Silverback Mini Indoor Basketball Hoop Reviews

The silverback mini indoor basketball hoop is a system that means you can play basketball in your home whenever you want to. To be able to use the silverback mini indoor basketball hoop you just need to hook it over any door at any side. Alternatively, the quick play hoop and backboard allow you to play hoops at any time. When putting together the mini basketball hoop and the backboard means you will be able to enjoy playing basketball indoors or outdoors for hours at a time during the week or even better at the weekend.

Silverback Mini Indoor Basketball Hoop Reviews

#1. For Professional Use – Silverback NXT 54″ Indoor Outdoor Wall Mounted Adjustable Height Basketball Hoop

silverback mini basketball hoop

Backboard Size54" W x 33" H
Height Adjustable7.5'- 10'
RimPro-style breakaway rim

* Fast assembly

This adjustable mini basketball hoop can be set up in less than two hours. It will not take long to be able to play basketball.

* Secure hoop system

Once the mini hoop system has been fixed to the wall it will not be going anywhere, it will rigidly stay in place.

mini wall mounted basketball hoop

* Use it indoors as well as outdoors

The silverback mini indoor basketball hoop is suitable for both indoor and indoor use. Good value for the money system can be set up anyplace where the walls are strong enough to take the weight of the hoop and the backboard.

* Hoop has an adjustable height

After installation, the backboard hoop system can have its height moved between 7.5 ft and 10 ft.

* Quick play system

The quick play hoop and backboard are suitable for installation indoors and outdoors. Once installed it can be used for playing basketball anywhere at any time.


* Quick to assemble in under two hours

* Hoop stays rigidly in place

* This backboard and hoop is suitable for both indoor and indoor use

* Adjustable height – choose between 7.5 ft and 10 ft

* Includes a 5-year limited warranty from silverback


* If people are not sure what they are doing it will take longer than two hours to mount the hoop to the wall

* Before buying this system check to see if there are any suitable surfaces to attach it to, may have to attach to a piece of timber


For safety reasons, the mini hoop cannot be attached to brick walls.



#2. For Both Kids and Adult-Use – Silverback 18″ Over The Door Mini Basketball Hoop

mini basketball hoops

Backboard Size18 inch
MountingOver the door
RimSpring-action breakaway rim

* Mini hoop

The silverback mini hoop has a diameter of 18 inches so it does not take up too much space.

* Hang it from any door

This mini hoop has a bracket that allows you to hang it from any door, and it does not matter what side of the door it is hung from.

mini basketball hoop

* More balls

A single silverback mini ball is included with this product. If you need extra or replacement balls, Zume mini basketballs can also be used, as they are compatible in terms of size. The silverback ball is of the same quality as the full-size basketballs.

* For different ages

The silverback mini basketball hoop is great for playing basketball indoors for kids of all ages and sizes. Play with the high quality ball supplied or switch to a foam for less breakages.


* Easy to fit mini hoop

* Hangs from any door from either side

* Includes 1 high quality mini basketball

* Zume mini basketballs can also be used with this hoop


* The basketball can be loud when it is been bounced

* If younger kids are using it consider replacing the supplied ball with a foam basketball to prevent things being broken


This product does not include a pump.




Together the mini basketball hoop and the backboard are just about the perfect combination for playing basketball indoors or outdoors. To improve value for money this silverback quick play basketball hoop and backboard is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It has an adjustable height that you can set between 7.5 ft and 10 ft tall.

The mini hoop features an 18-inch hoop (or opt for the 23-inch version), a high-quality mini basketball as well a hook system that fits over any doors.