Spalding 54 Acrylic In Ground Basketball System Reviews

The Spalding 54 acrylic hoop system is an in-ground basketball goal that has a height-adjustable pole. It is easy to install, simply place the pole in a hole at least 18 inches deep and fill with concrete. As soon as the concrete has set the goal is ready to use for playing basketball. What are you waiting for? Shoot those hoops as soon as you can. Though it is a sturdy goal you should still expect some movement while in use.

Spalding 54 Acrylic In-Ground Basketball System Reviews

54 inch inground basketball hoops

Backboard Size54 inch
Backboard MaterialAcrylic
Height8-10 feet
RimSlam jam breakaway rim


The Spalding 54 hoop system has various features that make it appealing to people looking at buying a basketball goal. The system is designed to be used on a regular basis, and allow people to play basketball for years.

Perhaps it is the backboard that can be the weak point of the system. There is a potential for it to get broken in transit, or possibly if you are getting carried away with slam dunking.

* Made from high-quality materials

This Spalding system is made high-quality materials that means it has the resilience to last a few years of people playing hoops several times a week. The pole and the rim are made from steel, while the acrylic backboard can survive a fair amount of punishment.

* Easy to set up a goal

It is simple to set up this goal, you have to dig a hole a minimum of 24 inches deep, place the base of the pole inside it, and then pour concrete into it. All that needs to be done then is to wait for the concrete to set. It will not harm the goal at all if you dig the hole 2 or 3 inches deeper. It should be set in several bags worth of concrete to make sure that will stay in place.

* Plastic sleeve makes it more secure

To improve the sturdiness of the pole place the bottom of it into the plastic sleeve provided. The sleave keeps the pole in position while the concrete sets around it.

spalding 54 inch inground hoop

* Tough yet flexible backboard

The acrylic backboard is tough yet flexible so it can withstand people shooting hoops over a long period of time. You should be aware that although it is a tough backboard that it is not shatterproof. Buyers that need to have a shatterproof backboard would need to buy a more expensive goal system, one over the $500 price range.

* Professional sized hoop

Play basketball with a professional sized hoop 54 inches in diameter, play like your NBA favorites.

* It has an adjustable height

It is possible to adjust the height of this goal system, which is useful if you buy this product to be used by younger children. That way it can be set to the lowest height when first set up. As children grow the height can be increased until it reaches its maximum height. Basically you make the goal taller as your kids grow taller.

Alternatively, you can lower the height if younger kids come round to play in your backyard.


* Made from high-quality materials

* Simple to set up in-ground basketball hoop system

* Plastic sleeve keeps pole in position as the concrete sets

* Tough acrylic backboard

* The pole has an adjustable height, with 3 different settings

* Designed to last for a few years


* The packaging does not seem to adequately protect the backboard. so sometimes it gets damaged in transit

* This goal moves significantly when anybody completes a slam dunk, it will potentially shatter the backboard

Special Tips:

Although the pole has adjustable heights, the instructions on making it adjustable are not the clearest. If you can work it out then the height adjustment does work well. Try online videos if you are unclear how to change the height of the hoop system.


The hoop itself is 54 inches in diameter, while the pole has 3 adjustable heights. The pole has a maximum height of 90 inches when adjusted to the tallest setting.

It does what it is supposed to do, and does it well.


The Spalding 54 goal system is a great hoop system for playing basketball. It can be used for playing games, shooting practice, and slam dunking. Now if slam-dunking with this hoop do not be surprised if the board moves far away.

To be used for fun or more serious games of basketball involving family and friends.

best spalding 54 inch acrylic hoops


Overall then the Spalding 54 acrylic hoop system is a basketball goal system that does its job well and will last a few years once it has been installed. This hoop system should be capable of being used for several years with light to medium levels of use. The backboard may not be able to ensure slam dunking in particular over a long term basis.

For an in-ground basketball system within the $350 to $400, the Spalding 54 is a really good product to buy. It is not perfect, but it is of generally high quality and does a great job. Have hours of fun every week over a period of years shooting hoops and playing basketball.

Sure you can buy systems with shatterproof backboards that will cost at least $100 more. Some buyers have found that the backboard is vulnerable to getting broken in transit. Those who receive in prime condition regard it has been really good in-ground basketball goal system.