, resulting in the accumulation of odors and dirt in your basketball shorts.


● Light in weight
● Moisture-wicking property is present
● Great material strength
● Wrinkle resistant


● Accumulates odor easily
● Not best for cold weather

This basketball short is made up of 100% polyester materials. This is a highly rated vintage basketball short on Amazon. It is known for its aesthetic design, breathability, and moisture-wicking properties. It also has an elastic waistband and is quite comfortable to wear. It is useful for any sporting activities, not just basketball, and also useful as casual wear.



cotton basketball shorts

Cotton is a commonly used fabric for basketball shorts as well. They’re fantastic for loungewear and elegant outfits, and they can even function in highly busy workplaces in some cases. Basketball shorts made of cotton can be used for intense physical exercise and environments with extremes of temperature because they are dense materials. Cotton basketball shorts are also a very comfy fabric, making them ideal for casual wear. Compared to other materials, they do last longer because of their durability and softness.

Cotton shorts are very simple to clean since they don’t hold odor. Cotton does absorb sweat and water from the body and wearing them for a longer time will make the water seep into this material. This then allows for little to no breathability.


● Great for extremes of weather
● Very comfortable to wear
● Highly durable
● Relatively easy to wash


● Absorbs water and sweat easily
● Quite heavy
● Little to no breathability

This is a top-rated basketball short made of 100 % cotton. It is lightweight, comfortable to wear, and has great value for money. They are good for intense physical activities and also relaxation and sleeping. It has an elastic waistband and side pockets.



basketball shorts with fleece material

Basketball shorts made of fleece are quite identical to the ones made with cotton, but with a few notable differences. Basketball shorts are made of cotton and are quite heavy and can be worn in chilly weather but fleece basketball shorts are even better at this. Fleece is a thick, insulating material that traps heat. Of course, this isn’t perfect for playing basketball or engaging in any other physical exercise, but fleece basketball shorts are ideal for relaxation.

Fleece can be washed easily just like cotton and dries up faster than cotton. So it doesn’t absorb water or sweat as cotton does. Fleece basketball shorts may suit you well on a cool fall day if you don’t mind sweating excessively.

Fleece basketball shorts are more comfortable than most materials out there. If you’re looking for casual attire that is long-lasting, free of wrinkles, and allows for a wide range of movement, fleece basketball shorts are one of the greatest possibilities.


● Good for cold environment
● Durable and wrinkle-free
● Simple to wash


● Not ideal for hot weather

It is a great basketball shorts option made up of mostly fleece material. Has an elastic waistband, and is ultrasoft with a cotton material blend to enhance its comfortability. It also has open hand pockets.


What is the Best Fabric for Basketball Shorts?

While there are plenty of materials out there offering different kinds of features suitable for basketball events and also as casual wear, polyester is the best material for basketball shorts and sportswear in general. It’s tough and long-lasting, and it can take a lot of laundering and wear. It feels “slippery” a lot of the time, which is why training shorts are generally glossy. Plus, it’s usually not too costly, that is, better value for money. It’s why most basketball shorts nowadays are 100% polyester materials.


Why Is the Material Important for Basketball Shorts?

Materials are important for basketball shorts because they are the key elements in the process of basketball shorts production that determines how comfortable, long-lasting, durable, strong, adaptable the overall product will be.

Using the wrong material can ruin the product and put the manufacturer at a loss as a result of bad reviews for customers.


What Makes a Good Basketball Short?

Since we’ve learned about different types of materials used to make basketball shorts, one should know what people search for in them, what makes them good basketball shorts. This way, one will have a better idea of what materials might suit one’s needs.


This is an important feature that makes the material for basketball shorts a good one. Breathability allows for adequate airflow for good comfort. This is important, especially during intense physical activities where a lot of sweating is happening. Materials with good breathability like nylon, mesh, and polyester ensure you don’t feel unnecessarily hot which can affect your performance on the pitch.


This feature is so important, especially during intense sporting activities. This is because a good material needs to be able to transfer sweat from your body and transfer it to the outer surface for the evaporation process to occur.


Lightweight materials give you a good range of motion and comfortability. It is important, especially during physical activities. Materials like polyester are usually known for their lightweight property.


Basketball shorts need to be comfortable to wear. This essential feature makes a material suitable for all activities and relaxation. The above features have a role to play in the overall comfortability of a material.

Durability and Strength

These are two essential properties that a good material for basketball shorts must-have. They ensure basketball shorts are long-lasting and able to withstand wear and tears, especially during intense sporting activities like basketball.


What Other Things to Consider When Buying Basketball Shorts?

It is also important to consider things like

● Good value for money

Here it is good to consider the product that offers good features at a good price especially when you are on a tight budget but still want quality basketball shorts.

● Length

These are also important factors in determining the suitable basketball shorts for you. There are varieties of lengths of basketball shorts and it’s important to choose the one best for you for optimal comfortability.



Different kinds of materials can make up a basketball short. These materials range in quality strength, durability, comfort, weight, and breathability. Good basketball shorts need to be suitable for both physical activities and also relaxation. Understanding these factors helps you determine the best basketball shorts for yourself.