How High Is A Youth Basketball Hoop?

Most young players dream of playing like superstars, throwing alley-oops, and dunking the basketball. However, with a limited skill set and short stature, children cannot achieve such dreams on the standard basketball hoop.

The right way to offer your child the confidence he or she needs is to adjust the hoop according to his or her height and age. Other adjustments make the game fun. It allows your child to work on dribbling and shooting techniques.

How High Is A Youth Basketball Hoop?

To enjoy the purpose of playing basketball, there is a need to hope according to need and height. You should note that basketball is regarded to be a viral game that can be played by persons of any gender and age.

By using the right rim setting on the hoop, your kid can be acclimated to the game. In this way, your child can start building solid fundamental skills required for the game.

Although there is no perfect height for the youth basketball hoop, 12 feet high is recommended. Remember that teens grow quickly and have a tremendous amount of strength with each passing day. Therefore, there is a need to have a higher hoop that shoots naturally.

What is the National Basketball Association Recommendations for Youth Hoop Height?

recommend height for youth

The recommended distance for the youth basketball hoop from the ground ought to be 10 feet. Remember that if you do not get the dimensions right, the basketball can easily get stuck inside the net, and it will hinder your kid’s game.

Nowadays, most basketball hoops have recreational changes in case the beginner or children level players use them. Moreover, there are portable hoops that allow children to adjust the heights according to the playing level and height of the kid.

What is a Good Youth Basketball Hoop?

Before purchasing a youth basketball hoop, there is a need to consider different features to make the right decision. For instance, you ought to consider:


This is a critical point for making a decision when purchasing a basketball hoop for your children. Ideally, you want something that will last longer. Since these basketball hoops are kept outside, you ought to purchase a hoop that can withstand heavy storms, harsh weather, sand storms, snow falling, and heavy rain.

It should be susceptible to vigorous playing and slam dunking. A great hoop ought to be made of quality materials and have the rims snapped together.


When purchasing a youth basketball hoop, you want to check the adjustability of a product. In this case, you can allow the kid to start from basics by lowering the hoop and gradually adjusting the size. It is advisable to get an adjustable basketball hoop because your child will grow and need to play at a higher height.


The truth is that the appearance of a youth basketball hoop is quite important, like other features. It is advisable to consider hoops that are available in a variety of colors. Children aged ten and above can choose their favorite colors. However, ensure the color you choose is long-lasting.

How High is a 12-year-olds Youth Basketball Hoop?

youth basketball hoop

If your kid is aged 12 years or more, a standard rim can be too high to play with. However, since the kids grow at a high pace and keep on increasing their skills, the recommended hoop is 10 feet.

Well, it may be quite challenging to pull it off, it is advisable to get their hands on this height, so when they are playing professional leagues, they know what to expect. The truth is that playing with a taller hoop offers your child an added advantage in the game. That is because it makes fundamentals quite important as the kids learn to shoot near the hoop. A basketball hoop at 10 feet is ideal for an outdoor game where there is adequate space for the kid to move around.

Best Basketball Hoop For 12 Years Old

  • DURABLE MATERIAL - This protable basketball court system is constructed of heavy-duty steel, a polyethylene panel, and an all-weather nylon net, this hoop will last all season.The 28” x 18” backboard is made of shatterproof clear polycarbonate, tough enough for the most competitive games
  • STABLE BASE - The weighted mobile base(29’’ x 22’’) fills with water or sand ensuring standing and stability as your practice your shots.And the 2 built-in wheels provides the convenience while transportation and moving
  • HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE BASKETBALL HOOP - This basketball hoop can be adjusted from 5.4ft to 7ft.This will be fit for boys and girls of different age ranges to practice their game
  • INDOOR OUTDOOR PALY - This kids basketball hoop can be set up in minutes no matter indoor practice or outdoor competition.This hoop also can be set up as a poolside play just lower the height.This 3-Piece steel pole is all-weather resistant; designed for indoor and outdoor use.A great gift for your kids
  • Basketball Hoop Toy Great Gift for Kids - Backboard Dimensions:28 x 18" ( L x W ),Adjustable Height:5.4ft - 7ft,Base Dimensions: 29'' x 22'' x 5.5" ( L x W x H ),Rim Dia: 0.17”. ZENY complete portable basketball court system includes a height adjustable backboard,rim,pole,basketball net and wheeling base, Assemble needed.Age recommend 3-10 years old


By letting your child play at the recommended height, he or she can develop advanced and proper shooting skills. In this case, the results may not be a guarantee because the hoop itself is not a requirement for improved player performance. There are other components of the game that should be combined with the right hoop that determine a player’s performance.