What Are the 5 Main Rules in Basketball?

Leisure and happiness can be created in various ways; one of the best ways to make the most of your free time is to get involved in your favorite game. We have many competitions in which one can participate; basketball is one of the best games in which one can choose to participate. It is a wonderful game that makes you have a complete exercise of your mental and physical body.

Basketball is one of the most loved and played games in the world. Basketball involves different categories of players and can range from a team, an individual to a small group. To master this game and play better, we have some rules that you should keep in mind. Below are the five main basketball rules that govern you for the best results.

rules you should know on basketball hoop

What Are the 5 Main Rules in Basketball?

1. Team sport

A basketball sport is made up of 2 teams, each with 5 players. To score, players attempt to successfully pass the ball through a hoop that generally rises above the ground. This game is usually played on a rectangular ground called a basketball court that is equipped with hoops at both ends.

The offensive team is allowed to take up to 10 seconds to put the ball in play and behind the middle of the court for basketball to pass the midline of the basketball court. The offensive team loses possession in any area behind the midline. If the offensive team fails, then the defensive side takes possession.

One moves the bay of the ball, passing through the court or dribbling. Here the offensive team is the one with the ball, while the defensive team is the one trying to get the ball back. A defensive team will always try to compete for diverting passes, shots, and rebounds.

2. Points

As a new player in this game, the other rule to keep in mind is how points are counted, which is the main area of interest in any game is, This is how the whole process goes, every time one side makes a basket that says team A, they win 2 points and the ball is taken by the other team.
If the basket was scored outside the 3-point arc, the scoring team would receive three points. A point is also awarded for any successful free throw.

A team receives a free kick depending on the type of format that was involved and the number of fouls. A team can win 2 or 3 free throws depending on the area where the shot was taken. If the point went beyond the 3-point arc, 3 shots are awarded.

3. Game clock

Time is also an important factor when it comes to basketball; the game is generally played in two halves. At the university level, each one takes 20 minutes.

From the high school level and below, the halves can be further divided into six or eight-minute quarters.

Between each interval, players rest for several minutes and receive instruction from their coaches.

If the score happens to be similar at the end of the game, teams will be forced to pay overtime or several minutes until the winner is found.

4. Fouls

As a newbie, this is another area that you really need to master. In addition to stealing a ball from your opponent, we have additional ways that a team can retrieve the ball. Some of the fouls include:

  • Blatant foul – violent contact
  • Technical foul – this type of foul does not imply contact with the player or the ball. It can be calculated by a coach or player; it is about the manners of the game.
  • Charge – committed when a player runs or pushes a defensive player.
  • Blocking – Blocking a defensive player to handle the ball is illegal.
  • International foul – contacting the opposing player with no effort to obtain the ball.
  • Personal fouls – include any type of illegal contact, such as hugging, slapping, pushing, hitting, or picking up illegally.

5. Violations

Some of the violations in this amazing game include time restrictions, goalkeeping, catching the ball, charging or patting, walking where one takes more than one and a half steps.

These are some of the main basketball rules to keep in mind.